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Here's your little mernig
Replies: >>116960 >>117117
kikes just keep doubling down
>little mernig swimming effortlessly and beautifully 
>thousands of niglet children think they can swim
>thousands of niglet children immediately drown
That thing is worse than a nigger.  It's a latina.
Replies: >>116860
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every day until you like it
it's some mutt 56%er
Replies: >>116864
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2014 called. they want their meme back
is there ANY attractive niggerress?
>seething 56%er
ayy lmao, kys mutt
that vid was 100% on topic though
just some spic girl being confused the little mermaid was black

Replies: >>116889
was going to request a tldr translation before antifa tranny trashed it
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Where's it at now? 70%? 80%?
Replies: >>117403
>she's a nog so let's give her ugly poop hair
Replies: >>116935
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How did they ever find someone with eyes that far apart?
Replies: >>116926 >>116981
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she already acted in other movies, how could you forget?
Replies: >>116941
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Do you know that some guy bleached her with AI and they banned him from twitter for that?
should've bleached her with sperm instead
>and they banned him from twitter for that
lol that part I didn't know
not surprised
>anything that makes the wrong people angry is against the rules
Replies: >>116957
>anything that makes the wrong people angry is against the rules
lol hey that kind of describes like every IB too
what a cohencidence
Replies: >>116956 >>116958
Have you noticed how they only raceswap white characters with the ugliest most jiggaboo looking nignogs? Not even once have they cast someone even moderately attractive because finding an attractive nigger is basically finding one that looks the whitest.
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you beat me to it
was it 6gazzilionIQ also he seems very based for a muslim (he had some valid promising arguments related to the agegap pedo thing publicly on twitter)
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>finding an attractive nigger is basically finding one that looks the whitest
it's all in the eye of the beholder
it's all about the facial structure and features, the skin tone is really irrelevant
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>>116833 (OP) 
[x] nigger
[x] ugly
[  ] fat
Nope. Send her back.
Replies: >>116970 >>117386
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Replies: >>116962
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Replies: >>116965 >>116971
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what about with red hair and freckles herr goebbels?
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maybe you prefer blondes?
Would get a bj from
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They went shopping at the same brothel where they found Uma Thurman.
What the fuck I thought all mutts were ugly little atrocidades. These mullattas are cute as hell dawg.
Replies: >>117019
>What the fuck I thought all mutts were ugly little atrocidades.
they are
I wonder how many niglets are going to drown pretending to be mermaids?
Niglets can't swim, I hope Disney knows that.
These are also latinas.  The fact that you mistake them for nigs is just further confirmation that there isn't much of a distinction.  They're both ugly, by the way.

The pure black girls you posted are actually not that ugly.  Confirmation that mixing muddies genes all across the board.  I think the biggest take-away is, if we want to keep the human race beautiful, we should never stick our penis in anything that speaks spanish.
Hi, completely different anon here.  I agree that spics are ugly.
Replies: >>117205
>These are also latinas.
I don't care what they self identify is or what the specific admixture of semen was; there's black in there
Replies: >>117058
By that logic, there is black in all of us, whether you go with the out-of-africa or the out-of-australia theory.
Replies: >>117060 >>117084
Out of africa has been completely debunked by now
>out of australia
what kind of made up meme is this? Australia has no native population of hominids at all
Replies: >>117177
>it's all in the eye of the beholder
Like if the beholder is gay?
These look like (moderately) unattractive men
Replies: >>117085
1st chick is cute, 2nd doesn't do it for me
1st is a hard no
2nd is a maybe but she seems like a cunt
3rd seems cute
4th is the most attractive of the 5, but probably has the most baggage
something is off about the 5th, like, head shape or something, but maybe my perspective is off bc of her awful haircut
my nose isn't the width of 2-3 regular noses
>These look like (moderately) unattractive men
trannies have poisoned your mind
an unattractive woman still looks like a woman
just a mannish faced woman
Replies: >>117088
Trannies have poisoned your mind
saying a chick looks like a dude is literally saying she has a mannish face
(or that she's flat but these are mugshots)
you're gay
Replies: >>117089
>saying a chick looks like a dude is literally saying she has a mannish face
in what, 1996?
Replies: >>117097
what year did they put out dude looks like a lady, like 89 lol
the world has moved on fren
saying she looks like a dude now means it's a he
Yeah it did in 1996 too
does now as well
Replies: >>117098
>saying she looks like a dude now means it's a he
this is how you wind up with your date having a boner bigger than yours in 2022
What if they're actually from Spain?
Replies: >>117176
>>116833 (OP) 
I feel bad for the actress because she obviously sings very well and could have done better in an original movie, but alas she'll be known as another one of Disney's diversity hires.
she's really just a dumb black artgrrl who wants to be famous and most likely got raised woke so doesn't even know any better
Replies: >>117127
Paycheck is a paycheck
I doubt this is going to hurt her career anyway
Replies: >>117127
Probably not, on the contrary I think it might give her exposure. No such think as bad publicity after all.

