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What are some good if any channels on this site?
I've mostly been using Odysee as an alternative to "You"Tube/Jewoogle but I'm curious if Rumble has anything/anyone good that's worth watching despite the stereotype of it being a Q-tard magnet.
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That's a channel?
I checked out the site. It looks like YouTube but with another brand of political bullshit. You won't BELIEVE What This Guy Did!, flashy slot machine dope fiend soy face thumbnails, sports, politics, low IQ bullshit, religion, transgenderism, Trump, and ruscist propaganda. What's the point of this site? Just a right wing YouTube?

>despite the stereotype of it being a Q-tard magnet
It is.
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Anony, no Jewtube-style website (ie. video sharing platform) is good. They're all bad, because the video medium is bad for most purposes. For information, written articles are much better. For entertainment, movies/videogames/anime/books/whatever are much better. Unless you're a small child who cannot read, or are a poorfriend who doesn't know piracy, why would you want to watch videos, anony?
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Welp, literally nothing positive to be said about Rumblr then. Guess I'll just continue listening to Louis Rossmann have a mental breakdown  for hours while soldering Macshit back together and the occasional indie animator on Odysee.

>It is.
Not like that surprises me, still I was hoping there would be a few hidden gems there worth my time.
Aren't Murdock Murdock re-uploads B&'d on Rumblr too? I remember it losing popularity quickly ever since they adopted a TOS quite similar to "You"Tube/Goolag.

>Anony, no Jewtube-style website (ie. video sharing platform) is good. They're all bad, because the video medium is bad for most purposes.
>why would you want to watch videos, anony?
I don't typically actually watch the content but rather just listen to it in the background while working or exercising. But yeah when I'm in bed or laying on the couch I prefer keeping up to date with some news articles, reading some Manga, and sometimes ending the day with some Bideo Gayming.
Here's some videos I've enjoyed watching/listening to in the past.
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Any service that advertises itself as general purpose freeze peach will be a Qtard and NatSoy magnet, because any platform worth using kicks those schizos out. They have nowhere else to go. They're the Jews of the internet.
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Odysee does a pretty good job at hiding the schizo's and Q-tards so people who want that content can still find it but it isn't blasted at the front page like what you've got on Bitchute. It's a good compromise in my opinion.
Wow, this topic really soils a tranny's panties, huh.
>>143843 (OP) 
Don't even bother with alternate video platforms. They all go down the same path of kicking out all the right wingers once they get big enough, because they don't rake in the financial good goy points. And then the service immediately dies, because right wingers are the only people who give enough of a shit to even bother with this kind of site.
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>we should just bend the be demoralized faggots and knee and kiss Google's ass instead
It's not about a perfect solution anon it's about bleeding the current thing™ dry so competing services at least have to pretend to care about freedom of speech or whatever. Do I care about every single creator on Odysee? Fuck no, that doesn't mean I have animosity towards them but I'm just gonna stick to watching the few content creators I actually enjoy and if I accidentally leave auto play on in the background and come back to see Jim Bobs hour long schizo doomsday prediction video has played for about 30mins then whatever congrats on his video getting a third view I guess.

Look anon the world isn't a perfect place, I'm just happy to have options that Aren't Google. And much like how people thought AOL or Yahoo would just dominate forever those people were proven wrong.
Googles search engine is fucking useless because they fucking broke it, "You"Tube keeps removing features like being able to search videos based off their date or getting ride of the dislike counter because a few corporations and government bureaus cried about getting criticized, and now they expect you to sit and watch 10 fucking adds at the beginning and middle of of video and are even trying to block programs like uBlock Origin or other such Adblock apps from working. Why do you think they're trying to make 10K a premium feature or are trying to compete with Microsoft's schizobot AI with their own schizo bot, why do you think they introduced those stupid shorts format to compete with fucking Tiktoc of all things? Well where there's blood there's also a bleeding beast too, they aren't immortal... Well unless our government decides to bail them out but so far that's usually something they do for automobile companies, banks, and arms manufacturers so it remains to be seen.

Technically though Odysee is just an inferior version of LBRY but that's not exactly user friendly depending on which country your from and how it runs off Crypto shit coins hence why the two split and now just share streaming protocols and software updates. But that's besides the point.
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Buddy, all I'm saying is that these services have been known to be backstabbing, and this one in particular has done nothing to earn your trust or respect. If you want to waste your time trying to be the ground floor for the next Youtube Killer™ that totally won't throw all your favorite subscriptions under the bus in three months, I'm not going to stop you.
NIgger, just use lbry. Odysee is a hosted frontend for lbry, so there's bound to be some censorship.
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Until you can use Tor with lbry then it's all a larp.
I thought that site got shut down, but I guess I was wrong?
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>I thought that site got shut down, but I guess I was wrong?
They had a tussle with the IRS or whatever about their crypto meme coins which is why the front end just uses normal dollars and the back end (LBRY) still uses the crypto stuff so long as your in Cyprus or some other country that doesn't give a fuck.

So far I have yet to see someone get B&'d for yelling nigger a million times so if they do have censorship it's very tame and mostly just applies to porn and copy righted material. All of mister Metokurs recorded streams are still up for example.
>>143843 (OP) 
I looked at rumble earlier. Its literally just videos about trump and then like a sponsored video from a famous youtuber at the top
I hate bitchute because they started censoring shit. I like odysee but havent found content i like yet because noone fuckin uses it
Replies: >>144350 >>144351
Actually..  i might be wrong. Looks like there are a few people using odysee. And a few interesting videos (albeit just crossposted from their youtube channels)
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>I hate bitchute because they started censoring shit.
They didn't do that because they wanted to, that only happened after the British and German government started breathing down their neck and threatened to SHUT IT DOWN which is why you can't watch certain videos via German TOR nodes but all the other ones are fine for now. Still if it were up to me instead of bending the knee to Merkel and the Queen I'd just uproot and host my shit in some their world country that couldn't be bothered to care so long as I build them a nice road or whatever in return. Funny how third world shitholes with Laissez-faire dictatorships are starting to look more appealing compared to many European 'liberal' 'democracies' but I guess they have yet to be infiltrated by World Economic Forum and Builderberg agents.

So don't blame Bitchute anon, blame Prime Minister Merkel for ruining everyone's fun instead.

>And a few interesting videos (albeit just crossposted from their youtube channels)
Well at the moment Odysee does have the reputation of being a glorified YouTuber's cum dump for content Susan and now Mohan found 'offensive'. Still they've got exclusives, it's just a pain in the ass to find them.
I honest to god barely even touch actual YouTube even through invidious instances now since most of what I wanna watch is on Odysee/LBRY now.
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i was actually planning on making a odysee channel. Then i read community guidelines. I just want to say retard and faggot. Cant even do that in todays day and age, even on a supposed "free speech" platform
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>They didn't do that because they wanted to
they censored literally every piece of interesting content.
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rumble terms of service. 
This can be interpreted in different ways. But considering the videos on the platform then im sure saying faggot or retard isnt allowed
Replies: >>144551
I've never seen that shit actually enforced, that's probably just lawyer shit in case they ever get dragged into court.
>then im sure saying faggot or retard isnt allowed
So much for 'conservative' alternative media I guess.
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