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Is /b/ smarter than a niglet in 5th grade?...LETS FIND OUT!
P.S. This is just the FIRST of many questions so once enough anons answer I will publish the 2nd question.
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>>143170 (OP) 
The ethnostate requires you to write in cursive, you fail.
Replies: >>143178
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Well I skipped the third grade and the niglet would be cheating anyway. Even if not they're just learning something that people never ever use. Long division? Impractical to the point don't even need a calculator for that, just avoid it in real life. Realistically you don't need it. I learned it then forgot it before or after the third gradet that I never even attended. They wanted me OUT of there, so I was in school less long than most. No one uses long division. Every now and again you start to until you realizae how fucking gay it is. Also, decimals are gay. 

13/14 = approx 1 just as 14/13 = approx 1. 

Also, I always got the remainder wrong for some reason so fuck long division in general. You can even compare calculators with the examples online, the r part is never the same ergo it's fucking not even worth your time. 

Even if I had to know such maths it's not advanced enough while at the same time being too advanced. If building something complex you need to be far smarter than some 3rd grader but to survive in the modern world you can be far dumber than that shit too. It's irrelevant for most as most are not in need to even use such advanced maths that need to go far beyond basic math to be practical. 

All that aside if it's an ethnostate your intellect suddenly would not matter due to unironic racism.

But yeah, it's easy if you do 'exercises' constantly. The whole 'intelligence' thing comparing someone that is currently learning useless shit to someone far superior in intellect not currently learning useless shit is not a fair assessment of things, it's just fucking, well, a gay tv show you were inspired by. A gay one meant to make people feel shame, that's all society wants. I don't fall for it. I ain't building a hydrodam or some shit nor will I ever, they should not bother me with such tedium.

Image related is what my brain tried to do to remember. Oh well.
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Srsly long division makes no sense and there is no room to show you it making no sense to my brain so I had to write upside down before running out of space. At what point is the human brain supposed to know intuitively how to use it? It was all muscle memory, that's one reason it's impractical. Kids just do it, they don't all understand it actually on an intellectual level. One could look at wikihow and make a tiny note reminding them their mistake and to glance at it until your own words echo in your head, short term memory. That is 90 percent of the young humans and what they are doing. 

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>>143170 (OP) 
can't even read your handwriting
Replies: >>143178
Seems like its been forever since I wrote in cursive.
>Well I skipped the third grade
Woah, why?...Where'd you go?
>the niglet would be cheating anyway
>your intellect suddenly would not matter due to unironic racism
Maybe in your Ethnostate, but in mine people with Low IQ wouldn't be allowed to reproduce.
>Srsly long division makes no sense
And that is why I decided to go with it to test /b/.
That is my fault anon, I am using a mouse after jackingoff all night...and like my hand is just fricking all over the place LIKE FUCK!
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Please achieve ethnostate so I may finally reproduce and get my state assigned gf.
srlsly fucking division? 
wtf why? 
not fucking single replacement reaction 
not three phase motor scheming 
not even fucking differential equations 
if you want to know if someone payed attention to math at school (only insufferable faggots and chink chonks did lmfao math in 2023) ask them to recite pythagorean theorem
won't work in chan format because people can just look it up on the internet 
they can look up this division shit too so who cares 
no one here is going to write a fucking phd for you 
and stop fucking fapping lmao ethnostate larper 
bet it's blacked porn
some day you lot will use the term "larp" correctly.
Replies: >>143215
if larp means "live action role playing" then i used this term correctly 
if it means something else sir pls enlight me so
It does mean that, and typing on an imageboard is not "live action role playing."
Replies: >>143196
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imageboard RPing doesn't have the same ring to it though
Replies: >>143197
My lad, the correct term has always been "keyboard warrior." You simply can't call an author a larper because they aren't, but the term "keyboard warrior" will always ring true unless their ideas are on paper with ink.
Replies: >>143215
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>>143170 (OP) 
I made this at the art class!
Replies: >>143202
In some holiday places, ((( they ))) force you to simulate the pic rel in >>143199 by telling everyone to form a circle and join hands under ur crotch.
Replies: >>143206
sounds like you speak from experience, faggot
I can't even do maths and I'm usually the one telling zoomers to stop their phone postng bullshit.
live action roleplay is not correct, role playing is correct but rp did not jive with gen z and their lack of typing ergo they typed out four letters on their touchscreens rather than type out a buncho f shit on a keyboard. Degenerate. larp is when you go to an anime convention and dress like team rocket or when boomers do civil war reinactments. 
Keyboard warriors are like that one copypasta wherein a navy guy chimped out.... unless it was role playing....you're prolly right. 
>where did you go if not 3rd grade?
The fourth grade LOL XDDDD but yeah.... I skipped because I was put in school late. I did not graduate untili 20 even though I went to school less long than average. I was taken out of school for three or so years and ended up in the first grade after not finishing kindergarten at xish (don't know the age),  at the end of the first grade I was apparently 9ish... when in kindergarten I shoulda been put in first at 6ish rather than the three years go away....
>9-10 first grade 
>10-11 second grade
>11-12 "oh shit he's too tall girls might fuck em or he might bully people!" "He might hit puberty!!!"
>11-12 fourth grade
>-12-13 fifth grade
>13-14 sixth grade
>14-15 seventh grade
>15-16 eighth grade 
>16-17 ninth grade
>17-18 tenth grade
>18-19 eleventh grade
>19-20 twelfth grade 

