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Ukrainian women are the greatest shieldmaidens of our time. They have faced the arch-enemy of Western civilization with total courage and valor. They have proven their willingness to fight for "blood and soul" and have crushed the Mongol hordes and sent their defeated armies fleeing back to Mordor. They have equaled the honor, skills and prowess of their ancestral Viking sisters, the Varangians of Kievan Rus. They have exhibited their strength without sacrificing their femininity or their love of family and motherhood.

Let's take a moment to honor, thank and admire the amazing Ukrainian shieldmaidens.
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didn't read
Replies: >>115820 >>116202
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Sorry, meant to say "blood and soil" not "blood and soul" lol but it still makes sense that way too.
Someday you'll learn how, don't give up.
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What's funny is that if this faggot >>115817 was actually on the front lines of a Ukrainian battlefield and not in his mom's basement jerking off to cartoons, he'd be shitting in his pants having to face off against these women. Lots of dead churkas would agree if they weren't already dead.
Replies: >>115822 >>116202
Not according to those statistics, wew. By all accounts he'd be instinctually superior against even the trained women.
Replies: >>115825
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Well their instincts must be fukt beyond repair because jewtin's churkas are getting their shit pushed in by these lassies every day.
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Ukraine sucks, country of inbred slav untermensch pretending to be any different from Russia  (also a country of slav untermensch), hopefully this chimpout escalates enough so that both subhuman races can be wiped and actual whites can take over. Stay mad subhumans, you will never be white or relevant no matter how much you spam your shit.
Replies: >>115827 >>115829
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>Ukraine sucks, country of inbred slav untermensch pretending to be any different from Russia  (also a country of slav untermensch), hopefully this chimpout escalates enough so that both subhuman races can be wiped and actual whites can take over. Stay mad subhumans, you will never be white or relevant no matter how much you spam your shit.
Replies: >>115828
>nooooooooo you have to give a shit about my mutt chimpout or else you're a jew
Weird cope.
Replies: >>115829 >>115830
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Both Russians and Ukrainians are white.
Replies: >>115831
You're trying way too hard, shlomo. Go have a bagel and relax while the adults talk.
Replies: >>115831
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I don't care about your war. I will never care about your war.You will never be white. Stay mad mutts.
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>>115816 (OP) 
>They have faced the arch-enemy of Western civilization with total courage and valor. 
>sent their defeated armies fleeing back to Mordor
Replies: >>115835
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>I-I don't c-care
>T-That's why I keep p-posting ITT
>S-See how much I d-don't care, g-guise?
Replies: >>115837
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You stand with Ukraine, Zelensky, and BLM, right guys?
>I-I'm not mad
Replies: >>115836
McDonald's and Disney would be very disappointed in you if you didn't support Ukraine.

I'm not your guy, buddy. You want the other guy.
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I will never care about your war. I hope all ukrainians and russians die. You will never be white. Stay mad.
Replies: >>115841 >>116450
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shills are really in overdrive mode today
Replies: >>115840 >>115842
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I stand when I see hot tomboys.
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>when the Jewish supported side is clear but you still insist it's the other side that's the Jewish side
Replies: >>115850 >>115968
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Yup they're desperate to drag white people down into a mutt chimpout nobody with a sane mind would care about.
Replies: >>115854 >>116450
>when every faggot reddit tranny is crying about supporting Ukraine but somehow the Russian side is the one full of jewish shills
No wonder the Jews have us all so whipped.
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>the Jewish supported side
Replies: >>115853
Yeah, Israel's not even sanctioning Russia, but there's too much Ukraine support on IBs. No balance.
Plus it's ridiculous that all these companies that have been screaming about how terrible huwite men are for the past 10+ years immediately jumped on the Ukraine side right away, virtue signaling, when they had none of that shit to say about the equal level of bullshit that was Iraq II. McDonald's didn't pull out of the US over that.
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you only stopped caring about it after jewtin's orcs got shredded by shieldmaidens and he ordered his army of imageboard shills to stop posting smug pictures of him holding up wine glasses.
Replies: >>115856
>there's too much Ukraine support on IBs
Really? All I see are mostly people shilling against Ukraine ITT
Actually, it's hard to tell there's even a war going on in Ukraine if your only source of information are imageboards. It's mostly radio silence.
Very suspicious indeed.
Replies: >>115856
If they had those in any numbers greater than their lesbian populations, why did Jewlensky have to enslave all the Ukranian men by forbidding them to leave and forcing them to fight, while shipping their women off all over Europe?

>All I see are mostly people shilling against Ukraine ITT
go look at KC or /pol/
>why would I want to do that?
lol nigger you're the one judging what goes on by one sleepychan thread
Replies: >>115861 >>115862
>enslaving men
lol what a spineless pussy you are.
it's standard procedure that men stand and fight for their nation when it's being invaded. if any leader allowed their men of fighting age to leave under such circumstance, then he should be tried and executed for treason.
shill harder, kike
Replies: >>115865
LOL that shithole is infested with actual paid FSB shills who literally post the exact same cringe pro-Russia slogans and pictures over and over and over again in literally every Ukraine thread.
At least the Ukrainian support there is organic.
Replies: >>115865
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>Yes, goy, fight and die for "your nation" and this concept of ((( freedom ))) like it exists, this is compulsory
yes, the ancient nation of Ukraine must be defended whether you want to or not

>there are actual paid shills on a site that has 30-50 people max (and that's a generous estimate)
ok schizo
Replies: >>115877
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>that feel when waiting for some bullshit cope about the couple dozen KC posters being "important" enough somehow to warrant literal paid shilling
>from some government's agency no less
4chan has paid shilling
8kun's Qtard schizo board might solely cause notoriety

none of the rest of these places warrant any fucking paid shilling no matter what anyone's delusions of grandeur about themselves are
Replies: >>115874
Places with no/OCRable captcha definitely get a fair amount of bot traffic
Obviously not
You can sign up to be a shill and see for yourself that the list of websites is oddly extensive.
Who knows why, hobby forums like that overall place or di*per forums and stuff should really be higher value targets if anything
Replies: >>115875
bots are bots and not paid shilling
the implication of paid shilling is that someone is literally sitting there being paid to shill to or psyops you
>hobby forums like that overall place or di*per forums and stuff should really be higher value targets if anything
Replies: >>115878 >>115881
Yes, any Aryan who's not willing to fight for the land they live on doesn't deserve it. This is basic principles of manhood but I don't expect some pedo who faps to loli all day to understand that.

