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I have no idea where to ask this so I'll ask here.

What would you call 2 separate imageboard boards that are for
1. discussing videogames as a topic and things around it, like game development or the industry or skill-based games or game recommendations or videogame addiction or whatever
2. discussing specific videogames/franchises like Doom or Legend of Zelda

"Videogames" describes both of those. Maybe #1 could me "videogame meta". Any ideas?
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Like you know /v/-videogames and /vg/- videogames generals
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But #2 isn't for generals, you could make a shitposting thread about Mario vs Zelda and it would still fit in.
I'll answer with a question:
Which one did you get banned from?
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What would I call them? I'm inclined to go with >>135747, as those names do seem to fit the bill. Not sure why you wouldn't want to just post them all onto one board though.
Replies: >>135752
A general thread is something that's implied to stay up and be reposted repeatedly. If you have a question about a particular game or want to post news about a franchise or just call a game shit, you don't necessarily want to make a general for it.
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Here's some threads from *chan's /v/ which are about specific videogames, but aren't general threads.
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who cares?
so you got banned from 4chan, got it.
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My life doesn't revolve around imageboard meta drama and getting banned from places.
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it obviously does, otherwise you wouldn't be here asking banal questions
Replies: >>135801
Maybe a better separation would be to put "skill-based games or game recommendations" into #2 too.
So #1 is for discussion around the topic of videogames, while #2 is for videogames themselves.
Kind of like "Topic: Videogames" vs "The Videogames"
Doom sucks it's all faggots and trannies.
>the faggot that makes sure alt sites stay dead
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>muh boogeyman nuzach!
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>discussing videogames as a topic and things around it
If we're talking about development only topics, I'd say /agdg/ /dev/.
I'm not for labeling all vidya boards with /v- as a sure prefix and a brand new name would perhaps spur new discussion.
>discussing specific videogames/franchises like Doom or Legend of Zelda
Those are generals, anon. This /v/ could fit all of those for all I care, no need for a different board.
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>Those are generals
Fine, I'll tell you the real reason why I was thinking about this. The reason is that I view this separation in a similar way as pic related. One board is for discussing concepts and the other is for discussing products.
Replies: >>135879 >>135881
Here are a few suggestions for naming these two separate imageboard boards:

For the board focused on discussing videogames as a topic and things around it, you could consider using a name like "Videogame Discussion" or "Videogame Culture" to describe the broader scope of topics that would be discussed.

For the board focused on discussing specific videogames/franchises, you could use the game or franchise name itself, such as "Doom Board" or "Zelda Board", to make it clear what the focus of the board is.

If you'd like to differentiate them further, you could consider adding a tagline or subtitle to each board to more clearly indicate the scope of the board. For example, the videogame culture board could have a tagline like "Discussing the industry, development, and culture of videogames," while the Zelda board could have a subtitle like "All things Zelda, from classic titles to new releases."
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oh jesus do you also talk really fast so people think you're smart or something?
this is the most abstract and needless separation between topics
Just make an OP that's clear what the thread is supposed to be about, why make a whole 'nother board? To attract "high intellect" anons?
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>I view this separation in a similar way as pic related
>a board to discuss concepts over products
<discussing specific videogames/franchises like Doom or Legend of Zelda
I don't understand. Instead of talking about Zelda, you want to talk about the concepts that make a Zelda game?
In that case, wouldn't you be creating a Hydlide-like general or something? It's a more abstract generalization of those kind of games with room for talk outside products I suppose.
Replies: >>135884 >>135919
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Why does he wear the mask?
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The OP already has all relevant information in it, but I didn't expect that people can't even tell the difference between a thread about a videogame and a general.

Implying that some thing is more or less meaningful/intelligent/important than another thing will make every butthurt faggot crawl out of the woodwork to screech about it just like you did, so it's easier to not bring it up. I'm not interested in your opinion about the separation of topics unless you have something more useful to say than "NOOO".

>I don't understand
Videogame addiction is not a videogame but it's related to videogames.
Malicious monetization practices are not a videogame but it's related to videogames.
The games industry is not a videogame but it's related to videogames.
Game development is not a videogame but it's related to videogames.
VR/AR technology is not a videogame but it's related to videogames.
The decline of MMOs is not a videogame but it's related to videogames.
Videogame AI is not a videogame but it's related to videogames.
Stories in games are not videogames but it's related to videogames.
Piracy is not a videogame but it's related to videogames.

This isn't about videogames only, technology boards have the same separation between threads that are about technology or programming, and threads that are about products or some piece of software.
Replies: >>135938 >>135942
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>malicious monetization practices
>game development
>VR/AR technology
>stories in games
Again, have you tried making threads about these topics on /v/?
I still don't understand how these topics aren't meant to fit into a general videogames board.
For instance,
>the decline of MMOs
This had its own thread here on /v/ about 7 months ago.
Replies: >>135965
Have you ever been on /v/ before?
We have threads about these topics made every day.
So I still don't see why there needs to be an entirely new abstract seperation between these threads.
We've had generals since time immemoriam.

Take some adderal and relax.
Replies: >>135944 >>135965
You don't understand his high intellectual brain because you are small minded just like the  jpg of text with space background said! He wants to talk about the intellectual and the sophisticated vidyo gaymes! 
He probably only plays jrpg's with extremely complicated (but shitty) stories, usually those games aren't good enough to talk about but the general idea of the game is good. He probably also thinks he is too spart to play games with little story but good gameplay.
He also got banned from some 4chan board and thinks he can replicate the board here, he will go away once the ban ends.
Replies: >>135947
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The only one who's coming across as a retard is you, what the fuck are you typing about.
I don't have the power or interest in taking /v/ from zzzchan and splitting it in half. I made this thread because I'm interested in running my own website that is vaguely reminiscent of imageboards, and am thinking about things related to it.
Replies: >>135967
>I don't have the power or interest in taking /v/ from zzzchan and splitting it in half
Good, because posting on /v/ with 3 users instead of 6 would just be hell!
Replies: >>135993
Blackpilled faggot.
Replies: >>136000
Bot tier retard.
Replies: >>136018
>>135746 (OP) 
1 /v/igger drama
2 /v/igger
<You're a bot! Everyone on zzzchan is a bot! 
Kill yourself, twitter faggot.
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>>135746 (OP) 
Video game fitness board would be best
Replies: >>139563 >>139580
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>tired of rulecucked board?
>come to OTHER further rulecucked board
kill yourself
This board sucks, dude. It's all the nugaem seething of gaymergay and the /v/ news thread, but with none of the OC.
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>>135746 (OP) 
What would be the point of having two separate yet similar boards? That would be like splitting /k/ into separate boards for small arms and war coverage or splitting /a/ into one board for anime and another board for manga.
It's sometimes better to have a big tent mentality for overlapping interests when the subject matter isn't all that niche to begin with.
Replies: >>139578
>Video game fitness board would be best
So people who enjoy the Wii and certain VR games?
Depends on the amount of traffic the bord(s) get, when generals have more then 50% of ppd and slide regular threads of the catalog it makes sense to have generals boards.
So it doen't make sense for any board today except for forchug and mailach.
Also manga board would be comfy, but I don't really see more then 10 posts per month in this reality.
So all the deadness of z/fit/ mixed with the 5 users of z/v/? Awesome
>>135746 (OP) 
I don't know anony :(
>>135746 (OP) 
/v/ - videogames
/vf/ - videogame franchises
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