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Did any of you ever go to a comic con? Did you meet cute cosplayers? How was it?
Yes, dataminer-kun. We've each gone to every single one of them (even during this Plandemic(tm)(R)(C) show). Most of us LARPed as little anime grils. You?
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nigger im just asking
I wish I could go to comiket because there is fucking nothing over here
why are you always so afraid? fucking no-fun schizo
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>>14937 (OP) 
>Did any of you ever go to a comic con?
I AM the comic con
yeah I'm a gamer dude, me and my gf are a gamer couple, we went to comicon this year and we did a "steampunk" cosplay
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>>14937 (OP) 
There's a motherfucker on the loose infecting this board with the ever so dangerous flavus febricula, popularly known as the yellow fever. If you come in contact with him, either force him to seek medical treatments or contrive him of his Internet connection.
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What makes you think I'm afraid bad-jacket-kun? I merely enjoy troleing glownigger/soygoon consensus-crackers attempting to profile all dem Ebil White Nahdzees. Your OP glows, it follows a very common low-effort datamining script. 
>Hey X!
>Any of you ever X?
>Was it X?

>Protip: you probably should at the fucking least use GPT-3 to generate pertinent text for the data gayop.
>>14937 (OP) 
I know her. When I visited Japan and went to a comic con, I met her and I fucked her.
Look like a stupid place filled to the brim with failed normalfags all around. Would be good for a quick stroll and looking at some asses, other than that there would be no reason to go there. Maybe there would be some authors that one would admire went there, so maybe a handshake would be another reason.
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also fuck cosplayers, i want to kill them. Fucking normalfags, and the women are all ultra whores.
I went to a smash convention a few years ago, lots of vendors selling tiddy art. Cosplays were ok I guess.
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>>14937 (OP) 
I went to a  comic con years ago as a cute cosplayer. It was meh. Some people took pictures, asians took pictures with me but most everyone didn't even know what I was, and those who did were literally all middle aged men, half of whom were desperate vendors.

I don't know how youre supposed to meet anyone at these things, they're barely social. Its entirely small groups of dorks walking around whats essentially a glorified farmers market for nerd crap.  You stick out if you tried to talk to strangers much like you would at any other market.   All the girls at these things are kinda slutty but not in any useful way.  They're weird looking to, not ugly but weird looking.   Honestly it was a huge waste of time and I regret going.
This but with less cosplay dunno her but she looks familiar, my gut says she's from either Fighting Vipers or King of Fighters, definitely a fighting game but I dunno which and more spending money on whatever caught my eye. On that note:
(1.4MB, 384x259)
I'm just gonna say it: I'd rather have an Asian horse who's willing to fuck me on the reg than some entitled white beauty queen who thinks I owe her everything in return for a pat on the head.
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>I don't know how youre supposed to meet anyone at these things, they're barely social.
Just make friends with Tara Strong and she'll get you laid... one way or the other.
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Were your butthole and mouth safe?
Replies: >>14996
I'm female.
no you aren't
(22.6KB, 480x621)
tits with timestamp or ban
(269.3KB, 835x720)
What a power move.
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My tits look like >>14391
Replies: >>15009 >>15154
>I know this girl. 
I've watched too much anime.
She is nice though, a little sweetheart.
Replies: >>15010 >>15026
Then post'em and pussy too.
the anime is lame as fuck and i can tell the hot boy faggot is Spike south korea rip off fucking faggot. Does the show get better later on? Because the first ones are fucking dog shit, visually and content wise.
not really, no. It only got one season for a reason. standard cliche "the people in charge were the bad guys the whole time!" shtick. The only actually good episodes were the different cases they were assigned too, back when it was a detective show prior to it turning into "revolution through reform lmao" show.
What's the title of this anime?
Replies: >>15026 >>15027
>they're barely social
>glorified farmers market for nerd crap
What kind of farmers market you have been? Most farmers market venders are very laid back and will act like they know you personally, alot of those vendors come directly from the farmer and some these vendors travel far distances to sell.
Replies: >>15023
By social I clearly meant with the other people at the con, though the vendors themselves might talk to you a bit its only to get you to buy a thing.

