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Here's your meta thread, faggot.
Keep in mind if this thread just turns out to be posting shit everywhere instead of actual discussion then I'm going to delete it myself.
Replies: >>119324
I made some nachos just now.
Replies: >>110648
Replies: >>110655
They were are preddy güd familamacon64.
Actually, they are carne asada fries. I don't know why I said nachos, but I have made some before.
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Replies: >>110656
should be stickied and cyclical'd
It's pretty basic:
1. Nacho chips
2. Can of nacho cheese (nothing brand name those are genuinely garbage)
3. Can of chili (Anything I guess but Hormel)
4. A block of Colby Jack
5. Guacamole (1 tomato, 1/4 finely chopped onion, cilantro, tsp of salt and pepper, and half a lime) I usually make a lot though I just thought this up for one person
6. Pico de gallo
6. Sour Cream
Yes? What about Henley-Putnam?
Replies: >>110658
so what does everything think about the quality of the board?
>he doesn't know
Essentially the same recipe for the carne asada fries minus the chili and nacho chips. As for the fries they are Cajun double fried (like poutine) and Cajun seasoned. I also add bean on the fries cuz I just like beans.
Why does /pol/ have per post captcha? They didn't always have that.
>inb4 ask them
Yeah, nah, not enabling javashit just to click your glowbait
So what's the bot and glownigger posting speed vs organic shitposts?
How much crypto from israel do you guys get paid for sabotaging boards and disrupting communities?
It's aight, meta threads are autistic and only good for shitposting with OP being a cock sucking nigger faggot but he our cock sucking nigger faggot. This is honestly my favourite altchan /b/, although it does get boring at times.
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Remove porn
Input an oekaki feature 
More annoying features like flashing backgrounds or coloured text ala 7chan mod team
Replies: >>110665 >>112302
I don't know about adding oekaki since I'm not an admin, but jschan partyhard.css sounds like a great idea
- mod
Is it possible for flags to be gifs? What is the flag file size?
It's shit, but it's at least the decent shit. Not as bad as the herdnigger times, though. Wish things could be better and more fun though.
its a gud bord but it needs oekai
remove per-post craptcha or set trigger to higher threshold at least double its current level
Replies: >>112302
Most of the anons are ok but as usual there's like two fags who obsessively shit everything up and I wish I could find an effective way to filter them.
enable spoiler'd images
who writes the shitty software of this site and who is admin?
can't spoiler images without ((( javascript )))
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Lolis are the coal canaries of free speech.
If I can't post lolis or say nigger, there is no free speech.
Fuck off if you don't like it, /tv/niggers and /cow/tards.
This isn't a free speech website.
Lolis are the coal canaries of pedophilia.
Fuck off back to blacked.gov if you don't like it, ni/gg/er.
>Muh pedophilia!
>Cries they who sided with Dolphinfag and refused to delete CP spam because they were so butthurt by Kimeemaru
Spoiler File
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kaki won't exist until site owner makes it not broken
our collective immune system is getting stronger every day.
we are getting better at glowing you before you glow us and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

deleting posts won't help you.
sorry but anime is the biggest and most successful glownigger psyop yet.
it's the perfect platform with which to generate endless threads of cringe, spam and drama. a never-ending supply to noise.
of noise*
>This isn't a free speech website.
You like having a dead website full of spam, bots, glowniggers and /v/ faggots shitting up the front page with their Risk faggotry?
So we see where this is going. It's just a low key datamining thread where ((( OP ))) is not going to respond or address anything post here.
Lurk more, newfags.
>This isn't a free speech website.
Says who?
>Lolis are the coal canaries of pedophilia.
You don't even understand what i meant by coal canaries, you retard.
Found the butthurt /cow/fag.
Replies: >>110908
/meta/ thread best thread
>Says who?
You'd know if you spent a single week here.
>You don't even understand what i meant by coal canaries, you retard.
Coal canaries in my case die when the "just a drawing" pedos come, the people die when they drop that retarded pretend argument.
Replies: >>110912
>You'd know if you spent a single week here.
Kafkatrap. You're too retarded to try to imply a deeper meaning to this.
>Coal canaries in my case die when the "just a drawing" pedos come, the people die when they drop that retarded pretend argument.
And to top it off, you're an ESL, making your retardation even more obvious.
Replies: >>110915
Not an argument.
Replies: >>110919
Nor is anything else that you have previously said.
You're making your lack of ability to argue even more obvious when you're not even trying to respond to much of anything in the post. You could've gone with the "maybe you're just too dumb to understand my posts?" angle, but that didn't even occur to you. No, don't try to imply anything of the sort now that I've already said it. And don't just do it anyway just to spite me.
You are now just playing the "if i keep making him respond, im winning" game.
Replies: >>110920
words words words
My points still stand. Take your time to read and comprehend what I've written. There's no rush.
Replies: >>110923
>words words words
You being an illiterate retard is not my problem.
>My points still stand.
They don't. I've already dismantled the ones outside of your lack of ability to understand my coal canary analogy, and how retarded you seemed when you just threw it back in my face without even attempting to make sense of it first, because you don't care if it makes sense or not, because you're just playing the keep-him-responding game.
>Take your time to read and comprehend what I've written.
If you're unable to explain what you've written, they have no weight. It isn't beneath you to do so.
You wrote it, you can explain it. Do not shift the blame on me, you gaslighting nigger.
>There's no rush.
Says the faggot that rushes to play the keep-him-responding game that he responds to my posts within 10 minutes.
Replies: >>110925
Okay. You failed. Surprising for someone who writes so eloquently, though it still doesn't hide the fact that you're lacking on the intellectual front. 
You're so afraid of being made into a fool in front of these people that you have to point out all these supposed "traps" I lay out for you before you walk straight into them.
Replies: >>110926
>Okay. You failed.
>Surprising for someone who writes so eloquently, though it still doesn't hide the fact that you're lacking on the intellectual front. 
You're so afraid of being made into a fool in front of these people that you have to point out all these supposed "traps" I lay out for you before you walk straight into them.
Irrelevant bullshit and still dodging the initial demand to explain.
Replies: >>111876
Replies: >>111349
He still hasn't explained.
>misusing the term "Gaslighting"
Replies: >>111881
why are niggers a protected class on this site?
why is /pol/ board owner actually a leftypol shitskin tranny?
This, in and of itself, is gaslighting.
gaslighting is trying to make people believe they did something they didn't do, say something they didn't say, believe something they never believed or that something happened that didn't actually happen.
any other usage are esl fags trying to fit in
Rulecucking galore on /v/. This is why its dead
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why is every poster in this thread gay except for me?
Are you for real?
Replies: >>112007
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Why wouldn't I be?
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I second this, and I would take it gauge a state's health as well. If a society is so confused it can't tell the moral difference between lines and color on a canvas and real child abuse then you know things are going badly.
This campaign against cartoons is a witch hunt so fools who don't lift a finger to protect kids from real harm can feel as if they are fighting pedophilia.
Replies: >>112080
dunno if i should make a thread for this
what's the easiest way to escape america without vaxxes? i want to get my family out of this loonny clown world for good before shit hits the fan
what is a decent non jewed country to move to? are thrd world islands better in the long run?

dont you just love it when youtubers/twittards act all high and mighty whenever somemone is accused as pedo
meanwhile doctors mutilate helpless infants and nobody bats an eyelid at all dont forget about the pfizer kid superhero advert as well
talk about integrity when none of them have it god i hate humanitarian hypocrisy its unreal
Replies: >>112082 >>112083
>dont you just love it when youtubers/twittards act all high and mighty whenever somemone is accused as pedo
Flip a coin, its like a 50/50 chance of them being a fucking pedo themselves.
>dunno if i should make a thread for this
This is b, my good man, if you have even one one-hundredth of a suspicion that you should make a thread for something, you should most definitely make a thread for that thing immediately.
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>What's the easiest way to escape america without vaxxes?
Pic related.
>What is a decent non jewed country to move to?
We already had a thread for this: it's not the country as a whole you should evaluate for ZOG influence, but the areas you may be living in. Look for sparcely populated peripheries, like the Taiga, the southern Andean range or the state of Montana.
>are third world islands better in the long run?
Hell no. A tiny spot of land which needs a constant flow of imports to even feed the population?
Replies: >>112302
>ACAB all cunny are bad supporter

