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Listen niggers, it's time to rethink your choices when it comes to consuming 'grey morality' fiction. Seriously, there's nothing more, shall we say, faggy and intellectually feeble.
Enough with normalfag shows like 'Game of Thrones,' 'Walking Dead,' and 'House of Cards.' Cut it out, all of it.
Just think about it for a second, dedicating countless hours to listening to writers who resemble pic related (take a good look), people who lead cushy, liberal, conflict-free hedonistic lives while sporting beards and obsessing over beard oil, all to hide their weak jaws and lacking physique. And yet, somehow, they have the audacity to lecture you on strength and morality. Is there anything more laughable?
I get it, you enjoy this type of fiction because it allows you to pretend you're a tough guy among a bunch of pushovers. It's like how niggers listen to rap to feel powerful, right? Well, it seems weak white people are hooked on this 'grey' fiction. Doesn't that sound like niggers? If so, it's time to break free from that mindset and stop being so easily fooled about what real 'strength' is all about, faggot.
Why does George NiggeRR Martin wear that retarded hat all the fucking time?
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>>143771 (OP) 
Agree wholeheartedly. GRRM is a hack.
Replies: >>143815
I just don't watch any of that Netfux shit because it looks boring.
Anyway, the problem is that a couple of decades ago we would have had editors to reign these guys in while translating their good ideas into something more constructive. But it's current year and celebrities are demigods who's word is absolute.
>>143771 (OP) 
This is funny. I know a fat loser Gen X at work that is currently reading GRRM. He is somewhat based but he is also so pathetic, and especially a fat loser.
Replies: >>143965
>He is somewhat based but he is also so pathetic
So he's pathetic
Imagine typing this out unironically and thinking you're the lesser faggot here.
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Fire and Ice books are pretty good man, I don't know why you're rambling about weak and strong men. It's just a medieval lite fantasy story
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medieval fantasy books suck there's too much side plots and fluff in fantasy books especially in long multiple book series so when you finally reach end it becomes a rush to fix all 300 different side plots together and the story feels rushed at the end, it feels unfulfilling and disappointing.
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>>143771 (OP) 
i remember thinking this in my subconscious for 3 nanoseconds in the year 2006 and then never watching TV again
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>>143771 (OP) 
But I like food theory though
>mcdonalds for life scam
>proof that taco bell gives you the shits
>michelin star scam
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Honestly the information and retard friendly way he delivers it is good, but I just hate his voice you wouldn't believe.
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faggot detected
It's okay because he said comma "shall we say" comma.
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Much like >>144006 I really do hate Matt's voice. It still sounds so high pitch, especially for a man. Also I hate his images of himself that he uses, they look terrible and extremely childish. I actually used watch his show around 5 years ago. I thought some of his theories were a bit stupid but it was kind of funny. I started to watch him less and less as time went on. I finally unsubscribed from him after he made the video regarding the Knight, ViKANG, and Samurai. I believe it was related to For Honor? 
image unrelated, I just wanted to post Iowa
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