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how do we get more users /b/? I mean without shamelessly shilling on every other IB in existence. I don't mind things being slow but I wish activity picked up a bit
>>1189 (OP) 
Do you really want cuckchanners and plebbitors ruining this place?
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>>1189 (OP) 
>>1189 (OP) 
We still have to wait for those "muh 6 months" type faggots to finally decide to settle in.
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the internet isn't made of cuckchan and reddit only retard
zchan had more people and activity within the first month it was up, this place already surpassed it in terms of longevity but it still lacks the activity
Replies: >>1205 >>1207 >>1237
You'll have to reach out old the anons from 8chan and maybe some oldfags from 4chan who never assimilated into 4cucks nu-culture. 8chan.moe is a good start, but there are too many cuckchanners, who seem to think everyone is ok with posting wojack and twatter memes.
Yeah it's also made of Twatters, discord trannies and facespergs as well.
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>the internet isn't made of cuckchan and reddit only
They're not only the majority, they also reproduce like fucking rats.
>hey subscribe to this subreddit
>hey join my discord
Hell, every friend i know is now either a discordfag or a plebbitor.
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there has to be untainted blood somewhere
Replies: >>1210 >>1237
The last I heard of 8chan anons since the exodis is that some went to cuckchan, some had to kept in contact with discord, or some might of even made a Twatter. We could try cucking out 8chan.moe from their users, but it would probably create more board drama and invite cuckchanners to this board.
Replies: >>1212
how about no? besides, of all sites, there is literally no need to cuck them out of users seen how they're eventually gonna make some other PR disaster and drive everyone out themselves
8kun.top has some decent folk. Obv avoid /pnd/ like the plague.
Replies: >>1232 >>1237
Last time I saw 8kuck there were cuckchanners on there.
Just post. The more each anon post, the more other anons will post. Effort has to be made.
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>the internet isn't made of cuckchan and reddit only retard
what >>1207 and >>1205 said
>there has to be untainted blood somewhere
The internetz is fucked as a whole, and only true places safe from normalniggery are obscure imageboards and sites.
>resorting to (((8kun)))
The last thing I want is Jim and his chink mutt son clawing their way here, same goes for the fat kike of .moe and the other fed informant
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ok but how do we get more actvity? we had more people on zchan, where'd everyone go?
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ok I checked 8kun, despite everything they still retains some 250-500 posts per hour sitewide, which is something that can't be said for any of the other alt imageboards, I tried to make a post on /random/ and /v/ but I was told to use the onion domain to post through tor, so I hopped onto that and what do you know, tor users can't post pics, ok no image attached I thought, but again nope, tor users aren't allowed to post at all on either board. so they ban loli and largely any image of anime tits, they ban tor from posting and they still got more activity than all the webring combined. are there any 8chan anons left there or is it literally qboomers and cuckchanners who took over?
Replies: >>1523 >>1542
I don't know about /b/ but every other board I check is always full of some schizo boomers, and I don't even mean /pnd/ which is just a slower version of 4chan at this point. The site is also so broken that I can't post at all anymore because it gives some error, viewing an image only works half the time, and the entire catalog occasionally reorganizes itself. I don't understand why anyone would use it besides complete ignorance about the existence of alternatives.
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Fuck no, this imageboard has an almost perfect amount of traffic.
>>1189 (OP) 
We absolutely do not need more users, but rather for anons to be more engaging in the conversation. Pushing for more users is the same mistake we made back on 8chan and look what happened? Normalniggers filled the fucking place and effectively killed it. The only real vulnerability of an imageboard is the amount of traffic it has. If it exceeds a certain threshold, that imageboard is good as dead. It has become not an imageboard, but a social media platform. Popularity kills everything, because normalniggers love attention and popular things are the tools they use to make themselves unique and interesting. So basically you are asking us how to destroy this place, you motherfucking piece of motherfucking shit. Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking motherfucking little bitch retard and never talk to me or us again.
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Make some good threads!
Most of active threads here are shitposty.
>ok I checked 8kun, despite everything they still retains some 250-500 posts per hour sitewide
Who gives a fuck about 8kunt's PPH when it's 99% retarded Qboomers.
>which is something that can't be said for any of the other alt imageboards
So?  Even when the GG and /pol/ exoduses happened, 4chin's activity still dwarfed 8chan's.
We don't need more users, we need more quality boards and threads. The focus of zzzchan should be quality over quantity. Only very few should know about this place or be here.
Replies: >>1572
>The focus of zzzchan should be quality over quantity.
<we need more quality boards and threads.
Pick one.  Boards and threads aren't improved by "making better ones" except in the case of fag BOs in the former and spam threads in the latter.  You improve them with quality posts.  Even a shit OP can be a good thread.
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For starters, don't ban people permanently for getting into your skin seagull.
Just because your[ friend/self] has been narcissistic injured.
But knowing your history, you already knew you wanted a clique.
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>Banned 1 hour for avatarfagging
>Ban evades and then acts surprised he gets banned again, this time for 2 hours
<Y-you're banning me PERMANENTLY and because ur mad!
Back to cuckchan, faggot.
Last edited by seagull
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I wouldn't know the timelimits on bans since fatchan doesn't respond them, especially when one has dynamic IP.
But you did delete your selfie.
Say, when are you starting fighting game nights, never ever?
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(2.9KB, 96x96)
Not him, but which fightan do you prefer? I've only played soku and 3s and I'm kinda curious about what you faggots want.
Replies: >>1697
(106.5KB, 1160x1702)
I'm down for both, even toasty fgotm tourneys, but banning waifuposting is more important to him than hosting a game at all.
We can even play the new AoS2 mod by mizuumi folks, or melty.
(61.7KB, 474x474)
>Still the derailing thread
Holy shit, how insufferable can you be?!?
I was on point talking 1) why would >>>/v/13125 play with Yoshitora on samspi 2) if you could cite your sources.
But if off-topic is your false flag to disdain players, my god, I'm glad you're a manchild without a prospective future to look forward to.
You're conspiracy is blatant at this point >>>/b/13191
Replies: >>1704 >>1709
Replies: >>1709
(514.3KB, 2232x3157)
This is super difficult for seagull to-do:

