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DuckDuckGo says even in Incognito Mode Google serves personalised search results, Google denies

Google's rival engine says that even when people are not logged into their Google accounts, they see personalised search results because of the way search algorithms work

December 5, 2018

DuckDuckGo published the findings of its research on its blog

Google has denied that it uses a person's search history to influence search results in Incognito Mode

But Google acknowledges that location, time or some other factors may influence search results

When you go into the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, or use the private mode in Firefox, do you then become anonymous? According to DuckDuckGo, a search engine that competes with Google, the answer to this question is no. The company says that it has conducted a study and has found that even when people log out of their Google account, or the Chrome account, and switch to Incognito Mode, they are served "personalised" search results by Google.

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Sailor uniform is an initial design of Japanese school uniform for female students, inspired by the naval uniform. It consists of a blouse with a sailor-like collar and pleated skirt. Accessories such as ribbon, necktie, or bow are tied around the collar. Not many schools have adopted this type of uniform recently, but it is still the main stream of school uniform design among Japanese schools.

Blazer uniform is a relatively new style of school uniform compared to the other uniform, and it is often introduced when the school changes the uniform design. It is mostly worn by female students, and it is common to add ribbons or ties when wearing the blazer. In wintertime, they wear knit sweater or vest under the blazer.
>go into the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, or use the private mode in Firefox, do you then become anonymous? 
why the fuck would anyone think that?
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>>15016 (OP) 
>Google denies
Did you expect any different?

>why the fuck would anyone think that?
Because of (((misinformation))). The wife uses Chrome and says she has nothing to hide, so what's the big deal?
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Anon, it's immoral to fuck retards.
Why did you marry one?
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Not him but women generally like being watched and taken advantage of and being powerless, so long as they can be in high status according to the societal definition of proper. That means both before and after feminist ideals as it was not all women that changed the status quo, but I better not rant on about that, but the point is that women blatantly statistically don't get arrested. Like 90 percent of those arrested are males. They have life on easy mode and don't have to care. What do they need to hide? Only kiddy porn would get you vanned and women NEVER get prosecuted over le paydo shit.

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