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>hear they don't sell Nazi flags anymore 
>click into search engine
>>nazi flag
>zero duckduckgo results
I'm not even a Nazi but do they think that flags are magic? 

I also heard that they were trying to pass laws to 'change history'. Do they think that deletion of race crime statistics, exile of jews over and over for centuries, or the deletion of a basic flag symbol is going to make people suddenly the same race and stop culture shocks?

Because that's silly. 

This is making me feel for the poltards more than the sjw's, and I hate both.
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Go back to cuckchan.
Replies: >>10976
>can't read
>can't think
Also, cuck range bans since hiro got in, and is overly high with it's bait so why would I do that?

t. social libertarian
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>admits he's a cuckchannigger
I'm not going to waste my time on your shitty low quality thread, triple nigger.
You seem to know a good amount about cuckchan's recent activities, so you should take your faggot ass back there.
Replies: >>10983 >>19680
>change and erase history so much that the nazis just become a whispered about boogeyman
So how will they continue the holocaust lie without the supposed perpetrators?
Replies: >>10979 >>10980
Disregard this post i didn't read on and see you were a faggot.
>>10973 (OP) 
Why would anyone buy a nazi flag that was made in china, and not spend the time in making one? 
It'll just be whitey doing something that they don't like.
>4chan range bans for profit

top tier logic you have there
>>10973 (OP) 
>Do they think
No, their espoused intentions are meaningless. It's about control.
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>>10973 (OP) 
>search on amazon swastika flag
>first results are a USSR flag and an Israeli one
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>>11022 (checking myself)
Here's some motherfucking proof.
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Replies: >>11043
Spoiler File
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Who could be behind this?
Ok, I'll give you theoretical question.
If you had to eat an Isreali flag, how would you do it?
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>If you had to eat an Isreali flag, how would you do it?
How about why would I eat one? How nutritious is an Israeli flag either way?
Replies: >>11055
You are forced to eat it, you cannot do anything with it. But you van do whatever you want to do with the flag before eating, but mostlikely not something poisonous. 
>How nutritious is an Israeli flag either way?
If it's 100% cotton then maybe you have some sugars, maybe I don't know.
Congrats anon, you have experienced your very first redpill. Good job!
I'd cut it into small pieces, saute in some pork fat and spices and enjoy
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>>10973 (OP) 
>do they think that flags are magic?
Ask anyone from the American South who's had his Confederate flag vandalized.
>pics related: my Batman and Superman themed substitutions to avoid the farcical law against them
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>>10973 (OP) 
liar this the first site that popped up when searching for nazi flags, OP you are a complete faggot, I want my (you).

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>but do they think that flags are magic? 
I suppose you don't understand the transcendental power of imagery and symbolism? In that case, understand that the Swastika is not just a symbol, but it is a full-on reflection or projection of a more real aspect of nature, in this case, the Sun.
So when you read that image you think "HMM, Left old, old goodright, right newer, right badwrong"? That's interesting, I took away the opposite, You shouldn't think that symbols have intrinsic power. The only power they have is the power that is ascribed to them by people (fools, mostly) like yourself. Magic isn't real and drawings can't influence the world except through people (and that's the "magic" of people, not of images on paper).
I don't think it's legal to take it off someone in particular unless, with slight of hand using that virus, they just now applied a new law that is blatantly unconstitutional. 

Perhaps the FBI gave them their websites back after first making an Internet bubble to stop them from being seen. 

I understand it fine and so do they but banning an idea isn't actually possible. They're bullet proof. The flag stands for THE IDEA, it is not the actual IDEA. So getting rid of it is petty and pointless.
>that image
>implying people's understanding changed of symbols
That image is a wee bit silly to me. Only the powers that be changed, not the way the brain works. Due to placating people with technology we no longer rebel as we once did and so the powers that be misbehave a lot more now due to our being so placated to not threaten them anymore.
>>10973 (OP) 
What? I could get a focking Flags on Egay and Etsy.
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>>>>>(((8kuntnigger tries to fight a cuckchannigger)))
Pathetic really.
Replies: >>24915 >>24935
Would love to see the two sites square off
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>replying to a nearly 3 month old post
I'm sorry to tell you this jk eat shit but you're a faggot of the highest degree
its disconcerting watching the impressionable youth willingly accept the propaganda Gobbles put out almost a century ago, and all in hopes of belonging to a movement
We've become so empty as a society. Young angry men who can't properly enter the system or healthy genetic pool, have brought cancerous growth upon themselves in spite of better alternatives. The shock factor grows old after a while and its also a knee jerk antithesis to the sjws, which makes them cut from the same cloth in my eyes.
Replies: >>24941 >>24944
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Replies: >>24944 >>24947
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>better alternatives
Better start listing them mate. So far as I can tell most all organizations are a-ok with faggots and niggers doing anything they want and trampling over everything once held sacred. The ones who aren't okay with it just go "oh I wish you wouldn't, but you're justified in being upset" in some gay public statement and that's as far as that goes. 
Probably, but I want to see if actually has something or if it's just copypasta.
Replies: >>24947 >>24951
>I can't handle views opposing my own fragile ones

Instead of accepting the divide and conquer tacgic employed by the media and governments, it'd be wiser to turn off the screen and go outside and get a career or a hobby. Stop falling for the tricks and believing yourself as some saviour, when you're just a patsy.
Replies: >>24951
>it'd be wiser to turn off the screen and go outside and get a career or a hobby.
These aren't alternatives, and everyone has hobbies. You've listed "go along to get along" as a solution which everyone instinctively employs already. 
The next sentence is meaningless on an anonymous imageboard, since you don't know who's on the other side of the screen.
Replies: >>24952
>These aren't alternatives
They are. You're justifying your own dilemma and provoking yourself further.
Replies: >>24953
No, I'm just countering your assertion that pacifism is a solution. This isn't India where Ghandi had a billion indians behind him against a tiny regiment of british soldiers. 
As for me, I have no dilemma, or if I do tell me what it is, oh knower of anonymous.
Replies: >>25037
>he thinks it would be a fight
There's like four orders of magnitude of difference in active users, Mohammad Ali vs a paraplegic ant would be less one-sided
Pacifism is a solution within the boundary of modern legal rights assigned to most, if not every modern occidental nation where these divise tactics are employed. If you're somehow expecting a bloodbath in your area and you can participate, well I wish you good luck defending against these perpetrators. I wouldn't hold my breath about the government remaining idle as their tax payers begin slaughtering their wage slaves and service economy sectors.
Replies: >>25039
mmm. Yes, it's an extremely difficult fight and I would not know how to navigate it. I personally ascribe to the "live in the woods" solution, and am working towards reaching that point, since, in theory, at the least you're no longer feeding them your taxes. But as you adroitly point out, everyone else still is so I dunno what's to be done about it.
Replies: >>25088
>everyone else still is so I dunno what's to be done about it.
Much of it is out of our control. Becoming one with the horde or group can be venomous and apostasy is clearly a no no on both sides. 
Besides living in the woods (I too aspire to be a hermit), there's simply treating people as they are, and if they're capable people with good personalities and not judging them with a political scope. I find it difficult at times and yes I am also under the thumb of judgement but I do my best to treat others the way I expect to be treated. There's no reason to get maf over irrelevant and petty nonsense you cannot change. Better to avoid the saviour complex many are diving into as it has many side effects.

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