>defund the fappers

>Craptcha Lives Matter
STRIKE three
YOURE OUT same-ipfag

not really sure if mexico is pozzed but i would rather escape by plane
also stupid question but whats the difference between activist and journalist the globohomo articles keeps mixing the two words together
Replies: >>112304 >>112320
If you're doing bullshit in their favor you're an activist. If you're doing bullshit in their favor and people know you're getting paid you're a journalist.
>muh samfag 
Glue your hands together.
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Spoiler File
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>it's BAU over at zzzchan where the admin never updates anything or listens to my advice that I post on their meta board.
Quoted from the man that created and maintains this software.
Get a fucking grip, Sturgeon. This software is on 0.9.0 and you're sitting here sucking cock at 0.7.0.
>never listens to my advice that I post on their meta board
That's why I'm posting this on /b/ and not /meta/. Retard won't listen to the guy who made this shit.
pic unrelated
Replies: >>112362 >>112617
getting real tired of saying it, but

Replies: >>112363
he didn't even fuck her
best thread
Replies: >>112611
the bar has been set
I never took tommy for such a spiteful bitch, lol what a fag, I know you're reading this thomas, and you just lost the game faggot nigger
/cow/kikes and /tv/troons are in suicide watch


why are there so many antifa trannies shilling on this site?

don't you realize how based hitler was?
Replies: >>112835
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A gay incel jew muslim vegan commie failed artist with an ugly haircut who joined the 41%. Yep, very based.
Replies: >>112876
Please handle the constant LARPagan-Christkike debates. I'm getting sick of dealing with the retards shitting up threads with their worn-out and shit debates. 
>inb4 hurr ur triggered
I just want to post on /b/ without seeing that particularly cancerous strain of autism. Those niggers have /christian/ and /fascist/ to debate and discuss, they don't need to shit up /b/ as well.
Replies: >>112846 >>112883
I guarantee you they are permanently banned on both boards for shitting them up.
Replies: >>113863
Everything you posted was wrong except the failed artist part (but he had decent talent tbh).
Vegetarians are not vegans. Besides, many people close to him admitted that he was not a strict vegetarian and ate pork sometimes. He was vegetarian mostly because he had a lot of compassion for animals, same as Goering. Compassion is something that ((( ironic ))) antifa trannies such as yourself could never understand since you like to target and groom kids for your sick fetish when you're not hacking off your genitals for "likes" on reddit.
Replies: >>112878
I thought Hitler was a vegetarian and drank only water because he had a lot of Digestive problems as he got older.
Replies: >>112923
>random except what I don't like
He didn't drink alcohol because he wanted a clear mind and saw what it did to the average German. 
He was mostly, but not exclusively vegetarian.
He likely did have digestive problems from stress and all the meds he was on.
captcha threshold is kept low so /b/ can never become first in board rankings.

how organic
>on tor enabled boards
I know this is a redditchan offshoot but cum the fuck on 'anon'
Please allow thread creation without craptcha. I don't want to ((( enable javascript )))
If someone tries spamming, just toggle it back on for an hour or so.
Replies: >>114382
Tor brings quality to a board. I'm living proof of that.
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russian pussy gets wet just thinking about me.
they love how i abuse them all the time and they abuse me right back in the best way they know how: censorship
i'm gonna make you drop your panties for me sooner or later, even if you have to renounce your citizenship to be with me
pwitty pweez?
or at least change it to a non-javashit craptcha
the captcha isn't js though
Replies: >>114389
It doesn't work on Torah browser
Replies: >>114392
It does
Replies: >>114394
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Replies: >>114407 >>114412
Works on my machine
We're both talking about TBB, right?
Replies: >>114408
because you've enabled javascript
Replies: >>114410
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Replies: >>114413
Security Level: Safest
>>114410 ------------> >114412
Replies: >>114414
What the fuck are you trying to say?
Yes, that's on 'safest'. Safest didn't use to fuck with your about:config back in the day so you'd manually turn off js there and it even prevented a vuln where js ran because the TBB devs are retards.
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Replies: >>114690 >>115044
guess it's just my browser then and jews just don't want me to create threads
Replies: >>114417 >>114431
I am a jew and I would like to not see your posts, yes
no need to state the obvious
you must come here to soak up all the love
Replies: >>114420
Strange way to spell "intel", anon.
Replies: >>114422
You must be the one creating all the slide threads
Yeah man there's so much 'intelligence'  on zzz
Replies: >>114424 >>114439
How many bots and poorly paid exploited laborers in overcrowded boiler room troll farms are you employing these days for your forum operations? Are you guys still based in Israel and Russia?
Sarcasm is one of your better known rhetorical devices, rabbi.
[Hide] (27.9KB, 474x345) Reverse
LOL look at the time stamps of >>114416 and the kike's response >>114417
They are keeping a close eye on sleepy /b/ lads
but that's the whole point, right shlomo? dumbing down the board and post content and userbase as much as possible
Can confirm. Captcha doesn't work on TBB at safest security level.
Replies: >>114706 >>115044
Works on my machine
I bet a windows update broke your TBB
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[Hide] (14.8KB, 474x266) Reverse
the longer they "no" the harder they "yes"
Replies: >>114821 >>115050
>skin tone contrast
<i-is he a n-nigger?
Doesn't work for me either and I tried it on VMs running windows, linux and freebsd. Always looked like screenshot here >>114415
>I tried it on VMs running windows, linux and freebsd
You realize the whole point of web browsers is to do the same thing on every OS.
Replies: >>115049
[Hide] (15.5KB, 1100x799) Reverse
Try setting dom.image-lazy-loading.enabled to false? I don't know. Mine works either way.

