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since /vhs/ wont allow low effort threads..
I will be watching alot of movies and i will simply state my opinion on them after watching them.
Just watched Grandmas Boy.
not bad. I kind of liked it
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The intro was good. Like the first 20 minutes or so. The rest was shit.
>>161757 (OP) 
>low effort
I figure it's not a low effort thing so much as another 'esisode' of a low traffic alt imageboard wanting a generals only board. It's vhsg in other words and /v/ here is /vg/. Even this /b/ has several regular generals ergo it is /bg/, or the thread won't last if not a cancer general. In other words, all low traffic sites are cancer.... who'd have thought? 

Why would you watch a shit movie though, for no reason at all?
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I simply want a thread where i can post my thoughts after finishing a movie. Dont read too much into it.
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i didnt like it
i liked the first act
I hated meryl streeps character
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it was very mediocre, the first part was extremely boring, the only nice scenes were the vietnam ones. extremely overrated movie, and the niro's casting didn't exactly make it any more tolerable.
Replies: >>161872
I mean what was nice about the vietnam scenes? What? The cinematography? Sure it looked good but i mean the whole vietnam stuff was mostly just boring and forgettable.
I thought the change to vietnam was too abrubt. One second they're at the bar and the next second they're in vietnam. Just felt very disconnected. I knew about the infamous russian roulette scene prior to watching the movie. Id say that was the best part of the vietnam scenes. Rest was just dull.
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Fuck off back to reddit with your shitty westoid 3dpd media, normalfag.
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i did not like it.
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>Look at me! I'm doing my beast all across the board to kill the site!
You're so cool! Totes unique!
Can I be your friend? I would love to have such a unique friend with such good taste!
Can you add me on Discord?
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it was fucking shit
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propaganda disguised as a kids movie. Did not like it.
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can you elaborate further
Replies: >>162032 >>162806
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first pic: bad guy villain
second pic: good guy cop inventor of some stupid shoe that would make the town famous
But Bri'ish people aren't human.
Such many cases
I don't know man, to be fair, Robin Williams's dad, rich white businesman with christian values whose enterprise held the entire town together, is protrayed in a very good light.
Replies: >>162138 >>163813
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started out good. Turned mediocre
Replies: >>162141
>to be fair,"honorary jew" blah blah blah
Replies: >>162140 >>163813
Seethe harder larpagan.
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here is your @
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fucking piece of shit
Fine OP, I'll do one.


But, of everything, there's only one thing I saw that made me beyond mad. It was not a movie. It was Chicago PD. It's like the movie Untouchables but longer. Untouchables made me rage too. 

Another movie I hated was dogball. Another is the two dumb and dumber movies. Idiocracy was also bad. Most movies I'd like are cult classics actually so this is just pure hatred I'm tapping right now and normally do not think of them. October Sky made me want to DIE
Replies: >>162166 >>162328
*are the two
Replies: >>162328
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When it comes to what's good making fun of idiots, like dumb and dumber, idiocracy, black mirror is actually not cringey and well done. Even that I cannot stand watching though. It feels too much like a documentary, or tomorrow's rather assuming research itself isn't banned, historical research.  Probably would be. I did not finish the show.
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Spoiler File
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i started out not liking this whatsoever and was going to delete the movie. I gave it another try because i had nothing better to do. I then started liking it. Then the movie progressivly got more jewy and i started to hate it again. I'll spoiler one of the biggest jewy moments in the movie. I wont explain the backstory. I just had to share this ulimate jewy moment.
Replies: >>162169 >>162180
Tv show watching faggot again.
>being human (US)
>five minutes in the werewolf is jewish
>the cutest girl is the werewolf's sister..... and she's a lesbian
>she freaks out when he implies that being there for him over being curesed is akin to him being there for her being a faggot
Real cringey moment, that last. 
>time travel show when you already have vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and witches, even a fracking poltergeist shows up and a pseudo-reaper (that last does not count). 

