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Why are current year fags so afraid of eating soy beans? You do realize it's just a bean, right?.
Then they bring up muh phytoestrogen. First of all, they wouldn't even know what estrogen is if they didn't learn it from biologists, but then they ignore biologists when they say "phytoestrogen is harmless", because biologists are liberals. But it was the same liberals that told them estrogen exists. Imagine being that dumb.
it obviously did something to chinky boys so yeah, im not touching anything asian men have a history of eating, no way keep your rice soy and bugs, i dont want the body of an asian man

i remember a loser weeb crying about this how the government started forcing western diets to man up soypanese men
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>eats a diet that doesn't even contain rice
>certainly doesn't bake his own bread, therefore eats nothing but mcronalds or premade bread products covered in oil and sugar
>therefore is literally just average american who will die at 50 of heart disease
>but oh no at least being a fat obese shit somehow makes you more masculine than a short chink
Where do I even start...
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Start by presenting better bait, faggot.
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There's nothing in what I posted that even remotely resembles bait. If you're new to imageboards, "bait" doesn't mean, "well I disagree with that but have no arguments but I said bait therefore I win".
Asians eat rice and beans. They are slim, health, long lived.
Americans eat goyim processed shit. They are fat, diseased, mentally insane, short living, lazy, stupid.

I am not saying this to support the soybean but the whole Asian diet vs American. Americans have the worst diet from big countries. This is what capitalism and jews do to you. Asians have communism so their diets are great.
I'm more of a pinto bean man.
Soy bean and it's cultivation is a blight. As is corn. Do you know how much of that never makes it to human mouths and instead into our petrol tanks and animal feed? 
Insects will be another decimating blow to our gut flora. We're going to have to accept that not everyone will be able to process them properly without maladjusting our further feminization as we move towards more carb and sugar heavy diets.
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China has more problems with diabetes and Alzheimer’s than the United States. The Chinese are also increasingly becoming overweight. Like beer, soy will not make a man into a complete pussy. However, it can be a contributing factor.

>>133138 (OP) 
What I choose to eat with my own money is none of your business. Get fucked retard.
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Furthermore, China grew more corn than rice last year. You are a total dipshit.
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>growing food
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>>133138 (OP) 
citation needed
citation needed
citation needed
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I cite a needle every night.
>>133138 (OP) 
>Why are current year fags so afraid of eating soy beans?
Because they think that their penis will shrivel up and fall off if they so much as touch a soy product.
Yes, too much of it will fuck you up with phytoestrogen, but there is such a thing as moderation.
1. Miso, natto and soy sauce do not contain any phytoestrogens, because the processes of making these destroys the soy phytoestrogens.
These are safe to consume in large amounts.
2. Avoid soy replacement products, especially soy meat replacement products.
These are usually made with strange processes and chemicals that are harmful on top of the phytoestrogens in soy.
3. Avoid GMO soy, if you can.
Farm to table is always healthier, even if you're eating soy.
Can't really do that in the western world where arable land is either inherited or reserved for the wealthy.
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I hate Confucianism so fucking much
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