Maybe fleamarket would be a better term but literally every farmers market I've been too is nothing like you've described besides a number of them being actual farmers and them coming from a far.
>zzz/b/ tranny larp
This is how you know zzz/b/ is the next big thing. BUY zzzCOINS NOW BEFORE THEY EXPLODE
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(16.1KB, 710x402)
>wow I know this girl teehee
>only got one season
>what is this anime
Replies: >>15046 >>15556
psycho pass something or another.
>Tranny larp
What if it's an actual woman, but it's quite unlikely.
Replies: >>15030
Anon are you calling /b/ trannies heckin valid and cute?
Replies: >>15032
No trannies are valid or cute. 
I mean a normal woman, not a tranny.
Replies: >>15033
Trannies are definitely not normal women anon
Replies: >>15034
I mean women from birth, not trannies. Trannies aren't women.
Replies: >>15035
Trannies are born as men
Replies: >>15036 >>15037
Yes I know that. Oh god what kind kf shit I've gotten myself into.
Trannies can also mean female -> male too, can't it?
Replies: >>15038
Those are mentaly fucked whores.
I raped and killed a FtoM tranny.
Replies: >>15050
(36.8KB, 546x386)
I thought I was going retarded reading those posts.
(42.1KB, 300x295)
> "the people in charge were the bad guys the whole time!"
(75.6KB, 491x700)
It's far more believable that she raped you.
Conventions are okay if you just stay in the vidya room and play vidya with strangers all day.
Replies: >>15068
That sounds good
Ban when?
Replies: >>15136
>>14937 (OP) 
I went to a comic con and shit and cummed in my pants and ran out naked and crying
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(141.5KB, 317x418)
Were you there for the My Little Pony panel?
digits confirm ban incoming.
Replies: >>15136
I wonder how often her husband has uttered these immortal words:
"Do the horse voice again!"
still waiting
Replies: >>15130 >>15136
wont happen threads stickied along with the bag thread so the mods can prove once and for all that they dont exist and you can start posting scary thangz
Replies: >>15131 >>15136
meant ban but my phone autocorrected but dont worry i wont get banned for it


Replies: >>15136 >>15153
(60.7KB, 500x507)
It's a post from the .onion address, party van is canceled
Enjoy your ban, unbeliever.
Replies: >>15146 >>15148
Well femoids don't use tor so it's confirmed tranny

(133KB, 400x283)
Based shitposting janitor
>My tits look like >>14391
We're not picky.
Replies: >>15158
Can you distinguish them from men's tits?
Replies: >>15259
(1.2MB, 498x280)
>Can you distinguish them from men's tits?
Replies: >>15276
my dick erects -> female
no erection -> male

