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what age do people become mature at
i think when i was 13 i was already fully mature, just didnt hold opinions that require deep political conditioning to believe
>u have to type properly or english will be destroyed
>u have to get car insurance or else ur hurting someone
>u have to pay tax or else there will be no food
>u have to dress this way or society will crumble
>u cant say niggerfaggot or someone will be oppressed
in other words a bunch of shit that they could be right about but are impossible to prove
does maturity just not exist but being adult just mean going around with this pretentious attitude that u know better than kids cus u adhere to a bunch of nonsense rules which u consider intellectual to submit to?
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this post makes me sad
>>132629 (OP) 
I was fully mature when i was a fetus
Being an adult means having skin in the game. You can be an adult without being brainwashed by the niggercattle and gaslighted into becoming another one of them, but surviving 18 years of evil conditioning is hard and only autists really make it (and see the world for what it is and normalfags as insane and alien).
>>132629 (OP) 
When I graduate from high school, all the non-faggots were already married to their high school sweethearts. People used to be much more mature than now. At 30 these days most fags still live with their moms.
got nothing to do with age idiot, 90% of boomers never matured just look at the past 3 years and fucking retardation of this world
if youve never been to jail youre a fucking child, no argument, mature is when you reject all authority and take full ownership and responsibility for yourself and say fight me faggot im a man
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>t. child whos been in the county jail overnight
What even is maturity, just behaving in socially acceptable ways?
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>>132629 (OP) 
No, people are not adults until 16 or 18, depending on your state. When I was 16 I was still dumb enough to fall for gacha games and I made illogical arguments like god doesn't exist because the bible can be proven false. Then I grew up.
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You are mistaken. If you write like a faggot I, and many other people, will either not read what you've written or will read it and not comprehend it. It is not harmless.
>>132629 (OP) 
Nah, it's the opposite.  After your frontal lobe finishes developing, you reach your full logical potential and you recognize, in children, mistakes you made yourself.

Adults are less impressionable, though stubbornness can be an even greater handicap.  Many adults take for granted the popular perceptions you describe because they came to view them as truths in their impressionable youth and now are too stubborn to relearn.  In other cases, it's the kid coming home from school and saying to their parents, "oh you can't say nigger, it's wrong."

Now to address your specific points:
>u have to type properly or english will be destroyed
This has been proven true by time.  Slang and lingo constantly and repeatedly take over as the common vernacular, branching into regional dialects and eventually into new languages, killing the original.  History's many dead languages are proof: Latin, Old English, Gallic, Aramean, Sanskrit, etc, etc
>u have to get car insurance or else ur hurting someone
You are taking a huge risk and, if you choose to drive without insurance, you accept the consequences of getting into and accident or getting pulled over uninsured.  There are grown adults who choose to drive uninsured.  Even without licenses.  Some get away with it forever.  Most regret it.
>u have to pay tax or else there will be no food
There will be food.  Prison food.  Part of being an adult is understanding that, wrong or right.
>u have to dress this way or society will crumble
This, I agree, is a public misconception.  Styles change constantly.  Society is largely the same.
>u cant say niggerfaggot or someone will be oppressed
Someone will be oppressed.  You.
Yup. If you're not fully mature by 12 you're fucked. It means your gene line was ruined by vaccination. Being around lots of old people my whole life, it's always amazed me what stupid shit a lot of them actually believe. You find out fast that maturity is just another jewish psyop.
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no fucking duh. grow up just means "fit in". it never meant anything more. its also used to back the psyop, "sexually mature teenagers cant have sex or else its rape"
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>>132629 (OP) 
You wanna know what maturity looks like?
Look at this adult gorilla skull. Look at how rugged and defined it is, how large that mandible is, how tall that sagittal crest (the ridge on top) is. That's not for show: primate jaw muscles attach on top of the skull, and the gorilla's jaw muscles are so powerful they need an extra surface to anchor them. Look at how big the canines are too: this thing has a BITE. This is what an ADULT looks like. This is MATURITY.
Now look an adult human's skull. Look at that little faggot! Humans can barely bite through raw meat anymore, much less crack the shells of nuts. And where's the sagittal crest? There is none! The human's jaw muscles are so small and wimpy they just hang on to the smooth top of the skull with barely any anchor. But now look at one last skull: a juvenile gorilla's. See how much more it looks like the human than the adult gorilla? Why is that? Because anatomically, biologically, even adult humans are CHILDREN, teenagers at best. In biology, this is called neoteny: full development into a biologically mature organism is delayed or never reached. Up through puberty, humans develop much like gorillas, but whereas the gorilla emerges from puberty a STRONG and POWERFUL adult, humans never quite finish developing and remain physical adolescents all their lives.
The reason for this is DOMESTICATION, as a result of agriculture and its consequences. Humans, just like cows and pigs and dogs and house cats, are domesticated animals, bred specifically so that we never reach full maturity. Just as wolves were selectively bred by humans into dogs, which remain adolescent all their lives and never grow up into the wild, untameable killing machines they're meant to be, ancient humans were selectively bread by WHEAT into passive, childlike modern humans who will never see the true power their ancestors wielded. This process continues today, and has accelerated since the industrial revolution.
If you're wondering why you felt, at age 13, that you were as mature as the adults around you, it's because you were CORRECT. You reached the point, roughly, at which all modern humans stop developing and maturing.

In summary:
>what age do people become mature at
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Where would the prefrontal cortex fit in that juvenile gorilla skull?  That's my answer to that entire nigger rant.  Nice try, Koko.
This is why 12 year olds can consent.
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I can't believe gorillas are posting on this site right now.
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>the convicts didn't have enough with resurrecting every night they've now brought orangutans too
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