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>>14678 (OP) 
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British niggas are better than American niggers.
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>>14678 (OP) 
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ok well, um... this is awkward
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Make me tea, nigger.
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Never fear, for when there are niggers to stop I'll always appear.
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You're tea.
Replies: >>14731
No I want a cup of tea.
I want to drink it, ya dumbass.
Also next time learn to give me an actually good costume, I look like some cheap vietnamese show model.
>>14678 (OP) 
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I wish I had a horse that wears a matching outfit
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mate you are cearly not from the uk

then again im not from the US I could be chatting shit
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They're not the horse's legs. They're her legs.
Niggers are niggers regardless of where they are from, my good sir!
They're probably more lethal in the US because of the guns. Truth be told, I would rather be dead than have my face mangled by acid and stabbed with hepatitis knives or whatever they do over there. I've also heard that in the UK you legally can't blast someone away who has broken into your home because it would be too much force or something like that.
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>>14678 (OP) 
You rang?
Except the USA, it's normal.

If there are no guns, killing trespassers is too much.
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>>14678 (OP) 
>killing someone when they're in your house and possibly there to kill/rape/permanently maim you is too much
It's only too much for post-WW2 cuckold countries, what sane person would even be trying to give a shit about measured response to a potentially lethal threat? Do you try to talk down rabid dogs too?
Replies: >>14778
South Korea

If you bite a rapist's tongue, you'll be punished in South Korea. In 2021, the court sentenced the first sentence in South Korean history that biting rapist's tongue is self defence.

Several years ago, a South Korean young guy went to jail because he attacked a burglar and gave severe harm to protect his sister and grandmother.

In South Korea and Japan
self defence = you have to subdue an offender without severe harm

holding hands = self defence
punch or kick = attack

Even South Koreans think it's a retarded law.
Replies: >>14780 >>14784
So if a guy is hitting  a girl, nobody interferes it since anybody doesn't want to have a criminal record. They just call the police for the girl.
(24.8KB, 320x381)
>Bri'ish niggas are bettah
There's a shit-ton more racemixing going on in your neck of the woods, mate.
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(852.8KB, 200x267)
>I've also heard that in the UK you legally can't blast someone away who has broken into your home
You'd need the ability to "blast" them in the first place, which they do not have. The best they could do is try to sneak downstairs and arm themselves with illegally acquired spoons hidden in a secret cupboard in the kitchen.

>South Korea is hamstrung
That's fucking insane! What are they going to do the day Kim gets bored and decides to play a little Real Life Warcraft along the border? Throw awful candy at them until they go away?
Replies: >>14832 >>14846
What was it about WW2 that turned half the world into utter cucks? I know tens of millions of warrior genes were snuffed out but it still seems like quite a leap for a country like say the UK to go from being perfectly fine with lethal force to combat an attacker to being thrown in jail and raped for trying to stop someone from raping you.
WW2 gave the world to Jews.
Replies: >>14812
Except turbokiked places like the US still allow self-defense (even commie shitholes like California allow for lethal force in certain high stress scenarios) and I think Germany does too, so that's not the entire answer by far.
I think life in the capital of an empire is more just than life in its conquered kingdoms.
After wwii america basically owned the world.  Practically every nation thats a democracy has us troops stationed in it along with its whole wealth being based on us dollars.  The eu exists to keep europe from rivaling the us economically and breaking free.
Replies: >>14826
the while Europe continent (several dozens countries) ≈ USA (one nation)

Actually, US occupies almost one whole continent even though USA is just one country.
Replies: >>14830
British accent is quite funny!
Mainland USA is about the same size as Europe, I think if you add in Alaska it's close to 2/3 of Africa's size.
Replies: >>14846
that girl is not korean and I have no idea why you would think it is 
unless you are a troll or think hehe CHINESE CARTOONS XDDD is funny
Replies: >>14835 >>14847
Is she Japanese? She looks like Japanese.
Replies: >>14847 >>14861
They have guns. I don't know the specifics beyond what UK anons have said (that I've forgotten) but it's probably much more cucked compared to a lot of places. You likely need it to be locked away or something. All I can imagine is if you run to grab your gun as an equalizer because there are multiple people trying to break in that show no signs of stopping, i.e. protestors. You should be able to defend your life and belongings in the same way if you feel that you life is in danger if you don't allow your belongings in your home to be destroyed or stolen.
The thing that baffles me the most is Australia. They're cucked from what I've heard in regards to firearms, but it wasn't always like that. I read some comment somewhere once from some guy talking about how the politicians ended up taking the guns because they were afraid of the militia that was basically a standing army against commies. It was definitely a little more complicated than that but that's the gist I think. Also, are rabid kangaroos and emus not a thing? You'd need a gun if something like that broke into your house.
It should be bigger considering everyone is moving there. The US should buy or just annex land from Mexico considering how many Mexicans are moving there.
Replies: >>14857
(229.8KB, 415x285)
>I have no idea why you would think it is unless you are a troll'
Or unless I saved it as what the original poster had named it and I can't tell the difference between slopes, gooks, chinks, or nips anymore than they can tell the difference between burgers, leafs, limeys, or potato niggers.