There are paid shills on KC and other imageboards and no, your numbers are wrong and don't even take into account the majority of people who are lurker. Russia is very much interested in influencing opinion and shaping consensus on all online spaces, including imageboards. It doesn't take too much money to pay some monkey to copy-paste boilerplate shill posts or to employ sophisticated bots.
The populations on longstanding niche php boards and the like are comparable or larger than places like this and unlike us they're not all extreme radicals that have already made up our minds to such an extent that generic propaganda is pretty useless
>the implication of paid shilling is that someone is literally sitting there being paid to shill
There are certainly people being paid to post,
Replies: >>115882
You act as if it's expensive to pay some online monkey to be a shill. There are billions of people who would gladly sign up for that kind of a job who live in shithole countries where wages are ridiculously low. This is not an expensive operation for a nation state like Russia to budget for.
Replies: >>115882
>niche php boards and the like 
we're talking about imageboards not bulletin boards
>comparable or larger than places like this
bro there's like 5 people here
don't even look at the user ID count cause I'm on a different IP almost every time I come here, user counts are typically meaningless
idk if you're aware but nonebody gives a fuck about double digits worth of people
>There are certainly people being paid to post
again, I have to go with the old ok schizo

>This is not an expensive operation for a nation state like Russia to budget for.
so it's so cheap that Russia can afford to do it, but of course nobody else would, all the Ukraine support is of course completely organic™
>There are billions of people who would gladly sign up for that kind of a job
you know every time someone accuses me of being a shill I wind up outright offering to be a fucking shill, and never once has anyone posted any kind of links to this shit
Russia is deathly afraid of the internet. Why do you think they have an iron-clad grip over it, even banning Tor and archive.org, etc.?
They are very interested in everything related to the internet, no matter how small or niche. They fear an open and uncensored internet because the power pyramid of Russia is built upon a foundation of complete corruption at all levels of government. Allow people to communicate freely and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. No one understands this better than the criminals running and ruining Russia.
Replies: >>115886 >>115891
>They fear an open and uncensored internet because 
remind me again how many US companies have been doing the whole censorship thing in the past like 10 years?
you think it's not "state censorship" when the companies doing it are simply extensions of the corrupted state?
Replies: >>115888
<I don't care about your war.
>43 posts later
>still trying to convince us he doesn't care
>muh whataboutism
ok now we know you're a paid shill.
thanks for playing
Replies: >>115898
and who's to say a paid shill is only operating on one smallish site like this one?
it's very easy to have a dozen tabs open at any time and then shill on all of them one at a time.
Replies: >>115898
At least they won't be brainwashed into chopping their dicks off. It's no small thing.
Replies: >>115892
OK Mr. Strawman. Keep earning your rubles. It's entertaining to observe you practicing your craft.
Replies: >>115898
successful bait thread is successful btw
Replies: >>115898
>now I'm a shill too

oh wow you managed to get responses
before you had to back out with the troll shield
ebin victory
Replies: >>115904
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>Yeah, Israel's not even sanctioning Russia
You don't say?
Replies: >>115910
Replies: >>115907
have another (You)
I guess that means you won again
it's only about the getting and not their content, right?
Replies: >>115909
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>I-I will never c-care about your w-war.
>Y-You see, g-guise? I-I'm still not c-caring
Replies: >>115911
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yeah it's hilarious how they're totally absent from the "West and its allies" list sanctioning Russia
but every company supporting Ukraine and other countries sanctioning is jewish as fuck

also hilarious how Jewlensky is crying for more billions every 10 minutes and chastising countries for not sanctioning, yet doesn't say one fucking word about Israel's neutrality despite being jewish himself
Replies: >>115922 >>116350
wrong buddy, guy
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>I-I'm not a p-paid shill, guise
>w-wrong b-buddy, g-guy
>when you're trolling but you can't even get the posters you're trying to troll straight
going for the "full retard" approach, huh
Replies: >>115919
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>Bold, but let's see if it pays off for him, Jess
[Hide] (41.1KB, 600x600) Reverse
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>I'm so not mad, bro
uh oh he's caught in a loop
think he done got broke
>when typing "lol" just isn't enough to cover your seethe so you post the same 3 lmao'ing pics over and over
You sure do have a lot of opinions and information to share for someone who d-doesn't even c-care
Replies: >>115923
where did I say I didn't care
>d-different g-guy
Replies: >>115925
>he actually thinks it's just one other guy ITT
ok schizo
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Kuso thread, but do you seriously not know about the military-industrial complex? Both sides of every war have been supported by Jews since Napoleon, and they are the only winners.
[Hide] (106.2KB, 1025x986) Reverse
>israel gets billions
>Ukraine gets billions
Replies: >>115994
[Hide] (185.7KB, 1170x1461) Reverse
Who cares about muh nazis (a kike term btw, my glowfren).
Ukraine is Aryan, so if billions flow into their hands for moar weapons to kill jewtin's orcs, all the better.
[Hide] (98.4KB, 241x202) Reverse
>its acceptable because I said so
Replies: >>115999
[Hide] (142.7KB, 914x1024) Reverse
>Ukraine is Aryan
Replies: >>116000
[Hide] (73.3KB, 720x900) Reverse
Germany alone gives billions of Euros to kikes every year to 'victims' of the holohoax scam. The western nations give billions more to useless niggers every year so they can keep breeding because they can't even support themselves because they're ignorant monkeys.
But you screech like a bitch when a little money gets handed out to Aryans who are literally defending their ancestral homeland against churka invaders from the east.
Why don't you just admit you're a kike shill because only kikes benefit from Ukraine's Aryans being killed by jewtin's churka golems and having their land annexed by the khazarian empire known as ((( Russia )))
[Hide] (45.9KB, 526x702) Reverse
Yes, my khazarian glowfren, Ukraine (Kievan Rus) is Aryan (Viking/Varangian direct descendants).
You kikes are really emptying out your shill folders ITT. Good. It just glows you all the more obviously. Keep dumping, shill. This is good.
Replies: >>116126
[Hide] (120.4KB, 939x243) Reverse
>pictured: leader of the "Aryan nation" of Ukraine
>aka the one begging for billions more every 10 minutes
>keep dumping, this is good
[Hide] (348.4KB, 1080x1054) Reverse
ok bro
Replies: >>116009
>they made him president because he made a TV show where he was their president
>his fucking party's name is the name of the show
this is the most jewish thing fucking ever
that sure does look official
Replies: >>116015
>Puting being jewish somehow would make Ukraine an aryan nation with a jewish president who used entertainment media to gaslight his way into the presidency
k bro
Replies: >>116017
[Hide] (163.9KB, 695x484) Reverse
You mean as ((( officlal ))) as kikepedia which you referenced?
OK, here's a screen from your jewish source of ((( official ))) information. 
His mother's maiden name is ((( shelomova ))). She's a kike, therefore by jewish law, he's a kike (jewishness descends exclusively from the mother) . All his closet friends growing up as a boy (by his own admission) were kikes. All his closest associates are currently kikes.
Keep trying to convince us that jewtin is not a gigakike, glowfren.
Replies: >>116016
>Putin being jewish somehow would make Ukraine an aryan nation with a jewish president who used entertainment media to gaslight his way into the presidency
I don't care whether Putin is jewish or not
I'm not the one saying Russia is an "Aryan nation" with a jewish leader
Replies: >>116019 >>116450
>Somehow, Kievan Rus and the Varanganian people (of whom Ukraine and Ukrainians are descended from) didn't exist because of some TV show I watched.
k bro
Replies: >>116018 >>116126
>Putin being jewish somehow would make Ukraine an aryan nation with a jewish president 
now do this half
Replies: >>116020
That's because Russia is a jewish empire ((( cultural melting pot ))) and always has been. It's really essentially the same as ((( USA ))) but likes to pretend they are different (special snowflakes). 
Both countries are completely controlled by zionist kikes. But keep trying to convince us that the reality is totally something else.
Replies: >>116021
>muh jewlensky
That's literally all you've got in your bag of tricks, kike.
I guess in your mind Germany wasn't an Aryan nation during the Weimar Republic, right?
Just because the politics of a nation gets kike'd from time to time, doesn't erase its history or the identity of its people, but keep trying to do that anyway, kike. It's amusing to watch your mental gymnastics and shill tactics at play.
Replies: >>116022
>Russia is a jewish empire (((  cultural melting pot  ))) and always has been.
<Ukraine was never part of a melting pot open border Empire with Russia
still purely aryan for sure
>Both countries are completely controlled by zionist kikes.
cool, let's pick one to root for like there can be an "evil" side when both sides are "evil"
Replies: >>116026
so... an aryan nation would be allowed to exist under a jewish president
I see