My limited understanding of programs is their maintainers may build them differently either to avoid certain dependencies (systemd being the major one) or personal preference for certain configuration (OpenBSD's package for Lynx is built without local program execution and other things for "security"). I don't know if TBB is built differently for any OS but I assume it's the same across most Linux distros.
Replies: >>115147
[Hide] (89KB, 499x489) Reverse
>1st pic
does she have shoes on?
Replies: >>115359
>>Try setting dom.image-lazy-loading.enabled to false? 
Made no difference
Replies: >>115239
It's retarded but you can bookmark http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/captcha/ and go there to load the image when needed. Sorry.
Replies: >>115290
The link doesn't refresh to a new image if you input the captcha wrong
Replies: >>115335
[Hide] (17.4KB, 1000x1085) Reverse
Okay. Does http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/captcha.html work for you?
Replies: >>115388
I told you guys captcha with Tor was broken but no one believed me.
Replies: >>115340
No one believed you cos it's not true, fag
Replies: >>115358
[Hide] (108.4KB, 715x668) Reverse
'Tis true. Had I chose to post here on the regular, the quality of the this board would increase by at least 34.3876%.
It would appear so
Yes, that works. Now you just have to figure out a way to make it load like it's supposed to without having Tor users open a separate tab.
Replies: >>115407
[Hide] (65.2KB, 525x800) Reverse
>without having Tor users open a separate tab.
*some Tor users
It's hard to find a browser fix for you unfortunate few because I haven't been able to recreate it, also I don't know much computer shit. Does it load for you on fatchan? Does it load for you on ptchan? If not, show me your about:config list for iframe. If yes, Sturgeon needs to upgrade (good luck with that lmao). But the only problems I remember having with jschan 0.7.0 iframe were on palemoon.
Replies: >>115408 >>115409
Yeah, ok I'm not going to worry about it then. Your hack works, so thanks for sharing it.
cute dolfy pic btw
[Hide] (1MB, 739x739) Reverse
stay mad tom
Replies: >>115423
[Hide] (18.4KB, 349x249) Reverse
Not Tom. Nor Tim. Nor Tam. Too poor and retarded to host jschan, I am.
Who's Nuzach?
Genuine question, why is zzzchan so prone to being raided by bad actors? /v/ especially has become fucking unusable because of these raiders, who are clearly shitstirring faggots taking the mantle of luciano and niggerpill. /b/ is pretty close. You modniggers need to step up your game, because clearly you're not doing your job if the only two boards anons use are fucked up.
Replies: >>116308 >>116310
>((( bad actors )))
Acid and codexx and them are always worried about ((( bad actors )))
Replies: >>116321
paranoidly so
[Hide] (2.6MB, 264x240) Reverse
>impotently spamming the gg thread
>the board is unusable
It barely even registered as a raid. It was just niggerpill shitposting as per the usual.
whos acid and codexx?
Replies: >>116379 >>116382
Who is John Galt?
Replies: >>116381
Who's on first base?
schizo 8moe admins
Replies: >>116418
"schizo" and ((( bad actor paranoia ))) are related btw
hope that came across
MarkMann already said he disavow Acid and now he's trying to distant himself from cucks and pedos.
if you thought it couldn't get any more rulecucked, check out the new mod "Unregistered User" deleting dozens and dozens of posts for no reason and with no explanation whatsoever, no wonder this place is so dead
9/17/2022, 5:18:12 PM	Unregistered User	Delete	117116
9/17/2022, 3:32:51 PM	Unregistered User	Delete	117086	-
9/17/2022, 11:23:16 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	117035	-
9/17/2022, 9:46:03 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	117030	-
9/17/2022, 2:11:27 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	116994	-
9/17/2022, 1:20:48 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	114828	-
9/17/2022, 1:20:22 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	114942	-
9/17/2022, 1:17:26 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	115648,115651,115663	-
9/17/2022, 1:13:12 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	116729,116732,116736,116756,116761,116823,116825,116826,116827,116828,116829,116898,116903,116905,116916,116917,116918,116930,116931	-
9/17/2022, 1:11:34 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	116289,116292,116299,116305,116371,116376,116402,116404,116409,116410,116411,116438,116440,116583,116639,116645,116685,116686,116701,116710	-
9/17/2022, 12:54:25 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	115716,115719	-
9/17/2022, 12:53:56 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	115688	-
9/17/2022, 12:52:24 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	114943,115562	-
9/17/2022, 12:50:01 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	116937	-
9/17/2022, 12:49:12 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	116909	-
9/17/2022, 12:47:01 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	116100	-
9/17/2022, 12:46:00 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	115633,115637,115674,115682	-
9/17/2022, 12:45:22 AM	Unregistered User	Delete	115632

does archive.org have a hidden service onion address or are there any services similar to archive.org on the dark web?
Replies: >>118774
Yeah, there is a mass psyop going on. They keep deleting my p-
no point for you to complain about software related shit, this chan admin has been running a broken chan for months now and refuses to fix it
yeah those are self deletions
what you should be paying attention to is this thread and all the bullshit in it related to this site >>117140
Replies: >>118335
>spoonfeeding the retard
Why doesn't anyone ever talk about math? Is it because it's such a boring, worthless topic that only tranny retards actually care about?
Replies: >>118839
since no one answered, let me rephrase the question:
is there any way to archive a thread that doesn't require javascript and isn't a cuckflared site?
Replies: >>118838
Press ctrl+s and then enter.
Even squirrels understand calculus intuitively.  Just watch them leap from branch to branch.  Blame the modern education system for making it boring instead of all the fun of flying through the trees like a naruto ninja.
does everything have to be campy and ironic on this site? not everyone here is a homosexual
Replies: >>118846
It seems so, sadly. Sincerity is fucking dead.
Replies: >>118856
[Hide] (924.1KB, 454x360) Reverse
>drama thread finally bumplocked
>successfully derailed
>rules never changed
>still dabbing on unorganic cancerposts
>still doing whatever we want
>/cow/nigger outsiders seething
Based. Real sleepychan OGs aren't complaining bitches.
Replies: >>118860 >>119029
Being genuine on the internet is a sign of weakness.
Replies: >>118858 >>118869
I'm new here. Can you link to an organic thread so I can lurk?
Replies: >>118859 >>118869
What would be considered a sign of strength on the internet?
Replies: >>118863 >>118869
Any thread where nobody is shitstirring and complaining about the site staff is an organic thread.
Complaints are unorganic. There are no rules for moderation on /b/.
Replies: >>118862 >>119029
But you're still mad and thinking about them all day so looks like they pwn'd you with easy bait
Replies: >>118861
Seething dramanigger. Fuck off back to 4cuck.
Replies: >>118864
>There are no rules for moderation on /b/
All that does is filter out creativity and all that's left are cancerous dramafags. Pretty much sums up your userbase
Replies: >>118865
Being a pseudointellectual ironic bitter tranny.
Replies: >>118866 >>118869
>f-fuck off
bleep bloop
Nobody cares, dramanigger. Cry more about your cancer getting deleted.
Right, so just say "no u" or take a contrarian view. 
>y-you're the d-dramanigger
Replies: >>118869
[Hide] (683.1KB, 2316x3117) Reverse
Only the strong show weakness, checkmate gaythiest. 
Welcome newfren, this was me yesterday, I'll link ya in a bit if you can't figure out the previous thread because these retards are all schizos who assume everyone knows their drama.
Being me
>Being a pseudointellectual ironic bitter tranny.
Drop the bitter and unironically this, us trannies have balls to be ourselves openly.
I only had one post deleted and that was over a wojak cause janny didnt realize I was using it to express myself with the blank knowing stare lol
We all drama niggers, just don't make needless drama and instead bring sources of drama for us to laugh at bitch.
Replies: >>119039
Old thread for the day old we got ITT, enjoy the lurk
Replies: >>118890
Based site staff trolling outsider dramaniggers and making them seethe.
Replies: >>118894
[Hide] (12.7MB, 720x720, 01:09)
They are but ya'll need to stop thinking my posts without images are janny posts lol
[Hide] (241.8KB, 400x400) Reverse
[Hide] (237.9KB, 1000x1138) Reverse
[Hide] (131.1KB, 647x1015) Reverse
[Hide] (38.8KB, 907x1360) Reverse
[Hide] (21.8KB, 445x266) Reverse
Legit I am the one who keeps alt-chan jannies in line so if I ain't complaining about this place I am suspicious of anyone who is, ngl.
So far I have witnessed obvious shit stirring to cause infighting posts deleted(not my making a point or starting a debate 'shit stirring' I mean bad actor false flag bullshit, and I use those buzzwords only to save time so inb4 that bs).
Anyone can look me up to see how I have yelled at fucking soyjak so much Kuz put a 1k bounty out on me, I shat up LCF and CC because they have male jannies over tranny ones and their whole point is so be a woman's space so having a penis bad the argument ends up falling apart if you have non-identifying as women men in those positions(I phrase it this way as they dont respect trans identity to any degree, on the record you need hormones and to act certain ways for me to respect it(I'm non-binary as I am a bit too male aggressive at times myself)), I shat up rDrama for hating 'attention whores' when all their power users and jannies are that, and I shit on /cow/ for projecting all the time when Toad is clearly a tiny penised pedophile.
This is all easily found record, so why the fuck are people bitching at this point?

Your posts may have gotten deleted for using wojaks but show this janny some better ones(I have one here for example, background, lots of art detail, illustrates a point)or stop bitching.