>Is she Japanese? She looks like Japanese.
Good question. Maybe Captain Asia up there could actually tell us so I could rename the file?

>What was it about WW2 that turned half the world into utter cucks?
It rhymes with chews.
Replies: >>14861
People won't be moving here for much longer, the US passed the tipping point into straight up banana republic territory and there's almost no reason to move here anymore since all the programming jobs are being done from home and all the manufacturing jobs are being deliberately killed off and our health care system is beyond retarded.
Also the vast vast majority of the US is already uninhabited, over half of the population lives in cities and I think over half of that population lives in mega city hellholes like NYC and LA. Sure there's an odd town or two between the cities but everything else is wilderness and farmland.
Replies: >>14858 >>14862
Also our schools are beyond retarded too, a foreign student would be a fool to waste their time with the extremely subpar trash that is American universities.
Yes, she is. Her name is Kumi Yagami.
How the fuck can you not tell the difference between a gook, a chink and a nip? Are you retarded?
Replies: >>14863
Many are moving out of the city because of the price of dwellings. Just as well, because fuck the city.
Cucked gun laws, do not visit. You will die on the subway getting stabbed by a schizo while the police watch, or you will go crazy and become the schizo.
(56.9KB, 640x480)
>How the fuck can you not tell the difference between a gook, a chink and a nip?
>implying there's a difference between the moon people
Replies: >>14869 >>14874
there is
but whatever
As a fellow Asian the facial difference is very noticeable between different Asian countries.
Replies: >>14878 >>14980
I'm South Korean.

There are differences between Asians but there is no noticeable difference between East Asians.

I also concern them by their clothes, hair style, and makeup, not their faces.

Some Chinese look really Chinese and some Japanese look really Japanese. But some Koreans look like Chinese or Japanese because East Asians' blood has been mixed for long period.

But each country has different culture so we can find slight difference.
buck teeth, small jaw, small head, short height

If there is a tourism group, you can distinguish Japanese group from Korean or Chinese group based on their face and physique. Japanese group usually contains one or two people really looking like Japanese.

But if there is only one East Asian, you can't distinguish based on their face or physique.

And even distinguishing based on clothes, makeup, and hair styles is not accurate. Because young people usually mimic other countries' culture.
Replies: >>14881
A Canadian told that South Koreans usually wear this kind of caps. I had to admit his expression. 

Japanese or Chinese also wear them, but the proportion is quite different.
Replies: >>14882
(47.5KB, 652x522)
this kind of caps
Replies: >>14919
Not true. South Koreans have smaller eyes than usual and just a glance is enough to distinguish between a south Korean, a Japanese and a south east Asian. Not sure why but I can do it.
Replies: >>14917
oh i know why, because South Koreans all have bad eyes lol.
(1.3MB, 3200x2575)
That is because Babe Ruth toured japan in 1934. Japan still watches American baseball live to this day. Not sure about South Korea but baseball is very big deal there in Japan.
Replies: >>14962
>I'm South Korean
Go play league of legends or something you upgraded chink
>Japan still watches American baseball live to this day
They are much more leaned towards watching their own baseball but it is true they love it.
>Not sure about South Korea
They are more prone to watching american baseball but they also have their own baseball league, actually both countries usually kick and mop the floor with the american baseball national team when the baseball world cup happened, amerimutts got butthurt and stopped promoting it because they always lost unceremoniously and still to this day people not from the US belittle how the americans name their own tournament "the World Series".
(79.5KB, 1125x767)
>As a fellow Asian the facial difference is very noticeable between different Asian countries.
As a gwailo, I know you guys can't tell us apart anymore than we can tell you apart, and I won't feel bad about admitting it. I also don't feel bad that the Asians can't tell me and the boys apart, so it evens out.
Was once in a room with a bunch of white dudes, all of them around the same weight, same height, all of them had short brown hair and sounded similar to each other.  None of them were related but I honestly couldn't tell.  I'm willing to bet half the room was named "John" or "Matt", maybe "Chris".
Replies: >>14990
>Was once in a room with a bunch of white dudes
Replies: >>14995 >>15060
Islamic State abducted them to rape and kill them.
(16.3KB, 300x449)
He accidentally auditioned for the gay-for-pay gangbang and his small, hairless body was the first one chosen to be destroyed.
>"Hey! You no put ding-dong in my bum-bum! Why you do dis?! No! NO! NOOOOOO!!!"
>"Get his legs."

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