sage for retarded, also, nice kemono pfp.
Replies: >>1709 >>1712
What the fuck am I looking at here?
Replies: >>1710 >>1713
Seagull being extremely retarded, as usual:

Instead of say, hosting a single fighting game tournament, today, to celebrate anything, even spooky month, he prefers to stroke his ego.
Replies: >>1712
>avatarfags thrice
<no you're wrong, I didn't!
You can bitch all you want, you'll keep getting banned and your posts will keep getting deleted every time you derail that thread with your childish whining.
Replies: >>1720
(175.4KB, 1394x359)
(98.8KB, 910x358)
(88.3KB, 809x341)
- I made a post about a recent livestream event for the upcoming fighting game Guilty Gear Strive.
- A secondary post contained the official illustration for the newly announced character Giovanna.
- The guy you quoted, who is a /cow/ nigger, asked me to cite my sources for the post I made (and apparently the picture of Giovanna, but he didn't mention her).
- I told him he was an idiot because the only things I based my posts on were videos and livestreams for the event itself, and a couple of random social media posts.
- He continues to demand citations for my social media posts, and begins avatarfagging while accusing me of being an ArcSystemWorks shill.
- He is banned for avatarfagging by Seagull, a mod on /v/.
- He switches his VPN and returns, claiming that I am Seagull because that's the only way he could possibly be banned.
- He then spends an hour or two trying to find the picture of Giovanna.
- He finds the picture on the Guilty Gear fandom wiki, and some furfag who copied it from that wiki to post for attention on Twitter.
- He accuses me of being the furfag in addition to being Seagull.

