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I want to get into guns.
Tell me how to get into guns.
>>137617 (OP) 
step 1: get a REALLY big gun
step 2: look up youtube videos on said gun or play video games featuring it!!
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Step 1 - How much money do you have to buy gun???
>>137617 (OP) 
If you live in the USA, just buy a gun in a walmart.
If you live in a third world shithole, buy a gun from that weird shady guy.
If you live in Europe, you're fucked. Your best bet is to buy a 3d printer and everything else needed to make a FGC-9.
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its good compared to the rest of them but how will you get the ammo, it too is restricted as fuck.
Deactivated ammo and gunpowder from gunpowder nail gun strips, faggot.
3d printed ammo is said to be in development.
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NO. step 2 is getting into the gun.
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is legal to buy the empty bullet brass casings, but for refilling you need a loading press, powder and primers.
Replies: >>137629 >>138395
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oh that's not going to raise any questions. he bought a 3d printer with his credit card and started buying deactivated ammo and gunpowder too.
how wacky, what a wacky guy.
unless the guy has been a gunsmith in his past life, he won't know how to use 'em
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I don't want to get a gun yet. I want to get INTO guns.
Shut the fuck up OP, its just getting good
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Just read shit about guns, calibers and ballistics, but try to avoid those tiktok tacticool users.
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Are there any jewtube videos you recommend?
I'm too lazy to read an encyclopedia of guns and seeing them in action would be more fun.
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Fucking gay OP.
Search up Demolition Ranch, go fucking play vidya with guns.
Watch gun videos, fill your shit up with guns.
Do what gooners do, filling their feed with constantly lewd videos so they perpetuate their porn addiction. Fill your feed with gun videos until you become a FAN of them. You stupid motherfucker.
Replies: >>137636 >>137710
True, i would suggest Forgotten Weapons, TheModernSurvivalist and Police Activity too.
Replies: >>137639 >>137710
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if OP isn't even more of a pussy he could watch gore too. alot of that features shitskins killing eachother with guns, it helps see them in action.
I just explained it to you see
Here's some advice about guns.

Don't shoot a gun without hearing protection. Even if you are outside and you are shooting a small round, it can give you permanent tinnitus and hearing loss. If you do get tinnitus, get on prednisone soon.

Remember the 4 rules. Don't point a gun at anything you don't want destroyed. Treat a gun as if it's loaded at all times. Don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to fire. Know your target and what is beyond it.

Don't ever tell anyone you have them, especially coworkers and doctors. Not even that your friend from another country owned one years ago. Coworkers can snitch on you and work with the police to make false cases against you. Doctors will hand over your medical record to the police and no privacy law will protect you. Only discuss them with close family and anonymously online. 

Do not trust anyone you meet at a gun range/store. Don't take any offers from them. Even if they offer you a six figure salary job for doing nothing and requiring no qualifications. Even if they offer to go shooting with you any pay for all the range fees and ammo. Don't go alone if you're young and inexperienced. Ideally, don't go to ranges or gun stores at all if you can help it. They're bad places.
I wouldn't mind if some bigger imageboards started to reply to stupid questions with ai generated and locked the threads, would be handy.
Replies: >>137681
Remember that if you have a gun, you lose your ability to get into hand to hand fights because you can't afford to lose control of the gun. Don't put yourself into a situation in which you are forced to draw a gun where you otherwise didn't have to. If you get into a confrontation, you have to choose between drawing and running. Don't talk shit if you have a gun.

If you get involved in a DGU, it's more than likely going to be someone you know. It's also likely to be dark and in close range. Make sure to start recording as soon as possible.

Don't get a gun license. Move instead. The police have no business knowing you own or carry guns. You can get mugged at gunpoint at your front door by the police for your legally owned, constitutionally protected property never used in any crime and get traumatized just because a of a lying coworker. Not having a license eliminates the presumption that you are armed.

Don't get a gun with a serial number. Get a CNC mill and lathe instead.

