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The previous thread >>100027 had been bumplocked long ago. Here's a new one just in case.

Amuse yourself with words, day goes in light and dark cycle.
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Whatever happened to 8chan.pl? I'm not talking about blacked.cp, but the other secondary 8chan during the time of prime.
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>acts like an oldfag, talking about lifting and getting into fights
>works in fucking IT as a pencil neck nigger
Man am I glad I don't believe a single god damn thing an anon says they do in their personal life.
>have a huge crush on the delivery driver at work
>she now enters my thoughts whenever I fantasize about a normalfag life

I was born to suffer.
>so deprived of attention that you fantasize about any girl who chooses to interact with you
I was born to suffer-er
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>so thirsty for affection I actively stalk any girl that's a 5/10 on the mating scale
I was born to the sufferest.
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Ask her out, fag.
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>ask her out

Reading comprehension nigger. But seriously I don't intend to do that any time soon if ever. I honestly have no idea how old she is for one, and I also have a shit job for someone my age.
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Ask her out. If you leave it as is your fantasies will just spiral out of control and you'll keep falling in love more and more. 
It's better to get rejected or maybe get lucky and get a date, than it is to stay in love with a girl.
Trust me, I know.
All this doubt and insecurity will get you nowhere, job should be irrelevant. A woman who actually likes you won't value based off of your monetary worth you know?
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You never know
I scored with a goth girl a year away from my wizardom
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Was she a virgin or some nigger's sloppy seconds?
Replies: >>131370
Probably slimy fourths.

There might be some confusion. She's a FedEx driver. I have no idea who this woman is om a personal level.
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Nigger just go up to her and say you think she's cute and ask her out.
Replies: >>131409
If it's really that simple I will be very upset.
Replies: >>131417 >>131426
It's not, only normalfags can muster the courage to ask women out. If you do it, then you are a normalfag INSTANTLY.
You'll get nervous as shit but if you get the words out you'll at least get an answer.
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what's that smell
>I have no idea who this woman is on a personal level
>have a huge crush on the delivery driver at work
I take this to mean you see her regularly or have done so at least several times. You know her, just not her name. Try getting your foot in the door by introducing yourself if she doesn't already know.
There is something really satisfying about disabled comments in media. It's like admitting your product/opinion is shit without actually saying it.
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>As a reminder, Windows 8.1 will reach the end of support on January 10, 2023

>remind me tomorrow

I hate this  blue screen and I was too lazy to do anything now I have to suffer like this.
I feel like I am missing out in a topic of conversation since I do not follow any sports. But holy shit I can't stand my co workers talking about it. Bunch of old men talking like armchair generals.
Just like,  install Linux
Was a honeypot, one guy got arrested based off a post he made according to himself on 8chan.
How do we get more cool people here?
Invite people from Reddit and 4chan :^)
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I don't fucking know. I wish I did, this site has a decent enough community already considering its size and everything that happened to the webring and 8chan Prime. But I really wish we had more users.
/b/ was at its best when there were 10 posts an hour then everyone tried to get more users and now here we are, too many users to be comfy and not enough to interesting assuming for the best that more users=good which it usually doesn't.
People aren't cool anymore. Don't invite anyone lest the site goes to total shit please.
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Wuts poppin' my niggas? Again. Didn't mean to spoiler the image.
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good afternoon i hate womyn
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Hey black person?
My papa said your kind likes these fruit stuff very much, i wanted to give you one.
good evening i hate womyn futa might be ok though
Why does ryuko have such a fat ass?
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I really don't see the appeal to futa. I'm not even all that vanilla, but futa is pretty fucking gay. Yes I know there are two women involved, but you gave a woman a fat cocktail. How is that not gay?
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A gf wud b nice tho
Futa is both gay and not gay, as there's benis, but also boobs and pussy, so it's effectively neutral. Also,
>two women
Nigger, I will be the one fucking and sucking the futa until we both cream.
Replies: >>132133
>both gay and not gay
>I will be the one fucking and sucking the futa until we both cream

Replies: >>132134
It's not gay. It's not gay when she sucks my dick. It's not gay when I lick her delicious pussy while her throbbing dick gets erect. It's not gay when I fuck her pussy nice and hard while her dick swings around in full 360 degree motion. 
Just because the futa has a feminine penis does not mean it is gay to fuck her.
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My posting frequency has slowed down to a near halt because I post exclusively through except for maybe 3 occasions. I can't post any of the webms or engage in interesting discussion because tor exit nodes keep getting banned. I think I'll just buy a VPN even though I barely make any money. Recommend me some decent and retard-friendly VPNs. I am thinking about Mullvad at the moment.
Replies: >>132136 >>132137
>post exclusively through except
meant to say 'post exclusively through tor except'
why don't you use the onion then you dumb motherfucker?
Replies: >>132280
mostly what >>132134 says while also knowing that it exists only in fantasy and can never be acted out in reality without being gay
Read, nigga, read!
bosting on beeeee
>tfw actually have plans this weekend but don't even feel like doing it anymore