kikes seem pretty generous to the aryan white peoples of Ukraine
I wonder where all this about them hating white people comes from
Replies: >>116023 >>116029
oh, wait, NOW Zelensky ordering the men to stay while shipping the women off all over Europe might make some sense...
Replies: >>116028
>die defending glorious 30 year old nation of Ukraine from Putler for me, goy
>your women will be well taken care of by the European African migrants
Replies: >>116028 >>116031
Ukraine became pozz'd when it became part of the ((( USSR ))) as did more than half of Aryan Europe. Your point? Oh, that's right, you don't have a legitimate argument because you're just a kike shill.
You can't erase Ukraine's Aryan history (Kievan Rus) or its Aryan people (Varangians) no matter how much pilpul you post.
Replies: >>116028
>Ukraine became pozz'd when it became part of the (((  USSR  ))) 
...when did that happen again? how many decades ago was that?
I'm sure they're still a purely aryan nation now

and whatever's left that IS still aryan isn't going to be for fucking long, lel >>116023 >>116024
Replies: >>116035
That's the only shitty talking point you shills have to cling onto. Pretty pathetic tbh.
No one cares who the current president is. No one is fighting for some kike politician. They are fighting for blood and soil and jewtin explicitly said he is there to defeat muh nazis.
You shills really need to up your game. You're not earning your rubles at all.
Replies: >>116032
<30 year old nation
>Kievan Rus never existed
>Varangians never existed
keep shilling kike lol
Replies: >>116033
keep acting like there's a good and bad side to this though

>No one cares who the current president is. No one is fighting for some kike politician.
minus that politician's order that forced the men to stay and fight, legally, while the women were shipped off
>Kievan Rus never existed
>Varangians never existed
notice how neither one of them is named "ukraine"
Replies: >>116037
judea used to exist too
LOL now the kike moves the goalposts. Classic kike maneuver.
Cry moar, ((( russian ))) mutt
Replies: >>116036
>moves the goalposts
where did I move them from?
I don't give a shit if Ukraine is an "Aryan nation" or not
Replies: >>116040
Is that supposed to mean anything? The land and people haven't changed.
Keep twisting in the wind as you dig deeper and deeper into your bag of jewish pilpul lol
Replies: >>116039
stop acting like it's the last hope of the white race or some shit when it's an IRRADIATED former USSR state with a jewish president that every tranny on reddit is screaming about protecting

it's moronic
>The land and people haven't changed
>you can be in the USSR and have open borders with the rest of the USSR for decades and be unchanged as some ethnic peoples
Replies: >>116043
[Hide] (41.1KB, 600x600) Reverse
[Hide] (24.4KB, 450x337) Reverse
[Hide] (9.3KB, 235x250) Reverse
>100 replies later
<I-I don't g-give a shit
Replies: >>116041
>he STILL thinks I'm that other guy
lol getting pretty desperate now I see
Replies: >>116044
Man who knew reddit trannies wanted so badly to protect the sanctity of the white aryan nation of Ukraine?
>Germany is not Aryan land because East Germany was part of USSR for 70 years
Replies: >>116045
Replies: >>116046
>Germany in 2022 is an "aryan nation" full of "pure aryan blood"
lol you have GOT to be shitting me
Replies: >>116048
lol look at how hard you're fucking flipping around from one point to the next, selective argument here, ad hom there, same 3 LMAO images over there

