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I honestly don't know what to do with my money. I've got about $13,000 in the bank at the moment and don't know if I should hold on to it and go to college/trade school or invest it. Preferably, trade school or an investment that will actually increase the worth of my investment (adjusted for inflation). Does anyone have any ideas?
>>143509 (OP) 
Give it to me.
Replies: >>143511
Yeah sure, I'll "give" it to you on loan with an exorbitant interest rate
>>143509 (OP) 
buy a gun and kill yourself
Replies: >>143513
Can't do that here
Replies: >>143565
I got a $98 bike the other day from Walmart, and another $80 in accessories (u-lock and lights because I work overnights.) plus however much puncture proof tires will come too.Save you from car prices and their hassle. Will still leave you with 12.8k to figure out what to do with though.
If you live in the US, welding is easy money.

>walmart bike

i used to work at walmart. they use to have their own specialists just for bikes. at times, bikes would fall apart before they even hit the sales floor and that's where the specialist came in and fixed them. honestly, you should hardly trust walmart unless its something like food
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Anon I already have a car, I have no use for a bicycle
Replies: >>143543
Do not work.
Go learn some useful crafts. (trading is shit). For example, construction, auto mechanics, woodworking, etc.
The more useful skills, the freer you are.
Replies: >>143522 >>143566
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>construction, auto mechanics, woodworking
All of those are trade jobs though. What I want to do is make as much money as possible in a short amount of time
Replies: >>143548
My cheap walmart bike is fine. Not that anony by the way.
Replies: >>143553 >>143566
Bike means freedom. Car means stuck in traffic sucking in exhaust and having near wrecks from retards who don’t pay attention while hurtling down the road in 2,000 pounds of metal and cheap chinese plastic. 
t. former driver now turned enthusiastic cyclist.
>crashing your 2000lb metal box into another 2000lb metal box is dangerous but crashing your unprotected body into a 2000lb metal box is fine
>paying higher rent because everything needs to be within 3-5 miles of where you live otherwise you can't get to it is freedum
>has to get groceries delivered by c*r because bicycle basket can only fit 2 days of food inside
Literal braindamage. Just like with vegans if your new lifestyle really is so superior then you wouldn't need to keep justifying it.
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bike wiggers are the cringest shit
>hurr durr look at me i am induhpendent
>1 mile per hour
>cant carry literally anything at all
>nigger stole my bike
>bike parts still break every 6 months if you do any serious travel
>anything quality that wont wear out your joints after 10 days is proprietary
>still breaks and broken parts smash through your nustack
>skin is nigger color due to being constantly in the sun
>share 1 inch of road with cars driven by random retards, you die if any of them arent paying attention or decide to sway off even slightly
but it makes perfect sense that anarcho primitivist wiggers would end up here
>still manage to spend half the bike budget on security theater
wh*te people.
>bike lights
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you're the best worst poster on this board!
Replies: >>143578
do payday 2 irl
Replies: >>143550
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Oh yeah no, I'll go steal some paintings and sell them to a senator. After that, I'll steal all his gold and replace the gold with some coke
Replies: >>143552
>skin is nigger color due to being constantly in the sun
And tiny t-rex arms because your body is forced to eat the muscles you don't use if your protein intake isn't high enough. No, soy protein is not the same as meat protein, if you really are vegan you are double fucking yourself here.

Social justice charities can be a business. You may have noticed the people who started BLM collections in 2020 bought $10M mansions in 2021. It's not even really a scam since the people donating are just virtue signalling and have no idea what they're protesting or what they want the money to be used for.
Replies: >>143578
Hard too imagine you'd be fine with a prolapsed anus.
Unless you live in Japan or South Korea you can acquire a gun. Sure you have to get a license by joining a gun club and/or taking a test and needing to register the shotgun/hunting rifle you will get but you can acquire one, European gun laws are hardly different from Democrat-run states in America if not better. If you live in South America or another third-world region it should be easy as fuck to acquire one illegally. If shit is truly hitting the fan or about to why wouldn't you kiss the cops that show up to your door.
Being confined to either is slavery.
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>Bike means freedom
It's a good form of exercise I'll give you that but I wouldn't say it makes you anymore free or not free. Owning property in a state/province/country without a property tax is a form of freedom as well as having an arsenal big enough to defend said property and any friends or family living in said property, either that or just being nomadic and traveling the world off the back of a camel or horse and having no attachment to anything in particular, just enjoying the ride while it lasts.
>Car means stuck in traffic
Have you tried not living in a poorly planned shithole? Your stuck in traffic because modern American cities and suburbs were built around the concept of being reliant on Walmart or the Canadian equivalent of that and the shit they sell made in China and India to get literally damn near everything and there's very little left of pre era Franklin D. Roosevelt regime America.
Cars weren't a bad idea, our fucktarded anti self sufficient zoning laws are a bad idea.