I already verified it with my mom, dad, sister and brother.
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(1.7MB, 1024x768)
>>14937 (OP) 
In 2019 I went to a comic con dressed as Speedwagon from JoJo
It really opened my eyes up to how autistic the JoJo fanbase was, I thought they were mostly harmless with just a few overdone memes, but some people got really annoying. There was the one group of people that should shout "SSSSPEEDWAGGGOOOOONNNNN" every time I passed them as if they expected me to stay in character and make some reference right back at them. 
Some of them were cool though. Lots of people wanted pictures of me. And yes there were quite a few cute girls there, but I was too autistic to make a move. I don't like Boku no Hero, but there was this one insanely cute girl cosplayed as pic related. She looked like she didn't even belong there, couldn't have been younger than 16 but no older than 19. Had a very protective father with her, but wanted a picture with me. 
There was also a cute tomboy in Princess Mononoke cosplay. I think I actually took a picture of her but I'm not gonna bother looking through my photos unless someone really wants to see. 
Also some guy with bad body odor cosplayed as Joseph Joestar took a picture with me and then told me to follow him on social media. Took a quick glance at his shit and he identified as a MtF tranny and was posting a bunch of trans rights bullshit. I don't even live in a liberal state, sick of this shit spreading in every corner of the country
Replies: >>15326 >>15327
Did you have sex with him? sex at comic con is normal, right?
Replies: >>15328
>unless someone really wants to see
post it!
Replies: >>15328
(1003.4KB, 2573x1764)
(1.6MB, 2448x3264)
The tranny? Hello no, I wanted to drown myself in bleach after I saw the posts on his profile. It's a wonder I didn't contract AIDs just by standing next to him.
Pic related is him. Also found a picture of the mononoke cosplayer. The girl from Boku No Hero took a pic with me but I don't think I took a pic with her
here you go
Replies: >>15434
>cute tomboy
Her face makes me think of tf2 sfms,  what does cute even mean.
Replies: >>15330 >>15331
>what does cute even mean.
A roastie that isn't obese or disfigured and acknowledges anons existence.
Replies: >>15331 >>15333
I dunno, she looked better in person. Never said she was that good looking, just a 7/10
Replies: >>15332
She's average looking, average is 5/10.
Replies: >>15333
(148.6KB, 797x528)
Look do you want me to talk about particularly attractive women, or women who I met at comic-cons? Because there were only a few women at that event that would have stood out as being attractive even outside of a nerd convention, most of them weren't in cosplays and I didn't bother to get a picture of the one who was. 
5/10 to me means that despite not being ugly there's zero attraction. I'd be willing to fuck the girl in the picture but I wouldn't enter a relationship with her because like >>15330 said she's probably a roastie anyway. 
I actually have respect for that one girl's dad for being super protective of her in a place like that. We need more of that.
Replies: >>15334 >>15336
(120.2KB, 600x648)
We want pictures of girls you met at cons so we can live through your experiences... but we don't want you to tall them cute if they're not because since we're already placing ourselves in your shoes its like us thinking they're cute, and I'll be damned if anyone makes me think anything.
Replies: >>15335
(14.7KB, 480x262)
Spoiler File
(753.5KB, 508x529)
I live in the Midwest, anon. "Cute" over here is what passes as "human" in other parts of the country. That applies double in comic cons. 
Spoiler related is what your average Midwest burger has to settle down for
If you're going to use metrics to grade how people look it should be as objective as possible. You can find a 5/10 woman attractive. I guess we can say she's 6/10 because she isn't obese, since the average burger is obese.
Get ye gone from these blessed lands, turn ye to the big cities of the coasts and ne'er return!
Replies: >>15365
Shame. She could be cute but instead she went Schumer-mode.
(344.5KB, 1082x1158)
>the big cities of the coasts
Jew York or Lost Angeles?
She can be cute if she lost weight.
Replies: >>15431
>red nails
>those pants
not only is she fat, she's also a dirty whore.
>that jojo

What a pudgy, low effort faggot.
She's going to be one of those television-worthy obese people once she has a kid and her metabolism crashes in her 30s.
(69KB, 634x417)
>>14937 (OP) 
This snotty cunt was part of a group of legbeards who decided to dress up and go to a local con in order to "fight misogyny" or something. I don't have the original group photo, but I kept this one because I love the way she's staring at Totoro.
>What the fuck is THIS thing? Some sort of japanimation monster, like a pokemon or something, I guess. He's probably a villain who's rapes elves or something. I can't wait to get out of here and fuck my rancid pussy with the dragon dildo I bought in artist's alley.
Replies: >>15513
(502KB, 2048x1363)
(520.5KB, 459x389)
(1.1MB, 2048x1363)
(1.6MB, 2048x1363)
(1.8MB, 2048x1363)
Decided to see if I could find some more pics. I was not disappointed.
>>14937 (OP) 
When I imagine cons, I imagine all the members of high school anime clubs to be congregated there. Most of the time you may have a 5 or 6/10 surrounded by her beta orbiters. It really seems like the attractive people in good costume are the exception not the norm.
Replies: >>15583
>for once someone in current year   actually used larp correctly
Thank you for this. 

>>14937 (OP) 
Only girls that get way too much attention would go to those and you'd feel all watched to go there and surrounded by nerd posers, so why would anyone here even do that?
Psycho-Pass is of the only great anime shows I've ever seen and the first one is the best. It's more than one season, and you don't get the show if you think the people in charge are bad guys. That's not the point. The sociopathic types have superior logic so they are meant to be in charge like queen bees in a hivemind that we people live in. The worker bee would hate that, but it, if a good worker bee, would accept it, so the MC does like a good sheep. But yes, shittier by season 2, worse by 3 than that. At least one of you knows how to count I guess. 

Haibane Renmei detected. 

baste but shouldn't >>14996 have some big red letters on it by now?
(584.3KB, 1456x1941)
>I imagine all the members of high school anime clubs to be congregated there.
More and more they're getting squeezed out by the attention-whore cosplay bitches who'll spend a year on a costume and proudly announce that she's Zelda's princess girlfriend/

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