couldn't be more obvious
Replies: >>116049
[Hide] (35KB, 452x523) Reverse
>Just give up, goy. Germany is no longer Aryan because current year
>i have no moar arguments
ok, wow
never expected you to admit it, but ok
thanks for conceding
Replies: >>116053
always nice when you can come to terms
Replies: >>116055
[Hide] (264.2KB, 1169x1169) Reverse
LOL ok enjoy your ((( victory ))) and allow me to hand your ass back to you.
[Hide] (106KB, 811x885) Reverse
[Hide] (31.1KB, 600x319) Reverse
The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn't help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn't help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn't remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day. Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck. I didn't know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.
Replies: >>116057
sums up our Aryan Ukraine supporter friend nicely
Replies: >>116064
[Hide] (5.7MB, 640x360, 04:31)
This Ukraine spam is starting to give me some serious Trump 2016 "He's totally one of us" vibes.
Replies: >>116065 >>116067
Maybe you could point out some of the errors, glowfren.
Should be easy.
>T-Trump something something
How come Russian shills always refer to dead memes everyone else has moved on from?
I guess it just means you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel yet again because you've got nothing of value to contribute.
[Hide] (367.5KB, 1049x719) Reverse
[Hide] (73.4KB, 359x404) Reverse
[Hide] (130.7KB, 1024x683) Reverse
[Hide] (137.1KB, 1116x743) Reverse
>Trump 2016 "He's totally one of us" 
Another ((( Russian ))) psyop
Replies: >>116077
Israel doesn't sanction anyone, sanctions are bad for your economy and the jews demonstrably can do whatever they want with no international backlash
[Hide] (2.6MB, 376x360, 03:29)
Indeed, and this Ukraine psyop feels all too similar. Nothing good ever seems to come from the people that strangers on the other side of screens keep insisting are on my side.
Replies: >>116085
[Hide] (172.6KB, 1024x816) Reverse
Who said anyone was on ((( your side )))?
[Hide] (9.5KB, 512x448) Reverse
Now this is what I call a Ukrainian shield maiden!
[Hide] (3.5MB, 2000x1090) Reverse
>>115816 (OP) 
Go kill yourself, hohol.
Your ugly sluts are servicing the entire europe right now.
[Hide] (535.1KB, 612x612) Reverse
>Ukraine is Aryan
hohol cope is real
[Hide] (2.9MB, 5000x5040) Reverse
[Hide] (289.5KB, 811x713) Reverse
[Hide] (161.8KB, 704x693) Reverse
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1624x1592) Reverse
[Hide] (154.8KB, 1024x660) Reverse
Replies: >>116125
[Hide] (515.7KB, 777x450) Reverse
[Hide] (89.8KB, 394x599) Reverse
>Kievan Rus
>anything to do with Ukraine
Kievan Rus as the name implies was Russia. Ukraine didn't exist until the 18th century. The name Ukraine means "Outskirts" in Russian. There were many such outskirts in the Russian Empire. As the Russians moved from Kiev to Moscow the russo-polish mongrels and jews stayed in the lands, forming what became modern Ukraine. As proof, Ukranian language is just Russian language ruined with p*lish language, you will not find a single trace of Ukranian language in Povest' Vremennih Let (Tale of Bygone Years) - the main historical document of Kievan Rus; it's written entirely in Church Slavonic which became modern Russian.

Ukranians, just like niggers, never had their own culture or history and always stole it from Russia just like they've been stealing Russian gas.
[Hide] (376.1KB, 746x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (91.5KB, 640x960) Reverse
>n-not white!
[Hide] (28.8KB, 474x474) Reverse
[Hide] (35.6KB, 1280x853) Reverse
[Hide] (120.2KB, 600x560) Reverse
[Hide] (363.7KB, 800x645) Reverse
[Hide] (76.6KB, 610x385) Reverse
>Rus', like the Proto-Finnic name for Sweden (*rootsi), is derived from an Old Norse term for 'men who row' 
>[...] in the Stalinist period, when Soviet historiography sought to distance the Rus' from any connection to Germanic tribes, in an effort to dispel Nazi propaganda 
>Conferences and publications questioning the Norse origins of the Rus' have been supported directly by ((( state policy ))) in some cases, and the resultant foundation myths have been included in some school textbooks in ((( Russia ))).
>Nevertheless, the close connection between the Rus' and the Norse is confirmed both by extensive Scandinavian settlement in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine and by Slavic influences in the Swedish language.[48][49] Though the debate over the origin of the Rus' remains politically charged, there is broad agreement that if the proto-Rus' were indeed originally Norse, they were quickly nativized, adopting Slavic languages and other cultural practices.
>Some modern DNA testing also points to Viking origins, not only of some of the early Rus' princely family and/or their retinues, but also links to possible brethren from neighboring countries like Sviatopolk I of Kiev. 
>Ahmad ibn Fadlan, an Arab traveler during the 10th century, provided one of the earliest written descriptions of the Rus': "They are as tall as a date palm, blond and ruddy
Replies: >>116135
>((( norse ))) people. 
No anon, we were from the middle east. The europeans are the real jews! Ancient rome especially was a nation entirely of jews!
>>115816 (OP) 
This is just another brothers war orchestrated by ZOG on both sides. There's nothing to celebrate here. Not until someone takes out the real villains.
Replies: >>116138 >>116149
>Not until someone takes out the real villains.
Start with Putin the kike and his chink defense minister
Giving billions to an underdeveloped and corrupt eastern-European shithole like Ukrane is like giving a grenade to a chimpanzee. Not gonna do any good or change anything.
Replies: >>116147
is this like that impotent boomer who claims apple stole everything from xerox parc. opinion disregarded but im sure ur gonna say im pro russia and pro apple now like a typical brainlet
Jewtin didn't think so. He gave billions to FSB to bribe Ukrainian officials to lay down and surrender during an invasion, but Russia is such a corrupt shithole, the FSB agents pocketed the money themselves. LOL
They're dead now
<Kievan Rus as the name implies was Russia
>completely ignores the first part of the name
[Hide] (44.8KB, 1000x541) Reverse
[Hide] (41.4KB, 441x600) Reverse
[Hide] (120.2KB, 600x560) Reverse
compare phenotypes lol
Replies: >>116191 >>117895
[Hide] (72.6KB, 1024x675) Reverse
There's plenty of good pussy at the front
>no jewlenskyy
Ok kike shill
Replies: >>116192
Guy in third pic will be President of Ukraine soon
after Putin's accidental suicide lel
Replies: >>116194
Ok kike shill
[Hide] (186.7KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
just got done with morning dilation, ready for a day of teaching these russian nazis on imageboards a lesson about bigotry and why trans and ukranian lives matter before noon dilation