I truly don't know why he came to /b/ to whine about it.  You have my apologies for being infected with his presence.  I've been putting up with him for more than two years now, and the only cure is to recognize what he looks like, delete his posts, and never reply except to call him a faggot.  I can go into more autistic detail if you're really curious, but it's not that interesting.
Replies: >>1717
I think I know enough.  File him along with niggerpill and tbhfag.
Replies: >>1720
Wait, this is about derailments?
Why don't you start with 80% of your off-topic banter you trogdolyte? That entire thread only has derailments!
Enjoy your clique!
Sure as hell you didn't complain when cancancuck continues to imagereact!
Let's see in a week if you make a lick change.
Replies: >>1722
>Enjoy your clique!
>you didn't complain when
>Let's see in a week if you make a lick change.
I don't even participate your tourney stream or whatever the fuck.  I primarily use /b/ on this site was simply curious and asked about your autism being posted in this totally unrelated thread.  Take your meds.
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ok but where did the 150+ users of zchan go? we aren't even gettin in the triple digits here wtf
Replies: >>2030 >>2032
Sorry, zzzchan is too cucked to live.
Replies: >>2036
The deaths of Fat and Z killed momentum.  Blackedchan absorbed most of the few people still willing to use imageboards in such trying times.
Replies: >>2033
there's a blackedchan?
Replies: >>2034 >>2035
8cake, see acid's shit fetish and shit waifu
Yeah.  BLACKED.moe  Owned by a fed gun dealing cuckold and moderated by an incompetent Jew.
Replies: >>2042
(3.9MB, 320x240, 04:17)
>>1189 (OP) 
You would need to find a hithertofore unmolested pocket of wit and amusement on the infinite expanse of the cyberwebs and then somehow convince them to come here as if futaba imageboards are the cutting edge of information sharing rather than a fucked out medium with far more popular sites to be had, but also to leave behind the place they came from as if it's now suddenly turned to shit because you brought forth to them the holy light of some third-rate offshoot of a far more established website. You wanna get more users? Start making this place better; make it a location people WANT to be at. Start cranking out original content of witty photoshops, amusing and perhaps arousing drawings, or maybe just bomb a bunch of places and namedrop the site so the name gets circulated. If you can't find a real draw then people will stick to what's already mainstream up to and even after it slowly sours from faggot infestations, because people are too lazy to slash and burn for the betterment of future crops.
>Muh Rulez ruins muh board
>I got banned for being a faggot
That's why he thinks that.
Replies: >>2070
>>1189 (OP) 
lynxfags are thinking about coming here
Replies: >>2053
literally who?
Replies: >>2058
(658KB, 1259x822)
(681.3KB, 745x607)
Replies: >>2063
(5.8KB, 250x250)
Why? What did we do to deserve the modern era?
Replies: >>2072 >>2078
Unironically this.
Replies: >>2087
Don't worry, there's more than meet the eyes. He's cool.
Men stopped beating their wives and children. Mercy is for the weak, both giving and receiving.
Did you enjoy the view? >:D
(94.2KB, 1080x1080)
>>1189 (OP) 
>how do we get more users /b/? I mean without shamelessly shilling on every other IB in existence.
That is exactly how you do it anon.  This site only exists as successor to Zchan.  Zchan only became a successor to Fatchan through getting Pasta to BO for /v/.  Zchan only got Pasta because someone other than Badmin invited him.  This person only found out about Zchan because Badmin linkspam shilled the site on various webring boards until people took notice of it.  This is why Zchan is was filtered on some webring boards even before anyone really used it.  Shameless shilling is why we're here.  Shilling is the answer.
Replies: >>2095
I think the best way to get more activity across any website on the webring is to shill the webring addon itself to smaller imageboards using compatible software. It's by far the least offensive least intrusive method of increasing activity across the board while also offering the possibility of increasing activity to those smaller boards themselves. So if anyone does feel like going on a shilling campaign that's how they should go about it. Don't advertise a specific website, advertise the webring addon itself to any lynxchan, vichan, or jschan instances that don't already use it.

Other than that I'd say only "advertise" specific sites in a private setting, like IRC chat rooms for niche hobbies or specific niche forums that you'd think attract the kind of poster that would effort post here. Just blanket spam advertising everywhere is obviously effective at increasing activity, but at significant cost to post quality and the possibility of bad actors learning about the place to attack. Shilling is an art, if you don't know how to navigate so you only reel in worthwhile posters then you shouldn't attempt it at all. You're just going to do more harm than good.

