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It literally says right there just select the solid/filled icons, actually baboon retards.
>>166152 (OP) 
I didn’t even know how to solve the captcha I somehow managed to solve it, kek looks like I can make threads now
Normalniggers don't know about this site, this may be hard to accept but anons are frequently just as fucking stupid and full of unwarranted grandiosity as any other dipshit on this planet.
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>>166152 (OP) 
Sometimes the captcha does not work correctly until you reload the page.
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>>166152 (OP) 
A) if you don't solve it in the first few tries it glitches
B) it gliches and makes you do it twice anyway (often)
C) the biships are 50 50
D) the queens are 50 50
E) once in a blue moon you have to answer wrong to post on account of a really bad digital artifact looking like a chess piece to whomever programmed it
F) the way it turns off and on seems futile
G) proxies might make capcha not even visable (and tor is usually kill from my experience) 
H) captcha only stops bots, not 'autism' 
I) some people are retarded and cannot get past the spacial awareness issue in regards to the thing being wapred, AI tier intuition them
J) some people are (really) drunk
K) some people are really lazy
L) emitional disorders making them chimpt out too much to solve it
to be honest i don't even know how to solve the captcha either i just keep trying until i correctly answer it
I really truly can't comprehend how stupid you have to be to not understand this captcha. Pattern recognition this simple is literally babby tier. An actual infant that's still crawling around and shitting in diapers is capable of eventually figuring this out. You're retarded to the point of being a dumb animal and I hope you accidentally get your dick caught in an electric heater.
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The real answer is poor instructions and or no example.
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What further instructions do you need for "pick the filled in spots on the grid"? Fuck if I ever get my hands on you I'm going to put a drill bit through your skull to see if brains or piss comes out.
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Filled in what way and in what direction?

t. goy of whomst solves it all the time
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>>166152 (OP) 
normalfag doesnt mean "whatever special group im part of"
lurk for about 20 years moar
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meant "im not part of"
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I'm not going to explain shit to you or anyone else that's having trouble with it. Not even as some gay sekeit club shit just out of spite for stupid faggots.
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but I solve it fine like my post says

despite this it's instructions are bad
when tor is not banned
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