#standwithukraine #valid #lifegoals #dilating
Replies: >>116452
This is your brain on modern day virtue signalling
[Hide] (244.4KB, 348x481) Reverse
[Hide] (68.6KB, 407x521) Reverse
[Hide] (151.4KB, 995x803) Reverse
[Hide] (87.6KB, 319x355) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2133x1200) Reverse
Éowyn rides with Ukraine
[Hide] (441.2KB, 2000x1000) Reverse
Should ride a cock instead and become a loving wife
Replies: >>116208 >>116223
Gotta earn those shekels
[Hide] (300KB, 589x372) Reverse
They are doing that successfully too
[Hide] (186.7KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
ok, called those nazi russians jewish shills on 4chan, haha, really stuck it to putler, about to start dilating again, remember girls, trans and black and ukranian lives matter, see you gals on the discord

#standwithukraine #pridefest #furcon #dilating
Replies: >>116452
[Hide] (90.7KB, 532x800) Reverse
A shieldmaiden always finds a way to do both :^)

8=D~~~~ (_)i(_)
[Hide] (7.1KB, 225x225) Reverse
Replies: >>116235
[Hide] (186.7KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
got done with dilating, about to dilate again, just wanted to make sure everyone remembers how valid they are, putler cant stop the ma'ampire of freedom

#standwithukraine #shedoesitforfree #israelipride #dilating
Replies: >>116452
bleep bloop
Replies: >>116237
They really stand out, don't they?
They're on a tighter budget these days
[Hide] (186.7KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
in the middle of dilating and I keep hearing these nazi russians calling me a bot I DONT IDENTIFY AS A BOT IM A WOMAN NAZI BIGOT, no offense to botkin, back to dilating, getting lube and pus all over mah phone

#standwithukraine #botkinlivesmatter #transperiod #dilating
Replies: >>116348 >>116452
[Hide] (99.7KB, 991x644) Reverse
It feels like 1991 all over again. I hope Putin has his personal documents in order.
Replies: >>116244
Ah yes, because the soviet union "fell". Pure kike propaganda
[Hide] (38.3KB, 564x423) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2335x4000) Reverse
All things must come to an end eventually.
Replies: >>116394
[Hide] (194.6KB, 1280x881) Reverse
Welcome aboard, sister!
leaked picture of the shieldmaiden-poster
the entire ZOG is united now, damn
[Hide] (232.9KB, 1400x1867) Reverse
just got done with bedtime dilation after finishing after dinner dilation, about to set my alarm for my 3am dilation, off to dream about punching russian nazi bigots and their tanks with mah trans power, night girls

#standwithukraine #transperhero #AIPAC2023 #dilating
Replies: >>116452
[Hide] (69.5KB, 960x540) Reverse
just like, go to the war and help these shieldmaidens fight the "ebin aryan war against jews" instead of laying on your computer all day, with cheetos crust all over your face, arguing about it on an obscure cantonese painting enthusiasts forum lmao
Replies: >>116388
[Hide] (177.1KB, 960x1280) Reverse
They don't need help. They're shredding kikes, churkas and bolshevik orcs all day every day.

Cry about it
Replies: >>116405
[Hide] (277.8KB, 1024x1253) Reverse
[Hide] (662.3KB, 432x240, 00:09)
Lest trannyposter forget
Replies: >>116570
[Hide] (232.9KB, 1400x1867) Reverse
woke up from a nightmare where putler was nazi bigot raping me and had to emergency dilate, still dilating now, vpighsdurifd rdeughuif, night girls, see you for 3 am dilation

#standwithukraine #dilating #nazirape #dilating
Replies: >>116452
I will not take the vaccine. I will not live in the pod. I will not care about the european dickwaving contest.
Replies: >>116450
Will you commit suicide when Jewcraine inevitably loses the war?
[Hide] (85.3KB, 713x731) Reverse
[Hide] (67.4KB, 680x443) Reverse
This thread need more shemales and niggers.
looks like a tranny
look at all the people who ((( don't care ))) in this thread lol
that's a lot of not caring, kek
Replies: >>116452
That doesn't even include the ((( tranny shill ))) who also ((( doesn't care ))) LOL
It's great to see FSB/Antifa glow themselves with their memes, posting style, techniques and slogans in such an obvious way. Truly an eye opener. Chalk up another win for sleepychan to easily separate out noise from signal because of our lower traffic profile.
[Hide] (169.9KB, 1200x800) Reverse
[Hide] (94.9KB, 797x500) Reverse
feel the difference
[Hide] (60.7KB, 728x701) Reverse
As much as I hate picking sides (which are mostly aryan), I have to side with Ukraine. Russia is still ruled by the same people who ruled the USSR and is thus, still a communist country. They have been rounding up actual nationalists on trumped up, false charges and imprisoning them and sometimes even killing them. Don't get me wrong, both are jew controlled, just one is more than the other.
[Hide] (4.2MB, 480x360, 01:36)
There's no many ((( posters ))) ITT who "totally don't care" about Ukraine but are trying really hard in post after post after post to convince everyone else not to care either.