But the most important thing for activity is effort posts. Make good threads and good posts and you get more activity. Simple as that.
Replies: >>2095 >>2117
>Unironically this
Then go to another board and quit being a bitch.
(94.7KB, 676x676)
assuming that admin and bos here who don't want to shill anywhere are wrong and assuming that shilling IS the answer, that brings up another question: where do you shill? ideally you'd want remnants of the old 8chan community to come, but everything that's left of it already knows, so you're left with outsiders, but they're all even smaller very consolidated and compact communities which would probably NEVER bleed users, no matter how good you sell your shit. so where the fuck?
Replies: >>2096 >>2101 >>2126
>so you're left with outsiders
Therefore shilling is not the answer.
Replies: >>2098 >>2101
(27.8KB, 592x396)
then what is the answr
Replies: >>2101
The answer is shilling.  Outsiders are an inevitability.  Newfags are an inevitability. Youngfags are an inevitability.  Without them all sites are dooms to slowly die.  What matters is whether they assimiliate.  As long as new blood comes in a small enough trickle so as to not overwhelm the site, they can be bullied off for faggotry or bullied into assimilating.
Replies: >>2108
(456KB, 750x957)
The lack of users is representative of the decay of our society. Imageboard users are complete retards who prefer an imageboard that's literally moderated by a lying jew and owned by a guy who has more connections to the feds than Jim Watkins just because it has slightly better activity. The only reason they don't use 4chan is because this idea that "4chan is bad" was planted into their heads during the 8chan times, if 4chan rebranded itself as "8.8 chan" and switched to Tomorrow as the default theme, most of 8glow would go there and perceive it as a return of glory of imageboards. "Youngfags" think fortnite is the best game ever made and don't even comprehend the idea that discord could possibly do anything unethical or that someone would not want to use it. They don't see any problems with 4chan or spending 18 hours in front of the google captcha because that's what everything outside of handful of imageboards is like now, the only reason some of them even consider crossposting in these obscure imageboards is because it makes them feel special, like they're part of some secret club.

There's no way to grow the audience of zzzchan or webring in a meaningful way without also welcoming wojack edits and facebook frogs and tranny apologists and links to discord with open arms, because that's the only kind of people that exist. Any "trickle of users that we can bully into shape" will just leave because it's so slow here, why use this website when you can go to 4chan and get a nonstop 24/7 feed of dopamine? They don't see anything wrong with the "community" there, that's the norm for them, they think wojaks are hilarious. Other than that the only thing you can do is scrape the bottom of the barrel of obscure imageboards/ircs/forums for some oldfags and other weirdos.
(1.1MB, 878x881)
the final blackpill
Now with onion, huh? Bretty good.
t. visitor
>just because it has slightly better activity.
And why does it have better activity? Because of the GG circlejerk inflating PPH on /v/ which attracts more activity in other /v/ threads. The solution then is to have some dedicated circlejerk thread here and circlejerk our way to a higher natural PPH.  :^)
>The only reason they don't use 4chan is because this idea that "4chan is bad" was planted into their heads during the 8chan times, if 4chan rebranded itself as "8.8 chan" and switched to Tomorrow as the default theme, most of 8glow would go there and perceive it as a return of glory of imageboards.
No, even Blacked.moe knows various reasons why cuckchan is bad. Nothing could convince them to return besides the obvious cuckchan crossposters /v/ has always had. I'd say given the cirumstances, there's a much smaller proportion of anons on Blackedchan and throughout the webring who are cuckchan crossposters than during the past 4 years of h8chan.
>the only reason some of them even consider crossposting in these obscure imageboards is because it makes them feel special, like they're part of some secret club.
Guess what faggo? That's where most of 8chan's original GG exodus population came from. The newfags and youngfags at the time for the first time seeing how shit the industry is. There weren't nearly enough oldfags to populate 8chan as much as it was, even including cuckchan crossposters. Muh sekret club and the elitism that comes along with it was part of what make 8chan 8chan, along with hatred of normalfags.  Darkest reaches of the internet, embrace infamy, and all that jazz.
The closest thing I can offer to an official stance is that word of mouth is the preferred method of shilling. I believe new blood is a good thing but too much at once is a death sentence in the long run. Anons here have already outlined many of the problems we face in our current situation, but I'm of the opinion that we can grow. We saw growth over time in the 2 months zchan was alive and we've seen growth (albeit noticeably slower) here.