I'm going to do it, but I hate that feeling. I always seem to want to sabotage myself.
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>armored balls
Replies: >>132506 >>132614
You are wrong.
most important part of the body
dogtor said that i have prostatitis. fugg.
she also put finger up in my ass. double fuggg.
i'm so fucking tired of being alive not just tired but exhausted i feel like this world is some type of abstract hell or prison that i've been sent to

i am too big of a pussy to an hero but i want to the only problem is i'm scared of what comes after. especially if this is hell / a prison i am scared that it will only get worse after i die. i see very few outcomes of my life outside of being something like a drug addict or even more of a fucking loser. i am so socially retarded it hurts to talk to people. it's agony to be here any fucking longer and i just want it all to end.
Welcome the human race.
Replies: >>132514
10 years? 40 years? 200 years? how about I'm doing none of them
Know that feel. I won't end it just because of my parents. It sucks having a reason to exist, but not a reason to live.
Replies: >>132519
What did your parents do?
Replies: >>132520
Love and support me.
Replies: >>132529
Lucky you
Replies: >>132530
I'm miserable and blessed, which makes me miserable because I am blessed.
Replies: >>132531
I'm plainly miserable
Alright enough sadposting. Anyone got weekend plans? I'm going out into the desert with my telescope. Hopefully I can actually get it working this time.
Replies: >>132551
Ah that's super cool anon. Is there anything in particular you can see around this time, or are you just star gazing? 

I'm throwing a LAN party with some of my mates for the weekend.
Replies: >>132558
My telescope is a pretty big boy. It's a refactor telescope with a 10" aperture and a 1000mm focal length. I've only ever seen planets with it, but I want to see deep space objects. Plus there's a comet that I want to try to see.
Replies: >>132562 >>132563
you need to either be in the fucking desert or use a big ass reflector telescope for that, the mirrors to capture light are gigantic compared to lenses youll see way more but with less magnification
Replies: >>132567
>Plus there's a comet that I want to try to see.
Are you going to look for that green comet, C/2022 E3?
Replies: >>132567
I mean reflector telescope, my bad. I will also br in the desert. Fuck it's going to be cold. 

It's not going to be the closest to the earth as it could be, but Saturday is a new moon and a clear night so it's a good day to be out there.
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Actually more feminine and less shitty than modern MtG art.
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>Not using windows 7
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>that typing style
>admitting to having been underageb& two days ago
Are you genuinely fucktarded? Stop typing as if this was your discord channel.
I saw a man today with a comb over. He was almost completely bald except for the sides and a few strands of hair swept over to "cover" his balding head. I think it's both pathetic and pointless to do such a thing.
Replies: >>132683
what if I dig that park child molester look?
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Take refuge in the fact you're not somewhere worse and can afford to sit around at least, here you don't even have the luxury to act like that because if you don't have your shit together working a very skilled job or being an academic you're immediately shipped off to the wintertime frontline to lose limbs or die.
She's a messican.
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Quick faggots, I need stories. Stories of the first furry convention. Specifically the convention where on the last day the organizer who thought it was a good idea leaned on an elevator wall only to get his back covered in semen.
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>the convention where the organizer got his back covered in semen
Why would I know that?
Replies: >>132774
Because I discovered one of my family members honestly believes furfags are just innocent people who like dressing up as rainbow sports mascots and he needs a dose of painful reality, and I don't think e621 will cut it.
Replies: >>132775
i just know furries suck good dick
and with the costume you dont even know if its a boy or girl
>like cute oneshot mangas 
>have mangadex filters set to give me only japanese comics in English
>all the cute looking oneshots are translated by spics and huemonkeys
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Wish you people well.
Is there any real reason anime is so popular now? It used to be something you kept under your hat, but now I see it everywhere. My cousin owns a Goku hoodie, but has never seen a episode of Super. Every day I see dirty weebs and their shitboxes covered in anime stickers. At least once a week I see a car plastered in borderline pornographic pictures of anime women.
Why are posts deleted from the QTDDTOT thread?
>My cousin owns a Goku hoodie
To be fair, Dragon Ball has always been this popular; Westerners who grew up with it probably didn't even regard it as anime.
My hunch is that anime is tapping into newer demands that grew out of the staleness and deafness of Western media (to the point where even normalfags find it intolerable); another contributing factor might be the immersive experience that only anime can provide, as we live in an increasingly fractured and detached society (more and more people are becoming socially inept from overexposure to the internet) and people are ever more yearning for indulgent fantasies as they alienate themselves from reality (which would explain why isekai is the most popular genre). As usual, normalfags are adopting media they once scorned; same thing happened with vidya. It takes time for those things to gain momentum and realize their potential.
Replies: >>133439
This is a good analysis.

This happens to the vast majority of niche interests. You must be young. After you’ve been around a while, you’ll see the obscure things you once loved taken over and ruined by normies. This happens over and over throughout time.
I can't believe people who make more money than me have to work less. How can this be possible??
Replies: >>133460
Every single fast food store general Manger's are all poo Indians. These High-Earning Men are using poos and Arabs to work extra hard.
Wendys == Indian poo managers
Douncin donuts == Indian poo Manger
Starbucks ==  Indian poo managers
burger king == Indian poo managers

Only chick-fia and Mcd's don't hire poos as mangers for some reason but half Mcd's managers are niggers.
sorry for tripple posting but I don't understand why Indians keep buying out every franchise store and where these poos live, in my day to day life I rarely see any poos outside of work.
Replies: >>133464
cheap and reliable income, selling pig slop to the population is a great way to make a stable living
I had a funny dream last night where sleepy anons were just hanging out in this plaza in some small town. I was hanging out with some /fascist/ anons when a gaggle of normals came around. I sperged out, throwing my right hand into a Roman salute and chanting, "SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL!" The other anons did the same. 
As it turns out, a bunch of spergs randomly chanting Sieg Heils made us look like idiots, so people didn't like us. Despite this, we somehow managed to befriend the townsfolk and even make the town a better place. 