Hmmmm...I wonder what their motivation could possibly be?
Replies: >>116460 >>116473
so many*
[Hide] (106.8KB, 707x639) Reverse
I don't care about the entire thing because the Jews are behind it
Replies: >>116482 >>116483
This, and anyone taking solidly some "side" is a paste eating moron.
Replies: >>116483
[Hide] (256.2KB, 1048x1280) Reverse
You obviously care very, very much
Replies: >>116484
Not as much as you do. Nowhere near. Think most people are just having fun picking apart your delusions.
Replies: >>116486
Thanks for the entertainment value.
[Hide] (178.9KB, 1280x896) Reverse
How many more posts will you try convincing us how much you don't care?
Replies: >>116492
Probably 50% of your post count at maximum.
Replies: >>116496
If # of posts = caring, nobody ITT could touch your level of care about this.
Replies: >>116495
[Hide] (442.7KB, 640x855) Reverse
Thanks for proving me right yet again
Replies: >>116497
[Hide] (356KB, 2048x1365) Reverse
Pretty sure you're at 50% already
That you're delusional and care about this way more than anyone else ITT?
Well at least you recognize this incontrovertible fact.
Replies: >>116502
[Hide] (587.2KB, 2048x1366) Reverse
[Hide] (386.6KB, 2048x1365) Reverse
OK but tell us more about how you don't care
Replies: >>116504
I never said I didn't. Not once. All I've said was nobody could ever care about this as much as you.
Replies: >>116512
[Hide] (5.2MB, 464x848, 00:37)
How much do you care?
Replies: >>116513
About as much as I'd care about your average lulcow.
Replies: >>116518
[Hide] (27.8MB, 1232x720, 01:33)
That's not really quantifying how much you care, that's more of a comparison. Try again
Replies: >>116521
It's an accurate comparison, and comparison is a perfectly valid means of quantification.
Lol what do you want nigger, a percentage? How do you even calculate such a percentage?
Replies: >>116523
[Hide] (770.8KB, 675x900) Reverse
Let me simplify things for you. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you care?
Replies: >>116528
I'm sitting at about a 1 or 2
Enough to keep me debaiting you whilst bored, but not near enough to give a fuck if both Ukraine and Russia turn one another into irradiated wastelands
Replies: >>116530
[Hide] (111.8KB, 800x800) Reverse
So caring at a 1 or 2 is enough to keep you posting again and again and again and again in this thread about a topic you don't really care too much about?
Replies: >>116548
>Enough to keep me debaiting you whilst bored, but not near enough to give a fuck if both Ukraine and Russia turn one another into irradiated wastelands
ignoring that part of the post doesn't make it not there
Replies: >>116558
[Hide] (184.8KB, 1091x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (103.2KB, 760x1350) Reverse
On a scale of 1 to 10, how bored are you to keep posting in a thread you don't really care too much about?
Replies: >>116564
I rate my interest in you as a lulcow at about 2 or 3, you try pretty hard so get a bit more than I'd usually give ratings/interest wise
Replies: >>116577
[Hide] (23.9KB, 241x230) Reverse
Is that Tatu?
[Hide] (168.2KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (36KB, 408x604) Reverse
Ah, an ESL anon with reading comprehension issues. Which language should I rephrase the question in?
Replies: >>116581 >>116851
>j-just say you're really bored already so I can ad hom you about the state of your life or something
yeah, no, sorry
Replies: >>116588
try hard II: try harder
[Hide] (119.9KB, 736x920) Reverse
Not ad hom, anon. Again, this must be an ESL issue or lack of reading comprehension or something. You said before that you were debating me. How is it a debate when you just keep obediently answering all of my questions?
>Enough to keep me debaiting you whilst bored,
debaiting is not debating
Replies: >>116595
[Hide] (86.9KB, 559x757) Reverse
So if I keep posting in a thread I created so I can keep posting in it while you keep up your "lol i'm just  here cuz i'm bored" cope, we're not debating?
Replies: >>116597
>still trying to end run his way around my even posting in his thread being "pathetic" somehow
look at this
this is you

Replies: >>116598
[Hide] (58.2KB, 960x756) Reverse
Um, did anyone call you "pathetic" besides yourself just now?
Replies: >>116602
oh look, he shoehorned in an opening to shortcut to where he was trying to go anyway
good job bud
took you a while but you managed it
Replies: >>116606
it's so nice to see them start learning
baby steps
[Hide] (79.9KB, 639x963) Reverse
Why did you post two replies?
Replies: >>116607
really scraping under the bottom of the barrel now, huh
Replies: >>116609
[Hide] (92.3KB, 736x736) Reverse
Is this your "I'm not mad" phase or are you still pretending to be bored?
Replies: >>116611
lol bro this is one of like 12 tabs from 3 separate chans open, one of which I'm modding
it's definitely amusement
Replies: >>116616
[Hide] (101.5KB, 720x895) Reverse
OK good thing you prefaced your comment with "lol bro" and then explained yourself in such great detail, otherwise I might be tempted to think you were a bit upset about something. But I'm totally convinced by the "lol bro" so keep using that every time you feel the need to justify yourself to me.
Replies: >>116617
>whatever you say it actually means X
Replies: >>116625
>good thing you prefaced your comment with "lol bro"
btw post those 3 LMAO images you already posted like 6 times again
[Hide] (143.1KB, 1060x1418) Reverse
So it's back to double posting and pretending you're not mad?
Replies: >>116626
please break down for me the specifics of how number of posts = "emotion"
Replies: >>116632
Is that a sun wheel patch?
[Hide] (164KB, 1080x846) Reverse
Well, you were the first one to bring up emotions when you tried convincing me that you're only feverishly and obediently replying to all of my bait over and over and over again because you're just "bored" or else it's "lol bro, got like 100 tabs open and i'm just modding and stuff but i'm totes not mad, bro l-lol"
Replies: >>116633
>feverishly and obediently replying to all of my bait
oh so now you're just trolling with this thread?
Replies: >>116634
[Hide] (132.8KB, 720x900) Reverse
What's "trolling" bro? I'm new here.
Replies: >>116637
so that'd be your second troll shield
Replies: >>116640
gg bro, it's just sad now
imagine needing to troll shield as a backdoor twice in the same thread
Replies: >>116643
[Hide] (79.8KB, 735x553) Reverse
Is this a serious debate, b-bro? Or are we debaiting which shield you prefer? The "I'm just bored" shield or the "l-lol bro blah blah tldr" shield?
Replies: >>116641
yawn ukraine sucks
[Hide] (113.2KB, 802x960) Reverse
OK double poster. Come back anytime.
ukraine lose
[Hide] (4MB, 1280x720, 00:41)
[Hide] (5.8MB, 464x848, 00:41)
Replies: >>117181
you'll never fuck any of those girls or any of the toddlers you love to post
[Hide] (947.3KB, 446x360, 00:23)
Have an Aryan pizza ad from Ukraine.
ukren lose rssia win
[Hide] (907KB, 1378x2138) Reverse
>Hello reddit
That girl is insanely hot
[Hide] (79.4KB, 780x470) Reverse
[Hide] (39.5KB, 589x452) Reverse
[Hide] (64KB, 400x600) Reverse
[Hide] (94.4KB, 539x960) Reverse
[Hide] (173.4KB, 720x899) Reverse
Adorable! <3
[Hide] (129.7KB, 420x417) Reverse
[Hide] (33.7KB, 356x560) Reverse
[Hide] (36KB, 430x639) Reverse
[Hide] (31.5KB, 474x841) Reverse
[Hide] (64.9KB, 466x640) Reverse

