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I've been permanently banned from countless imageboards, international, single language, tor only etc. Countless of times, with the aid of multiple, free and paid anonymizing services + router resets I've evaded probably hundreds of said bans and I've continued my posting openly boasting and announcing that their actions were useless and only emboldened me and inflated my ego, until the admins and mods' hands were forced and had to resort to blanket ban Tor and any VPN or proxy service, at times even blacklisting any anonymizer from accessing the site entirely, and my public IP range whole.
I've caused numerous word filters and image hash filters to be implemented site wide to try and combat me, I've been accused of being numerous different literally who locals despite not even knowing whom they were and I've entertained both the admins and the people who accused me for the sake of making them run in circles.

That is to say I didn't do it because just for the sake of it.
All I've been doing is fighting against injustice as the vast majority of the bans were for frivolous, vague or downright made up reasons like pointing out moderation flaws, "spam" and other similar things. Of course, if I deem something unjust, I'm simply not just going to take it like a good boy, I just wouldn't. I would not let my voice be silenced. And thus I fought fire with fire. I became what I was being accused and drove them to their own self destruction. I trolled, I derailed, I spammed, I acted like their bogeymen and everything they expected me to until I was forced out of ways to post at all. Many imageboards shot themselves in the foot and forsake the true anonymity of their users just to get rid of me.

On the flip side of the coin, more the once have I had to deal with people like me as both an admin and a moderator. Although their motives might've been different, the method of operation was practically the same as my own. The existence of anonymizing services means it boils down to who chooses to spend more time actively fighting the other, be it by spamming or deleting, until the moderating party gives up and just blacklists said services.

The moral of the story is much like all humans are fallible, all mods and admins are inherently cucked by default whether they like it or not, some can keep up a front for more time than others but in the end no one wants to spend 12 hours a day, 365 days a year in front of a computer actively fighting an autist to delete their shit on sight and not get paid to do so. Everyone has a breaking point and it's just a matter of someone like me racing towards it to reach it to permanently cripple a community by collateral damage.
The moral of the story is hosting and managing an imageboard is a fool's errand, as it's done at a loss of time and money and all you get in return is stress, scorn, ridicule, mockery and constant attacks from the very same users you're offering a free service to.
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When you're looking for an answer as to "Why X place was/is/went to shit?" do know it's a trick question and that the blame can't be pinned on a single party or an individual but it's always the combination of both the admins and the users' actions. Anyone with enough free time and will can bring any imageboard to its knees if he wishes to.
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>>137753 (OP) 
and op does it for free
>>137753 (OP) 
>admins and mods' hands were forced and had to resort to blanket ban Tor and any VPN or proxy service
>forsake the true anonymity of their users
This is your true goal.
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>I'm a le ebin ultraoldfag, you got to believe me guys!
duly noted, now go back
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>>137753 (OP) 
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I'm an older oldfag than you! Look I know who this character is! haha desu desu desu! POOL'S CLOSED!! desu
Thanks Jim Profit
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>>137753 (OP) 
I remember laughing at Oprah in like 2006 when she missed the over9k joke. Newgrounds i saw the meme so I knew 4chan would be cool but had zero access until 2009 and did not like it much as i lurked for two years. By 2011 i posted a lot but most of 09ish was swf obsession

also used rotten.com b4 4chan

do not be so oldfag they hate abnormalfaggots here 

rip totse also

also rip ib's because too many put up with moderation rather than just let another site up after doing what op did

50 people on a site talking about video games is just meh u kno

scared bitch logic
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Funnily enough. You'd be considered a newfag by old 4chan standards.
Sorry you had to find out this way.
Replies: >>137820 >>137822
Originalfags loved tripfags.
>sorry you had to find out this way!
more than 1 version of that image also

it is arbitrary u child

also i was 20 in 09, if i grew up with the net i would have been there earlier because literally hs kids told each other about it when 15ish ergo i shoulda been there by 04.

not every1 had internet check ur privilege.
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>fagatha is 34
It's over.
Replies: >>137825
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>i shoulda been there by 04
But you weren't and only arrived in its decline. Sorry, newfag.
Replies: >>137849
what if it were always in decline?
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