Just checked, she's 22 so not that young but yeah I reckon she wouldn't know any better.
>she obviously sings very well
She sings like shit. Kys.
I said latina.  That's the term for the species of South and Central American jungle ape.  There is no confusion with Spanish people.
What's the new theory?
Afaik it's still out of europe, which I'm pretty sure is referring to siberians/(north) native americans/ainu
Geologically out of europe isn't that dissimilar to out of africa but it's a totally different group of people
out of africa makes no fucking sense to me as something people believed for a hot minute after we had real anthropology anyway. If the dark indians and people living in similar always-wet always-hot areas were the immediate descendants of a migration of people from the region where nobody can sweat why the fuck would they all able to sweat? For comparison, almost every modern european trait that occurs nowhere else (like being able to powerlift or swim) is neanderthal in origin.
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Didn't notice the digits.
To elaborate on out of australia:
The oldest evidence of humans in australia is the lake mungo people, from ~60k years ago. The abos that the 40k figure came from did arrive 20k years later than that, and did wipe out the lake mungo people. The 40k years ago abos were from the lead of the general island hopping migration that filled in the native populations of most of the islands between australia and asia proper. Now, most of the islands had re-invasions of newer populations but these didn't reach australia (it's really hard to get to australia on an unpowered craft unless you follow a specific route, hence the extremely limited european contact). To my knowledge the mainland abos never ventured off the continent back onto islands and most of the island populations are from the firstwave, hence why they're more like islanders and less like abos.
60k years is long enough to predate a lot of major human migrations but the lake mungo people had an incredibly small population and only one confirmed point of civilization. People couldn't have come out of there because there weren't any people to come out of australia and the difference in age between lake mungo remains and the first abos is instantly obvious to any kind of dating tool.
there were also several different actual species of humanity at one point, interbreeding in places even, and a lot of that research gets suppressed because it's racist
not unimaginable that since apes and simians spread to different places before we existed, different human species could have come about at around the same relative time frame in different areas
Replies: >>117202
There isn't one, it's still out of Africa.  Just going by genetic diversity makes it obvious.
Replies: >>117203
They did, but they interbred into general humanity
Neanderthals, some shit in asia, some shit somewhere else I think
The 'out-of-foo' terms refer to where the main thrust of common humanity came from
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you mean that same genetic diversity info they use for the dna testing places?
Replies: >>117204
I can't tell if they took a joke video seriously or if this happened actually happened.

Either way, just googling it gave me https://academic.oup.com/genetics/article/161/1/269/6049925
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ok coomers, i know why you're doing this
Replies: >>117360
We're all descendants of homo erectus who was, in fact, "African" so yeah, OoA theory has merit if you go back far enough.
Stop fighting about all this and enjoy your nigger ape heritage. All it really does is give justifiable merit to the science of eugenics and why it's critically important to breed well, which means breeding with a better than average IQ Aryan, regardless of which race you belong to. Egg banks are a thing. Use them.

