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Anony, do you see the word 'anony' as a shortening of 'anonymous' slightly longer than 'anon', or do you see it as a cute-ification of 'anon' (which is a slighly shorter shortening of 'anonymous'). Personally I prefer to see it as the latter because I love kyuu~te things :DDD
latter but i ripped it off of anonyfaggot years ago during a tripfag revolution attempt
also i h8 discord
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I see gay shit
Replies: >>143324
oh u kno u leik et :3
>also i h8 discord
A common sense stance to have.
I relate, anony
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This, anony.
I don't need to prevent being overweight, anony, because I am underweight :DD
I sometimes kinda feel like that too anony
Anony... I don't like trains because they're so crowded, often with noisy niggers
Anony... if you noticed that his dick is small, it was because you looked at it. Do you like looking at dicks, anony...? :(
I agree, anony.
That's pretty true, anony
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I don't like beans, anony...
Yeah, that's an interesting mystery, anony...
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I don't know, anony... :(
Unfortunately, feds are everywhere, anony....
I don't know, anony... sorry. :(
Anony...... I cringe at most things I do. I'm pure cringe
I don't know anony, I don't take much pictures, but I do have 5000~10000 random pictures (memes, anime girls, etc) on my computer
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Your sketches are cute and interesting anony.... I also appreciate the fact that you use a flip phones. Satanphones are indeed the devil! Only use dumbphones/flip phones, anony!
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Kidna cringe anony... :(
No, sorry, I do not know, anony. :((
Anony.... arent's those just random rocks.....??
My tech specs, anony:
                   -`                    [email protected] 
                  .o+`                   ------------ 
                 `ooo/                   OS: Arch Linux x86_64 
                `+oooo:                  Kernel: 6.3.2-arch1-1 
               `+oooooo:                 Uptime: 10 hours, 55 mins 
               -+oooooo+:                Packages: 1844 (pacman) 
             `/:-:++oooo+:               Shell: zsh 5.9 
            `/++++/+++++++:              Resolution: 1280x1024 
           `/++++++++++++++:             WM: i3 
          /+++ooooooooooooo/           Theme: Raleigh [GTK2/3] 
         ./ooosssso++osssssso+`          Icons: Adwaita [GTK2/3] 
        .oossssso-`/ossssss+         Terminal: xterm 
       -osssssso.      :ssssssso.        Terminal Font: 12x24 
      :osssssss/        osssso+++.       CPU: Intel i3-4170 (4) @ 3.700GHz 
     /ossssssss/        +ssssooo/-       GPU: Intel 4th Generation Core Processor Family 
   `/ossssso+/:-        -:/+osssso+-     Memory: 1385MiB / 7817MiB 
  +sso+:-                 `.-/+oso:
 ++:.                           -/+/                           
 .                                 /
>The use of atomic bombs against Japan saved lives and promoted world peace
Anony, that's just bitter Japan hate. Which is a bad thing, becuase Japan is the country where they make anime and manga and visual novels, so we should be grateful or something....
Anony.............. it's like they say, 'if it ain't broken, don't fix it'.....
Well anony, that might be true if you're talking about females
Ok, anony
I'm a tard husband already, anony :DDDDDDDD (well, save for the 'husband' part)
True, anony.
What do you think about this story, anonies?
Anony I still luv you :3333
Anony, that's not AI art.
That's a funny picture anony :DD
That's a funny picture anony :DD
I agree with you anony :))
Anony is such a cute word...... we have to spread it everywhere!
Replies: >>143455
I agree with your rant anony
Anony is just a cute way to say 'anon'.... so, we're all anonies here :DDDD
very yes
>moving all those posts
>reporting all those posts over one word to begin with
Really when you think about it the fake anony poster is just going to get some of the genuine organic posts witht he word anony in it moved out of context. Technically censorship. I could do that same thing by brining up hitler in every single thread to prove a point you realize. Just saying.  He did overdo it though, the anony poster.
Well, overdone was his point with the spreading of the word... probably meant to false flag my posts is my point though. I don't spam like that constantly even if I do randomly throw the word anony out there but when I do it it's like lightning striking. Should not "Elmo" the word.
Examples of ? context by the way. Moving makes sense to a certain degree. Though obviously one of those is prolly directed @ the space marine poster. I'd have deleted em myself because it's not like anonies would click into this thread to see moved posts. Not all were even moved, some were left behind in threads... not that it matters much at all. I normally do not use it my actual self, ironically, so I don't really care. I almost want to just post:

<Such bad posts. Wow.

But no one would get why I'd do that. 

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