Moral of this dream? Fuck if I know lmao
Replies: >>133570 >>133603
Screaming Sieg Hail in a plaza sounds like a great idea, i might try doing that tomorrow.
What's a good board to blog to myself?
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I don't like my dreams. They're either bad or needlessly violent. Today I had a dream where I simply killed all of my coworkers for where I work. I don't know why I did it. I had no reason to kill them; I don't hate them or anything. After the killings I left the scene of the crime and walked around a bit in some sort of post-murder headache. I returned to the murder scene because I remembered that I left that place a mess. When I came back, everything was all tidy and cleaned up. I then saw my boss and realized that he wasn't there when I was killing everyone. I walked to him and he asked me, "You killed everyone, didn't you?" I put my head down and said, "Yeah, I did. I don't know why I did it though. I'm sorry." And then I woke up.
Replies: >>133611
I had a dream where I met Mark Mann in a Walmart or some other store and I got locked in and the lights shut off this can't mean anything good
Replies: >>133611
I feel like I have two dream categories. Desires or completely random. Haven't had a sex dream in ages, so most of my dreams are my subconscious desires for friends and ambitions. I often go to sleep hoping to have a Dostoevsky-esqre fever dream where I gain true understanding of myself and wake up a new man. I've yet to have that dream not to say that it's even a possibility to make change that easy.
Replies: >>133611
The way you describe this dream makes like your boss was just disappointed in you, and you were like a little kid getting in trouble, which is pretty funny.
I swear I had one with Mark Mann in it, but for the life of me I can't remember it other than he was being a big idiot.
My dreams are usually linear with somewhat coherent plots, although sometimes there's non-linearity where I try to do things multiple times. A common quirk with a lot of these dreams is that they're framed as movies or video games, and sometimes I'll have game elements like accessing my inventory or loading a save to avoid a bad end.
I think the only dream that felt like a fever dream was when I dreamt I coughed up a mucusoid rat and told a bunch of people that they were in a dream.
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What kind of mouth breather would ever give this kind of shit as a gift? I've seen t shirts with a similar theme. Something like a paragraph calling the wearer a badass for being a plumber or some shit.
Replies: >>134333 >>134336
Another unfortunate case of erotic anorectal violence!

Rectal impaction following enema with concrete mix
"This article describes an unusual rectal foreign body resulting from homosexual anal erotic activities. The patient had used an enema containing a concrete mix which became impacted and required surgical removal. The use, abuse, and complications of enemas are reviewed. " -- https://doi.org/10.1097/00000433-198708020-00019
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>japanese zoo
>sole gibbon is pregnant 
>zoo doesn't know why
>take DNA test from child
>DNA shows father is a monkey from a neighboring cage 
>still confusing since exhibits are separated by a wall not a fence
>zoo finds a 9mm hole in the wall

tldr; whore monkey gets pregnant via glory hole.
americans. america is some type of fucked up simulation. Americans are also the same type of people who wear "DONT FUCK WITH ME IM A  CERTIFIED FORKLIFT DRIVER BORN IN 1973" and more specifically baby boomer americans who are the least self aware scumfucks on this planet america is a cursed country I hope God nukes us soon
Replies: >>134365
She'll dry up like a sponge under the sun on a hot summer day.
Replies: >>134338
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you don't understand american culture
Replies: >>134339 >>143573
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Replies: >>143573
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I was dancing on the dance floor but nobody else was dancing. I didn't get laid but I got the whole party knowing my name and I view this as a positive. three girls approached me but the DJ was a fag and cucked me by shutting the party down. Maybe when I approach her next time I will get some.
Replies: >>134344 >>134375
Are you the infamous "niggerchu"?
Replies: >>134346
[Hide] (45.5KB, 518x389) Reverse

no sir. I am not.

Is self importance an American thing? I can understand self confidence, but I've seen massive losers act as though they are important in some way, shape, or form. My co worker, for example, is 65 and has worked simple warehouse jobs since he got out of the army over 40 years ago. Yet he carries himself with an air that he thinks he's better than those around him.
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What the hell, where do you live where there are dance floors?
All currentniggers do now is drone to gay ass spic beats and look like faggots.
Replies: >>134424 >>134472
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just got my first onahole. can barely keep it in without cumming
time for round 2 of desensitizing my dick
Replies: >>134407 >>134409
what onahole did you get?
[Hide] (642.9KB, 2016x1512) Reverse
cow girl, heres a pic of it i stole off some blog
Please post a picture holding your onahole. I need it for personal use.
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Masturbation is wrong.
Replies: >>134465
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propaganda from leddit doesn't count
Replies: >>134471
Hi rabbi. You have a typo there btw.
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I may or may have crashed a party. The restaurant was bought out from someone for the whole night or at least I thought but apparently they stopped out nowhere when it 9pm right on the dot.
>be wizard
>talking with my mom
>says my grandma was wondering if I was interested in getting set up with a woman
>just laugh it off 

