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i just figured out why our daughters wear blue hair and its depressing
its because we are a minority now
to avoid getting raped by tyrone because she looks better than everyone else, she has to dye her hair blue to signal that she's pro LGBTQT++ or something, to make them think shes not a perfect being, so they wont rape her out of contempt. we are like  the jews now, using these dishonest ways of living as leeches in a mostly black nation
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we will never be "like the jews"
whites either exist or not, degenerate them over countless millenia. they stop existing, they become mutts.
these are difficult times, it will prove whether the white race will survive and get its shit together or doom the planet to be destroyed
either way is fine by me, i hate living.
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Although racial purity (which could simply be written as "not losing what one has") is a noble pursuit, the end of race-mixing isn't "mutt", it's a new and different type of race. Mongolo-Africans != Anglo-Swedes != Italo-Iranics.
"White" as a term should be retired. "White" people are genetically "European", or perhaps "Germanic" and those more accurate terms should be used. Though perhaps the "white" moniker is a nod to elfs, whose name means white or shining, I still think it's done more harm than good.
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White as a term already can only makes sense to ameriniggers (both north and south), since their genetics contain so much from here and there they can't be labelled as anything that has been established prior. Yuros, as fucked as they're going to be, can still say they're from here or there as a source for identity.
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American people are descended from Europeans, so that'd be fair
>>132346 (OP) 
that girl is pretty
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She's got so much paint caked onto her face.  How can you tell?
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i think he means with the makeup on
>>132346 (OP) 
The only way to save the White race is to mate with asian women. Half asians are still White, just like Germans are White, and British are White.
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I wish women would just try to be cute and lovely and have actual personalities instead of doing all this gay shit.
wait, what?
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