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This is a zzzchan PSA.

Shantae is a nigger. She's a fucking nigger.

Thank you for your attention.
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You can't get me to dump my Shantae folder that easily.
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>>143915 (OP) 
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nigga fod
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>>143915 (OP) 
That glock is a nice touch, well done.
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lol saved
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>>143915 (OP) 
Between Shantae and Liru I would choose Shantae because Liru is also a furry (aside from being a nigger, which would be factual according to the same logic that Shantae is a nigger), and also Shantae fans don't go around every single imageboard in existence preaching about their fetish cult like LGBT Jehovah Witnesses or whatever
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A few too many niggers ITT, we need a whole ghetto.
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I have no strong feelings either way.
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But tell me if she is on welfare, breaks into homes and bludgeons parents to death in front of the two daughters, rapes them beside their parents corpse, ties them to a hot water heater pipe and then sets the house on fire, and generally contributes to the degradation of first world culture while being extremely unsanitary and I'll give you a more informed opinion on the issue.
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It's yet another battle of the autists on a dead board.
Will the Liru autist win?
Will the Shantae autist win?
Will any of this boards twenty or thirty posters even notice?
I noticed, and so have you.
I'm joining the war of autists.... on the side of autists
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I enjoy this butterfaced fairy.
The Zara autists will win.
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Shantae defeated ban nigger, Shantae can defeat this nigger.
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Liru has no quarrels with anyone, so any fighting will be created by the other party.
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>I'm joining the war of autists.... on the side of autists
I'm gonna wait for both sides to get desperate and then offer them exorbitant loans while also conducting several black flag operations to frame the various factions in order to keep the autism wars going on for as long as possible until I've gathered enough wealth, influence, and debt slaves to negotiate peace between the autists on my terms.
Replies: >>144021 >>144023
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then I'll be the next best thing, I'll be the be the arms dealer for both sides. You can't have a war without any weapons right?
I have a better deal, if autist A and autist B buys my loans and sells their oil and natural I could help you guys more better then he could
Replies: >>144024
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And how exactly do you intend to help the caliphate of Shantae?
Replies: >>144026
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buy dollars and sell oil and you get the the greatest and best American equipment
Replies: >>144030
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I will agree to your terms if you also agree to not sell to the Democracies of Liru.
Replies: >>144032
deal but you must never attack Israel and you never speak to anyone about this, this secret is only between you and me.
Replies: >>144036
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You peeps are weird.
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Liru already knows how to fight.  She knows guns, but doesn't need them.
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>never attack Israel
This is reasonable, but israel must also agree to never attack the USS Liberty.
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Please don't post obviously photoshopped pictures of your waifu to make her look white kthxbye --'
Replies: >>144039 >>144042
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Please don't post obviously photoshopped pictures of your waifu to make her look white kthxbye --'
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Actually, THAT'S the original picture
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Love Liru
Replies: >>144056
Good, she looks prettier in black

This is now a Liru gore thread.
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Liru is a good werewolf.
Replies: >>144219
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>This is now a Liru gore thread.
Replies: >>144131 >>144140
She looks better in red he should have said.
Replies: >>144219
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>not cutting the head off to false flag the Caliphate of Shantae
Replies: >>144141
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>trying to frame the waifu of peace
Typical of the imperialist attacks of Liru.
Replies: >>144219
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I think they were saying Shantae is better in black. Red and brown look best on Liru.

Liru is a shithouse werewolf. Actually, no. She isn't a werewolf at all. She's a generic anime girl with a couple of golden-retriever themed accessories.

>>144141 pic
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Liru and Shantae
Replies: >>144232
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A third challenger appears!
Waifufag tournament arc when?
Replies: >>144331
Who'd be the fourth waifuag?
Replies: >>144332
Someone brown at least.
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Blacks fighting over who is the blackest. This is always so amusing.
Replies: >>144340 >>144553
Excuse me mein Führer but here they're called niggers.
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>occupied with tea currently but will return once she's finished
Replies: >>144578 >>144703
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Shantae is white!
She's a dirty nigger tho.
Replies: >>144449
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The quints say white.
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Does this mean I can't win her over with fried chicken?
Replies: >>144462
I've never met a human being that doesn't like fried chicken.
remember when gets were good? me neither
Replies: >>144524
Lol the bitch is a nigger xd
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Dub-... Tri-... Qua-... HOLY QUINTS OF TRUTH!
Funny that she's a dirty nigger 🤣
She's a stinky whore
not a get
I must kneel to the will of the GET. Shantae is not only white, but she will be the queen of the Half-Genie ethnostate
Replies: >>144544
Looks like a dirty nigger to me.
not a get
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Aisha has finished her 8th cup of tea and is now ready for action.
Usually they fight over who's more light-skinned.  What changed?
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Aisha is pure sex
Replies: >>144583 >>144703
>20 or 30
lol that's incredibly generous
What is she gonna piss a lot?
Replies: >>144942
post the flash
Replies: >>144585
Zone Liru>Aisha
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Cats are not for sex
>not for sex
Not helping your point, anon.
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Yah but Aisha is a catgirl which are for repeated sexual encounters.
Replies: >>144775
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>Aisha is a catgirl
Not just a catgirl Anon, but an ALIEN catgirl
Replies: >>144783 >>144941
Then it is IMPERATIVE to breed her to test the possibility of a human/alien bastard breed and thus unravel the secrets of the universe.
Replies: >>144788 >>144941
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That's right, cats are for FUCKING.
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But anon, ctarl-ctarls are already hybrids.
Replies: >>144789 >>144811
Ctarl-ctarl are like a cross between a cat and a human, but they aren't hybrids by definition.
Replies: >>144801
nice quints
there you have it, shantae white
Shantae is as white as Pedro from the 7/11.
No amount of gets will change that.
>>143915 (OP) 
>cross between a cat and a human
Erm, isn't that the definition of a hybrid?
<Offspring resulting from cross-breeding different entities, e.g. two different species or two purebred parent strains
Replies: >>144805
I said they're like a cross between humans and cats, but they are aliens. Their similarities are completely coincidental, and highly erotic.
Try to breed her anyway just to verify whether or not the hybride in question is sterile.
A nigger through and through.
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Easy, Aisha has a high sex drive. The real hurdle is bulking up and doing enough endurance training to survive the encounter. But of course the scientific breakthroughs that await are well worth the work.
>What is she gonna piss a lot?
Well those muscles require a lot of hydration but in short yes a whole lot like a warm hose.
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I beat the shit out of my cat today.