An intriguing proposition, but I'm skeptical.
Replies: >>134478
how does it feel to be a genetic dead end?
Replies: >>134479
Well my brother reproduced so the pressure is off.
Replies: >>134494 >>134565
[Hide] (161.2KB, 480x360, 00:02)
If that's true then you have nothing to lose from accepting help from your family. I want to bash your skull in for sake of envy. I wish anyone in my family cared that much about me and my progeny and you squander it.
Replies: >>134495
But anon, what if she's fat? :^(
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Earthquake hit where I live hard enough to break some stuff around the house. But I doubt any real harm is going to come.
They're pretty scary, the feel is like being in a boat that's getting shifted around by light waves or a shitty jenga tower that's having a piece picked out of it. You feel like the floor is wobbling under you and your vision is all trippy because of it, which would actually be a fun feeling if it weren't for knowing that you could die as it's happening. The sounds are the scarier part, hearing every drawer and cabinet in the house open back and forth while the building is making croaking noises, not sounding like it's doing a good job of withstanding. It's also out of a horror movie when it hits at night and the lights start flickering, that's when I personally thought I was dead. Made me realize that you don't think anything special when you believe you're about to die, you just wait for it because you're too busy thinking "wtf im gonna die thats crazy", there's not really any room to make your amends or anything because it takes too long for that to register.
Can't do anything about it once it starts either, especially if you're high up in the apartment like I am. Probably more dangerous to try to go down than to wait it out. Just have to hope the third world structure you're in can handle it. The ass-clenching is strong because it's totally unpredictable when it'll end or what will happen, I think another thing that would be like this is getting shelled, in both situations all you can do is wait and count on your luck. Talked to someone who has gotten through a lot of shelling and they said sure.
It's still going on at the moment, but not anything strong. Just a nice dose of heart thumping twice a night.
Replies: >>134588 >>134650
I went on a hike yesterday. Climbed up a mountain and got to overlook hundreds of miles of desert.
I was watching an old Simpsons clip today. In the background was the power plant smokestacks which were billowing green smoke. Which it weird considering nuclear is one of the cleanest forms of producing energy. I really had not noticed how much nuclear energy bashing the Simpsons had overall.
I hate you
Replies: >>134575
I hate me too.
>Made me realize that you don't think anything special when you believe you're about to die, you just wait for it because you're too busy thinking "wtf im gonna die thats crazy", there's not really any room to make your amends or anything because it takes too long for that to register.
just had something like this today, i saw something like a bright flash outside and i honest to God through it was a nuke, even though I'm nowhere near any hostile power i saw the flash (which was probably just me moving my head and the light from the blinds hitting me in the face for a split second) and just kinda sat there waiting for the shockwave, like "oh so this is the end, ok". then after a few seconds when nothing happenend and I didn't get Skynet'd the feeling was still there. dumb things like this that make you realize mortality.
What the FUCK has Tamamo no Mae been doing for the past few months? Ever since masterminding Shinzo Abe's assassination, it seems like she's been quiet.
Replies: >>134646
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2000x1375) Reverse
Have patience.
She's working on her next plan.
Replies: >>134647
Crashing this economy with no survivors?
Holy shit , you ok buddy?
>Co worker is out sick 
>other Co worker likes country music but doesn't play it because sick Co worker hates it
>I'm mostly indifferent because I wear headphones 
>been 5 days so far with mostly garbage country music blasting 

Holy shit I hate modern country so bad. It's basically just pop with a cowboy hat. A good chunk of it has a backing track like all garbage nigger music. The lyrics sound like a checklist of what a stupid redneck would love. 
The other half sounds more like a boy band as though the singer is speaking to a woman.
Replies: >>134669
[Hide] (150.2KB, 1280x850) Reverse
try listening in to bluegrass instead of that modern country garbage
Replies: >>134672
I'm not listening to it by choice. I just don't have control of the radio.
[Hide] (45.3KB, 731x540) Reverse
going to be moving to a casino-filled area soon, how do i make the house my bitch?
Replies: >>134777 >>134780
Count cards at the blackjack tables, it's the easiest and most likely way to get money. I'd recommend being careful doing that, however, as you will get your ass kicked out if you're caught.
Replies: >>134778
they use fuckhuge decks (at least 10 decks of 52), not sure I have the attention span or the mental capacity to do that
>those lucky digits
Replies: >>134785
buy a stripper cut deck of cards magic cards don't get the the hindi magic cut or whatever it is called and play poker with them. You could also learn some fake shuffles that look similar to the raffle shuffle but you need to have a quick hand otherwise it becomes obvious what you are doing
That's not what counting cards means in blackjack. So when you start a game, you've got a count of 0. For every 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 you get, you add +1 to that counter. For every 10, K, Q, Jack, or Ace (unless that counts as a 1) you get, you subtract -1 from that counter. If you get 7, 8, or 9, that's just 0. For example, if I draw a 7, and then a Queen, I'll be at -1 and I should stop there becausee it's more likely I will go over if I keep going. And always stop at 16, unless you're willing to risk your money.
There's a little more to that where you count the true average, but I'm not well-versed with that.
I am concerned about the amount of furry and pedo posting.
Replies: >>134872 >>135756
[Hide] (326.6KB, 320x240, 00:10)
Replies: >>134875
Agreed. They are subhuman.
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A $400,000 missile to pop a balloon, and one missed. How do you miss a slow moving balloon?
Replies: >>135489 >>135530
The missed missile was on the UFO over Lake Huron, not the balloon.
Replies: >>135577
[Hide] (113.3KB, 794x1024) Reverse
It's over for USA.
Replies: >>135539
Dumb esl poster
Replies: >>135540 >>135643
eat my arse of hole america idiot
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I was trying to craft a witty post for this thread and then I knocked over my coffee mug because my chair malfunctioned and coffee (WITH MILK!) spilled all over my battle station and dripped and pooled down onto this carpeted floor, so I'm going to leave it at this blogpost for now because I have some cleaning up to do. Fuck this gay Earth, REEEEEEE!, etc.
moot point, the UFO flew halfway around the other side of the ocean, by the time it got shot down enough whatever info was already collected.
<muttmerican seething
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YWNBAW Agent tr00n
Replies: >>135756 >>136964
i know right? that faggot even deleted three of my posts under the guise of cuckchan excuse https://archive.is/APDta fortuately i saved them beforehand