In the 2004ish BSG they make technical errors in regards to how likely it'd be to run out of water and also the word coagulate or something.... nevermind.

OH, The Fifth Element near the beginning says some shit about being bombarded with slightly greased/greasy solar atoms and the subtitles don't even attempt to match this faggy dialog. The singing fight scene, other things, it is super cringey. Redditors love 5th element references naturally. 

Lost had an awful ending. I learned a lesson with this sort of show. I noped stuff like that normalnigger meme of Gay of Thrones, no thnx, recognized that shit b4 even seeing the first episode just based on how people reacted over it. 

Not trying to derail your thread OP, just don't have anything else distracting me right now.
>watches jewish westoid movie
<oh my yahweh why is there jewish shit in there
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i didnt like it
Replies: >>162297 >>162831
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last of us clearly ripped it off. The only thing i disliked about the movie was that there was a interracial couple in it. Im sure that bumped up the ESG score equivalent of that time period (2009). Propaganda isnt something new, you know.
Replies: >>162329
>look Mittens a faggot
Replies: >>162310
I dont get how that movie spawned a franchise.
Replies: >>162330 >>162831
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i didnt like it
>>162165 (me)
>>162166 (me)
>op also hated deer hunter
Every "patriotic" movie gets an auto five star rating I had noticed long ago.
omg is that aragorn?
Replies: >>162330
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And yet shit like Buffy the Vampire slayer did too and yet you sit there picking a shit battle to pick. The movie was better than the shows in regards to the faggy small populations that pretend/actually speak English most of the time. in the movie Daniel was more prominent in his role. 

I get "theater", but the language shit makes me mad at lots of shows. Farcape, Star Trek, even Star Wars, they get "the lie" better. 

But yeah, barring stargate universe it's fun. Fun things are fun. Shit plot and all but it's like the twilight zone or whatever, a new experience for the sake of it. BTVS tier well rounded episodes that generally have a beginning with a satisfying ending to a theme and or moral. 

If you see, it's just "another show about everything". Example, how every show similar in format seems to have a "groundhog day" episode.  Science fiction and or fantasy shows have this universe thing wherein the universe you have all things possible, but yeah, universe is bad. It's spammy but what else would someone watch, realistic shit? I hate reality myself. Fuck being realistic. 

no dawg it's the guy from Monte Python
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page 19 bump
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Imagine actually watching movies that came from the west. The last movie I watched was like 10 years ago
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A good movie is rare. But when you find one. Oh. When you find a good one its worth all the trash you watched. Pic related is a well made movie but not something im enjoying since i spotted 2 interracial couples close to the start at some sort of redneck bull fighting contest audience seats. Which was strange and subtle propaganda. I did however appreciate when the kid says he plays games in japanese because the bootlegs are always better. Im not a weeb so im not a japan worshipper however i think most people can agree that untouched versions of a game is good. Most translated japanese versions seem to have censorships and localizations
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i didnt like it
something that stuck with me was a scene at the start of the movie where they talk about real boxing and how people got tired of it and wanted something more, something extreme, fights to the death... It was fucking retarded! You cannot compare human vs human and machine vs machine. Absolutely ridiculous. As if people would ever replace real boxing with machines fighting eachother. What people want is human vs human, bloodsport. Noone wants to watch some stupid fucking machines box eachother. Absolutely retarded scene.
There was also several scenes with subtle propaganda.
Replies: >>162714 >>162837
Fight scenes were good and them finding the robot straight out of the junkyard was cool. Pretty much everything else was either mediocre or bad.  The dad getting jumped by three men and pretty easily being beaten was shit, the kid screaming off the top of his lungs was shit, the kid somehow knowing how to fix the robot intuitively was shit, and the music was meh tier
Replies: >>162718
i didnt like the fight scenes. The robots where just too slow. for example in the final fight zeus activates nitro thrusters, yet hes punching really slowly. Does that make sense? No.
Replies: >>162927
You will never be a cute and young girl.
Replies: >>162925
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i kind of liked it
>"oh my x"
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I watched this while I was sick with nothing to do. I noticed it even had a positive score on popular review sites (which means nothing really.) I did recall a bit of hype when it came out so I gave it a shot. 