Slapped it until it pissed and shit itself. Pressed it down on the bed by the neck and front legs so it couldn't escape with one hand, and slapped it over and over on the ass with the other, watching as it struggled more and more as the pain from the beating increased. Then I loosened my grip so it would try to escape by leaping ahead, grabbed it midair, then beat it on the face, I did this over and over, I beat it on the face because it was pointing where its face was pointing where it wanted to go and so I beat it until it didn't want to go in the direction the beatings were coming from. Then I flung it as hard as I could on the bed and grabbed it again before it could escape. Whenever it hissed, I'd beat it more on the face until it stopped hissing. Then I got bored, so I grabbed it and flung it against the wall in the room and closed the door. I immediately heard it climb onto the tiny and high window the room has and desperately force itself against it to escape, it managed to, so I closed the window, chased it, and it tried to hide in several places, but every time, I reached it and it would run off to hide somewhere else, and eventually I caught it, and flung it against the wall harder and closed the door again, this time I stayed inside and watched it try to force itself through the window, and I flung a full bottle on it over and over, until it finally managed to open the window and escape, so I closed and locked the window and chased it again, but this time it managed to hide in a very hard to reach place that I couldn't reach, and it knew, because it wouldn't leave it no matter how much I provoked it. I splashed it with water, sprayed it with alcohol, and beat and pushed it with a stick, it growled and hissed but did not leave. So I left and went off to do something else. One hour later, the cat was covered in filth and piss and resting under the sunlight, it didn't try to run away when I approached, only when I grabbed it did it try to but it was too late. This time I carefully carried it to my room, petted it, and dried it off. Quickly, it went from very scared and clearly traumatized to calm and purring. Later today, it did duck a few times when I put my hand near its head, but now it seems to have already forgotten it.
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TL;DR Yang, besides how's boiling a house small cat alive gonna help you annex and re-unify with Taiwan?
Replies: >>144948
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Aisha has a furry mode along with being a nigger like that sandnigger bitch.
Replies: >>145139
TL;DR I beat my cat because I couldn't contain my rage.
Replies: >>144956
let me guess. You lost in a game.
Replies: >>144957
No, I left them indoors and went outside, and when I came back they were hanging out in my relative's room instead of mine.
Replies: >>144959 >>144970
Lol she's a dirty nigger
Oh that makes sense. Now I get why you did that.
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Why do you even own pets if you can't contain your tard rage anon?
Replies: >>144971
Lol lmao XD
have sex
Replies: >>145075
with the cat?
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are you black? because you sure act like a fucking nigger.
>I splashed it with water, sprayed it with alcohol, and beat and pushed it with a stick, it growled and hissed but did not leave
What the honest fuck is your problem? Why do you think anyone here would applaud your disgusting post?
Replies: >>145150
Shantae is a nigger. She's a fucking nigger.
Replies: >>145146
>nipple for each ab muscle
wew lad
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Niggers can't swim, but Shantae can. Ergo, Shantae is NOT a nigger.
Replies: >>145185
He posted it to make fags upset, it probably isn't even a true story. Not everyone is trying to get applause dumbass.
>Quickly, it went from very scared and clearly traumatized to calm and purring. Later today, it did duck a few times when I put my hand near its head, but now it seems to have already forgotten it.
Anony... you probably beat him so hard you gave him amnesia, lol
Replies: >>145168
Where is this copypasta from?
I don't know if this is the safest point to make.  She has to turn into a mermaid to properly swim, and mermaids are not niggers as demonstrated by how they are portrayed as white even in African folklore and urban rumor.  So this serves as proof that at least one of her transformations is not a nigger, but not that her base form is non-nigger.
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