>YIFF IN HELL https://archive.is/qQMCO https://archive.is/YJuVU (not gonna write down just leave it here)
In denial much? i bet you secretly get of to this judging by your personality traits as expected the over moderation is a dead giveaway.
>also still thinking /hebe/ is a thing
wow im quite surprised you havent deleted the loli thread on /v/ yet. Hypocrisy much? though atleast you did a good job redtexting the brony troon poster

https://archive.is/5gQc5 (this is important gotta save those redpills inb4 unhinged)
the archives themselves https://archive.is/jlh3c https://archive.is/q47Z2 https://archive.is/q3067 https://archive.is/t1bvL https://archive.is/e3VFT

already archived the image might be useful later on
I literally do not know what to do with my free time. I'm so tired of consuming, but I don't know what I even would do if I was confident in doing anything at all. I still find myself looking for a distraction rather than being alone with my thoughts.
>makes a living on having EBIL WHITE MEN do zer work
I want to get into a fist fight with a troon so fucking bad at this point just so i can have a reason to kick their ass
Start making instead. Even if it's pure shit, it's better than being a mere consumer.
download hebe porn
it's quite addicting
Replies: >>136976
>caveman brain so devoid of oxytocin I constantly find excuses to hug my mom, who is the only female that talks to me
I was born to be suffering
why is this name fag pedophile still allowed here.
Replies: >>137061
Take up an activity that gets you out. Cycling, hiking, bowling, golfing, etc.
Kill spics. Behead spics. Roundhouse kick a spic into the concrete. Slam dunk a spic baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy beaners. Defecate in a spics food. Launch spics into the sun. Stir fry spics in a wok. Toss spics into active volcanoes. Urinate into a spics gas tank. Judo throw spics into a wood chipper. Twist spics heads off. Report spics to ICE. Karate chop spics in half. Curb stomp pregnant brown spics. Trap spics in quicksand. Crush spics in the trash compactor. Liquefy spics in a vat of acid. Eat spics. Dissect spics. Exterminate spics in the gas chamber. Stomp spic skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate spics in the oven. Lobotomize spics. Mandatory abortions for spics. Grind spic fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown spics in taco grease. Vaporize spics with a ray gun. Kick old spics down the stairs. Feed spics to alligators. Slice spics with a katana.
Replies: >>137016
Just read any of his posts.
good question
[Hide] (15.4KB, 93x140) Reverse
i hate what theyve done to cod zombies
idk about the gameplay first-hand cause i dont play the shit they spew out now, ive heard that the cold war one is okay to play or whatever but thats probably just people awarding mediocrity as always.
not like simply playing waw with custom maps isnt always gonna be infinitely better than anything else zombies related. idfk why you would play anything else. though at the end of the day its still cod zombies and gets boring after 2 sessions with people
but whatever i just mean the tone they have now. even if they somehow had the gameplay itself better than anything from before, itd still be fucking cancer because they bought into this bright feelgood candy color palette that every game needs to have now because of fortnite and valorant
just about every single area looks like an unreal engine game with a shader mod slapped on it
this is "the thing to say" now and its kinda aids but still its just cool how they actually cared about the creepy feel of everything in old cod
it wasnt in just zombies either, waw had the unnerving feel down in general. all in the campaign, the multiplayer maps and zombies. theres spots in some maps that you can only get to by getting out of bounds and it plays fucked up sound effects. thats what gives kids nightmares and thats cool
anyway now you need to have at least ten things glowing purple/orange on your screen at all times so its really hard to feel anything
even if the visuals werent shit, its still ruined by that you also need to have at least 20 hud elements telling you very obvious things (that you cant turn off)
and you need to have several characters you dont care about constantly spouting generic exposition in zombies because thats what the gamemode is known for 
i also find it funny how they have awards popping up on the screen now whenever you headshot a zombie or kill any more than one
because thats something u need to have your screen even more bloated for than it already is
imagine if you loaded into verruckt in world at war and you shot a zombie and
popped up on your screen taking up a quarter of the space
and then so for the entire fucking duration of the game and you couldnt turn it off
also you didnt have to figure out where to go and the map had zero sense of mystery to it because theres icons on your screen telling you where the perks and everything is. there was guidance in the older maps but it was cool because it was always in the map itself, like writing on the walls. not a hud element
oh and if some guy talked for half a minute at the start of the first round telling you everything 
that would absolutely ruin the feel the map had right
what a piece of shit
also theyve completely turned down the difficulty 
people get to round 100 on their first try playing the new maps and thats pretty dumb
sure a lot of the older maps did boil down to repeat the same thing many times but there was still strategy involved in figuring that out
they also did away with the early game risk
u cant even go down in two hits in the maps they release now i think lol. u have to absolutely braindead to lose. the fun of the early rounds in the older games was that until you got jug you could still easily go down from a mistake, but thats gone, its like you have jug times 5 from the beginning now
they also removed the little point optimizations like pistoling and knifing. u dont get points from dealing damage anymore just killing so it doesnt matter whether u knife or shoot. so the entire early game is running around meleeing and its boring as hell from how it looks
anyway its just shit
at least the reason is clear
its cause they make games for black people now
it needs to be simplified down to the bone cause anything more is too much to figure out for your average console player who bought the game to play for two hours and never pick up again
u need shitty redundant awards popping up on the screen constantly because retards needs that to feel like theyre doing good
thats been a thing in cod since forever though ig. just never this badly
the best thing about modern warfare 2 is that they made it so when you kill people +100 pops up on your screen
in modern warfare 1 it was only +10
they made the number higher just because it evokes more dopamine in peoples brains and thats p genius
also maybe its just my eyes failing me at this point but i can barely tell what the fuck is happening while watching gameplay of the new mw2 cause of all the visual bloat. idk whos idea it was to make it so you have smoke covering your screen whenever youre shooting because i would refuse to play any fast-paced arcade shooter that does that.
fucking cod trying its ass off to try to be a milsim-arcade hybrid now because they had one mission that people liked
and i like the thing they do where they launch the game off making people think theyre gonna not put visual aids in it and keep it grounded. then a week after release they add football team uniforms
its also great how warzone 2 still has incredibly obvious out of bounds areas
like holy shit a buddy showed me a few spots over a month ago and theyre still in the game
its not even a tricky exploit or anything. you literally just go prone in an area and get under the map and u can kill anyone that comes near. this is made by a 60 billion dollar company
i think the only ever acceptable iteration of "look youre doing good" in a game is the unreal tournament announcer lines and things close to it. thats it
Replies: >>138355
Do you have Black Ops 1 on PC?
Replies: >>138359
[Hide] (125.5KB, 856x1102) Reverse
yes but only on the plutonium client which kinda sucks
five is probably the most fun ive ever had playing zombies with people, its not the best in terms of level design but everything else about it makes it fun
but objectively speaking i think waw is best cause with custom maps you can just have everything future games have anyway except with better core gameplay