One of the best things I think we can all do is as >>2083 says. If a newcomer comes here and sees quality threads and posts they are more likely to stay. Either way, I'll keep building out the infrastructure of the site. Stability is also an important factor after all.
Replies: >>2124
(14.5KB, 447x378)
(39.9KB, 555x448)
stupid nigger what the fuck does "word of mouth" mean in the context of imageboards? it's just shilling the same way as any other you dumbass fucking nigger tier lowest spectrum of niggerness janny
Replies: >>2127 >>2165
Just assume I'm right and don't advertise if you don't know what I'm doing. I'm never wrong.
>calling the site owner a janny
This is your brain on cuckchannery
Replies: >>2128
Once a janny always a janny.
Newfags and cuckchanners must be forced to assimilate.
Replies: >>2165
Anyone who complains about the small amount of users for imageboards or any community when there is a constant flow of traffic is a kike or agent saboteur, why is everyone obsessed with growing things and making them bigger.
No it doesn't you fucking retard it means if you know then you know.
Yes, let's assimilate a population bigger than us and dumber than us with no regard to anything that has always worked.
(62.1KB, 1189x315)
>or any community when there is a constant flow of traffic
>constant flow of traffic
Replies: >>2168 >>2170 >>2171
Yes that is a fairly steady flow you dopamine addled twitterfuck. People like you are infuriating, why do you even come here if you want a constant flow of replies? If you filtered down the posts on rapid sites like cuckchan or twitter to the ones that are worth reading you'd have even less pph than here.
Replies: >>2171
(29.9KB, 475x533)
>Yes that is a fairly steady flow
I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting more growth than zzzchan is currently seeing. If someone is going around claiming boards are dead then they're faggots, but desiring a higher PPH than we currently have is understandable. I've often argued with retarded niggers who want to see hundreds and hundreds of PPH and how fucking miserable of an experience imageboards are at that speed. But there's a middle ground and I definitely don't think we've settled anywhere near it.

I'd like to see blacked.moe adopt webring support along with more sites. I think that's the least shitty form of exposure that reaps the most rewards for everyone. In a perfect world hovering around 50-100 PPH is a very comfortable state, if not pushing the boundaries a little. And we would be there ages ago if it weren't for meddling kikes.
Replies: >>2174
>Yes, let's assimilate a population bigger than us and dumber than us with no regard to anything that has always worked.
I didn't say or even imply we should assimilate a population larger than us, but rather a certain newfags and cuckchanners should be forced to assimilate.
Replies: >>2174
>Anyone who complains about the small amount of users for imageboards or any community when there is a constant flow of traffic is a kike or agent saboteur, why is everyone obsessed with growing things and making them bigger.
Also I agree with this, I said something like this back on zchan where I disagreed with some anons that we didn't need more people, but just needed quality discussions.
But the PPH is perfect and is the middle ground, it's cozy and has enough people to not be barren or flooded.
They will never because their enjoyment and knowledge of imageboards just comes from posting 9gag-tier jokes, just a place to take a dump then go back to Twitter and Facebook.
Replies: >>2176
Maybe for /v/ it's acceptable, but I think the lower end of what I'd personally find ideal activity is 20 PPH consistently. Having moments throughout the day/week where people don't post anything for hours is kind of lame.
Replies: >>2177
The only dead boards are /x/ and /tg/ which is somewhat niche and alive on /a/ respectively.  /fit/ is an info board and doesn't need constant posting and /r9k/ fucking sucks.
Replies: >>2178
I never said any board was dead. I explicitly said anyone that says boards are dead are just retarded. I said that there's nothing wrong with wanting to see some growth and higher PPH than the webring is seeing now.
Replies: >>2179
If the PPH is even half of what it was on 8ch that's too much especially for these small sites that already have limited funds.
Replies: >>2180 >>2186 >>2187
I guess it's a good thing 50 PPH is no where fucking near "half of what it was on 8ch" then.
I just want the PPH to be half of what it was on Zchan and Fat.  They were in the sweet zone.
>... especially for these small sites that already have limited funds.
If you're referring to capability of the servers the current setup could handle tens if not hundreds of thousands of times more traffic as is. It's also not very expensive, and the current proxy pair + onion server combined cost less than the initial proxy I launched the site with. Add in a cheap vps on cockbox for the non cf proxy coming soon and it'll still come under. And to top it all off, all servers are going to paid for at least three months in advance. And as long as bitcoin stays stable I will likely never have a problem affording everything

