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Do you think by yourself? We're invaded by another people opinions and there no way to block it and you are ((( influenced )))
The more the man think how intelligent is the more stupid it is 
Simply as
>>165722 (OP) 
Are you the space marine guy?
>>165722 (OP) 
And that is EXACTLY why actual wise men are all agnostics.
The fact you're speaking any kindnof language means at the very least your parents and peers have some kind of influence on your thoughts.
Looks like it.
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You are both retarded (newfags) that don't recognize that reaction image OP is using. About being retarded, being open minded is not schizophrenia. That being said, it's beyond retarded to insinuate a baby is somehow better from being 'that unbiased' by knowing literal nothing at all. Being agnostic you can reevaluate your brain's bullshit while still being a functioning human being, retard. Throwing out the deck is not necessary to realize the game is rigged and that you should either not play or at least not take the game seriously. It's just being aware. A baby that does not play the card game is just nothingness, completely not relevant.
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Even worse, it's Fagatha. Nigga's gotten the dildo so far up his ass it's in his brain now.
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I am not OP but I did post in this thread.
The language you speak greatly influences your thought process later in life. Ergo whoever taught you the language you speak has influenced and "invaded" your mind.
Deal with it. Or continue to write word salad full of impotent insults in an attempt to cow me, I think I won't let you invade my mind with retarded bullshit though.
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The alternative is crying for your mother.
Tank G?
The mere act of communicating is a mutual invasion of minds. You are literally projecting ideas into another person's head with your words and vice versa, stop using the Internet and go live in the woods if this bothers you.
>>165722 (OP) 
Mob mentality is dumb as hell
Early 4chan was a good example of how anonymity and lack of moderation could break social conditioning.
We came to the conclusion that a lot of what our society most hated was in fact unworthy of it if you looked at the evidence and argumentation with a detached skeptical eye.
We became contrarians on the most taboo subjects, advocates for the most hated opinions, enemies of "common sense".
We scared the hell out of the jews who run the world, so they shut us down. We never really recovered from 2020, but we should.
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