Know the law you are subjected to and also know how corrupt it us. Know how to act during an arrest. Would you refuse to sign a document if the police were holding a gun to you? When you own a gun, you become a political target.
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>Are there any jewtube videos you recommend?
This one
Replies: >>138395
I have some ideas, but why do you believe its a bad idea to interact with people on a range/in a gun store?
It's a ChatGPT generated post.
Replies: >>137669 >>138395
The people that work at a gun store are salesmen. They're in the same vein as car salesmen and real estate agents. They're not experts on what they're selling even if they make themselves out to be. Their job is to manipulate you into spending money.

They are often former police or military and there's a lot of those types of people at gun ranges. Treat everyone you meet at a range or gun store as if you're speaking to a police officer or informant. You're in a highly regulated place surrounded by salesmen and police. You're surrounded by master manipulators and potential legal trouble. That's why it's not a good idea to go to a gun store alone if you are young. Have some life experience first.

If you are going into a gun store, make sure you know what you want and that you've done all your research ahead of time. It's ok to talk with people when shooting at a range, just don't take any offers from them and don't let them sweet talk you. Don't share anything personal. Stranger danger. Not everyone is out to get you but if you have people offering to meet you outside the range or are offering you any proposals, stay away.

Did I write something you don't want others reading, nigger?
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do you have more pictures of miku with guns
Replies: >>137684
skynet tier option once all  ethical or political questions are deemed stupid questions to ask
giant pussy
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Have fun in jail. Firearm YouTubers are only there to teach you how to get locked up. If you're going to learn about guns, do it scientifically and with the law in mind.
>and with the law in mind
What are you, a cop?
Fuck the law.
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just jack off and use your dick as a gun, or better yet fill a supersoaker with cum and gun bitches down with that
>law in mind
>by ignoring the legal means to gun
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thanks for the recs bb
you can't buy a gun a wolly world anymore even the BBs guns are gone thanks to the parkland shooter, maybe they sell in rural areas but any of the major cities in Florida but luckily it's Florida so there's always so many small gun shops around so I don't even know what the walmart executives are accomplishing by banning ammo sells in Florida.
Replies: >>137734 >>137764
>what the walmart executives are accomplishing
Maintaining ESG ratings as calculated by some garbage-in/garbage-out metric.
Depends on the store.  The one down thre road from where I sit still sells real guns.  Not sure about the selection since I wasn't there to buy one and would probably prefer to do business with a more local outfit or at least an FFL transfer with one if I wanted something from the interbutt.
Other than the guntuber channels, I suggest this website
It's filled with nerd shit and overly complex details on any mistakes games, movies or anime make regarding firearms. Pop in any media you like in the searchbar and just read the articles, sooner or later something will rub off and you will know which end of the gunbarrel the pew pews come out of
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Before you even touch a gun for the first time OP learn the basics of firearms safety and drill it through your head so your not a Darwin award winner who turns themself into a eunuch by accident. 
That should be your first priority, also read about your local state/province gun laws too.

Then get a Ruger 10/22 carbine or a Browning Buckmark so you can practice shooting for cheap.

>If you live in Europe, you're fucked. Your best bet is to buy a 3d printer and everything else needed to make a FGC-9.
Or OP could just immigrate to the Czech Republic, Finland, or paranoid gold hoarding mercenary mountain Jew land better known as Switzerland. Yes most Western Euro countries suck in terms of civilian gun laws but there are a few exceptions. I think Malta (the island nation state, not the sudo knight larpers allied with the WEF) is supposed to be really good too in terms of gun laws last I checked or at least not Bongistani tier.

Of course OP would have to learn a new language, at least enough to communicate on a basic level with his new neighbors.

>its good compared to the rest of them but how will you get the ammo, it too is restricted as fuck.
Not him but if you can't get ammo or the materials needed to make your own then just get really good at archery as a coping mechanism, who knows you might enjoy that too but try not to remind yourself of the fact that your flinging arrows as a result of being a serf in some cuck state.

