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A shining example of what NOT to be like. Why did blacked.gov become a ginormous repository of all the bad qualities of the original 8chan? They got all of it. They took the 8chan name and shat on it even more. The /v/ and /b/ there are vastly inferior to the one that can be found here on snoozechan. The content there is vastly inferior, the moderation is vastly inferior, their very site is vastly inferior. That's what blacked.gov is, vastly inferior. Why do people continue to use it? Is it really the 8chan in the name that keeps them coming back to that shithole?
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(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 5120
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Gimmie a healthy Hitomi!
>>132807 (OP) 
Because someone thought it was a good idea to let Mark have any say at all.
Lets see if my streak continues
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 82578
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zzzcukers lost, blacked.gov is the true successor of 8chan if you disagree you're a cumskin chud
>>132807 (OP) 
I agree, but dammit, I still like my Vivian. 
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 6711
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 86905
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I will remind you that this place, like all meeting places where normalniggers are despised, is friendly to those who love children.
Replies: >>132826
the only thing keeping blacked.moe PPH is the GoomerGay thread.
>this place
>normalniggers are despised
People don't usually mean selfhate by that my dude
Replies: >>132855
>my dude
Fuuuuuck you
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fat retard
Replies: >>132867
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What disease does he have
Replies: >>132868 >>132869
no, he is the disease
autism, obesity, jewish genes, nintendo brand loyalty
((##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 67822)
>>132807 (OP) 
>The /v/ and /b/ there are vastly inferior
Our /v/ is the same cucked shit.
Replies: >>132877
That may be true, but their /b/ makes this one seem like heaven.
Replies: >>133017
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 93323
Do you actually believe this?
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>see PPD here suddenly spike up past 80
>know there's an other blacked.moe thread here
and I was right
Replies: >>133212
The reason to use chans instead of forums/social media/discord is to avoid interpersonal drama. When persistent talk of various chan personalities by nickname becomes a thing, the chan loses its meaning.
Replies: >>132949

>When persistent talk of various chan personalities by nickname becomes a thing, the chan loses its meaning 

I agree.
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I use 8faux mostly to troll Mark, you should do the same
blacked.gov is just trying to replicate the original 8chan more or less exactly, without realizing that a lot of the stupid shit that went down in the original site was excusable because the community was stellar and there wasn't a serious direct competitor in it's field.
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 48027
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 16319
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>btfo by their own imaginary boogeymen
>btfo by cuckchan
>btfo by boomers over on gab
>btfo by their own mods who leak their shit to us
>btfo by SJWs for about 10 years now
it's hard to find a bigger loser than them, at this point
Replies: >>133015
>muh interboard bitter grudges
Replies: >>133000
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Shut up retard.
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No better place to put this than here. Be on the lookout for cuckchan-tier posts just in case some of the cancer leaks over here.
Good. We need users.
None of these can replace 4chan.
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Half this catalog fucking hates the Sharty (and as such don't want to be grouped with it) and 3/4ths of these imageboards don't want to be advertised like this.

So of course that means its absolutely great. Spread 'er far and wide.
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Are you the one they call LCP? Imagine being so fucking assblasted by Mark's jewcyness, to the point you let the fat retard and his minions live rent free in your hebe head.
Replies: >>133018
Because Vampyr and Fiber are both autistic retards that ban and delete shit for the sake of doing so and call it 'spam'. They are also flooded by porn so it's no different from what you would find on cuckchan /b/.
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Whoever made that image needs his head placed on a pike.
Why the fuck is everyone here so needy of 4chan all of a sudden? Can't help but read it everywhere here.
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 88909
really glad my ghost imageboard isnt there
(##1d100000) Rolled 1 dice with 100000 sides = 33656
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>go to their site
>pic related comes up, 75% of it is spend talking about the definition of "legal child pussy" and when it is or isn't acceptable to post it
>first thread I see there is about some shitty VN that is blatant pedo bait
Obsessed, how can one community be thinking about kids so much

>recommending sharty
>recommending 8chan.pedo
isn't it clear that cuckchanners don't want anything to do with this side of the internet? And why would they, when they get all the traffic? All of those sites, this one included, are fucking dead, aside from soyjack party
Replies: >>133060
Drawings cannot have an age, fuckwad.
Shit on 8nigger all you want but calling Loli = peso is blatant SJW retardation
Replies: >>133061
sounds like you belong on 8chan.gov, you can see exactly how your site is going to end up when this is the hill you're going to die on
Replies: >>133062
Which hill? Stop conflating fiction and reality.
If that's honestly how you feel then stop playing GTA because you are a literal mass murderer
Replies: >>133063
you loli shitters are the most easily asshurt and obnoxious people on the planet, that's reason enough to ban this filth and to make sure your life is as miserable as possible.
Point still stands, I saw this image with imageboards being made in the GG thread on moe, if tourists start flooding in, you have your pedo buddies to blame for this
Replies: >>133064
>no arguments
>just namecalling and projection
Impressive, what are you gonna do next? Cry some more or spam?
/cow/groids have entered the thread.
>if you don't like drawn /cp/ you are *insert boogeyman here*
mental illness, but that's redundant with the lolicon shitters
this board has like what, 3 active posters at any point in time? speaking from any point of high ground is just lulzworthy in this situation, total lack of self awareness
Replies: >>133099
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pic related is a 12 year old (loli) cartoon girl getting gang banged by 3 adult men without her consent which I drew, you  I drew them white on a white background so you can't see much, but that's definitely what's happening in the picture. do you reckon this image should be illegal and I should be arrested for holding, producing and distributing cp?
Replies: >>133110
>low iq pedophile self incriminates complete with a confession
and people still dont understand why cops are forced to give a miranda
enjoy the knock retard
>lolicons are still arguing with the retards about the morality of loli
Just like ignore them, nigga. They aren't worth your time; they're too stupid to get it. Just fap to cute lolis and let the retards seethe at your superiority.
Replies: >>133126
It isn't about the "morality of loli", it is what it stands for. Literally everywhere that loli is allowed and encouraged, people are also mostly pro pedophilia. 
There are 2 routes for loliposting all the time. Loliposter doesn't get any backleash for posting pro-loli shit, he and other lolifags gets confident posting about their actual views about children, when he gets backleash they know their pedo views won't be liked soo they turn to the "2d isn't 3d" argument and try to act superior as if fapping to any kind of porn is something to be proud of.
Replies: >>133128
Sorry, but I ain't reading that shit. Have a good day, puritan faggot.
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sure reeks of pedo troon gaslighting in here
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>i only masturbate to DRAWINGS of kids so im not actually attracted to kids
and then they try to disprove pedophilia is due to clinical retardation / mental impairment
Replies: >>133438
wow there are a lot of terrible recommendations in here
Loli art isn't pedophilia but the faggots are so annoying they're worth banning anyways.
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>infrastructure is backed by US govt
>shitty infrastructure goes down every week
Lmfao, here is Mark saying how bad the performance is on blacked.gov
lets go
what the fuck are those "recommendations"?
The only acceptable one is kissu
Problem? 8nigger.
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So they are based after all? That's why /cow/shitters fear the chad blacked.gov?
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Fun fact LCP, if you call Mark a fat potbellied friendless pig who eats all day, doesn't exercise and only browses /v/ (which is true) you'll get banned for like a month.
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>>132807 (OP) 
Nobody is using it.
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