[Hide] (180.7KB, 1200x711) Reverse
[Hide] (235.9KB, 1220x813) Reverse
[Hide] (154.8KB, 1200x681) Reverse
Hitler would have gassed the ukrainians
Replies: >>117662
[Hide] (44.9KB, 474x567) Reverse
I didn't read this spam but I know what this obvious shill is trying to do.
Ukrainian shieldmaidens are geniune warrior combatants in this conflict with many invaders being injured and destroyed by their fighting prowess and courage. Many of them have also fallen as martyrs defending their people and their land. They deserve our highest honor and respect. I genuinely love them all.
But even if all they ever did was stand around and look pretty in their uniforms to boost the morale of their men, it would still be worth doing.
ukrn lose rssia win
[Hide] (60.1KB, 765x431) Reverse
God bless and protect the Shieldmaidens of Ukraine!
[Hide] (607.5KB, 720x602) Reverse
Speaking of obvious shill >>117308
Hitler didn't even gas the jews but he should have, so what makes him think he'd gas the Ukrainians?
Replies: >>117665 >>117770
ukr lose ru win
[Hide] (738.2KB, 1557x2150) Reverse
is this fetish thread?
well, I love short-haired tomboys wearing heavy metal shirts and short shorts. They make me so horny.
[Hide] (130.8KB, 1024x768) Reverse
get out
Replies: >>117701 >>117704
[Hide] (707.5KB, 1280x1830) Reverse
[Hide] (680.6KB, 1280x1830) Reverse
You on the left?
ukr L ru W
Replies: >>117702
cock L msgk W
I'll take 11 of those over this nigger's spam
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1748x2480) Reverse
I'm no shota. I lift to carry my wife. We'll go to the gym 6 days of the week, then we'll go home to grill tons of meat and down it with beer. We'll shower together and she'll put that black lingerie I love. We'll make love like animals all night and wake up late. That''s my dream.
Replies: >>117708
When did anybody mention gayshit (besides OP)?
If that's where your mind goes instantly when nothing remotely similar was posted I guess it really is just cover for being a faggot
Replies: >>117710
[Hide] (22.1KB, 365x338) Reverse
I thought the kid at >>117700 was a shota. Is it a loli?
Also straight shota is straight.
Replies: >>117722
[Hide] (861.2KB, 1280x1830) Reverse
>straight shota is straight
straight shota is literally gayer than triangle chin yaoi
>I thought the kid at >>117700 was a shota.
That's cos you're gay
Replies: >>117729
[Hide] (119.6KB, 659x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (661.1KB, 1266x1913) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x1817) Reverse
Then why does it have straight in the name? checkmate. faggot.

Since we're in a fetish thread this is another fantasy of mine. As a kid, I once got in a bus with big-tiddied high schooler girls. I always have fantasized about what it would have been fucking each one of them on the way home. It would have been so hot. I can only imagine my tiny arms wrapping around their big thighs with sweat dripping from them while we both french kiss.
Replies: >>117749
[Hide] (160.2KB, 1351x732) Reverse
go back to discord
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720, 00:08)
[Hide] (652.2KB, 1280x1773) Reverse
>Then why does it have straight in the name? checkmate. faggot.
Cos it's male-centric content for female consumption. SS is straight in the same sense that a landwhale jiiing off to some dude actor is straight. If you did the same thing it'd be gay. And it is.
SS is actually only gay in the sense that gay is a slur, and also that all SS is derivative of yaoi i.e. it's a subgenre of fagshit for fujoshis. As a subgenre of fagshit with no redeeming qualities that's garbage from first principles there isn't a term of abuse to throw at SS that wouldn't stick. So, rather than just gay, it's gay and retarded.
Look at this shit. It's bara without the humor.
Replies: >>117759
You were much safer as a jew in 1936 Germany than as an Aryan in modern day Germany
[Hide] (93.2KB, 900x606) Reverse
[Hide] (866.7KB, 705x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (594.2KB, 850x850) Reverse
I don't understand what you're mumbling about.
I'll just keep jerking off fantasizing about fucking hot babes when I was a kid.
Replies: >>117775
[Hide] (142.7KB, 789x789) Reverse
Replies: >>117768
ukr L ru W
Replies: >>117780
[Hide] (38.4KB, 772x772) Reverse
That word doesn't mean what you think it means
>I don't understand
No shit. What's more disturbing is your total lack of effort to understand, despite spending so much time on the task.
cock L msgk W
[Hide] (162.9KB, 1440x1757) Reverse
Replies: >>117851 >>118170
>posting cp
Replies: >>117852
yes, it's child photography.

good eye
Replies: >>117853
bretty gud
I'm referring to the
>posting an image of a child to a community of pedophiles is like giving an image of a child a sexual caption, is sexually charged context and fails the dost test
[Hide] (24.9KB, 474x282) Reverse
>a sexual caption
>is sexually charged context
>fails the dost test
Replies: >>117855
That's been the consensus on torboards for what, a more than a decade now?
Feel free to give a counterargument
[Hide] (793.9KB, 1125x1000) Reverse
fun fact: most anons on imageboards are not pedo, that's just the ((( narrative ))) glowies like to shill to dissuade people from using imageboards.

objective: smaller anonymity set = easier to dox effortposters who spread wrongthink to the goyim
Replies: >>117857 >>117920
>smaller anonymity set
You're retarded
Consider the following:
<There are pedos on the internet
<Even if you could demonstrate you weren't a pedo, doing so would remove you from the set of anons
<Even if you could demonstrate you weren't a pedo, feds would act like you still are
This in particular is the relevant point since >>117853 is the argument used by site owners who are generally acting out of being spooked by spooks
<Even if you weren't doing it because you're a pedo, posting random images of gross 3dpd doesn't increase the number of users on imageboards
Replies: >>117858 >>118719
[Hide] (166.2KB, 595x500) Reverse
all i know is that there are a shitload of off-topic posts spammed in this thread that have been left completely untouched by ((( jannies )))
It's /b/ - Random
ukr lost ru won
Replies: >>117863
cock lost msgk won
[Hide] (61.6KB, 578x926) Reverse
fun fact 1: 99% of all pedos are hanging out on clearnet shitholes not le derp weeb sekrit clubs, so the whole "muh pedos are here" argument is meaningless

fun fact 2: more child pornography has been posted on ((( social media ))) than on all imageboards combined