Breed well, lads.
Replies: >>117213 >>117231
Horrendous troll doll looking creature, not even her copious makeup can disguise her hideousness.
Replies: >>117230
>if you go back far enough
That always seems to be the issue. If you go back far enough then Israel has every right to exist instead of being called a genocidal false state by anyone who isn't a bumbling retard or a good goy.
Replies: >>117228
false dichotomy
Replies: >>117233
I thought the blonde was cuter but maybe because I'm a sucker for babydoll faces.
Replies: >>117233
Early hominids were european i.e. far north african
That's not a false dichotomy.
>I'm a sucker for babydoll faces
Old cartoons used to have that kind of shit all the time specifically because it appealed to people like you so I guess I could see it, but her freckles are atrocious, they're all concentrated in the middle of her face like someone put their asshole right at the tip of her nose and let loose a tiny spray of diarrhea.
Replies: >>117301
Freckles are sexually selected for. Generally, Celtic men find them attractive whereas Germanic men generally don't. That's why you see a concentration of freckled females in Scotland and Ireland versus Germanic countries, even England.
I'm sure you're a shitskin anyway so your standards of beauty are accordingly shit.
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This is our common ancestor. Deal with it.
The important takeaway is how malleable our genes are. You can make aggressive dogs more peaceful over n generations and peaceful dogs more aggressive. You can make ugly dogs more beautiful and beautiful dogs more ugly. You can make intelligent dogs dumber and dumber dogs smarter.
It's easy to prove and hard to argue against when it applies to other mammals but when it comes to human genetics and the based and morally righteous science of eugenics, everyone has a fucking meltdown.
Every race has an obligation to improve its own gene pool for the good of the human species, overall.
If you belong to a race with high violence, then breed with less violent races. If your race is low IQ, then breed with high IQ races. If your race is generally ugly, then breed with more attractive races, etc. It's basically that simple.
Even our ancestors figured out the basics of all this with agricultural cross-breeding of plant and animal stock.
Now we live in an age where we can work of this together with greater knowledge, skill and efficiency if we can only push screeching kikes out of the way.
>This is our common ancestor.
maybe yours
Replies: >>117334
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Robert Sepehr is a luceferian jew
Replies: >>117335
Yes, of course. Yours too.
You mean the kike persona created to discredit Aryans?
Replies: >>117391
>having this saved on ur pooter
Replies: >>117388
>banning someone for that
lol what a fucking loser, imagine his mindset
>y-you made fun of the l-lesser people which i so happen to be hyper focused on, you are a terrible person, i totally mean that! ban! take that! you have to make a new account now!
Replies: >>117367 >>117385
ukraine (not white) will lose the war and all ukrainian (not white) "people" will be slaughtered, you included
Replies: >>117376
Stop posting latinas.
>guys i am a homo erectus
trannyjannies are all the same whether they're on an IB or twatter or reddit or anywhere else
Replies: >>117398
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I want dis phat jucci mama!
Replies: >>117389
>not saving it
so do they just do this once a year and live like a slug the other 364 days? do they have to keep retraining new grossly obsese shitwhales every time? how could you do this frequently and still have anywhere near this much fat? were they 2-3x bigger than this at one point?
wtf are you talking about, schizo?
Replies: >>117399
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Newfags are the same, on an imageboard, twatter, or reddit. They can easily distinguished by not using commas, and refusing to lurk the fuck more.
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You know, the ((( white ))) personas kikes create to make Aryans look stupid. They always do this every chance they get, especially in ((( entertainment ))).
Replies: >>117439
Triggered, seething bitches are the same anywhere you go, they're most often found by their use of sage as a downvote.
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imagine being the kind of IB user who gets offended enough to feel a need to "come at you" cause you talked shit bout some trannyjannies

gets that noggin joggin
>redditor calls someone else a newfag
It was 56% white, so the number would be going down, not up
Replies: >>117406
thanks for clarifying that to the low iq fetal alcohol syndrome russian mongrel itt
Replies: >>117407
no probs
I know you need all the help you can get
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Guys, hold on, I forgot to sign my post. Please bear with me as I'm an insufferable, verbose fuck.
t. unironic grammar nazi (thinks lack of punctation and jewishness are the same thing)
t. thinks highly of self for using correct punctuation while frequenting low quality, low barrier to entry internet forums
t. somehow thinks posts on imageboards mandatorily require a certain amount of verbosity and work put into them
t. actual cancer as defined in 2006, but will call you a newfag for not joining anti women club or whatever impotent childish cancer bullshit while also claiming superior intellect
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I honestly cannot tell to this day if posts like >>117398 are what you're talking about. I have never seen even a single piece of evidence on the internet showing that stormfags and any similar type of retard posses even the basic intelligence of a 12 year old where I live. You're all just generic trash like picrel for what I can tell.
Replies: >>117886
Replies: >>117886
Replies: >>117886
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Replies: >>117906 >>118161
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better version
Replies: >>118161
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Replies: >>118164
Damn how did Hope Solo get her pussy fuckin wrecked like that? What's her secret?
>fire underwater
so this is the power of racism... wow...
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she like anal
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