I have never seen a movie so trite, yet it was touted as a good horror film. You would think that after more than 100 years of filmmaking people would try to make something somewhat original. Every twist was so predictable I was getting legitimately angry as it went on. It had zero atmosphere and relied solely on jumpscares. This film may have made my illness worse.
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I also watched Cabinet of Curiosities. I am a huge fan of anthology horror. Don't know what it is, but I think they work better when they are shorter. Anyway, there are 8 episodes and unfortunately it sort of starts off strong and them shits the bed near the end. The ones I thought were actually good are, "Graveyard Rats, "The Autopsy," and "The Pickmans Model." The rest were certainly nothing to write home about. Also bad episodes and women directors shouldn't be mutually inclusive, but they are.
Are you a fucking zoomer?
They just ripped the entire idea for this film off of a twilight zone episode, and it wasn't even one of their better ones.
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It wasn't bad. If for whatever reason you decided to invite some normalfag whore over to your place, you'd do well with this movie. The fat of the matter is, for the horror veteran, or anyone who is reasonably detached, the only truly scary part of the movie is the ending scene. 
You see, this is a zombie movie, and it falls into the generic zombie tropes. They never fully make use of the claustrophobia of the situation until the end, which is disappointing.
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This is another one I watched. "They Look Like People"
Completely uninspired and uncreative. The whole entire premise of the film can be summed up as follows; What if you had schizophrenia? Wouldn't that be scary? Woaaahh broooo.
It's an entirely pretentious look at the situation. You'll hate it.
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I am a professor of cynology. And it saddens me that you don't know how to identify bad films by their poster. The poster is enough for me not to read the description.
I'll tell you about super cheap movies that could make the viewer believe.
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The only time I'd ever want to be a cute and young girl is if I became an anime girl. Of course, I'd still much prefer to be a man that fucks the anime girls but if given no other options, I'd take it
That part unironically wasn't even that bad. Besides, do you really think it was real nitrous? It's a robot that ran off of electricity alone. Most likely it was just drawing power from it's emergency power pack
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Lots of propaganda in it. I didnt like it.
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i did not like it. and there is a interaccial couple in the main cast. BOOOOOOO!
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what a shitty movie. The main characters boyfriend is also a mutt. And the white guy friend character is friendzoned.
Replies: >>163215
I'd make a george floyd edit of this movie cover if I knew how to.
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meh. overrated. didnt really like it.
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it was good
Replies: >>163454
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kikeshit. Turned off after like 15 minutes.
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i didnt like it
Indeed it was good. It's weird how people don't like this. It even was a famous reaction image, the junk yard art guy was a meme. 

I bet the people that hate it are not feeling empathy as he's too much of a machine and or too large to feel pity for. Cute weak things that are soft people feel for. it's literally ET tier empathy wise. Actually it's like ET but better. 

blah blah muh nigger of culture etc
Replies: >>163816
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I enjoyed the movie. I respected how the movie knew it wasn't trying to be historically accurate. 300 was based on a comic book which was a fantastical retelling of The Battle of Thermopylae. The memes were also appreciated and I think it's one of the better movies to be release in the 2000s. 
/b/, slightly off topic but what was your favorite movie released in the 2000's?
Replies: >>163471
There's too many good movies from 199x-200x to choose from you realize.
Replies: >>163476
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Okay, just name off a few you enjoyed. also my time frame was from 2000-2009 but I guess if you want to include the 90's you can. I actually don't know what my favorite movie from the 90's is. I enjoyed starship troopers. Another good movie from the 2000's might have to be the Punisher, even if I think that version of the Punisher is a bit soft. At least the video game it spawned was good. 
Alright, here's an easier question to answer anon. What movie had the best tagline? It doesn't have to be a good movie, just a good/memorable tag line. Any year or era is fine. I like Die Hard 2's tag line. "Die Harder."
Replies: >>163786
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i didnt like it. I did like the unique weirdness of it.
I was never into taglines that I can recall..... 