also did you know that in black ops 1 lore einstein was/is a part of the illuminati and its set in the same universe as apocalypse now
Replies: >>138362 >>138412
You could've bought Black Ops 3 during the Steam Sale which has ten times as much modded content. Or maybe not, because it requires beefy hardware.
Replies: >>138362 >>138364
meant for
[Hide] (810.8KB, 1013x1433) Reverse
right i could hardly run bo1 lol 
thats also why five was best because you get much more fps when the entire map is an enclosed area
trying to train on verruckt with 10 fps and retarded randoms joining to mess things up is hard but kind of fun
and do you know how iron-willed randoms are in bo1
its like nothing ive seen my entire life playing games 
we werent 4 people when i played and couldnt have private lobbies, so when a random joined the lobby we had to let them die and leave a crawler until they got tired of waiting and left the game. because theyre annoying and nobody wants to play with them running around
more often than not they just sat there waiting for 10+ minutes just to respawn and i got bored before they did almost every time
the good part is that they just go and die again instantly because they only have a m1911 and thats most of the time when their patience runs out
but there was this one time where we legit waited an hour straight for someone to leave on ascension and they just didnt. it was a matter of grudge 
i feel kinda bad because were they really that desperate to play with people? then again they played like shit

and ya i bet bo3 has more workshop content and likely some more quality stuff on top of that
but its just that how waw plays, i like way more 
probably because its simply more challenging, so much so in some maps that getting to round 10 is an accomplishment
and u cant go wrong with the feel of playing some shitty decade old maps honestly
though ive never played bo3 so dont have a lot of ground to speak
Replies: >>138366
BO3 is about the same except it features wall running in certain flat walls, which are very scarce in zombies allegedly. I say allegedly because i only played a bit of the pirated campaign.
i browsed a certain other board and saw someone absolutely obsessed with you spamming daily threads, do you know what that was all about?
Replies: >>138367
[Hide] (446KB, 1968x1764) Reverse
oh really
if so cool enough
but im gonna pull the "jank = good" argument which is hard to replicate
>wall running
honestly doesnt sound enticing
because i already felt the movement in cod was a perfect simple to learn but hard to master system, and an extra gimmick would only hurt it
not having a lot of options is i think a part of the zombies and so not being able to simply wallrun your way out of a bad situation you got yourself into sounds better in line
to me its like if you wanted to add wall running to a game like quake, like its totally not necessary 
but im talking out of my ass having never played it. people like the game so its probably fun
its just genuine mental illness
its a person i played tf2 and cod with like a few times and they think they fell in love with me and want me to come live with them, and im too lazy to entertain it
but its a thing where itd just be anything else if it werent that, so its whatever
Replies: >>138370
There's definitely an appeal to the simplicity of it all, absolutely, that's why WaW/BO1 still have more players than most other entries in the series. However BO3 stands out to me because it's the one outlier in the series, critics hated it but players loved it and somehow it's the second most played (not counting Warzone/Mobile) game in the series to this day, during the Steam Sale it seriously peaked after they patched an online vulnerability with the online. 
In contrast shit like ww1, cold war, the new faggot one (vanguard?) etc are all deader than death itself.
>its just genuine mental illness
i could tell that the retard is clearly very unstable.
Replies: >>138373
[Hide] (706.8KB, 1000x1414) Reverse
>somehow it's the second most played
i think the reason for that might just simply be because its steam workshop supported
none of the other good games in the series have it, and they didnt even bother with it in the newer ones either. thats probably intentional because they dont want people sticking to playing older entries and buy their newer piece of shit for any new experience instead
and for whatever reason black ops 4 isnt even on steam at all lol
but yeah that one addition is enough for any game out there to stand the test of time, as long as the base is good
if waw's custom content was just as accessible instead of having to jump through hoops to get it working then itd probably be played a lot more as well
>critics hated it but players loved it
i bet thats because the critics looked toward the campaign and multiplayer side of the game which probably sucked a bit of dick, idk about the multiplayer but the campaign definitely did
while most of the playerbase just wanted to play zombies so thats all they needed to be good
and was this during the era where it was still cool to hate on cod even if it wasnt really that bad? maybe that too