*Idk what else people are bitching for at this point in time but like any opinion of mine, that may change with more evidence.*
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[Hide] (107.9KB, 436x420) Reverse
[email protected]
[Hide] (176.3KB, 400x259) Reverse
[Hide] (165.8KB, 630x354) Reverse
[Hide] (186.6KB, 430x594) Reverse
Oh yeah and Null personally banned me from Kiwi twice for calling him a hypocritical, fat faggot.
Not sorry for triple posting.
Replies: >>118911 >>119029
Hey Janny my frog was hand drawn, if you can't stand being represented by the cartoon dog and thats it, lemme know and I'll make new art but don't undermine me batting for you kthanx
I can see why he'd want to ban you, those are some of the gayest photoshops I've ever seen.
Replies: >>118919
You'll never be a med
Replies: >>118919
I got some sweet schiz art that I make, but I also collect from literally everywhere so I got a ton of applicable shit for any sort of post, hence why I do it so much.
Did you see the janny lies and crap in this thread >>117140
Replies: >>118932
[Hide] (46.2KB, 454x360) Reverse
All I see is outsider dramaniggers crying and seething while SEAGULL & CO JUST KEEP WINNING
Replies: >>119033
[Hide] (13.3KB, 333x333) Reverse
Why do jannies hate this image, and seethe so much they delete it?
Replies: >>118950
Because janny doesnt like being the dog from Hey Arthur, we have to use someone else.
Who the fuck is Seagull and why is he a furry?
Replies: >>118952
[Hide] (16.6KB, 333x333) Reverse
I don't see this in the rules.
Essayfag aka the faggot obsessed with Seagull is making a fool of himself sperging out on this guy channel


Also, the guntstream fags are flagging this channel because the owner made a video about Gahoole being a liar and pedo
Replies: >>118954 >>118955
Esoteric is in a known pedophile gang, plate gang, so I refuse to believe a single thing you just said.
Replies: >>119004
Who the fuck is essayfag, and more importantly, why should anyone care?
Replies: >>118959
[Hide] (128.7KB, 1000x563) Reverse
He hangs out with pedophiles and calls everyone he doesn't like a pedophile so he's likely some no name pedophile looking for clout.
>/cow/kike seething and doing damage control
This, essayfag is a brit sperg who sucked Weasel cock to become a mod from /cow/ 
the guy got humilated on live streams at least four times
Replies: >>119015 >>119546
Who gives a shit about some pedofag looking for clout on jewtube?
Replies: >>119016
People he pisses off, and this fag pisses off a ton of people.
Replies: >>119546
[Hide] (180.5KB, 512x512) Reverse
Oldfag here. I've been to a lot of chans over the years, and I've fought against a lot of rulecucks, so believe me when I say I'd be the first to be complaining. But I've honestly never seen the site staff here do anything "wrong" at all. There are no rules for mods on /b/, as every oldfag knows, but even with that, they've always been fair. Sturgeon seems very based, and Rapeman is honestly hilarious. You can trust these guys.
Replies: >>119027 >>119029
[Hide] (118.7KB, 500x569) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1500x1200) Reverse
I agree piss bottlefag, so far so good really, though like any janny they sure love playing tricksy.
Replies: >>119029
I think the word that best describes these kind of posts is organic™ 
Replies: >>119032
[Hide] (549.2KB, 600x800) Reverse
A few were mine and Im just sick of the over bearing jannies on most places that wont let you make fun of them or they power trip.
Nah that's just glue, see the caption says glue so it hassss to be glue.
Replies: >>119033
[Hide] (2.1KB, 689x60) Reverse
[Hide] (192.2KB, 541x571) Reverse
[Hide] (150KB, 629x445) Reverse
just because you don't see the power trip, because they stop occasionally if they think people are looking, and it isn't to some degree comparable to some epic lulcow sperg like Patch, doesn't mean it isn't going on, and they're not hovering waiting for the heat to die down and just keep on keeping on with it all
they hid from that whole previous thread

Replies: >>119035 >>119122
>they hid from that whole previous thread
*the admins, that is, the board vol only came out to give lip service so it seemed like someone was "trying to communicate"
[Hide] (31.5KB, 450x800) Reverse
Oh I'm certainly not saying it's not rookie hours over here, it kinda is cause time has shown at least one janny is verrrry new to this and at the very least the rest of the staff aint helping him so what gives there ya know?
Dont get me wrong, I always just call it like I see it, I am on nobody's side because nobody is on my side besides the trees kinda mantra with myself yaknow?
Replies: >>119040
I want to make the sex with this anime.
[Hide] (248.1KB, 1333x1000) Reverse
>isn't to some degree comparable to some epic lulcow sperg like Patch
frendly reminder that trannyjannying shrinks your penis, so if you don't want to wind up with what is clearly an adult penis sized like a child's, like Patch has, pic rel
inb4 the sperging reports of it being some child's penis to get it deleted as CP like he likes to do

fair enough
Replies: >>119041
Wait jannying makes your dick shrink? Wtf why did I ever stop?
Replies: >>119052
aka taking actions outside of their own listed site rules on /b/ (or globally) based on taste or "gaytekeeping" or seethe or triggering or whatever their cope for it is, to whatever degree, most often accompanied by endless silence/anonfagged diversionary derailment/begrudging lip service brushoffs
aka "exactly how the 4chan jannies themselves now do", making all the 4chan boogeymanning often used as a cope for it extra fucking hilarious

you don't have to be a tranny to be a trannyjanny and not all jannies are trannyjannies but it's a hilarious cohencidence that all the literal trannies I've seen who were jannies were all massive fucking trannyjannies

let that sink in

**also note that pic is many sites of his old, so no telling if you could see the fucking thing without a moicroscope anymore from all the hilarious trannyjannying since
lol the last site lasted 6 days before he closed it**
Replies: >>119056
what is a plate gang?
Replies: >>119056 >>119099
[Hide] (2.1KB, 284x177) Reverse
So it's probably just the head now is what you're saying, white boys keep losing I guess.
Buncha gay mexican pedophiles who all jack off to shota and pretend to be nazis so white people will accept them(we won't)
why are trannies all mathfags and codemonkeys who do ((( web development ))) for shekles?
Replies: >>119059
Why are you so dumb you can't do that?
[Hide] (19.7KB, 333x333) Reverse
the gang you stick in the drain to stop the drain gang
Replies: >>119100
[Hide] (85.4KB, 952x720) Reverse
They fuck sewage pipes?
Makes sense for a whole bunch of faggots who jack off to niggers and children all day I spose.
[Hide] (469.1KB, 600x434) Reverse
>when you delete a post for "gay 4chan shit" because you didn't like the post just like a 4chan janny would do
Replies: >>119123
I've literally started using cope/seethe/etc. literally just cos I've seen so many people whining about it
Whiners really are the cancer they project lel

this site is eating like 40% of my posts why what the fuck
>should have to back even oneline posts up locally cos it doesn't preserve in browser cache
Replies: >>119140
[Hide] (153.1KB, 400x310) Reverse
listen up you god damn lazy millenial this is how you troll jesus christ on a cross you people I can't even
[Hide] (56.7KB, 300x413) Reverse
[Hide] (295.8KB, 682x480) Reverse
h-sh-he-he-she-he w-w-was unphased by my vintage caturday!  NANI!?
[Hide] (13.9KB, 691x121) Reverse
>he's 'still' being a trannyjanny
>only he went silent now and is leaving this thread alone since people are watching it
lol what fucking 'pussies'

>>110646 (OP) 
>Keep in mind if this thread just turns out to be posting shit everywhere instead of actual discussion then I'm going to delete it myself.
guess there's just simply never any scenario where this becomes a "conversation" from the viewpoint of the mods/admins
I wonder why the jannies here are so outright hostile and pissy about ever having to officially speak about their jannying?
>it being you who is hostile to literally everyone else here
I'm politely keeping my shit to one "right" on-topic" thread about it after another
I started out trying to be "nice" about this shit two fucking weeks ago and got nothing but this same exact endless runaround trolling bullshit

so yeah, my patience is expended and I'm full on taunting and fucking with them now because fuck these lying, disingenuous clown faggots
Replies: >>119380
>w-well we wouldn't talk about it when you were being relatively nice but w-we DEFINITELY won't talk about our jannying if you're being a MEANIE about it
>fuck all these "screenshots" and "capcoded vol lies" and "evidence" and "other people but you complaining", you're being mean to the jannies
really scraping the bottom of the cope barrel now

not all blacks are niggers etc
Fuck off already. Nobody cares. Mods rightfully do these kinds of things to filter annoying dramaniggers who can't take a hint like you, and we thank them for it.
Replies: >>119392 >>119400
[Hide] (101.4KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
It's funny to me that they cry so much when a bully the janny thread is up beneath it without deletion. Really shows them as retard newfags who are used to bitching to get their way.