I'd list movies but 'top movies of the 90s/2000s would trump anything I would come up with I am sure on account of taste.
If justice exists you will he strung up by your balls, pumped full of adrenaline, and then slowly skinned and mutilated by cartels for being such tiresome repetitive faggots with your gay years old slapfight that you never seem to tire of spamming to shit up any thread you possibly can.
I've never seen or heard anyone shit on Iron Giant. Never seen much dicksucking for it outside of specific imageboards either but it mostly just seemed forgotten rather than actively hated.
Replies: >>163894
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Someone on /vhs/ said this was good so I'm going to watch it soon.
Replies: >>163888
I just finished it, it wasn't pozzed but it wasn't good either, it's something you'd show to a kid. Some parts made me laugh and the lead actress was sort of cute. Watch it if you really like City Hunter or something.
>it's something you'd show to a kid
You couldn't tell from the poster?
Replies: >>163974
It not being disney is why no one cared. People are brand loyal. It is retarded.
Replies: >>163896
That's a little different than actively hating it. It was probably more of a marketing issue since Disney has almost always been able to afford to beat the shit out of most anyone else in terms of shilling.
Also it was a Warner Brothers movie so the marketing thing probably comes from a lack of confidence in their own ranks rather than anything yidsney did since WB is one of their main rivals with plenty of their own animated movies that were shilled to hell and back and also made boatloads of money.
Replies: >>163918
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fuck this piece of shit cuck movie. Literal cuckshit
Replies: >>163926
[Hide] (225KB, 1000x1426) Reverse
It's alright. I think the first movie was better but this one is not bad. 
It's been a while since I have seen that movie. What made it so bad?
Replies: >>163938
the woman in the movie has a ex-boyfriend. Said ex-boyfriend gets into the game. He then kisses the virtual version of his ex-girlfriend while the boyfriend (tron) isnt there. Its literal cucking
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unfunny garbage
I thought it was just Europeans awkwardly trying to copy Americans and their style.
[Hide] (897.6KB, 750x1114) Reverse
turned it off after 30 mins. What a piece of shit. You got the negress acting cocky,sassy negress that talks cocky to the whites. You got ugly gyllenhall. Shit acting. I just had to turn it off. It was fucking boring and it had no appeal
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i didnt like it
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i didnt like it
Replies: >>164427
I keep seeing thumbnails for the new seasons of Futurama and they look absolutely terrible. For whatever reason, animated sitcoms seem to eventually attempt to satirize modern life rather than invent absurd comedic scenarios. If I wanted to watch an unfunny satire of real life I'd just turn on SNL.
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not bad. i kind of liked it
You're not supposed to. I think they made that movie shitty on purpose and the people that like it like feeling uncomfortable. Like Taxi Driver but not in the same way......
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kikeshit. Absolute kikeshit.
Several scenes of jewish garbage and ofcourse the villains are christians.
I could not stand watching this trash any longer. Made it 1 hour in. Stopped watching when i saw this scene. Hes basically protecting himself against bats by doing a cross with his hands. Which is mocking him. I sure did not enjoy the jewish phrases like "schmutz" or "klutz" or several scenes where the fat kike talks mentions kikeshit.
This is what i have been hearing about? These slimy jew cunts cant help themselves. They just have to "educate" us normal people on their kike religion. Fuck off!
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[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>166280
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i didnt like it
[Hide] (30.9KB, 639x478) Reverse
Watched Terminator 2 recently and let me tell you... the story itself made no sense. Sure, the cinematics and action was cool but the storyline was pretty bad. I'll explain. Both Sarah Conner and the terminator (from the first movie) both agreed that killing Myles Dyson (and destroying his research) could potentially stop the war between humans and machines yet it makes absolutely no sense that either of them would believe that should be the case. Myles Dysons research was based on the crushed terminator from the first movie, meaning he was not the original creator of terminators. If anything, this set humanity back in understanding the technology quicker and placing the technology into other peoples hands, possibly stopping the entire rebellion from ever taking place
<now that's just bait up there at this point
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>Go into a medium owned wholly by yids
This hobby was never yours, goy.
>grr all movie joos
Why watch them? I swear to God I'll kill you all for being retarded.
Replies: >>165156
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the funny part about it was that apparently this film is controversial because some "people" consider it fascist. Apparently its fascist to defend yourself...
Replies: >>165028
I didn't understand what the fuck this movie was supposed to be about or if it had a theme or lesson. It was a thriller that had little build-up to its climax. Maybe it's just a poor adaption from the book or I'm a baby that needs smoother pacing.
