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Its one thing to like anime,manga and the such. Its another to blindly worship the japanese. We will now undo the japanese brainwashing from these weebs by introducing them to reality.
Now post realitypills. Post stuff that exposes Japan.
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Just watch OP get silenced by rapeman (seagulls' /b/ vol persona) and accused of being "niggerpill." I swear this place has parallels with /cow/ for how much it boogeymans anons, along with similarities to blacked.gov with the indiscriminate rulecucking.
Keep it up OP, this is good info.
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>>118029 (OP) 
omg 99% of nips have raped babies
what's with the naked lolis in front of the grads?
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>normalfags are normalfags
No shit
you're the only one who didn't get it
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I'd fuck, maybe even marry a qt jap.
sorry, op
>>118029 (OP) 
>Its another to blindly worship the japanese.
Has anyone on this board ever expressed such sentiments?
>first three images
Wow, japanese women are sluts, whodathunkit. It's not like anyone who dips their toe into seiyuu/idol orbiting bullshit finds out about that quickly.
>image 4
Cherry picking on both sides. Can't really compare high-stock Aryan women to full Yayoi abominations.
>image one
Again, that's what happens when you go full Yayoi and don't have any Jomon admixture to mellow them out.
>image two
Which proves that anime girl facial structures are based on white facial structures.
Go suck OPs dick somewhere else, where nobody else can see it.
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>another one of these threads
Japan worship thread
>no double eyelid 
Those are gooks not nips.
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>uses an image with an "Enjoy Korea" watermark as an example of anti-Jap imagery
You can't even get your Orientals right, anon.
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>knowing what that is
no women allowed
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When you've got as much yellow fever as I do you learn a few things. 
>inb4 deleted
The Yayoi people were immigrants from the Korean peninsula, so it kinda sorta applies.
Asian women are ugly soulless whores, indian women are better.
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do nip women have "white fever"?
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i demand proofs
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>>118029 (OP) 
>3rd image
I don't see exactly what is wrong with that custom. I honestly think it's a noble cause. By giving stay at home wives full control of your bank account, that proves that you care more about her and the children more than the money. Stay at home wives is pretty popular in Japan because of this
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Indiachan is that way. ->
Some of them do.
>By giving stay at home wives full control of your bank account, that proves that you care more about her and the children more than the money.
Except that's never how it works out. The wives just go on shopping sprees and then come home looking angrily on their husband working 12 hour shifts while they sit on their fat asses at home.
Don't think that said husbands even get any pussy as a consolation prize, because as soon as they have whatever babies they want, they close their legs forever.
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Extra supplemental material
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>third pic

Isn't that one misleading? From what I remember, wives are responsible for the household finances. Its not like the husband is handing over money for her to spend on herself.
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>Except that's never how it works out. The wives just go on shopping sprees and then come home looking angrily on their husband working 12 hour shifts while they sit on their fat asses at home.
I don't think that's true at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure their are some women that are like that, but I'm sure that majority are responsible and selfless to put the vast majority of the money towards what the family needs.
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No anon, it actually does go all to the women and theirs nothing wrong with that.
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Pure jewish pseudo-science and D&C, I bet you own one or more of Robert Sepehr shitty books about Atlantis and "ancient-aryans"
shut it, zipperhead
>A study published in the scientific journal Nature by Jinam et al. in 2015, using genome-wide SNP data comparison, found that the Hokkaido Jōmon samples, ancestral to the Ainu people, carried gene alleles associated with facial features, which are commonly found among Europeans and Middle-Easterners at a medium frequency. These alleles possibly arrived into the Jōmon period population from paleolithic Siberian geneflow, associated with the spread of the microblade culture, which arrived in Hokkaido about ~25,000 to ~15,000 years ago.[12] Gakuhari et al. 2020 similarly noted the possibility of geneflow from Ancient North Eurasians (samplified by the MA-1 sample), or an similar group, into northern Japan, which can be demonstrably linked to the introduction of the microblade culture of Siberia.[13]
Point out why that is, especially with relevant Jewish names.
You think kikes bother with racial studies at all? They're the ones trying to mash all races into one shitsoup.
How so? Not like there are any Japs that post here.
>I bet you own one or more of Robert Sepehr shitty books
No, but thanks for the name.
>Atlantis and "ancient-aryans"
/fringe/ wouldve told you all about them, and point you to some good books and sources.
>cat girl
That's a woof.
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Probably, I didn't name the file though
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A token of appreciation for cultured and sophisticated  people.
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Image didn't upload.
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nice digits

where's ears anzu from, I don't remember that from cinderalla girls
fuck off ACAB (all cunny are bad) supporting furfags
>pro race-mixing faggot from /christian/ is seething once again about Robert Sepehr
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OMG cute wolfie iwanna grab her tail
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>>118029 (OP) 
Honestly, why would you ever fall for the 3DPD?
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can't actually fuck 2d yet
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>wants his dick to have papercuts instead of just chasing bussy like a man would.
Replies: >>118829
>wants his dick to have papercuts
Give me a "/tv/"!
>instead of just chasing bussy like a man would.
Give me a "faggot"!
What does that spell?
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/tv/ was way after my time kiddo.
You're trying way to hard with your falseflagging
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2d anime > 3D JAPAN
>Glows found out I've been making plans to move to Japan and resorted to making a whole thread just to convince me not to.
Replies: >>119618
Good luck.
Replies: >>119623
Why would he need luck?
Replies: >>119630
It's super fucking hard to even get a visa to japan outside of certain programs (e.g. JET) and basically takes your life's work and the favor of fortune to get citizenship
Replies: >>119661
>japan is traditional and resists immigration/outside influence
That's why japan needs to be ((( destroyed )))
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