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tea time
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angry jew is angry
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>i-i'm totally gonna do it, guys
>>118073 (OP) 
We're all gonna die in nuclear holocaust.
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Yes, we should all keep taunting Putin. Let's give him no other option but to destroy the entire world to save face and preserve Russian dignity.
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What's going to happen is going to happen regardless of what you or anyone else posts online.
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What's the alternative? Become his bitch because he has some scary guns? Fuck off vatnigger.
>1/8th jewish
He has 8 parents?
Funny thing is Ukraine used to have nukes but voluntarily gave them up even with having a growling, hungry Russian bear on your border, right?
Not a very smart move in hindsight.
Lesson of the Day: keep your nukes if you have them, guys!
Maybe the Ukrainian farmer meme guy will tow away all of Russia's nukes with his tractor and the world will be saved
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meby the ghost of kiyv will shoot down all the nukes with his jet when they start falling
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Maybe the shieldmaidens will catch the nuclear missiles with their pussies and create Aryan super-soldiers out the radiation energy when it explodes in their fertile wombs
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Ukraine joining NATO is actually really fucking bad for Russia though. There's Crimea that NATO will want to take back with Ukraine and the military nightmare that would be trying to defend Moscow from an army in Ukraine. There's a reason why they spent 15 years trying to negotiate with the UN and warn NATO instead of just attacking straight away. 
The military being completely incompetent is a given for any country that hasn't experienced anything close to real war in like half a century.
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>trying to negotiate with the UN
Fuck, I meant the EU.
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wooooooooah dude radical that's what's gonna happen !
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At this point, being threatened with nuclear annihilation, Ukraine should just go for broke and make a blitzkrieg play on Moscow itself. There are lots of military officers and other insiders in Russia who are just waiting for a clear sign of smelling Putin's blood in the water; just one true and real sign of his weakness from within Russia itself, to then stick the knife in his back to save their own skins and free themselves. Ukraine invading Russia could be the catalyst for that.
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>wanting one critical country to remain neutral and not caring about the literal enemy bases all around your border is somehow "unrealistic dreams of grandeur" 
Calling Russian jewish and their military incompetent is understandable, but parroting the mass media saying they had no reason to attack is the most retarded anti-slav propaganda I've ever seen.
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How did Russia get so big in the first place?
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Complacency and violence. Soviet union was brutal (as in rape and maim your entire town if someone ever thinks about helping the enemy) and western Europe never really cared about eastern Europe enough to do anything about it, plus social blitzkrieg and other tactics. 
You could either give in and assimilate, risk war with one of the biggest and still expanding global powers, or ask the countries to your west for help and get told to go fuck yourself by them and murdered by soviets.
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But Russia was big even before the USSR. I thought it was more about installing a fifth column of ((( immigrants ))), then after a few generations of infiltration and espionage from within, activating the fifth column and creating some bogus crisis within the adjoining territory, then creating a bogus 'rebel' group to defend itself against le ebil oppressor illegitimate regime being controlled by Russia's enemies, then motherly Russia invading the ((( disputed ))) territory to defend Russian-speaking people against certain destruction, then holding a bogus ((( referendum ))) of the people, then annexing the territory as part of Russia in accordance with the ((( people's will ))).
Isn't that the recycled pattern of their age-old jewish scam?
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I don't really remember anything about pre-soviet Russia.
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Me neither, but what we do know is that Russia loves to project and is always screeching about fifth columnists of foreign boogeymen with Russia which only proves they do it themselves.
You never heard the expression, "You breaka, you own"?
((( KGB ))) knew USSR was going to crash with no survivors so they engineered everything in such a way to make sure they enriched themselves with the fallout by owning and controlling formerly state-owned assets. Then they staged another crisis (apartment bombings) to push Yeltsin out of the way to install their jew. So they really had no options to just walk away with their wealth. Once you are neck deep in a gigascam like the jewish mafia state known as, Russia, you have to see it through to the bitter end. Why do you think they give 'traitors' polonium tea or novichok underwear? Because they know if one goes down, they all go down. They must really be sweating these days. I would not be surprised if Putin and Shoygu are thrown under the bus to save all the other criminals of the regime.
>And you can pretend having a reason to attack means it was smart to attack
I said they had reasons, not that it was smart or the right choice. Maybe you've been overexposed to propaganda, but real people don't actually believe one side is 100% right and justified and good and whatever and the other is a literal demon.
It's moments like this that you have to ask, "What would Stalin do?"
I know he's just another manlet with no balls, but if Medvedev had Stalin's brain, he would have Putin arrested and Shoygu executed. Then he'd put Putin on a show trail as a "depraved madman" who dragged Russia into a disaster. Then he'd execute Putin and take over all of Putin's roles (and wealth). He could be absolute dictator for twenty or thirty more years while the West breathed a collective sigh of relief and looked the other way so they could all go back to what they were doing before which is making backroom deals with the Russian ((( government ))) to enrich themselves and fuck underage sex slaves together.
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Putin is 200cm
I mean what's worse, having biden or putin as your president?
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I'd say biden is worse than putin but being russian is worse than being american.
jew mean bidjew?
>In his speech, Zelenskiy reminded world leaders of the mass graves being exhumed in the recently liberated town of Izium as the general assembly gathered, saying that among the bodies was a man strangled with a rope, and another who had been castrated before the murder. The Ukrainian president said that was not the first of such atrocities.

>He told the global assembly: “Ask, please, the representatives of Russia why the Russian military are so obsessed with castration. What was done to them so that they want to do this to others?”

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I dislike slavs and hate russians, so obviously i support putin.
so you like jews then, mr. hitler dubs?
Imagine threatening to blow up the whole world in nuclear fire just because you got your ass handed to you in Ukraine.
big chechen cock
who fucks their women
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