Replies: >>165130
Im pretty sure i read something yesterday about the director thinking the book was a piece of shit and that he rewrote it into something good. So most likely a case of both a bad book and a bad adaptation.
[Hide] (185.2KB, 693x960) Reverse
Replies: >>165138
>read that as Macedonia the Shadow Empire at first
I almost mistook that for something an angry Greek made.
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1000x1432) Reverse
i liked it because i like musicals. I disliked it because the woman was a whore
Replies: >>165271
I don't think you understand.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 858x1312) Reverse
Funny, I just watched Escape from New York today. Why do you call it kike shit?
Replies: >>165191
Replies: >>165191
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:20)
white president is captured and then ritually humiliated by the black leader of the prison/city
Once you start noticing this stuff it never stops. The scene was not necessary in the slightest and we all know why the scene was made. Its all about humiliation and power.
Replies: >>165196 >>165227
[Hide] (64KB, 1920x816) Reverse
Funnily enough I've also heppened to watch The Thing the other day and again, there's obvious kike input here and there.
The two jungle bunnies on the research team in fucking Antarctica you can't understand a word of, that survive until the very end and are always getting ahead of the regular white cast do thismovie no justice.
It's such a shame there's always one or two ((( Cohen )))s in these movies' production. It's otherwise a fantastic human drama with surprisingly no women around, incredible practical effects which was worth the rewatch great camera work/pacing, and some stellar acting on some of the characters, such as Donald Noffat's and specially Wilford Brimley's, who's clearly the highlight of the movie.
Fucking kikes, why did they have to ruin such an otherwise enjoyable movie.
[Hide] (277.9KB, 1049x816) Reverse
You're stupid and/or short-sighted if that's all you see. You're looking at the President being humiliated by the bad guy (as if some nigger isn't going to humiliate his victims) and seeing that as the end-all be-all of the movie.  As a counter, here's my own /pol/-perspective on the movie:
>heroic white man betrayed by the system he fought for
>he rebels against it, gets caught and sent to prison
>president escapes into prison after commie hijacking
>white man gets "volunteered" to rescue the president because he's just that bad a dude
>makes it in
>finds and rescues the President with a little help from his friends
>the two of them kill the nigger
>afterwards, white man asks about what the president thinks of all the effort and sacrifice that went into his rescue
>"i'm thankful for their sacrifice lol"
>white man leaves in disgust
[Hide] (342.1KB, 1200x1714) Reverse
Zero Motivation
It's funny because it's about women in the army. One of them is lazy and doesn't grow as a character at all. This movie avoids most of the cliches present in your standard hollywood turd.
[Hide] (183.9KB, 759x847) Reverse
>the woman was a whore
all old hags are whores at heart anon.
[Hide] (998.6KB, 1054x1500) Reverse
it was kikeshit. turned off after 20 minutes. Main character was former jew which i could have accepted. Then turns out he was former communist aswell. Thats when i turned it off. Also read the tags on imdb just now. Seems like hes a fag aswell.
Literally all of your reviews are "it's kikeshit" except for the full on kikeshit movie with yiddish text on the poster that was made in pissrael. How fucking boring I thought you'd at least say something funny but it's all the same bitching I see everywhere on these god damned sites. Stale.
[Hide] (1MB, 1000x1500) Reverse
boring as fuck
Replies: >>165321
why u still watch movies if all of them are mediocre or shit for you?
Replies: >>165323
i started watching movies because i wanted to understand what people referenced. I like watching movies. there are just alot of movies i dont like
[Hide] (6.7MB, 1902x2907) Reverse
good movie. Kind of liked it
Replies: >>165660
[Hide] (390.8KB, 450x657) Reverse
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
i didnt like it.
Replies: >>165633
you don't like any good movies
Literally all movies I see except the specifically jewish ones: It's jooish tripe.
>likes the most jewish movie in the thread
Replies: >>165788
i dont suppose you'll tell me why?
Replies: >>165795 >>166281
No, I won't, this is a low effort thread. Enjoy being a jew lover though.
[Hide] (25.3MB, 1920x1080, 02:46)
i concede. The movie is kikeshit. It was my fault for not realizing that the accused was a spic. I was very confused when people in the comment section talked about "racism". I thought it was simply about poor people. But apparently not. I got kiked
Replies: >>166104
i simply thought this whole thing was about poor people. So fucking stupid. This changes my whole view on the movie. Absolute kikeshit. I hate it now.
I'd just like to point out that every movie this anon has reviewed is "kikeshit", except, of course, for the Israeli movie.
Replies: >>165876
not true
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1380x2044) Reverse
extremely fucking boring piece of shit. I had to force myself to stay awake throughout the movie by forcing my eyes to stay open,stretching my legs, taking several breaks. You should never watch this movie.
Replies: >>166096
[Hide] (48.9KB, 774x641) Reverse
What movie from that era and or region DO you like?
Oh there were alot of good movies made before the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation Act of 1977.