>>cant carry literally anything at all
Not true, a simple front or back basket allows you to carry plenty.
>>bike parts still break every 6 months if you do any serious travel
It's called basic maintenance anon, I gotta change the oil and periodically replace the breaks in my car too. Ford Pinto's are pieces of shit that were prone to randomly exploding if you looked at them the wrong way but that's not representative of all cars just as all the shitty Chinesium bikes sold under 150$ by Walmart and Amazon aren't representative of all bicycles either.
Also what's the difference? Sooner or later our pro WEF pro Builderberg, pro Beijing, pro Saudi Aramco, pro UN government will make it illegal to own a car or bike that isn't wired to some lithium battery and 24/7 GPS tracker.
All in the name of 'safety' of course.
>>nigger stole my bike
Don't live in NYC?
>>skin is nigger color due to being constantly in the sun
Sheeeit I guess the Finish/Sami are niggers now. too then Quick someone let Beats by Dr. Dre, Glock, Nike, tacky jewelry stores, and Marlboro know they've got a new market to sell in (Nigger-Finland).
Maybe Sako and Glock will team up to make something new and cool. 
>>share 1 inch of road with cars driven by random retards, you die if any of them arent paying attention or decide to sway off even slightly
Which is why I believe we should build more bike trails... Hypothetically anyway and I'm all for bulldozing federal buildings to achieve this goal. Sadly the reality is said bike paths would be paved over small single family homes, gun ranges, and hunting grounds all in the name of 'muh environment' and 'fighting domestic terrorism', yah know because endless urban sprawl is so good for mother nature. It could easily be done just by turning a few of those 18 lane highways into 16 lane highways. I'm all for reducing traffic jams, I just hate it when Agenda 21 shit is tied to it which sadly is 90% of the time here in North America.
>but it makes perfect sense that anarcho primitivist wiggers would end up here
Not really, that much I agree with you on. If your gonna be a primitivist then why not just go Amish and get around via horse and buggy...?... Oh because Amish communities typically don't allow for porn, video games, manchild anime statues/toys, and netflix accounts so no wonder the the diet An-prim doesn't wanna go.
I've rode a horse a few times though, it's fun so I wouldn't mind society going back to the horse and buggy.

But in short I don't get the point of being pro/anti car/bike. Just seems like a waste of time that distracts us from the real issues which is what our technocratic overlords such as Bill Gates or president Emmanuel Macaroni wants. Be smarter anon/anons and don't fall for their games.

>>143509 (OP) 
Buy a house built around fertile soil and a source of well water, you'll be better off than 90% of Millennials and Gen X'ers.
Also this >>143520
Construction workers and electricians will always be needed and the pay is good.
Lastly if your set financially then eat well, don't go giving shekels to McDonalds. If you want eggs but also convince then make yourself some hard boiled eggs a day in advance before you go to school/work whatever.

>My cheap walmart bike is fine. Not that anony by the way.
Doesn't count if it's just sitting in your garage all year round or being used as a laundry rack, either that or your a very skinny twink who basically weighs nothing. I could probably throw you a fair distance anon.
Eat more chicken/beef/plant protein and left weights else people will continue to make fun of you on the Internet for being a feather.

Well either that or you really did hit the Chinesium bike jackpot held together by magic.
It's illegal to ride a bike at night without a bicycle light in lots of USA areas. 
Bakas, why even @ someone when they're an unabashed zoomer troll from 4chan? He's a literal nigger lover. 
>being unironically against veganism 
>the reason being scientific rather than psycholoigical/ethical
Big baka, not everyone starves themselves of food like that. The real issue would be the brain being damaged if you don't get enough protein also. Cults and such like to use low protein low carb diets to control people after all. Meat has nothing to do with it, you don't get enough of protein regardless of it's source then your brain takes a hit potentially.  

inb4 some 'not a full protein' bullshit because soy is a full protein of which was it's entire point, to be idiot-proof. It anything it has too much protein.
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Bicycles are for poor people
Replies: >>143587
Anecdotal, but from watching the Cops show a lot of poor druggies have cars. Couple of them have bikes. Seems random really, but definitely a lot more cars than bikes.
Replies: >>143589
>why even @ someone when they're an unabashed zoomer troll from 4chan?
It's about the audience not the person you're responding to. We're not going to facts and logic that specific person out of his CO2 cult but someone lurking might have some new information to chew on now.

>not everyone starves themselves of food like that.
It's hard not to. You have to eat like 1KG of tofu to get the same nutrients as 200g of beef. And if you're eating processed vegan food that's basically just sugar and industrial waste mixed together but you put a vegan label on it and people think it must be healthy.

>the reason being scientific rather than psycholoigical/ethical
It's not really ethical if it's based on lies. I can see how they think they are doing the right thing by sucking Soros cock but man are they wrong.

