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Neetbux is just not cutting it anymore. People say programming and art. Anything else. Anything i can learn from online and then make money from. I want to be able to buy things. With neetbux you are really limited. I have time and im willing to put in the effort to learn skills.
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How do you make money of guitars?
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>>106760 (OP) 
Learn to repair stuff (electronics, furniture, floors, roofs, cars, etc.) Tiny effort, little knowhow, massive profit.
>repairing furniture, floors, roofs, cars
>tiny effort
I dont think so.
>little knowhow
A lot of knowhow, unless you feel like talking your way out of a fucked up job.
>massive profit
If you're morally corrupt enough to blatantly gouge whichever gullible retard walked up to you and asked you to repair his x, then maybe.
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cool. But i do feel concern over what >>106773 said. I do feel like most people only make a profit by gouging others and i cant do that. I have morals. Maybe i could help out family for some money. I dont know. I'll definetly read that pdf though, thanks.
>How do you make money of guitars?

look semi-homeless and just stand around a corner, play some of your songs, shilling your shitty EP to anyone who walks around. You could make lots of a couple hundred a week from just panhandling alone if you find a good spot.
Thanks for the pdf
This. Electronics repair goes a long way. Small motors included. 
Photoshop, video editing, futa porn, drawing furry porn, onlyfans, programming, scamming.
Dick sucking always works.
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Do you have more pdfs like this?
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>>106760 (OP) 
>I have time and I'm willing to put in effort
Then why are you unemployed?
Aren't there like a billion fucking indians who do photoshop for literal pennies? How do you even make money here?
I'm pretty decent at it because it's fun, but I have absolutely no clue how would I ever manage to sell this "skill".
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>>106760 (OP) 
fuck i would kill to have neetbux. you have all the time in the world to figure out how to create an income stream. i come home dead tired after work and only have a short time to myself on the weekends. it all goes by so fast and after a few years i still haven't figured out a way to get out of my job.
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>>106760 (OP) 
The key isn't being good at anything as long as you can bluff your way with good advertising.
Here you go, look for them in soulseek libraries.
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