You should watch The Pianist, OP.
lol I've never even seen the movie you really are dumb
I like the Israeli ones specifically.
Replies: >>166111
<is this the pedo spammer? 
What kind of humor is it that you would say in some 14 year old stoner voice that 'le children can [redacted]' tier shit over and over and then when that does not work you say 'yeah but jews are okay'? What is it? It's easier to be more obnoxious, it's easier to have fun, what is it? You smoke pot?

I assume you smoke pot.
Replies: >>166137
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[Hide] (10.8MB, 720x1280, 00:57)
[Hide] (59.9KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Sex with cute Jewish boys~✡️
Replies: >>166210
does The Color of Money count? The King of Comedy
It's been happening to whites for the last 2,000 years, what did you expect?
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After some scenes at the North Pole, an amusement park below the lowliest of county fairgrounds, we're introduced to shirtless niggerman in a trenchcoat running from mall security after caught performing the ol' five-finger-discount. He trips over a wheelchair-bound Santa Claus, accidently becoming the next Santa Claus. His newly acquired Santa power (Jedi mind trick) saves him from trouble. Why was he shirtless? He's an escaped prisoner, arrested for arson in an attempted insurance fraud, having faked a heart attack for a hospital transfer to make his escape and bring his estranged daughter a Christmas present. Upset after the daughter learns of his criminal background, he says "What's this doing here? Not supposed to have guns at the North Pole!" and breaks a toy rifle over his leg. Angels are at the North Pole, not elves, mostly kids and a few adults. Just before the flashback to his criminal past, a scene with the white woman angel: "It's strictly against procedures" [interracial kiss] "to indulge in human feelings."
I doubt there exists an earlier, more explicit subversion of both Christmas and religion in a family movie.
I want to behead you and drop your head in a well.
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it was boring
If you are american all british are evil.
And the negro scenes were played as jokes.
Replies: >>166502
The fat kid is a kike?
You forgot the scene when the kids are handling a statue of a naked guy and the penis falls off and the kids grab it, I wonder what ((( steven spelberg ))) meant by this?
Wasn't the whole movie about non-white on white crime or something?
[Hide] (269.5KB, 1000x1500) Reverse
Watch this one fagget.
Replies: >>166295 >>166314
I did, more jewish tripe, I turned it off after half an hour. Thanks for wasting my time.
Replies: >>166480
its on my to-watch list
I watched Sinister recently. It was just ok. The only parts that really got me were the tapes. They’re set up to look like actual snuff films and have weird disembodied voices playing over them. Creeped me out. The latter parts of the movie were kind of silly though and the CGI looked dated. Protag is your typical insufferable horror movie idiot. I just felt bad for the wife and kids for hitching themselves to such a loser.
Replies: >>166479
I watched that a few years back and i agree with the tapes. That was creepy.
[Hide] (471.5KB, 220x244) Reverse
>The german military shown competently handling POWs and hunting down escapees.
>Not a single nigger or woman in the entire cast.
Oh! I see how it is.
Replies: >>166490
Glad you finally figured the thread out dipshit.
>all brits evil
I wonder in what timeline did Hitler not declare war with the Murkans and instead they stole the victory from either Russia or England..... not like you care who's gonna win when you're trying to steal shit. US army is built up without choosing a side, they hate niggers and spics and feminists and gays and jews but nowish everyone pretends such bullshit about how the US really was. Just gangsters. Nothing more. 