i dont have anything else to go on about but another piece of trivia did you know cod zombies wouldnt even exist if it werent for a flash game
imagine making a flash game and its effect snowballs into one of the most recognizable titles ever
things are weird like that
I'm drinking so its time to visit /b/, and it must be time to visit /v/. For I am drinking.
I could play WaW too but don't feel like installing it. And most of the custom maps I see nowadays are wacky/joke maps instead of more realistic things. In case you might know it I saw a really cool one over a decade ago that was grey and foggy, and took place in some labyrinthine abandoned series of buildings.
[Hide] (71.7KB, 1440x1286) Reverse
>"have to" go to Mexico next month
>never had a passport
>really don't want to go so dragged my feet for a long time
>finally get application done
>suddenly news is claiming non stop that with high demand I will have to wait much longer for it
>not even a month in and I just got it

I'm beginning to think the media is full of shit.
Replies: >>139321
Sometimes you just get (un)lucky, anon
>>130770 (OP) 
Phone posting because I have no choice 

I lost my room because of a pipe bust in the wall. The plumber is drilling through the concrete because underneath the concrete water is coming out. My computer desk is completely gone because my desk was next the wall where the plumber cut through. I only noticed when my floor felt off like it wasn't flat parts of the vinyl floor was coming out. When I took the vinyl floor out ground underneath was completely covered by water. I never experienced a pipe bust but this was most disgusting thing saw.  The water heater in the garage is shut off, the kitchen is shut off because because the plumber I hired could not figure out which pipe it's coming from, the only thing I know is that it's not coming from the bathroom pipe.
[Hide] (675.7KB, 1134x1600) Reverse
Is that anon that makes touhou mmd's still on here?
Replies: >>139335
[Hide] (379.8KB, 1082x883) Reverse
Yes, tripsman I'm here.
Replies: >>139337
[Hide] (207.4KB, 400x1200) Reverse
What are primary characteristics that set the two sexes apart?
don't even bother responding you raging faggot
Replies: >>139371
[Hide] (786.5KB, 1038x1009) Reverse
>using wingblows
And the absolute worst version '(till win11 was created anyway.)'
I don't get this masochistic mindset, just get yourself a cheap USB stick from PNY or Sandisk or whatever that is at least 8GB in size and then flash a retard proof baby's first operating system OS onto it like Mint or PopOS!.
If you wanna play it extra safe though you could always buy purpose build hardware with Linux in mind like something from System76 if your in the USA, a Tuxedo laptop if your in Europe or Turkey, or a Valve Meme Deck if your poor. Bonus points for not giving Bill Gates more money to conqueror the world with.

Well easy for me to say though, I genuinely hate Microsoft and Bill Gates with damn near every fiber of my being. almost as much as I hate the United Nations.
And that hatred transcends my retardation.

Just use Mint, Pop, or Fedora. They're retard proof distros.
>t. professional retard
You deserve it.
[Hide] (820.7KB, 842x736) Reverse
>beating 2hu
>not beating 2hu
[Hide] (1020.3KB, 1080x1635) Reverse
Replies: >>139801
[Hide] (196.4KB, 452x254) Reverse
Bank had to apologize for picrel
[Hide] (270.2KB, 2508x3541) Reverse
I hate having to try patching up my rotting body every waking moment just to feel a little less disgusting.
Please kill me.
Replies: >>141019 >>141027
Patch up? Rotting?
What's going on? You're a troon?
Replies: >>141024
[Hide] (166.9KB, 266x435) Reverse
>You're a troon?
Nah. Disease, basically. Ruined my life. I literally have to fill holes in my body and check up on it constantly. 
Naming it makes it feel too real.
Replies: >>141025
How'd it happen? Or just bad DNA roll?
Replies: >>141026
[Hide] (117.2KB, 800x1218) Reverse
Both bad RNG and parents not caring. Bleh.
Replies: >>141029 >>141153
That's rough. 
Hope you are able to fully cope or fix it budy
[Hide] (4.3MB, 4032x3021) Reverse
I hate roller-coasters
I fucking hate roller-coasters 
I feel like I'm to die or end up in a vegetable state everytimeI go on one.  I remember in one ride  the safety restraints was too loose I almost jumped out of the seat a couple of times years ago I don't remember where I was but don't like roller-coasters anymore.
Replies: >>141149
[Hide] (61.1KB, 1200x921) Reverse
I was in one of those things that went way up before spinning around, but you sit in a plane and can control the wings with your arms.
The trick was to sway back and forth with your bodyweight and the wings up and down at the same time.
When you get in a spin you just hold one wing up and one wing down, and let the air and momentum spin you around.
There's a high-score list for the most spins done, I think it was over a hundred.