fun fact 3: just like churka orcs on the battlefields of ukraine, kike shills in this thread are losing hard
[Hide] (2MB, 1200x1200) Reverse
I believe and declare that a people should value nothing more highly than the dignity and freedom of its existence; that it should defend these to the last drop of blood; that it has no holier duty to fulfill; no higher law to obey; that the shame of a cowardly submission can never be erased; that this drop of poison in the blood of a people is passed on to its descendants and will lame and undermine the strength of future generations; that honor can only be lost once; . . . that even the loss of freedom after an honorable and bloody battle secures the rebirth of the people and is the seed of life from which, one day, a new tree will strike firm root; I declare to this world and to posterity that I consider the false wisdom that wants to withdraw from danger to be the most pernicious sentiment that fear and anxiety can instill . . . that I would be only too happy to find a glorious death in the magnificent fight for the freedom and dignity of the fatherland!
- Carl von Clausewitz
Replies: >>117880
ukr lose rus win 
- sane person with brain not government shill
Replies: >>117882
cock lose msgk win
t. loler
[Hide] (104.5KB, 872x655) Reverse

the left is ukrainian.
the right is russian.

Shoigu literally is not russian. There are 200 ethnical groups in russia. And there are several ethnical groups in ukraine:

- jews
- jews
- jews again
- russians
- gypsians
- and the last: jews
[Hide] (183.4KB, 1200x600) Reverse
[Hide] (3.5KB, 199x150) Reverse
Zelensky with his parents. They live today in...........


Literally there.
[Hide] (147.2KB, 439x604) Reverse
This is real phenotype of ukrainian female. And this is the answer why ukrainian females ALWAYS dye their hair white, to look as blond.
[Hide] (61KB, 710x434) Reverse
[Hide] (306.2KB, 1140x1140) Reverse
best girl
Replies: >>118047 >>118211
Finally someone drew this bitch with meat on her bones. Why is she mostly drawn like a starving drug addict? (see >>117858 )
With all the shit they have sent to holhols you'd think she'd be obese.
>a community of pedophiles
Where? I don't see one.
[Hide] (489KB, 474x474) Reverse
[Hide] (511.2KB, 474x355) Reverse
[Hide] (399.2KB, 474x316) Reverse
There is another one country that post (a lot!) fake military females.
 Of another ethnic group.

What's the country?

Right - ISRAEL

Replies: >>118051
Israel has real military females though, since it's got mandatory service for both genders
They're just not serving on the frontline that much but most of the IDF really aren't either.
These are actual enlisted, posed for propaganda flicks
Replies: >>118698
[Hide] (27.7KB, 326x326) Reverse
[Hide] (561.8KB, 400x300) Reverse
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1080x1440) Reverse
Replies: >>118170
[Hide] (191.8KB, 1080x1080) Reverse
50,000 Russian dead
Replies: >>118170
[Hide] (76KB, 500x708) Reverse
[Hide] (3.7MB, 02:41)
[Hide] (360.6KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
[Hide] (662KB, 564x930) Reverse
[Hide] (1MB, 1080x1080) Reverse
'ere wots all this ive 'eard abaht the old ukrainains wots their game then anyways
[Hide] (1.6MB, 819x1024) Reverse
most breedable 

Replies: >>118701
[Hide] (123KB, 966x1207) Reverse
[Hide] (115KB, 680x638) Reverse
>>115816 (OP) 
Replies: >>118697
[Hide] (13.3MB, 1280x720, 01:07)
[Hide] (133.9KB, 240x180) Reverse
[Hide] (368.4KB, 474x266) Reverse
[Hide] (334.8KB, 474x275) Reverse

why do you post Russians from Khazaria? Post Khazarians from Khazaria as I do it
real Khazar-females from Neo Khazaria ("israel") are ugly as hell
Rape > breed
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>>115816 (OP) 
More real life "ukrainians"
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pic 2 - typical Khazarian face - looks like  a rat

real life khazarian phenotyp,e not Russians from Khazarian territory
Replies: >>118718
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I LOVE the massive butthurt this thread has generated. It needs to become a cyclical or a series of threads.
Aryan or Khazarian, shieldmaidens or feminist whores, I would endlessly fuck and breed any Ukrainian female with the fury of an angry god.

Ukrainian girl best girl
Replies: >>118710
I have to say the “Ukrainian women in fatigues” propaganda has been very effective on me. I really don’t care what anyone else says, those girls are HOT!
Replies: >>118711 >>119127
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Every day until you marry a Ukrainian
Replies: >>119127
why are they making soy faces
i think u just got trolled
theres nothing sexual in the image he claimed was CP
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Shieldmaidens deserve to be worshiped. They are a shining example to Aryan females everywhere. 

This is how you do it, ladies!
Replies: >>120045
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Replies: >>119116
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'twas a gud thred
Replies: >>119118
>/l/ 500ing etc.
finally died
Do you have the gabchanposter's thread(s) archived?
ah fuck I just realized I deleted my copy of the climate change bread
do you have it or the pol getting btfo (>degeneracy is whining thread?) threads?
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massive incel
to trust so simple propaganda
Replies: >>119130
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simple propaganda best propaganda
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>worshipping women
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It's moar than worshiping. Become her paypiggie.

Hi there, Kira reporting☺️
The winter is coming, and russian walkers have broken through the wall.
My special unit needs support and help in getting ready for the winter and I hope that the Reddit community will jump in on the request. Also, I'd like to thank everyone for your previous donations. 5 cars will soon be equipped with proper winter tyres with your help! Reddit, you people are incredible!
We need some winter clothing:
Lilychan Soft Shell Jacket: $46.99 x 50 pcs. = $2349,5
ANSDOUR Tactical Pants Softshell $43.99 х 50 pcs. =$2199,5
Multicam Alpine Tactical Suit $44.25 х 80 pcs. = $3540
Multicam Alpin Backpack Cover $14.95 х 80pcs. = $1196
YOSUNPING Multicam Balaclava $9.99 х 50 pcs. = $499.5
We also need some equipment:
PSV-14 Rhino Mount $61.99 х 10 pcs. = $619,9
IDOGEAR SPORTS Plate Carrier $106.99 х 35 pcs. = $3744,65
IDOGEAR Tactical Mag Pouch $24.99 x 35 pcs. = $874.65
KRYDEX Battle Belt $36.95 x 35 pcs. = 1293.25$
Total amount: $16,308
You can donate via PayPal: [email protected]
I plan to order from Amazon with delivery to Ukraine.
Massive thanks to everyone for your support!
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