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Germany without a nigger anywhere in sight

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Replies: >>115389 >>115390
your point?
As good an idea as a nigger foreign legion sounds, I can't think of anyone I can despise enough to unleash them against except maybe israel
There's nothing wrong with preferring to live in a homogeneous society. It doesn't necessarily mean you hate other groups of people.

I just want to live in a nigger-free society but the kikes won't allow it.
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>The Good Old Days
They will never return! You guys are so obnoxiously delusional... 99% of the world has an overwhelmingly negative opinion of anything even tangentially related with "nazism"/"fascism"; it would take decades or even centuries to change society's view on those kinds of ideologies... and how the fuck do you think we will achieve anything like a 4th Reich?... That will never cease to be just a stupid pajeet religion larper  child pornography masturbator  basement dweller fantasy, you retarded faggot.
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World's permission not wanted or needed.
Replies: >>115397
Are you 5 years old or just retarded? Even if everyone in your country agrees to become national commies, the United Nations or shit will stop all of you. Faggot.
Replies: >>115398 >>115402
someone better, because I know it won't be you :DDDDDD
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People choose their own destiny. I'm not sure if you're really a poo-in-the-loo but people used to say "India will never be an independent country" when it was still firmly a British colony. It doesn't take 99% of the population to 'get on board' for radical change to happen. Do you really think 99% of the Russian population was screaming for Bolsheviks to take power and become a communist state? You are clearly the idiot here.
Everybody has had their fill of ((( tolerance ))), ((( inclusivity ))) ((( globalism ))) ((( muh based niggers ))) are all the other woke crap. People have seen how the kikes' nigger pets really behave when they are let out of their cages and even other niggers are sick of all of their violent chimp outs and gibmedats entitlements and other concessions and handouts degrading the society they also have to live in and filling it up with retarded and unqualified people placed in important positions because of ((( affirmative action ))) quotas and other bullshit.
The kikes subverted everything: the mass media, the entertainment industry, the financial industry, academia, politics, fucking everything and in true kike fashion they also ruined everything while massively profiting from it every step of the way.
There is a reason kikes eventually get kicked out of every society they've ever cursed their presence with in all their disgusting and vile history as a ((( people ))). They are evil parasites that infect their host and destroy societies from within. They and their nigger pets need to go.
>the united nations having any real power
>the united nations doing anything meaningful ever
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Sometimes complex problems have simple solutions
nice quickdraw, didn't waste a second
>all those meaningless buzzwords
Man, /fascist/'s existence really did fuck your mind lmao
Because of Roman propaganda, anything Celtic was viewed as barbaric and savage by the majority of the world.  Now what is public opinion?
Mono ethnic societies do not produce as much debt or capital via immigration and wage suppression as we've come to notice with many Commonwealth countries propping up their diligent, and insulated investor communities. Don't be scared, we're all going up in flames at the same time.
>spamming click
>not taking cover from next enemy behind the door
what a pepega
That's not even remotely true, only 99% of western whites cry about muh fashy muh dupzis, the rest of the world is a far more mixed bag with a significant amount of people being far more sympathetic to the idea of nationalism than cucked melting pot burger democracy. You overly simplify the world to keep yourself in your little pity party mental cesspit, I can't for the life of me figure out why you and people like you don't kill yourselves because I have never seen anything you say be taken to heart by anyone else and at most have seen it annoy the fuck out of everyone around you.
Is that why you still live? To be a spiteful annoying baby? Maybe your lot in life is entirely self-made and you deserve to lose, ever think of that?
Replies: >>115450
>muh dupzis
does anyone else get an actual headache reading this shit? you are a character out of a dr suess book.
Though I don't think it's ever given me a headache, I also hate reading retard words such as those. I find it helps to just ignore the post once they've established they talk like a fag and their shit's all retarded.
Replies: >>115538 >>115568
Boo hoo faggot, you know I'm right you annoying crybaby, it must cut deep knowing you aren't all that mysterious and everything about you is about as deep as a puddle of piss on a public bathroom floor.
Cry cry cry sadcuck cry cry cry.
Conext? What did the guy throw on the desk?
Replies: >>115572 >>117594
No idea, but the nigger was a retard for doing it because it got his attention on him in the first place and gave him a nice clean view of the handgun the nigger was drawing.
>>115385 (OP) 
Where's the part where they scream about killing da jooz? Oh that's right, it doesn't exist and Germans were just normal people trying to live decent lives in spite of having to live with subversive commie sympathizers and jews in their country.
>>115385 (OP) 
>muk dik
~ just tranny things
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These wasted Hitler dubs must be cleansed
Replies: >>117667
Idk but im turn on by that faggot, wtf he's not even passing?