tl;dr the current site infrastructure will likely never be stressed as it is running on an enterprise level stack. The only real concern is who wants to post here and how many of them there are.
(156.7KB, 680x794)
(50KB, 680x591)
(879.1KB, 2048x1536)
I don't know what the average 'age' of the typical anon is here, but speaking as someone who witnessed the glory days of cuckchan, I would say let things /b/. I'm sure the older /b/tards here remember what it was like when cuckchan was still new and out of the public eye. It was the best time to be around and it hasn't been beat since. In a way, we have once again returned to the beginning, only older, wiser and stronger. Our situation is comparable to that of when cuckchan was still new. Our userbase is smaller now, and it may take some getting used to when you've come to expect the frantic pace of the modern net, but that is how things used to be at cuckchan. You had a few people come by every once in a while and they had to conform or get ridiculed, which ensured quality and user growth. During the golden age, cuckchan essentially laid the basis for the internet's modern day memes and in that sense, shaped the entire fucking course of the internet and through it, human history. Basically everything you see on the internet now in some ways leads back to that site.
Cuckchan getting more media attention at around years 2007-8 was the worst possible thing that could have happened, since we were flooded with newfags and we couldn't fight back sufficiently, which eventually lead to the downfall of the site.

The backbone and discipline of every anon back then was respecting rules #1 and #2. We used to say we are not a secret club, or that we are not Fight Club, but if you ask me, those were the opinions of newfags. I would even go so far to say that this list of rules, this creed, is what has even got us this far. While you may not remember reading these rules or even knowing about them, this is what shaped the average anons mindset, and through it, every fledgling anon afterwards. Yes, this set of rules is why any of us are even posting here. We must yet again instill in every anon a sense of comraderie and unspoken rules if we are to survive this new age. We must begin the shaping of a new generation of anons. We can't go back to the old days, so our only option is to carve a new future for ourselves with new memes, new anons and new content, but to always respect and remember our roots, to never forgive and never forget.

Funnily enough, what applies to the real world with refugees and foreigners also applies here; a few foreigners conforming, becoming a part of the community and contributing over a long period of years is vastly better than taking in 6 gorillion refugees who refuse to conform because they don't need to conform, and instead decide to shit all over you. We know our history now and we can avoid repeating past mistakes. We must let our quiet communities get used to this new state of affairs and then we can begin to let it grow naturally, one person at a time. Right now we need a stronger basis for the community and our "personality" so to say, before we take in any mass of newfags that could dilute the community further. When we are positive force, creating quality posts and memes, will we naturally and slowly start attracting people. My answer is to simply give it time.
Replies: >>2218
(22.5KB, 474x255)
Offer something that doesn't make others visit other places for it, preferably a sense of community with it. People choose to post on "low quality" /tv/ because they talk about everything, from porn to politics to their primary hobby and they don't care about "high quality" /film/. Politics especially has the potential to boost activity because everyone including a kid can voice an opinion about it.

Is it time for a /pol/ already?
Things are quite stable with onion support and all.
Replies: >>2212
Having seen the demand, I'm going to give /pol/ a shot. I have someone lined up but there are a few more things I want to do first.
Replies: >>2217 >>2218 >>2259
Shit's slow.  Any topic can just be made on /b/.  When a topic takes up too much of /b/, then it should get its own board.
Replies: >>2222
I appreciate the optimism.
Only make a new board when a topic is gets too big for /b/ to handle otherwise you'll have a dead board.
Replies: >>2222
/pol/ tends to be the one that gets a board really attacked...

Let's see that enterprise-grade setup really get a workout.
Replies: >>2233 >>2234
(197.7KB, 959x799)
Quadubs of truth
(88.9KB, 770x1068)
I think a less political focused /n/ - News & Current Events board is a better idea. It allows for the same kind of political discussions and news reporting without the shitty retarded infamy that attracts all kinds of goons and glow niggers to /pol/.
Replies: >>2264
Plus it would encourage people to be more unbiased and it's not like the esoteric posters from /pol/ haven't left years ago.
Replies: >>2266 >>2268
>Plus it would encourage people to be more unbiased
Replies: >>2268
I would hope it could at least steer the conversation in a more news oriented direction. I'm at a point now where I really just don't care about retarded teenagers opinions about the various retarded political and economic ideologies. What I do care about is threads for happenings and shit-posting with anons over videos of riots and chimpouts as the world comes to an end. And I'm tired of having to go to blacked.moe's GG thread for consistent news updates about the world.

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