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Where to, /b/?
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>>143766 (OP) 
>>>/v/ for the lulz
>>143766 (OP) 
>The anon who got trips deleted his post.
Thread hidden.
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Right here
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Not the same poster but you cannot erase history OP.
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I am not op but got the get then figured I was bein' gey gettin' gets deliberately ergo delet
>>143811 (me) 
accident that
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Your gayness blew up the board, now you have to kill yourself. First for blowing it up, then deleting the post to keep anyone from having fun.
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Sorry anon but you can't undo the effects of a bomb, you pulled the trigger. What's done is done, there's no going back now and this thread is officially dead.
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I only did it because niggers stole my bicycle yesterday.....

cut the chain when i was at werk
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>I only did it because niggers stole my bicycle yesterday.....
>cut the chain when i was at werk
Maybe get something a little thicker next time. Sorry about your bike anon.
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>that thing
Nice way to have them take off with everything except your front wheel. I use a chain that can do a figure eight through both wheels, the frame, and the rack thing I'm anchoring it to simultaneously. They cut it though indeed.

Most have ethics of essentially "if you don't take care of it I need it more *steels shit thqt'w not locked (correctly)* but instead they took mine like a sociopathic meathead would.... because that ia literally the situation.
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I have a 6 foot steel chain coming in the mail. It is rated 5k load bearing weight. Also an industrial strength pad lock, those circular  ones. 

The thing is that tons of bikes don't have locks at all. There's no reason to cut a bike like that. Every fucking day I see bikes not locked. When I went out and saw mine was gone there was a faggot ass bike nicer than mine right near it leaning against a fucking trashcan.
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*5k lbs

Also aleady got a stolen niggers bike from a pawn shop. I can't wait to have some nigger chimp out on me over their stolen bicycle, ironically. All pawn shop bicycles are stolen u realize.
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>When I went out and saw mine was gone there was a faggot ass bike nicer than mine right near it leaning against a fucking trashcan.
Garbage man probably took it thinking it was trash
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well the bomb will probably kill us all. I hope to see you all at the next life
Why did he have bolt cutters?
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You should have that Hiplok plus a chain as well as a back seat for an armed guard to watch over your bike, it's the only way to ensure it doesn't get stolen. Maybe a dashcam and GPS tracker too just in case.
Seriously though, those locks are popular for a reason. They're a real bitch to cut through meaning the thief would have to spend a good couple of minutes grinding away with an angle grinder and unless it's a really nice carbon fiber bike or premium electric bike the time they'd have to spend risking getting caught typically isn't worth it. Maybe in Bongistan or California where it's basically illegal to defend your property sure but anywhere else in America or even in some Balkan countries if someone catches you trying to steal their bike they'll just draw a little pocket pistol on you and ask you to fuck off.
Time is the biggest enemy of a  thief is time.
you have no idea how easy picking a lock is
>bolt cutters
He probably picked the lock with a paper clip
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