Thanks Obama
Replies: >>143216
*at the begining I was 9ish rather...

I missed part of the 9th so I might have been mostly just 10....
>ask them to recite pythagorean theorem
The ancient whites that drank lead water came up with that shit did they not?
Replies: >>143224
Yes those wiggers invented math 
And most drank wine instead of water. Well modern chink chonks drink plastic water instead, it's just like lead but instead of catching cancer you are catching STDs from getting buttfucked
Replies: >>143225 >>143461
Are hapas superior to whites?
Replies: >>143287
>Are hapas superior to whites?
but on practice they are way better than most of the wite peopo right now 
like yeah they are insufferable faggots and i avoid asian countries like plague but they are objectively better at slavery than mericans or yuros
>are hapas superior to whites
lol no
Keep crying eurasian mongrel. You will never be pureblooded.
Replies: >>143479
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>>143170 (OP) 
I don't understand the question anony :(
Fuck decimals
0.130 / 0.143
130 / 143
10 / 11
Actually Arabs invented maths and Greeks/Romans made it simply better. Whites are not original about things, just.....better.
Replies: >>143471
>Arabs invented maths 
aren't those babylonians? 
even fucking arabic numbers are indian wtf 
but yeah guys had numbers before some greek dude invented "science" and started demanding "proofs" for this useless shit 
okay it has uses but fuck do they have to be so obnoxious about proofing their shitty theorems with some retarded axiomatics
Replies: >>143471
All of the accomplishments of the early Arab golden age if not half of it came from the Persians and many of their studies & works were slapped with the label of Arab some short years after they conquered the empire. The bulk of forces that invaded east from there were Iranians.
Replies: >>143474
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the Arabs didn't invent the modern number system. Had the Umayyad Caliphate not invaded India, the Arab golden age would have not happened. The Arabs transcribed many Hindi books into Arabic which caused the golden age to happen
Replies: >>143475
The Chinese invented numbers anony.
Replies: >>143482
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>>143170 (OP) 
> IQ Test For The Coming Ethnostate
Anony, I think pic rel is enough of an IQ test already.
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>retard tries to act smart on the internet and makes a fool of himself. 
It will never cease being hilarious. Here's your (you) I guess.
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You can be unhappy with happas if you want but they will always be superior to filthy niggers and other subhumans. I'd rather breed and have happa children than not breed and have no children.
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One hundred and thirty hundred fourty thirds.
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I thought anime numbers go like this.
Replies: >>143495
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Those are tally markers anony
Replies: >>143529
wtf 100 replies and none of these wiggers solved it?
13 | 143

143 / 13 = 11
imagine thinking this is hard cringe ngl
Replies: >>143498
>cringe ngl
You'll forget it once you're out of HS tbh.
That's the joke, you dolt.
Replies: >>143531
The chinese subhuman can not comprehend jokes.
Replies: >>143541
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Sowwy anony, pic rel
>tries to act smart on the internet 
nigger i'm not even using punctuation marks 
i end my sentences with a new line 
single replacement reaction as an IQ test? 
holly shit you just need to replace two letters in a formula 
dunno why no one said that but begun discussing deep and profound meaning that the word "larp" carries
Sorry anon, but sometimes 2+2 does not equal 4. That's what college teachers are saying now and they are more qualified than you
>why not the hardest thing ive done in my life
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