>>137617 (OP) 
>Tell me how to get into guns.
Read the instruction manual on how to disassemble your firearm safely, then you'll be into guns.

This >>137628
And while it pays itself off over time it's really expensive upfront and there is a learning curve that you'll need to be mechanically and mathematically inclined to learn the ropes and not making exploding Bubba rounds that will take away your thumbs.
Lyman has some pretty good beginner tools though.

>Are there any jewtube videos you recommend?
Fine faggot, I'll spoonfeed you so you don't make yourself look like an incompetent ignorant retard in the future.
>Paul Harrell
Old school boomer tuber who will kick the Cawadooty faggotry outta your ass so you don't end up a parrot. Also has an Odysee account too surprisingly enough though that's probably the choice of his camera man.
>Forgotten Weapons
Autistic frog who will talk about obscure last ditch SMG's and weird experimental shit, usually in great detail. Quite entertaining, ignore the old feud he had with some retards in the past as they've gone their separate ways unless you wanna know then there's probably an ED page about it and if not then there should be.
A guilty pleasure of mine, they're alright when they aren't shilling for shit. They've got some spin off channels too. I don't recommend them.
Also this >>137701
If your gonna watch Jewtubers use an Invidious instance which is basically a mirror.
Keep your Jewtube account if you have one Kosher.

>The corn syrup two liter fears the Hick Cock cyclist 

>but why do you believe its a bad idea to interact with people on a range/in a gun store?
This >>137664
Don't be afraid to ask questions anon, that's how you learn though you should know your crowd too, are you talking to Tactitards, Fudds, or Leo informants? Much like board culture the same applies to reality, lurk moar and you won't make a fool of yourself.

Go to a range and pay an instructor to teach you how to shoot something basic like a Glock, 1911, or any large frame 38 special revolver, don't shoot the snubbies until you've had a decent amount of experience.

>is legal to buy the empty bullet brass casings, but for refilling you need a loading press, powder and primers.
Depends on where you live anon. There's probably a government website for where you live that will tell you exactly what is legal/illegal unless you live in some Mafia state with a sea of convoluted laws that only a lawer could understand.
Replies: >>138403 >>138404
Nope, it's cucked. "Demonstrable purpose" really just means "prove that you're not a shitlord that goes against our ((( narrative )))".
>"training contributing to military capability under the Act on Voluntary National Defence (participating in or organising training)"
I'm sure i don't need to tell you about being a soldier in the interest of Israel.
<but https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firearms_regulation_in_Finland#Personal_protection_and_self-defense , "One can nevertheless legally defend himself by any means available, including firearms. Any use of force must always be proportional to the threat." https://finlex.fi/fi/laki/kaannokset/1889/en18890039.pdf page 29
Self defence laws like these always end up in the guy claiming self defence getting hit with the book by some cuck judge who feels more pity toward the nigger than the evil nazi shitlord claiming self defence.
It's not the USA.
Even in the ‘gun happy’ european states, it’s still akin to trying to buy a Thompson in Chicago to get anything other than a muzzleloader. In Switzerland for example you’re not even allowed to keep ammunition at your house if I remember correctly. 
The only places in europe where you can get a gun ‘easily’ are the backwater shithole states like the former Yugoslavia and the Greater Russian Empire (Belarus, Ukraine, etc) where there are open air markets with 50 year old Kalashnikovs being sold out of the back of a van for like $15.
Replies: >>138406
>former Yugoslavia
It should be noted that this is where the islamic invaders get most of their guns (and hand grenades) from; most of it is old Yugoslav war leftovers.
Yugos of various kinds, not just Bosnians, sell them to muslims for a quick buck and then the muslims do what they usually do.
On a somewhat unrelated note, its currently ramadan, so be aware of hangry muslims.
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Just buy a non fl pistol fag. Pic related, I own it. Stop crying about being safe b4 I summon Benjamin Franklin.
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