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What is the wildest conspiracy theory you believe in?
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those aren't wild, everybody believes those

>>161249 (OP) 
maybe not wild for the people here but that corporations and corporate executives and the financial sector don't do things that harm the public and their customers to make a profit, they do it because they hate us and are psychopaths that get a sick thrill from poisoning us, and that they'll do it even if it hurts their business. And that our culture and environment have been shaped by the corporations to form a sort of deceptive disneyland and to make it impossible to form small communities independent of them
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oh and I forgot
>datamining thread
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Everyone is practicing witchcraft with really basic actions like domination, intimidating, and manipulation, babies can also do witchcraft because they can manipulate their parents into giving them what they want.

Implying that other threads where you give information about your self or any opinion you have isn't also datamined.
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<my wife won an argument against me.....
>>161249 (OP) 
we did not the moon
misery and terrorism feed the machine.

unabomber thought through terrorism he would destroy the dead end of Homo Normalis, but he only fed it. dna is very smart and even through mass destruction it is able to fend off (proof: we mostly dont remember or feel the effects of any past war).the way to evolve is to streamline the destructive habits of the masses until a new species emerges.
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>>161249 (OP) 
C is a germanic psyop to keep software insecure. they control "the niggers" with a 30 year old troll farm making it seem as if C's deliberately insecure design is something only real men can overcome when in reality almost nobody overcomes it without 15 years of study. after their 15 years of study they then need to learn something else like assembly or math but it's too late, their life is now over and they are a cog in some corpo's shitty software machine pretending to know what they're doing..
>>161249 (OP) 
everyone is out to get me
>not understanding basic linguistic nuance
you dont have a wild opinion, just a brain damaged one which lots of americans also share because they smoked too much tide and febreze
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al-Qaeda did nothing wrong, asides from not being white
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oh hey I agree with this. 9/11 wasn't even them, it was jews and saudis and neocons
These theories are fuckin' mild and obvious to anyone with half a brain. Let's spice shit up here.

>The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution were spiritual genocides caused by certain rationalistic interests that want to be the only sources of magic.
>This meant that the widespread clear-cutting of forests and mining isn't just industrial in nature, but also a targeted attack against fairies, elves, and elementals in general because they're in competition with the ((( elites ))).
>Said ((( elites ))) want to control humanity as cattle with their own rational magic like reason-worship, faith in "sciences" like psychology and economics, compromised religions, and the Internet.
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>This meant that the widespread clear-cutting of forests and mining isn't just industrial in nature, but also a targeted attack against fairies, elves, and elementals in general because they're in competition with the (((  elites  ))).
Kek this is like something Varg would say
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These images were never meant to be wild conspiracies but just dystopian images to start the thread.
I wouldn't say believe, but I always liked the idea of Men in Black being made into a goofy franchise as a smokescreen for them actually existing.
Oh here's another one:
>The world's overpopulation and planned de-population by the global elite has an occult purpose. What better offering to demonic forces than billions of souls?
Shit, if he says something like that that, he'd be completely right. But half of that theory is basically what The Technocracy from Mage: The Ascension does.
>>161249 (OP) 
That all posters on this website are all the same person who is also me.
And it's not just a theory, it's the TRUTH
>>161249 (OP) 
People are STUPID
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Alternative energy sources are pushed by certain European politicians as an attempt to make their state not reliant on external countries. The reason green policies so often get sabotaged (e.g. calling natural gas "green", or banning plastic straws) is not only to keep Europe weak and reliant on the US by discouraging research and social ridicule (think hippies and freaks), but also because of the risk to plastic. 
The abuse of plastic is a big concern for real environmentalists which makes them a considerable threat to the the united states. Even if limited to Europe, a continent-wide limit on plastic would considerably devalue oil thereby weakening the international power america gets through the petrodollar; putting their currency, global influence, military, and existence at risk.
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>caring about straws
Replies: >>166205
>caring about straws
nice try biden
Ashkenazi jews appropriating the holocaust and leaving other, much older jews to rot in obscurity. Tired of yiddish shit.
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Straws are a strawman. Banning straws inconveniences normalfags and makes them subconsciously believe caring about the environment means making things worse all while not actually harming the beast. The plastic that pollutes the world, your food, and the very air you breathe comes not from plastic straws but primarily from mass produced consumerist products from China and American corporations. 
You can't drink soda with a straw that isn't made out of paper because environment. But the same soda can be in a plastic bottle, made from plastic that can't be recycled, with no regard for the health hazards of doing so and despite those very same bottles polluting the very same water you use to water your crops.  
There's a reason why the government reacts to pic related by banning straws.
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peod elites control the government
you can tell by how whenever the pedo is discoverd hes sent to protection
or they call it "s*xual assault" so nobody notice what hes really being charged w/
every1 nos s*x..sault is just a word every1 ignores cus its always charged for overexaggerated things
this is how epst*n got away for so long
idk mental block bbl
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Aryans are extra-terrestrials from the planet Nibiru, Jupiter, or somewhere else in the universe while jews are a demonic/negative karmic people from Saturn or somewhere else in the universe, or were once brother races that pursued different alliances in regards to divinity and heresy at some point resulting in the destruction of their home planets and leading to their arrival on Earth. Man was once many feet tall and could be capable of telepathic communication.

Side note, a friend of mine who I lost contact with told me of a scientific expedition by the Soviet Union in its earliest years, in the midst of the new art and science period, to investigate claims of Siberian tribes who were capable of telepathic communication and when the eager lead of this expedition reported his initial findings he was then appalled to discover the Soviet government had sent an army contingent to massacre all the locals in the region.

The other races of the world were animals or hominids the Aryans bred with to act as slave castes. The Aryan race utilized free energy technologies lost to time and hidden on purpose by the jews who now lord over us. The holy nuclear war that ravaged Aryan India led to an exodus of the survivors to settle in modern-day Iraq, where these people became known as the Sumerians, who lost out to Zagrosian and Aryan savages known as the Gutis and the Semites they ruled over which became the Akkadians.

The Grand Canyon was an electrografted mine and the tenders of this mine were the Zuni Indians, tangentially related to the Pueblo Indians and the ancestor of the Pueblos are known to the Navajo as the Anasazi which means "enemies of our ancestors" or "ancient evil", of what is now the location of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Zuni Indians are notable for having high rates of albinism, the women wearing what look like burqas, and speak a language isolate in a sea of Apache. The Hopi Indians, another of the Pueblo family, had prayer chambers named kivas, the Sanskrit translation of kiva is ant hill (ki) dwelling (va). Anu, the sky god of the Akkadians, originally known as An, means "ant" in Hopi and "naki" means friends, meaning the Hopi were the followers, the ant friends, of Anu and his pantheon. Many native Americans all the way down south have prominent Asiatic features and in at least the case of the Zuni share some vocabulary with Japanese.

I need to iron out the details, connect them chronologically, and my opinions are subject to change but I genuinely do believe that this planet was a refuge from some catastrophic cataclysmic war and we are just puny mutants, mutated from lackluster diet and radiation, without any sort of clue or know how to even begin to garner curiosity to know what happened.
I also 100% believe this.
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*a "friend"
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