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Hello /b/ in about a couple of weeks i am going to a steak house for my birthday but I'm not sure which one i could go to. The ones in my area are longhorn, texas road house, Logan's road house, and outback. Outback seems appealing because it's been a while since I've had some authentic Australian food.  Any personal suggestions? Should i just nuy the steam myself and grill it?
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>>132961 (OP) 
>all these grammar errors
Never phone post, ever. It's a sin.
>celebrating being one step closer to your death
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Try rolling a six sided dice. 5 and 6 are rerolls.
>not celebrating being one step closer to your long nap
Longhorn is overpriced, Outback is hit or miss, never been to Logan's. My vote is Texas Roadhouse, always a good time there.

Keep in mind your local spots might be better/worse than mine.
I haven't been to Outback in a while but the brown bread they have was good 
Still would vote for Roadhouse
I like Texas Roadhouse the best but haven't seen I was a kid at the same time.
when you call to book a table tell them to sing a birthday song, tell them youll never go back if they ruin x's birthday and youll tell everyone how bad they are
the tiny ass cake and dancing monkeys always makes me smile
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>>132961 (OP) 
why would you go all the way to a restaurant full of normalfags when you could just stock up on soy burgers from the health food store and they will taste just as good minus the heart attack?
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>soy burgers
I would suggest looking for a steakhouse that isn't a chain restaurant.
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Either this or just cook your own fucking steak.
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>cooking their own food
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>making food worth eating 

Is there really a lack of cooking skills nowadays? I can only think of one person that I know that doesn't cook a lot; but I think that's more him being lazy than ignorant.
Had a bad experience at LongHorn, but I haven't been there for like fifteen years since there isn't one here so I can't say how they are now.

In my city, there is an Outback and a Texas Roadhouse. The Outback is decent, but a couple of times recently I've gotten rather fatty cuts of sirloin and I was a little disappointed. I've never had that happen at Texas Roadhouse and the steak is just better overall and it always seems like a more generous size than you get at Outback. Texas Roadhouse's bread is also better, the yeast rolls. I also like their house salad better. Outback isn't bad, but for about the same money you get more bang for your buck at Texas Roadhouse.
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bring out the dancing monkeys 
>"happy happy happy!"
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Hey again /b/, OP here. I've decided to grill at home. After a visit to my local butcher shop and taking advantage of a deal on T-bone steaks,  I realized that I could grill at home and enjoy myself a lot more by being able to put on whatever seasoning I want to. I am currently undecided on rather or not I want to use charcoal grill or a propane stove. /b/, how do you like your steak cooked and do you prefer charcoal or propane?
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Texas de Brazil is probably the best steakhouse in America. they cut the steaks right in front of your table
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Their tapioca flour cheese bread is the most addictive thing ive ever eaten too, all around it's great
why's he using a gamma knife
A related question, what is a decent cut of beef that falls between cheap and tasty? I will usually get a few pounds of chuck, slice it thin, marinate it, then throw it on top of rice. It's pretty good, but I have to tenderize it so it's not so chewy. Even then I have over tenderized a few times. Any suggestions, or should I just stop being poor?
I like charcoal. It gives the mean a nice flavor. The only problem is the cooking process is not very consistent. Do you guys prefer a specific seasoning with your steak, or are you a salt and pepper purist?
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