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<FaceApp can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or 
>change gender.
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>>14833 (OP) 
>to make it smile
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>"Love is love"
You were right the first time. Only a girl wears something as fuckass retarded as that.
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>see brie larson
>immediately think of her feet
every fucking time
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Her toes look, dirty?  Why are they that color?
Why should we care
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>Why are they that color?
She likes pooping in the shower and she uses her toes to mash the turds down the drain.
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>>14833 (OP) 
would fug
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Friend made me do the sex-flip app thing. I wasn't bad, but I wouldn't fuck me. The most horrible thing is that I was resting my head on my hand in what I believe was a feminine pose, and the app left my shaggy arm hair in the After pic.
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d-do you have vegana?
Replies: >>15073 >>15759
No. Currently have bobs, though I'm working to get rid of them.
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No, just a fat bastard with a lot to work off. I've lost 30lbs, though, so I'm getting there.
Replies: >>15082
so you're saying you naturally look like a faggot?
Replies: >>15105 >>15759
No. I'm not the OP.
>>14833 (OP) 
Machine learning is fucking horrible!
I fapped to him because I didn't know "she" was "he"!
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I learned a long time ago to not even get an erection while perusing an imageboard. The threat of traps is ever present.
Replies: >>15175 >>15759
>no adams apple
>small neck
>narrow shoulders 
Yeah no that still looks like a girl
I prefer cute traps to ugly girls.
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Fungal infecction and or her tight shoes caused damage to the nailbed matrix so they grow back wrong, thicker and thicker with each new scaring. Some old people have nails grow straight up like horns I've noticed. 

Look at her overly small shoe. She did it to herself, the nailbed matrix damage, if not fungal and colored over to not show yellow. 

Waffle stomping is a dying/lost art and lifestyle that people will not even get anymore. 

Only homosexuals care about women having arm hair. 

Come on now. 

>that meme
It belongs in a museum! 

>>14833 (OP) 
>posting your face when it can be re-done to male so you are no longer at all anonymoose
>Only homosexuals care about women having arm hair.
maybe if your people are naturally hairy. it's repulsive in countries where lightly haired women is the norm, like northern europe or east asia.
Replies: >>15766 >>16044
It's not like gooks or nords are just universally hairless. In fact I don't even know if I would say the majority of gooks or nords produce low amounts of body hair. Aversion to hair is a pretty retarded beauty standard and plays into the same insecurities that the jews use to make bank on with foreskin makeup.

If bitches weren't plucking hair off of every part of their body for centuries half the people you see would be rocking unibrows and ladies would have fucking mustaches.
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>only homos care, a real man wants a hairy woman
>aversion to hair is a pretty retarded beauty standard
Replies: >>16044
Faceapp is both attentionwhoring and counteractive to the anonymous environment where glowniggers and crawlers will dox you.
Have you ever felt soft, hairless woman-flesh? It's truly wonderful. Have you ever felt rough, hairy man-flesh? It's truly unpleasant. I don't disagree with you completely. I think that generally the more natural the better. A woman with a mustache is completely fucked, though, they're clearly bulging with testosterone. Body hair is on the masculine side of the scale, especially on the face or chest.
Replies: >>15788 >>16044
It's not that I don't understand the inherent appeal of less body hair. It's more that I take issue with achieving it artificially through excessive grooming, and having that be so woven into the culture that it evolves into a massive billion (trillion?) dollar industry. People take it way too far especially with shaving their pubes.
Replies: >>16022 >>16044
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>Only homosexuals care about women having arm hair
Bait, pure and simple. If I had my way, women would be completely bald except for the eyebrows, because I enjoy how high they go in surprise when I push my girth into them.
Replies: >>16021 >>16044
Anon I think you just posted cringe
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> I take issue with achieving it artificially through excessive grooming
If they keep it up long enough, their descendants will be hairless naturally. Don't wreck this for our grandkids, anon.
>People take it way too far especially with shaving their pubes.
Waxed box is the most patrician of delectables.
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I KNOW I did.
Replies: >>16025
Not how neoteny works. Children have hair on their arms, just not as thick as men. men get hair later on the face, in the ass, and even on the stomach and chest, whereas women stay more child looking, but not just over hair like some lioness, they also stay small and have childlike voices and less thick skin, but thinner wrinkles easier so getting old is a bitch for them. At the same time glowing faces look better than an ogre. Their heads stay like a third smaller if I recall. Then there's the hip vs arm stuff and gaining less muscle. Their noses are a key difference and foreheads with ow the test mutates you over time into a 'more adult' look. But, not just hair, and when it is they are supposed to have armpit hair, you were just programmed by sissies. Sissies love to shave their whole body too as the Ancient Greekds did that fucked little boys. They were gender benders. In today's times that is frowned upon. le paydo, and so now what you are meant to objetdively be attracted to is not gay but also not overly quelled females like int he past when they had no right to show hair on their legs, keeping it covered to avoid being seen as a slut, now they can show the legs and obviously they don't have to shave them either, nor the arms, but humans got so damned christfaggy that the dresses and sleeves and gloves and the headdresses, it drove people insane. I'm surprised we didn't shave their hair as >>16018 implies we could have randomly, but the headdress didn't stay around as long as the dress and sleeves.  Men must have assumed, due to banning of porn too and such, that women had no hair on the arms nor legs, nor even crotch perhaps, so they started shaving due to our mal-raised culture here. The ancients would have known what nudity looked like, but we at some point did not. 

All that being considered in our slightly past christfaggotry state that we are now in one being afraid of arm hair is.....kinda gay. A faggot pedo would shave the whole body. Ass hair, crotch, chest, etc, to keep cleanly and shiny while in their manly biker suits and stuff during their anal fisting scenes. what's more, the hair getting into the anal folds, the fissures, can probably create a problem, I'm sure they have their reasons but most gays have short hair. 

My point is over all, you grow up in today's times seeing the arm hair on you as a child, girls too in school, so what's the problem? Do you not find her attractive when she has on jeans and shirt? It's all about the face really. They don't get hair on the face, barring eyebrows and lashes of course. 

Back on the the anal fisting videos, not all of them shave their arms, I wonder why? 

When a straight male it's basically just less on arms and legs to be attracted to and zero to be on the face. Zero to be on the chest either, but men get hair on chest and face and more on legs and arms. The only real issue is the face. it's our mane, or whatever like with lions not having one when female. One did have one, but nevermind. 

no fag

That's because men have thicker skin. It's a testosterone effect. Not just about the hair. And women are into class more than actual beauty unlike men. 

yes, it's the christfaggot effect of the lack of  nudity making people think women had no hair, so then once finally naked again we shaved it off to avoid discomforting the males lest they go crazy and fuck little boys as preachers, of which did happen.
Replies: >>16174
>>14833 (OP) 
>Russian Faggots create Faggot software
You seem to take it as default that all women have arm hair and that's just not the case. A lot of asians don't even have leg hair, for that matter. It would actually make more sense if you were arguing for leg or armpit hair, since more women have that.
Replies: >>16365
>>14833 (OP) 
Did they improve the applications in the past five years or so? I have old ones pasted together in an old reaction image folder. 

I will refrain from posting mine.

I hoped that shirt was part of the AI honestly. 

I suppose but I'm all biased for only liking caucasians so my mind defaults to them.
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>>14833 (OP) 
so it applied some makeup, smoothed out the skin, trimmed the eyebrows, lengthened the hair and behold: a girl. usually these things don't work too well unless the guy already has a feminine face, so it makes me wonder, is this person a tranny or a girl?
Replies: >>16387
You can become a cute girl like him with FaceApp! Try it!

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