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>outrage provoking image
>made by literally >>>/who/ on twitter
>actually made by some faggot with a cuckoldry fetish
>some literally who who actively partakes in said fetish
I don't care,
>It's over...
Mr. Cuckchanner/Twitter addict
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jews always call it a "death cult" whenever they're faced with an adversary that doesn't fear them
>>115385 (OP) 
yeah? so what. even i knew there were no black people in germany in the 40s. only america because they we them there as slaves
Replies: >>117666
Truer than ever
Hitler knew that ((( bolshevism ))) meant the niggerfication of Europe. But of course JewSA teamed up with Jewnited Kingdom and JewSSR and now we'll have to flush the brown filth out with an even stronger disinfectant than before.
Hitler was right all along.
You were safer as a jew in Germany back in 1936 than you are being an Aryan in modern Germany.
Replies: >>117763
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>The lack of women and families among the migrants also meant that those young men were deprived of a "violence-preventing, civilising force", the study said.
You don't say?
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By your work and loyalty as comrades, you will be just as close to me after my death as in life, and I hope that my spirit will linger among you and always go with you. May you be hard but never unjust, but above all never allow fear to influence your actions, and set the honor of your people above everything else in the world. Finally, be conscious of the fact that our task represents the work of the coming centuries, which places every single person under an obligation always to serve the common interest, and to subordinate his own advantage to this end. I demand of all Aryans, all National Socialists, men, women and all the warriors of the Armed Forces, that they be faithful and obedient unto death to their people.

Above all else, I charge the leaders and those under them to scrupulously observe of the laws of race and to mercilessly oppose the universal poisoner of all peoples, International Jewry.
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Replies: >>118826 >>118848
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>antisemitism is a behavior common in wh*te people where one identifies various objects and behaviors as "jewish"
This is a stupid, vulgar, suicidal and self-defeating ((( strategy ))) that only the minds of inbred desert monkeys could think of.
Reminder that ((( Einstein ))) married and bred with his first cousin.
Es ist ein fickender Zoo da draußen
you're a faggot
Replies: >>118874
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That's hardly the most egregious thing about him, he never heard of a power bottom before, every nigger that fucks me knows I am in control and he is just my meat stick to use for my pleasure and the sex is soooooooooooo much better than these dweeb ever post.
why are jews obsessed with nigger dick?
Replies: >>118878 >>118888
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I mean as a blooded jew but not a religious jew, it's all ironic, I am into sizeplay but like I said in another thread, I post it to make black men gay, not make white men sissies(they do that on their own lol)
>not make white men sissies(they do that on their own lol)
do they though? why is it trending only in recent times? yes, there's always been faggots, cross-dressers, gender-benders, etc. but nothing on this level.
and why is it pushed so hard by your kosher brethren who control the media and entertainment industry? what's their end game?
same with all the race mixing shit (black man, white woman) in all forms of kosher-owned entertainment; but emasculating and marginalizing white guys isn't really white genocide right? it's just white fragility or some other academic buzzword meant to sell books, help attain a tenureship or get white liberals to hate themselves even more, right?
Replies: >>118883
Hrmm honestly idk man, like, I think it's just a current trend because sissy shit was never socially acceptable and frankly if it was nobody would think it white genocide to be accepted now, I agree that most of that shit I dont like.
Like my dude I aint giving up my bussy cause im a failed male, that shits retarded gooning shit for bedroomplay only, when they bring it out of the bedroom I will shame them, even if a guy is holding a leash attached to a collar on my neck I'll still call them a fag in public for saying white men arent real men, they are and if it's not meant as a joke I can't approve.
Then again Im also a person who said a 4 inch dick would be acceptable to me if it werent for mine being 7 so I always feel like the man in those situations and I dont like feeling like a man when I have sex.
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What's your take on the International Jewish Conspiracy? Do you think there is any truth to it or is it just right wing propaganda?
Are Jews surprised that people doubt their credibility about the Holocaust when they falsely made claims about Jews being turned into soap and lampshades? (actual claims taught to generations of schoolchildren by the way) Or when the memorial plaque at Auschwitz changed its death figures? Or when Jewish documentary producer David Cole got death threats from Mossad agents for spreading facts about the fake gas chambers that never existed?
Do you know that the KGB spread so many lies about the Nazis and about Germans in general to "put them in their place" and neutralize them as a rival?
Do you think Jews should still be getting billions of Euros every year from Germany for gassings which never happened and other fabricated stories about crimes against Jews which never actually occurred either?
Do you know that Jewish mobsters have infiltrated all sectors of Western society and they are directed by evil and corrupt rabbis?