>Cops show a lot of poor druggies have cars.
I think that's true. Cyclists design their lives around the limitations of their transport. They're typically overpaid middle class fags or college brats who can afford high cost of living to be within cycling distance of everywhere they need to go. Being poor is the opposite, you live where ever you can afford and then drive to where ever you need to go.
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Disregard cars and bikes, we need to retvrn to carrot-powered transportation.
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this proposition gets my endhorsement
Replies: >>144542
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horses are expensive though horse breeds can cost up to $250,000 especally the type of horse you're posting ,quarter horses are overrated anyways. pic related is a beautiful bread and true working hors
But if you buy a female and male horse with a sizable property, you are basically set for life anon and probably future kin as well assuming they don't fuck up what you had going on
Replies: >>143612 >>144645
>buy a mommy horse and a daddy horse
>they fuck
>they have babies
>the babies fuck
>h-heh a-anyone want to buy one of my inbred downsyndrome horsies for $250,000?
>n-no? ok then :(

>horses are expensive though horse breeds can cost up to $250,000 especally the type of horse you're posting
Dude carrots are like 10c per bag you are totally getting ripped off my dude.
>he doesn't know about thoroughbred horses
what do you think pedigreed purebreds are? most purebreds are from incest for generations
Replies: >>143618
>what do you think pedigreed purebreds are?
I have no idea. I'm just trolling in the hopes that someone will explain how it really works. I bet your probably too stupid though.
Most horses are around several thousand bucks, up to $10,000, and the average person isn't going to buy some sort of purebred racehorse or draughthorse. 
>not growing your own carrots for your horsies and your bunnies
For shame, anon!
>>143509 (OP) 
We're currently standing on the precipice of another economic crash, so having ample cash reserves is preferable. When the crash happens, invest in property.
Replies: >>144037 >>144049
>and go to college/trade school 
Probably the best choice, investing in yourself.

Maybe learn how to trade options but learn how to paper trade first.

That is good but OP budget does not qualify.
he has enough money to pay rent for 2 months, stop talking like your advice matters
Replies: >>144646
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>Horse pilled post
Very nice anon.
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This is now a pro H O R S E  P U S S Y  T H R E A D
>>143509 (OP) 
All in on a shitcoin of your choosing.
What trade are you interested in? If you want to do some shit like welding or HVAC or plumbing you can just go get hired as a helper somewhere and they'll usually pay for your training and certifications so you can spend your money acquiring tangible assets or even use it to study for a degree so you can have trade skills and some kind of associates/bachelors/masters degree.
>horse being a lifetime of pay
fuck capitalism dollar = worse than zero
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When I'm done kicking your little spic ass it will be red as a fire hydrant and your eye will look like a black olive, punny man.

>"muh heckin horses are expensive, I'll stick to cars"
>tires and breaks wear out and need constant replacing
>needs to be changed monthly oiled
>mandatory GPS tracker and license plate so glowniggers, chinks, google, and tesla know where you are 24/7
>relies on fuel source almost entirely controlled by Jews, Arabian goat fuckers, Vatniks,commies, and Californians/commiefornians
>always burdened with having to find a place to park resulting in over six gorillian parking lots being built every day yet they are never enough
>b-b-b-but you need like grass, a barn, and apples!!! That's so much maintenance!!!!"
Nigga you don't even need to mow the grass if you have a horse and some grassing cattle too. Just get a horse already, not like you'll be able to afford oil soon anyway since the Holol-Vatnik war is likely gonna go on for decades if not centuries and if things flair up in the Persian Golf well it will get even worse. Best to learn the ropes of horse back riding now rather than later.
>>needs to be changed monthly oiled
Nigger what how hard are you driving your cars? I have a shitty beater vehicle that I change the oil on maybe twice a year and it runs fine, and the brakes last for a very long time if you're not driving like a stupid idiot and slamming on them constantly. Tires are fucking bullshit though, if I could get away with just using a horse I would but it's not viable.
Replies: >>144853
>cost of farmland/house/etc
>500k in hourses min on top of it
>you have to feed them, care for them, etc
>security system of some sort so they are not stolen
<just have a lifetime of money and you will be set for life XD
>implying everyone makes as much as jew do
500k plus a fracking farm you little bitch?
>two months of rent
<lemme just tie my horse up right here outside of this store
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>gets run over by a drunk nigger
>car runs that wooden buggy and horse like it was nothing
>anon dies
>nigger gets away again
Replies: >>144661
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>>nigger gets away again
Learn how physics work retard, the car would be totaled too and driver likely dead.
Replies: >>144675 >>144707
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Can a horse eat tree bark?
Replies: >>144980 >>144992
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Blocks your path
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Not really, the Amish and Mennonites around my area get plowed through all the time and usually the guy in the car survives.
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the frame is in the car is still intact whereas the buggy is broken to pieces.The wooden buggy is completely totaled while your picture the windshield and the bumper is the only thing damage. Now tell who is more likely to survive in a car crash again?
Replies: >>144852 >>144853
i don't know about that anony. it looks like the engine was damaged too
Replies: >>144853
What are you ziggers even arguing about. Hitting any animal bigger than a deer can total your car, it's not a secret. Hitting an american can do it too.

>tires and breaks wear out and need constant replacing
The mileage you cross between tire changes is more than a horse can achieve in its whole lifetime so chill out.

>Nigger what how hard are you driving your cars?
He's obviously never driven before if he's this clueless about maintenance schedules. Or daddy does it all for him.
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>Can a horse eat tree bark?
I dunno but that is pretty impressive. Now I want a sheep. A goat would be fine too though.
Technically speaking cinnamon is just a certain tree bark ground down to a fine grain.
Replies: >>144992
I've seen it happen before with a neighbor's horses, so yeah, they do that.
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