I remember finally getting the spin going, and I really accepted death in that moment. "If I die, I die." 
It was an unique experience. Didn't get the high-score though.
Replies: >>141151
[Hide] (670.2KB, 623x738) Reverse
it was very similar to picrel

I don't know why it made me feel like I might die more than any other ride I've ever been on.

Oh, but there was this one rollercoaster where the safety restraints crushed my balls the entire time and almost turned me into a tranny. That was hell.
How did you parents not care.
>tfw just spent more than a grand to larp as a cowboy

I don't make a lot of money, but I don't spend a lot either so it's really kind of a wash for me. I have two weddings to go this year and I think both are sort of western themed. I had to buy a hat and boots and I never would have thought I would have spent almost $300 on a fucking cowboy hat.
fucking lazypurple's silly servers have fucking literal-terrorists coming them. they shat up the place with tranny flags and sprays. 

Where the fuck is a good Silly server with god mode enabled for everyone where I can fuck around and not worry about either tranny leftoid antifags or wannabe-neo-nazi shitfucks?
Replies: >>141165 >>142751
[Hide] (65KB, 600x774) Reverse
>tf2 players are SJWs and degenerate hicks
[Hide] (9.8MB, 428x240, 02:09)
>god mode enabled
If you want to suck cock instead of play the game you can stay on your tranny servers.
[Hide] (220.1KB, 603x393) Reverse
Man, the board has gone to shit as of late.
What a shame.
Replies: >>143444 >>143564
>All the 'anony' posting
Is that all Fagatha posting or are other retards joining in as well?
Replies: >>143564 >>143780
a short update: i'm still snacking on the cookies that i baked
[Hide] (320.1KB, 188x360, 00:09)
[Hide] (54.6KB, 679x461) Reverse
One anony, maybe two anonies, copied me then spammed a bit.
[Hide] (332.4KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (311.5KB, 1200x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (257.4KB, 850x596) Reverse
Ahem, I would greatly appreciate it if you anons participated in my thread.
Thank you

God bless Idaho
[Hide] (118.3KB, 700x801) Reverse
Mandatory posting I guess...
Doesn't matter who it is since if you check the logs alexander dismissed all the reports. They have his blessing to shit up the place.
Replies: >>144097 >>144098
[Hide] (130.5KB, 623x1000) Reverse
Am I allowed to post in the thread even if I don't visit /b/?
No. Get the fuck out.
[Hide] (522.6KB, 786x1182) Reverse
Are you posting from the overboard?
Replies: >>143832
[Hide] (370.3KB, 640x797) Reverse
No, why would I do that?
Replies: >>143840
>No, why would I do that?
>Am I allowed to post in the thread even if I don't visit /b/?
How would you post here without using the overboard? Or were you not being serious?
Replies: >>144185
[Hide] (391.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>Can Paul WIN an $1800 bike by fixing an LG enV3 VX9200 smartphone?
But 90 percent were moved to the anony thread jackass. It's one autist trying to act like me but worse to get me censored when I'm actually far more less spammy than that.
Also, alex is just one, not all three. 

Replies: >>144099
>>144098 (me)
Or was there a forth that delet posts? Rapedick, beach-bird-of-terror, xander......
Replies: >>144100
OH, forgot sturgy.
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2400x3008) Reverse
Replies: >>144182
Got any Aubrey?
Replies: >>144184
Spoiler File
(147KB, 600x653) Reverse
Sure do.
Replies: >>144186
[Hide] (462.4KB, 1200x1378) Reverse
Anon it's not complicated. I never visit /b/ because I never leave.
Is this bitch from that RPG Maker game that /v/ is in love with?
Replies: >>144231 >>144289
Literaly who, from where?
Replies: >>144239
[Hide] (138.7KB, 320x244) Reverse
That's what I'm asking.
Replies: >>144278
[Hide] (44.1KB, 452x255) Reverse
The guy on first base?
Uncommon Time? How do you not know that game?
[Hide] (45.5KB, 180x180) Reverse
No He's talking about Umineko.
Wow, how could anyone not know about some obscure indie RPG Maker game...!?
Anyway, I looked it up, and it reeks of faggotry and SJWism. It's SUPPOSEDLY a Japanese game, but from my observation 90% of indie games on itch.io (and open source software) claiming to be Japanese, are actually made by westoid fags/troons LARPing as Japanese (some of which actually moved to Japan, but that still doesn't make them Japanese).
>Wow, how could anyone not know about some obscure indie RPG Maker game...!?
n e w f a g
[Hide] (64.4KB, 326x395) Reverse
>SUPPOSEDLY a Japanese game, but from my observation 90% of indie games on itch.io (and open source software) claiming to be Japanese, are actually made by fags/troons LARPing as Japanese
And you'd be right because the creator is a halfy jew.
"What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money." - Karl Marx

"It is now quite plain to me — as the shape of his head and the way his hair grows also testify — that he is descended from the negroes who accompanied Moses’ flight from Egypt (unless his mother or paternal grandmother interbred with a nigger). Now, this blend of Jewishness and Germanness, on the one hand, and basic negroid stock, on the other, must inevitably give rise to a peculiar product. The fellow’s importunity is also nigger-like." - Karl Marx
I've seen the threads, but I've never been arsed to watch one of the streams.
Replies: >>144347
It was a cult classic on 8chan's /v/ because anons hated the SJW shit and garbage writing so much they managed to fall in love with the potential for what was there, sort of like what happened with Goodbye Volcano High. If you ever want to play it, there are some anon-made remakes that are better than the original.
Me neither, honestly, although I wish I had.
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