Do you know that most anti-Semites and anti-Zionists in the world today are other Jews?
Replies: >>118889 >>119102
jews were nigger slave traders and needed some ex post facto way to feel superior in order to justify it
Replies: >>118889
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>What's your take on the International Jewish Conspiracy? Do you think there is any truth to it or is it just right wing propaganda?
A bit of both, idk why bringing up the 10 million catholics dying is anti-semetic or detracting from percentages meaning that it affected Jews worse, just like clearly it wasnt about the jews it was about disagreeing with the nazi party line.
>falsely made claims about Jews being turned into soap and lampshades?
If you don't know how to do this and don't think some deranged nazi did this, then you don't know history or biology.
>Do you know that the KGB spread so many lies about the Nazis and about Germans in general to "put them in their place" and neutralize them as a rival?
Yes, I study the KGB extensively.
>Do you think Jews should still be getting billions of Euros every year from Germany for gassings which never happened and other fabricated stories about crimes against Jews which never actually occurred either?
Do you think America supporting Israel as an ethno state props up what Hitler wanted? It does.
>Do you know that Jewish mobsters have infiltrated all sectors of Western society and they are directed by evil and corrupt rabbis?
I personally know the Chicago Outfit has, and we accept all religion, all peoples, all sexualities as long as you can all get along.
>Do you know that most anti-Semites and anti-Zionists in the world today are other Jews?
Nigga how many jews do you think there are bro? Not everyones a fucking heeb.
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Replies: >>118901
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Yeah dude Hitler was a known Jew, this was all a psyop to give them their own ethno-state and have people fund it or be called racist and here retards are more focused on le scary trannies or le heccin blackerinos to notice it.
It's so fucking obvious that Nazis were just evil jews who wanted to control the temple completely and frankly the actual ethnic jews are fucking Palestinians so really;
EurotrashGypsies run Israel and you all give them money because you focus on infighting.
(Not you anon, you probably understand this)
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page 119
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Replies: >>119094
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Replies: >>119095
I hate that individualist faggot the day of the rope can’t come soon enough
Replies: >>119096
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I agree but he's a collectivist grifter in disguise and doesn't actually believe in the individual just his rights as an old, out of touch white man to say nigger in public
>literally who
>paying attention to e-celebs
Replies: >>119098
Oh look it's the pussy nigger who's too chicken to open up about his feelings again.
Replies: >>119816
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skip ahead to 11:28 for lulz
Replies: >>119413
[Hide] (11.3MB, 25:13)
Here is side 1. It's part of an anti-German propaganda record from 1961
Back then the kikes were bold and audacious enough to pass this tripe off as legitimate facts and, of course, gullible Amerisharts eagerly ate it up completely and begged for more. Now you'll understand the seeds of cuckservative bootlicking of the kikes and israel. It's pure white guilt for being bad goys simply for existing as people of European descent who need to be constantly reminded of how evil their race is.
Generations have been brainwashed with these lies, in all the schools, media and ((( hollywood ))) films and TV dramas.
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It's not even an ideology. It's a defunct state that has absolutely no chance of returning. The most it would ever amount to would be a short lived LARP like how mussollini LARPed as a Roman. Only niggers think Germans are true Whites. They have blue eyes and blonde hair and look like fucking retards. Anything in ex-prussia is pure mutt. True Whites have brown eyes or maybe green with dark hair.
Replies: >>120215 >>120218
((( Whites )))
Possibly the gayest sentence I've ever seen. Any more of your purse you care to dump on the table, madam?
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I hope they shut this site down soon. Too much Nazi stuff. They are making my people look bad.
Replies: >>119830 >>120067
Which people would those be?
Replies: >>119928
[Hide] (6.6MB, 480x360, 00:49)
Replies: >>120199
Ethnostatists. It's really embarrassing for israel to be associated with the travesty of wiggers over on /fascist/
Replies: >>120067
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Hitler lives in your tribe's head rent free forever because he undid your trash weimar ((( utopia ))) and built a far better civilization in less than a decade by getting your slimy hands off the banks and you hate it.
As if a tribe of mutt rejects could ever be an ethnostate lol.
Replies: >>120079
/fascist/ needs better memes tbh
Replies: >>120091
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>every nigger that fucks me 
Stopped reading there.
bootlickers can't meme
Replies: >>120092
seriously, it's a cringe meme
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Based Emojitroon
[Hide] (68.3KB, 536x274) Reverse
Replies: >>120207
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Cope harder you filthy inbred shitskin kike
Replies: >>120217
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Germans aren’t white because they’re swarthy brownoids. Only Anglons, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians CAN be white.
Replies: >>120241
derail fail, shlomo
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