Replies: >>119400
Admin of the site here. I've been pressured to release an official statement regarding the situation. So here it is:

You will never be a real woman.You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back. 

End of statement.

tl;dr for the low IQ niggers
YWNBAW Eat shit and die.
Replies: >>119402 >>119418
[Hide] (69.8KB, 469x355) Reverse
>the mods are filtering everyone but those who wouldn't complain about mods that act like faggots
wow, innovative
I wonder what kind of userbase they're trying to build with that
wonder what other sites do this kind of gaytekeeping as well
I know at least 8moe and 4chan, any others?

>a bully the janny thread is up beneath it without deletion.
you mean this one that's about a mod from another site?
gee I wonder why they'd leave that while hiding from criticisms of their own moderation because "people are being too mean to us on an imageboard about it"
Replies: >>119403
>he bothered to toss on the capcode for this tranny copypasta blowoff
I'm okay with the newfags being forced into lurking, because these ones are awful.
Replies: >>119405
>and he angry saged his own fucking board's /meta/ thread to do it too
>the newfags
hang on let me go find that post from the last thread about being here on and off for two years now to link
there we are
do note especially that last about me having recommended this site to other refugee boards previously
Replies: >>119408 >>119409
you fags just keep cycling back to the same damage controlling copes over and over again after they get buried in some other thread or by a ton of diversionary derailment
No one cares. Eat shit and die, troon. YWNBAW
Replies: >>119410 >>119418
>do note especially that last about me having recommended this site to other refugee boards previously
and it shows. like all refugees, these newfags are awful. With your admission of bringing them here, I would be fine with you being exiled too.
Replies: >>119411
>the eternal tranny boogeyman cope
the guy who said he was a tranny is a different guy, buddy
I'm sure you can come up with some better boogedyman labels to toss at me
>these newfags are awful
don't worry, luckily they never took my clearly shitty advice about coming here, they went to another site
Replies: >>119435
No one cares. Eat shit and die, troon. YWNBAW
Replies: >>119414 >>119418
>he's seriously going to angrily, delusionally copypaste loop me with the capcode
fucking gold

this is their response to all the people that have been complaining
Replies: >>119415 >>119428
No one cares. Eat shit and die, troon. YWNBAW
Replies: >>119418
could not have asked for a more hilarious and self piefacing kind of response
Replies: >>119428

This is moot, most known as the previous owner and Administrator of 4chan.org. I've come to an agreement with the Admin of "zzzchan" as far as 4 years ago and ever since the site hasn't been in his possession. This individual is obviously an imposter and you should not take anything he says seriously. Except for the part where he says you will never be a woman. That's certified true.

Polite SAGE for disturbing serious discussion.
Replies: >>119423
[Hide] (13.3MB, 480x360, 04:22)
>## Admin
>No one cares. Eat shit and die, troon. YWNBAW
>## Admin
>No one cares. Eat shit and die, troon. YWNBAW
>## Admin
>No one cares. Eat shit and die, troon. YWNBAW
Replies: >>119428
>it's the subject field
>capcodes go after the name
lol well played, got me
about the response you would have expected from how they act
Replies: >>119424 >>119429
lol it's even the same color >>118113
it's not a counterargument to shit but it sure is funny
[Hide] (46.2KB, 454x360) Reverse
>the retarded /cow/nigger fell for it
Can't stop winning.
Replies: >>119429
[Hide] (38.3KB, 497x369) Reverse
lol not just me
>>119421 isn't me either

well trolled but not really on anyone else but you that capcodes are such a rarity, even in the board's /meta/, that it would work at all
>lol not just me
not that you would already know that or anything, not being a mod and all
Pray tell, what illustrious site did they go to?
t. newfag
Replies: >>119436 >>119509
nah, not even giving them the "y-you're only making up reasons to complain to herd people to another site" excuse
Replies: >>119509
Wew, this is some pretty good dramaniggertry. Falseflagging, massive butthurt over literally nothing, blaming mods for all the ills of a website, and boogeymanning. Still, it's cancer and this board needs some major chemo.
>any complaints about mod actions is "cancer"
pretty common cope that pops up in these
all the lulcow trannyjanny greats lean on it as heavily as the "t-there are no rules for /b/ mods newfag"
fucking lol
knew that subject field "capcode" trolling happened for a "reason"
it really is just so funny to have all this pro-mod commentary and white knighting ignorant of much of what's been said in mine & other people's posts, ITT and the last, on a site that has 4(?) mods who never speak in the /meta/ thread
Replies: >>119445
[Hide] (2.2MB, 500x281, 01:29)
I'm just glad trannys will always kill themselves eventually, so the problem basically solves itself.
>muh boogeymanning
>e-everyone complaining is an unorganic bad actor herdnigger dramatranny though
>blaming mods for all the ills of a website
who else could you possibly blame
funnee fact: 95%+ of the unregistered user deletions are still mods cos seagull and alexander are like 2/3 of the people who delete their own posts without using namecode
I would ask for a single shred of evidence but I already know you can provide none.
Replies: >>119447 >>119456
>funnee fact: 95%+ of the unregistered user deletions are still mods cos seagull and alexander are like 2/3 of the people who delete their own posts without using namecode
funny if true but irrelevant

>proceeds to ignore any evidence of anything else that was already posted multiple times, only asks for evidence for obvious shitposts
not at all disingenuous
Replies: >>119448
not at all proof.
Replies: >>119449
>proceeds to ignore any evidence of anything else that was already posted multiple times, only asks for evidence for obvious shitposts
english, motherfucker, can you read it
Replies: >>119450
proof, can you post it?
Replies: >>119452
>funnee fact: 95%+ of the unregistered user deletions are still mods cos seagull and alexander are like 2/3 of the people who delete their own posts without using namecode
and this very exact science is surely, obviously I might even dare say, well documented and you're soon going to provide plenty of proof to demonstrate your claim which totally doesn't sound like it's pulled out of your ass right? or will you ust call me a mod and then you'll automatically "win" the argument without ever needing to prove anything?
Replies: >>119453
[Hide] (43.4KB, 339x589) Reverse
proof proving what, a clear shitpost that wasn't mine? lol
Replies: >>119454 >>119455
I love the grasping at that, and silence on all the screencap posts ITT
then why butt in, for attention? here's a response, attention gained.
thanks for not providing proof and thanks for the free pph to the board. face it, you always lose.
Replies: >>119459 >>119460
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1892x2448) Reverse
[Hide] (181.2KB, 1080x584) Reverse
>introduce bullshit copes
>they get rekt
>bury them in a hundred or so derailing flipflops scrabbing for any easy dismissal of it all
>use the bullshit copes from before again
>repeat endlessly
Replies: >>119461 >>119463
[Hide] (208KB, 568x326) Reverse
>the free pph
hi alex
Replies: >>119461
>t-thanks for the free PPH textually prolasping our assholes permanently while we look like pussy bitches loser, we win
another of my favorite "GOD WILL YOU PLEASE FUCK OFF ALREADY" copes
Replies: >>119461
+3 keep posting
Replies: >>119462
[Hide] (14.3KB, 430x231) Reverse
k we will
Replies: >>119468
[Hide] (170.5KB, 671x973) Reverse
Host your own site if it actually bothers you faggot
there's literally no reason to imagine whining would improve the situation unless you can somehow contact an owner who isn't actually present/aware, e.g. by spamming until the site crashes
Replies: >>119469
hey guys what's going on? lots of losers not taking their meds today huh?
Replies: >>119466 >>119469
>"t-thanks for the free PPH losers", said the site that always swore PPH didn't matter and was only something newfag outsider cancer even wanted
Replies: >>119467 >>119471
you know it fellow mod, these retards are absolutely foaming at the mouth LOL
Replies: >>119469 >>119470
only useful thing a non-lurking retard will ever contribute.
>using js
>not using the onion
<on a site you not only have no reason not to suspect is a honeypot, but on which you agree the mods are spineless cocksucking bootlickers
Replies: >>119469 >>119470
>fuck off and host your own site already and let us trannyjanny ours in peace already
another classic