YO OP watch the untouchables (and or Chicago PD) to see what kind of an asshole the US is.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1013x1500) Reverse
It was decent. Not bad.
[Hide] (4.4MB, 1383x2048) Reverse
i didnt like it
i also noticed slight propaganda early on in the movie when they were looking at players and talking about how players get discriminated against because of appearance/behaviour stuff like that. And they showed multiple images of these players, black guys being several of them. You know why. Its called conditioning
[Hide] (464.2KB, 800x1200) Reverse
It's nice, but ending is meh.
Replies: >>167629
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1453x2232) Reverse
i didnt like it
Replies: >>167629
[Hide] (22.3MB, 3067x4346) Reverse
[Hide] (27.4KB, 640x480) Reverse
i didnt like it
Replies: >>167629
[Hide] (1.1MB, 652x1000) Reverse
i didnt like it
Replies: >>167629
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1000x1464) Reverse
i didnt like it
Replies: >>167629
these aren't reviews. saying whether you like something or not isn't a review. you're telling me nothing about the thing in question other than your subjective taste is largely shit. what's the point of this thread?
Replies: >>167632 >>167763
nowhere in the op does he state that these are meant to be reviews
Replies: >>167636 >>167638
What about the subject field that says "low effort movie reviews" in bright red text?
>low effort movie reviews
>where does it say these are meant to be reviews????????
are you mentally challenged
>saying whether you like something or not isn't a review
Yes it is. 
>you're telling me nothing about the thing in question
Im telling you if i liked the movie or not. I feel like thats valuable information.
Replies: >>167768
>this is kikeshit
>it's bad
>i didn't like it
These aren't reviews in the same way a sentence isn't an essay. Reviews entail you going into detail, explaining why you dislike the movie and why you think it's "kikeshit garbage".
[Hide] (3.1MB, 923x1351) Reverse
i didnt like it i also thought it was stupid that the murder was confirmed by the fact that the woman had left her wedding ring at home. Because noone ever takes of rings on their fingers apparently.... And yes you could argue that it was a different time then and they had different customs. She found the wedding ring which means they have proof that hes a killer? Then he attacks her and goes and tries to kill the guy? Then he confesses to the murder to the police? Sloppy. I recently watched another one of hitchcock's films (north by northwest) and i feel like the plot was also resolved by something like that. I cant quite remember but i remember thinking it was stupid like this.
[Hide] (12.1MB, 1955x2937) Reverse
i didnt like it
[Hide] (2.6MB, 971x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (200.3KB, 500x281) Reverse
i didnt like it. And, Andrew Garfield has a long neck. At some points in the movie it was distracting
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