so are these supposed to be my "falseflags"

lol arrest me already then
I've got no worries
Replies: >>119472 >>119473
guys if you listen very closely you can hear them angrily hitting their keyboard in desperation, I just activated the captcha in retaliation just in case, they're too stupid to complete it LOLz
how dare you call me a bootlicker? whose boots am I even gonna lick, my own? that makes no sense and for that I'm gonna ban you just you watch
>the site that always swore
didja miss the giant wall of wild delusion that was whoever on /v/ claiming to have cyberstalked his favorite former eceleb?
>muh pph
was the salient point
Replies: >>119475
it's real dude, it's literally all the mods, it's literally just us two on this site and then 99.99% of the rest  of the "userbase" is just mods hopping IPs all frickin day with nord vpn don't ask me how I know I just know dude we should just go I swear this is fucked trust me
Replies: >>119475
[Hide] (479.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
You legit retarded or what?
<noooooo I'll never do anything other than literally asking someone to stop being a subhuman like that'll ever work
Like, are you trying to imply that you wouldn't crosspost if there was another site? Why not?
Replies: >>119475
Unironically there are like four people plus three mods who post in drama threads out of the regulars, then most of the roving sorts who are here less often usually throw in 2-3 replies grouped together as well
Dramaniggery is a particular kind of dicklessness that's a prerequisite for actually wanting to be a janny
Replies: >>119476
this site has hovered around 200PPD practically its entire existence far as I've seen and every time the gaytekeeping comes up as a possible cause of this, "muh PPH go back to 4chan" was always the most popular cope excusing it

>dude we should just go
I'm having too much fun
and all of what you said is irrelevant
lol they're cucking themselves with the deleted posts?

>You legit retarded
all my retardations are undiagnosed and I'm keeping it that way tyvm
>are you trying to imply that you wouldn't crosspost if there was another site?
lol who says I don't?
Replies: >>119481
>Dramaniggery is a particular kind of dicklessness
>stated in thread 2 of 2 where all but the board vol has been fucking hiding from and terrified of "officially touching", while a ton of BS disingenuous ((( anon ))) white knighting and "trolling" goes on
Replies: >>119481
you could not pay me to mod here, lmao
[Hide] (102.5KB, 183x275) Reverse
[Hide] (119.9KB, 354x142) Reverse
I was called here by my underlings and I'm urged to award these selfless gentlemen a "Gold Medal of valor with Platinum Oak Leaves and Diamonds" for their distinguished service in the Anti Janny wars as well as an official invite to the honorable "Order of the Anti Janny". Your time posting for hours on the internet was well spent and achieved a great deal of things. This reward is the minimum we could do.
Replies: >>119480
sadly I can not accept this being an actual janny myself, but I wouldn't even "own" the medal anyway
and I'd be happy about it
thanks chuck
>lol who says I don't?
Then why not host another site?
do you really need this spelt out for you
>"muh PPH go back to 4chan" was always the most popular cope excusing it
Yeah and? That in no ways changes the fact that /v/ is convered in
>we have more pph we win eden!
any time someone calls someone in one of the outsider circlejerks a faggot
You retarded?
>>all but the board vol has been fucking hiding from and terrified of "officially touching", while a ton of BS disingenuous (((  anon  ))) white knighting and "trolling" goes on
Yeah? What part of that is not dickless?
Replies: >>119483
>Then why not host another site?
has nothing to do with this in itself, and is another frequently used cope to boot
I don't even use /v/ here or elsewhere anymore tbh so am unfamiliar with this one's dramas
>Dramaniggery is a particular kind of dicklessness that's a prerequisite for actually wanting to be a janny
I have entirely misread this statement then, my bad
happens when the dogpile starts getting thick
[Hide] (56.3KB, 270x270) Reverse
You make me wish I was a mod solely because I wish I could procure a bunch of irrelevant trannies on the internet infinite amounts anal blisters simply by existing and barely having to do anything to stoke the fire. Might be a touch psychopathic but trannies aren't human so it's ok. I might just apply tbh.
Replies: >>119487
I read it as you implying complaining about moderation was done out of some motivation to want to be a janny there or something
Replies: >>119486
I want to be one just to spite you in hopes it drives you over the line and you kill yourself.
Replies: >>119487
>in hopes it drives you over the line and you kill yourself
>infinite amounts anal blisters
delusional people are so fun
can just convince yourself anything is a win by just saying they're seething, and suddenly none of the actual words they said exist anymore
whole thing just magically repackaged
Replies: >>119488 >>119491
You are clearly seething though. You legit filled two whole thread in two days all by yourself chasing ghosts and getting trolled by 1 or 2 people doing drive by posts and fueling your schizoid rage.
Replies: >>119490 >>119491
>I wish I was a mod solely so I could delete people's posts and then troll whoever complains about it
this is the whole problem
these are the kinds of mods nobody needs

the manbaby kind who couldn't troll their way out of a wet fucking paper bag id they didn't have the mod buttons

>You legit filled two whole thread in two days all by yourself
HA hilarious fucking repackaging not even remotely supported by any of the post stamps in either thread
try hard II: try harder
cope harder
Who the fuck goes on the internet to try to 'win' gaybaby slapfights though
Replies: >>119492
certain imageboard mods, apparently
they're the ones who view this shit as having "wins" or "losses", when ultimately everyone loses from this gay sperg janny shit
Replies: >>119494
>everyone loses
you sure do lel
Replies: >>119497
[Hide] (26.2KB, 256x256) Reverse
lol you wish I was gaslightable and unable to read a thread
[Hide] (205.2KB, 1560x781) Reverse
>You are clearly seething
>You have lost, we can all see it
>These are not the transexual janitors you are looking for
>You should go away and open your own site
>Everyone can see you whining
>You filled up 2 threads over 2 days by yourself
Replies: >>119502
Fuck off back to reddit with your unfunny tryhard cancer dramanigger.
would it help if he posted his thighs?
Replies: >>119509
Are you really this new?
Who do you think would benefit from forcing drama on a dead imageboards, think about it this board has never been more active.
He's one of the jannies he said it himself
Replies: >>119509
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
whats wrong with reddit?
those pics are only available for my "almond" tier Patreon supporters


>He's one of the jannies he said it himself
lol not here
see this >>119435 >>119436

I just want them to stop doing the dumb shit
and would you look at that? while I'm here with this schtick they rarely do much of anything modwise, cause I just post caps
cept ban people in the joke ban thread

>it's a miracle!
thanks, Fernando
[Hide] (21.6KB, 333x333) Reverse
>cinqo cinqo cinqo, nueve dos, nueve dos
[Hide] (389.7KB, 1728x2304) Reverse
Oh look drama birthday present, retards slap fighting and larping as jannies.


Replies: >>119517
[Hide] (110.5KB, 720x960) Reverse
Fuck you again sturgeon, I try to have a serious discussion regarding the normalization of pedophilia, call you out on your bullshit, and you delete the post.
[Hide] (69.6KB, 727x537) Reverse
[Hide] (36.6KB, 707x563) Reverse
[Hide] (20.5KB, 715x439) Reverse
[Hide] (139.6KB, 1123x563) Reverse
mine sides, they holler
he's gonna show us all who the motherfucking BOSS is damnit
Replies: >>120086
[Hide] (1.5KB, 149x53) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4KB, 155x57) Reverse
time to see what nasty posts he had to wipe from his board's /meta/ thread he can't even be arsed to post in
Replies: >>120110
Sturgeon keeps deleting a thread where I attempt to discuss the rise of pedophilia. Sturgeon is a pedo confirmed.
Troons getting absolutely blown the fuck out ITT
Replies: >>119528
yes yes we all saw the powah
big man
can't use words but can sure mash a delete button
[Hide] (1.7KB, 159x73) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6KB, 161x65) Reverse
he thinned the other "board drama" thread too compared to the last version I have saved, before the redtext spam thing started
we'll have to audit that one too

man it's almost like some pedo thread jackbooting is trying to be used as cover for him thinning these threads about the moderation here

nah that's a schizo thought, what am I thinking
Replies: >>120110
I magnanimously offer you one chance to capcode up and come genuinely fall on your sword, and actually, provably stop the stupid "do I whatever I want respeck mah authoritae" bullshit over time
mainly because I don't really want to sit here and version compare these threads for the assuredly hilarious screenshots of the posts you were trying to cover

if you make me sit here and pick you apart with pre/post delete caps backed up by log caps to finally nail you I am going to milk this dry for the next year

but mainly I offer this because I like fucking sleepychan, I started shitposting here again for a reason and it wasn't this
Replies: >>119533 >>120114
he's actually a spear wielder 
t. knower
not going to give you some solid time limit either
my proofs aren't going anywhere
when I start posting them, at my leisure, the offer has expired

tick tock
why are you defending trannies once again while pretenting to hate them, nuzach? you do the same with kikes
Essayfag got humilated on this stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUP0J5OrW4M

also he got humilated by his internet dad Drunken Surfer and more recently to ex-Ethan Ralph capos, but the stream is gone

for some reason he always use a voice changer
[Hide] (92.4KB, 410x598) Reverse
Is it time yet? I really want to see what Sturgeon deleted from these threads.
Replies: >>119643
This thread keeps zzzchan alive, bumping so sturgeon bumps other threads above it
[Hide] (7.1KB, 156x210) Reverse
Is he really this dumb?
Replies: >>119698
Looks like it.
Alternate solution: masturbate the problem away.
Replies: >>119998
This doesn't always work though.

Anchor low effort threads (doesn't effect muh censorship but keeps it off page 1)

Autosage a thread after n time. Shitty threads that are ancient keep getting necrobumped by autists and it shits up page 1

Delete GET threads (or at least anchor)

Delete commercial spam e.g. >>119812 
Replies: >>120024 >>120025
>just so happens to include the board /meta/ thread sturgeon is desperate to ignore and for everyone to forget about
Replies: >>120028
>delete GET threads
<on /b/
kill yourself seagull
Replies: >>120027
GETs are not cancer
GET threads are cancer
feel the difference
Replies: >>120029
This thread doesn't fall into any of the listed categories.
The difference is you're gay and stack no cash?
Replies: >>120030
who needs to stack cash when they've already made bank?
enjoy wagecuckery lol
shitposting on a slow as fuck board takes huge effort btw
Remove bump function altogether. People will be forced to use the catalog and all threads will fall off the catalog after n time
Remove the post function altogether. People will be forced to go do something else other than shitpost on an imageboard.
Replies: >>120037
sorry fed, not gonna happen
Replies: >>120063 >>120070
[Hide] (365KB, 1116x640) Reverse
add two bump functions and a macro that sends a picture of a cat to cracky-chan every time you click a button
>feds don't want you whining impotently on the internet at strangers who are annoyed by your mere presence
Replies: >>120074 >>120084
Talking about impotence, how about that whole Sturgeon thing, isn't that crazy?
Replies: >>120083
You mean the war in Europe that everyone here tries to ignore because Russia is getting its head smashed in every day?
You mean the irrelevant literally who boogeyman who lives in your head?
Yep, that's impotence.
Replies: >>120086
[Hide] (27.6KB, 545x273) Reverse
>whining impotently on the internet at strangers who are annoyed by your mere presence
>the irrelevant literally who boogeyman who lives in your head?
boogeymen's names aren't in the logs
Replies: >>120087
>caring about logs
maybe if your life wasn't so empty and meaningless you'd spend your time on better things
Replies: >>120089
like OCDing over deleting posts I don't like on a 200 PPD imageboard on a daily while pretending I don't (and also that I don't even really exist)?
Replies: >>120094
yeah, stop caring
jfc you autist if I wanted to dab on you I'd be sitting here picking apart all those deleted posts you wanted to hide so bad
I'm trying to give you some fucking shot to come out of this not looking like a complete and total faggot because I like this site

but ffs you don't even have the balls to capcode up and tell me to fuck off
Replies: >>120107 >>120114
[Hide] (241.2KB, 959x936) Reverse
>h-haha now shit on my face some more, loser
Replies: >>120099
sorry you were raped as a child
Replies: >>120101
sorry that that insane asylum's worth of inmates raped your mom
hope they find out who your dad was one day

if we're pulling things out of our asses
Replies: >>120105
>pulling things 
ok gay boi
Replies: >>120106
only 135 more to go before bumplock, and then you can stop punching walls
hopefully before you break your soy fist accidentally nailing a stud
Replies: >>120119
[Hide] (43.3KB, 140x150) Reverse
Post the deletions or no balls
Replies: >>120109
oh we'll get there
I'll milk it as I please tyvm

deserves to be its own thread OP sit it can get 500 replies of its own
Replies: >>120147 >>120155
lol notice how nobody has tried to damage control it at all
lol nor denied it, nor tried to call me schizo once for calling it >>119524 >>119530
>damage control
damage control what
you haven't posted the images
>but logs say they deleted hundreds of posts for no reason!!
that is literally every day on zzzchan
[Hide] (10.9KB, 333x333) Reverse
>deserves to be its own thread OP sit it can get 500 replies of its own
or I mean Sturgeon can always man up >>119531 >>120095

oops sorry, know you hate it when I link the kind of posts you keep wanting to bury in other posts nobody would dig through
[Hide] (42.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
>/cow/shitters can't handle Seagull big canadian cock
Replies: >>120116
>not one capcode in the whole thread
such balls
I kneel
so many ((( anons ))) sucking the cocks of these mods and white knighting them all the time
such a strong community
Replies: >>120122
don't worry, i'll immediately create a new thread so you can continue wasting your life throwing punches at thin air
Replies: >>120121
>at thin air
and you are a mirage, I take it?
Welcome to webring, retarded.
which boogeyman am i this time?
oh, wait, you're just another ((( anon ))) come to defend the honor of the mods
so common on zzzchan
Replies: >>120126 >>120132
but that's just it. actually, no one gives a fuck about the mods here but you because you need to keep house for them
Replies: >>120128
>actually, no one gives a fuck about the mods here but you
>t. not posting ITT on any "side" of this at all, in fact, not even bothering to read it
Replies: >>120131 >>120132
>I don't give a fuck about the mods but if you're giving them shit then I'm going to try to troll you about it
who does this? lol
>pointing out someone's cringe and obvious butthurt is "taking sides" in my imaginary boogeyman wars
who does this? lol
Replies: >>120133
[Hide] (91.5KB, 371x353) Reverse
Kill yourself, /cow/nigger.
>pointing out someone's cringe and obvious butthurt
ok, point out specifically my obviously butthurt posts with some post links and break it down for me in that zzzchan wall of text way, don't just be vague and one lining like some 4chan nigger that gets a post deleted here

really make me and everyone feel my own cringe and shut me up for good

don't just vaguely imply all this butthurt shit trying to bury the real posts ITT in a ton of gaslighting

nail me
or take the easy route and make some gay joke or some shit and show everyone you have nothing
>inb4 some "hur dur why would we shut you up when you're entertaining us" bullshit when you supposedly hate drama and cowniggery
<show everyone
>still thinking he's fighting some epic battle in the roman coliseum
Replies: >>120136
>or take the easy route and make some gay joke or some shit and show everyone you have nothing
I accept your concession
if there was nobody to see anything, why are the mods hiding?
>b-bump limit
Replies: >>120141
>made 100+ posts before this one even reaches it
a little anxious for this one to be over, huh
I guess that one will get merged into this one for being a dupe
that's what they do with duplicate threads here, right?
Replies: >>120163
[Hide] (17.7KB, 333x333) Reverse
>he's 'desperate' to keep a thread OP from being about it, since I "threatened" that >>120109
>so has to have an "unoffical" official thread lined up to merge any that pop up into
lord, my sides
why do you want to have to deal with me
jesus christ man, just fucking give up already
a post you can bury in a ton of bullshit replies but a thread OP?
no that's in the index in its entirety for the life of the thread, on whatever page
[Hide] (15.3KB, 333x333) Reverse
>I would rather go through a year of this than have to officially speak real to the users of my site about the jannying being retarded and tell them I don't want that to happen here anymore and intend for it not to
>I'd rather bury it in silence and bullshit and troll shielding until the guy either gets bored and fucks off or something, idk, clearly this is the preferable path
how am I the one who is being unreasonable here?
Replies: >>120152
 This is surgeon the admin of zz-charades yes you are right I am big and bad and evil janitor and you are win. Please stop posting on my website now or I will cry tears and then banish you.
Replies: >>120153
yes, kind of like that, but unironic and sincere with no sarcasm or belittlings of the blatant bullshit that's been ongoing for weeks here, and also with the capcode on the other side of the name
you'd think I wanted to slowly flay his penis and rub it down with salt or something, jesus fucking christ, the hiding in the closet shit
like some little scared kid
Replies: >>120158
>says other people are hiding
>hasn't posted it
you've got one job
Replies: >>120155

>oh we'll get there
>I'll milk it as I please tyvm
my job is my leisure
>I would rather go through a year of this guy posting the post deletions I was trying to hide and rubbing his dick in my face than have to officially speak real to the users of my site about the jannying being retarded and tell them I don't want that to happen here anymore and intend for it not to
>I'd rather bury it in silence and bullshit and troll shielding until the guy either gets bored and fucks off or something, idk, clearly this is the preferable path
once again forced to ask how I'm the one being unreasonable here
and if you like I can reword it again next time you slide it out of the index with bullshit
>the blatant bullshit
such as getting rid of schizoids and pedos spamming? oh the humanity we must protect those minorities.
Replies: >>120159
and you are...?
yeah just anchor this shit thread cuz we got a newer and better one
[Hide] (1MB, 2010x2015) Reverse
toastin in ebin bread
sturgeon sucks peepee lol
Replies: >>120232 >>120239
[Hide] (101.4KB, 407x405) Reverse
bake it!
Replies: >>120233
[Hide] (79KB, 407x405) Reverse
[Hide] (130.5KB, 400x400) Reverse
I'm already pretty baked uncle.
Replies: >>120235
[Hide] (16.9KB, 352x288) Reverse
Replies: >>120237
[Hide] (277.5KB, 1485x1170) Reverse
Replies: >>120238
[Hide] (59.1KB, 450x450) Reverse
stop right there this is over the line for boomerposting
Replies: >>120240
[Hide] (152.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Can anything calm his rabid anal lust for adding clique shitboards with four users all of whom are spergs and three of whom are feds?
Replies: >>120240
[Hide] (120.6KB, 717x585) Reverse
Stop lollygagging and pay attention to your zoom class.
You're talking about /digi/ right?
I recall there was a board on 8chan that had "Avatarfag Circlejerk" in the description, but I can't remember the name itself.
Are these the same guys or another group with the same gist?
Replies: >>120243 >>120246
[Hide] (81.9KB, 448x458) Reverse
I was going to give you a real answer about where that's from and my history, but then I found a picture that said "NIGGERS" xD
Replies: >>120260
/animus/, that was the name.
Replies: >>120245 >>120246
[Hide] (60.6KB, 500x450) Reverse
I gotcher anime right here buddy boy
Replies: >>120248
[Hide] (302.2KB, 1000x707) Reverse
There are a lot of boards like that
>You're talking about /digi/ right?
also /fascist/ and to a lesser extent /2hu/ and also /hikki/
So every recent new board except /pol/, the existence of which goes only to show that 
I think that's /yuri/ on endchan atm but might be wrong
[Hide] (241.9KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
<goes only to show that
libre nerds don't actually have any interest in talking about politics
Moar pls
Replies: >>120249
[Hide] (27.4KB, 378x600) Reverse
I'm not gay but
Replies: >>120256
come on lads just 79 more to go before bumplock and then this nasty thread is gone for good
let's fuck this /cow/nigger in his anus for based Sturgeon, who is not me, so he never has to admit he's a faggot or stop being one
we can do it
is it just me or is that kind of gay, and do you also have a weird fetish for putting fish on your penis?  I'll tell you about the time I was cleaning out a house full of chinks and there was this one felshlight I couldn't for the life of me fit my dick into, and then eventually I pulled up the product code (the whole thing was in chinese, so it took some searching)
But anyway I won't bother to look it up for you, but I'll cut to the chase.  It was called in chinese something like "16 year old first tight pussy" or something like that.  But what you have to understand is that this room also had a gym shirt that was labeled extra-small.  If you've ever been to south east asia, even the XL shirts are like medium for normal sized westerners.
I always knew sasuke was the bottom bitch
Replies: >>120262
Alright, so I'm wearing this guy's shirt he left in the closet, perhaps because his friends were just making fun of him, and that's also why he left his unused extra-small sized chinese fleshlight in the closet.  I mean this shirt is so skin-tight it almost made me think I had really cut abs and a hot pair of cum gutters.
[Hide] (235.3KB, 356x240) Reverse
NIGERS !!!!!!!!! fried chickin watermelom
Yeah well they always drew naruto with a big bulge and I didn't follow the whole story but sasuske was obviously his older brother's bitch.  I mean how gay do you have to be if sakura wants your dick so bad and you're just like
>no I'm too ninja to have sex with the likes of dumb thots
well I guess there's one other option ^o^
Anyway, I had to throw the shirt out because it was this big gay gym brand shirt obviously not my size and there's no reason anybody would keep it except if he had a job as the gym gimp who gets to fuck little chinese guys up the ass or something in the showers.  All I can do is hope this guy left it behind because it was a bigger joke than he was.

But, anyway, there I was, porking the hell out of his XS sized chinese fleshlight.
[Hide] (758.5KB, 1600x2266) Reverse
>>>16yr first time onahole
Replies: >>120272
I literally couldn't fit my dickhead all the way in it.  I mean they were all kind of midgets by western standards, but lol holy shit.  I really hope that was some kind of a birthday joke or something.

There was only one of them that ever brought girls over, and he also had a nice car.  So it's not hard to guess who fucked and who sucked.
come on lads just 69 more to go before bumplock and then this nasty thread is gone for good
let's fuck this /cow/nigger in his anus for based Sturgeon, who is not me, so he never has to admit he's a faggot or stop being one
we can do it
[Hide] (194KB, 536x822) Reverse
[Hide] (34.7KB, 387x217) Reverse
But it turned out this chink guy was running the whole financial show for the house, even though he never went outside or socialized and I pretty much had to peek into his window to find him in order to settle affairs after this fucking hunkacha mule answered the door with a huge knife and was like
>ha-ha cooking
Well yeah buddy I'm bigger than you are I just want to talk to your guy and make sure the finances are settled.
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