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Why don't Europeans go back to paganism and other folk religions? Christianity is a Jewish scam to control the masses by neutering them, why don't modern cuckservatives accept that? Christianity is great for soyciety, but reduces the individual to a mere cog in a machine, to a faggy excuse of a MAN.
sure you want to do ritualistic murder every week when crops wont grow or theres some minor cold spreading?
go ahead nigger
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I'm part of the church of cunny.
Offering my semen to them every day.
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>>105918 (OP) 
Because if we were meant to move backwards, God would face our knees the other way.
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Because society is composed of 99% drones who have no will or ambition of their own beyond meeting their basic biological needs, so they just do whatever everyone else is doing, which is dictated by whoever of the remaining 1% has the best marketing. Christfaggotry pretty much is built from the ground up to be the most highly marketable religion of all time. All it is is basic morality that any social animal has an innate sense of instinctively and a layer of made-up bullshit to scare/cajole you into joining the cult and then keep you in it, and a nice throughline of ambiguity to let you justify absolutely anything and to make sure it appeals to absolutely anyone to some degree.
You can start proselytizing your own pagan religion, but you cannot have the same marketing as christfaggotry does without being basically the same as it and you cannot overcome the inertia to get normalfags to believe it until you do. You can get a handful of the 1% interested, but that doesn't change a thing for the world at large. Think of christfaggotry as the smartphone of religions. Everyone has one, they love how convenient it is, they're blind to any criticism or concerns about how subtly insidious it is, and if you go to market trying to sell your /g/-approved open-source privacy-focused etc. religion, that has 0 mass appeal and only other autists like you would be interested.
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Why do pagans always try to (fruitlessly) convert Christians on image boards? Could it be that it is an intelligence operation?
>intelligence operation?
more like retardation operation
Stockholme syndrome etc. etc.
the damn commie of marx was right in one thing; religion is the opium of the people
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So is coommunism.
Potentially any belief system does that.
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If it wasn't for the isrealites, we'd all still be in the dark ages and living in caves.
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>>105918 (OP) 
Because 90% of Christians are mental slaves who can't think for themselves, hence why Nietzsche called it a slave morality. 
>everything I don't like is GLOWNIGGERS
That's honestly pathetic at this point.
your cumrag doesn't count
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>picard facepalm
>>105918 (OP) 
>Why don't Europeans go back to paganism and other folk religions?
Much of the knowledge of folk religions was destroyed by christians, unfortunately.
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when crops are burned, you sow new seed
Personally, I'm trying not to worry about divine affairs.
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Correct. The root cause of this, however, lies in the agricultural revolution.
Prior to the advent of agriculture, the average intelligence of man was (and had to be) much higher than it is today, because the stupid and the weak, those who could not think nor fend for themselves, could not survive in a hunter-gatherer society. Certainly the women, children, and elderly were cared for by other members of the tribe, but adult men who were not intelligent enough to contribute to the subsistence or defense of the tribe were of no use and were cast out (or at least excluded from initiation and reproduction). We might thus say that the "bell curve" of intelligence in pre-agricultural times had both a higher mean and a smaller standard deviation.
The agricultural paradigm changed this. Suddenly, less intelligent men had a purpose: performing repetitive, routine manual labor. Highly intelligent people are worse at performing simple tasks (like sowing and harvesting regularly-spaced plants or caring for domesticated animals) because of their capacity for boredom, whereas less intelligent people receive just enough stimulation from these activities to remain content. As an added bonus, agricultural techniques eventually reached a level of efficiency that was greater than subsistence - in other words, 10 men could produce enough food for 15 or more, meaning that not everyone needed to be responsible for the subsistence of the tribe. This inevitably led to a stratification of society into those who worked the land (the unintelligent) and those who consumed food they had not worked for (while presumably performing other, more intellectually demanding tasks). The standard deviation for intelligence in agricultural societies thus increased, because the new social organization had a use for the less intelligent. Over time, however, the average intelligence also decreased, thanks to the criterion for survival no longer consisting of "be the smartest creature in the wild forest".
What does all this have to do with paganism and Christianity, though? Paganism, or animism, or ancestor worship, or simply the natural state of preagricultural man, has always asked a certain level of intelligence from him. Metaphysical beliefs and cultural expectations are not explicitly spoken, but often buried within layers of riddle and metaphor found in myths, songs, and epic oral poetry. Contrast this with Christianity, or most other proselytic religions, where commandments and doctrines are often presented explicitly in lists (the ten commandments, the four noble truths, etc.). Pagan teachings are maieutic: they require the knowledge to already exist within the mind of the student, to be drawn out rather than taught.
Pagan initiation rituals are also meritocratic and hierarchical: they pose the risk of failure for the initiate. Contrast this with Christian initiations (e.g. First Communion and Confirmation in the Catholic Church), which essentially only require the initiate to reach a certain age and attend a few lectures. Paganism thus places priority on <i>selection</i>, choosing from among the best, while Christianity et al. are more concerned with absorbing the largest quantity of members, regardless of quality. The connection with agriculture's impact on the distribution of intelligence in society should now be clear.
I might be so bold as to say that paganism has never declined in numbers (although I have no way to confirm this); the appearance of decline is simply because these numbers (those who are intelligent enough to embody the pagan spirit) comprise an ever smaller portion of a population that has been continuously growing, and growing stupider. It is no coincidence that in the wake of the Black Death, when the population was decimated, the Renaissance followed - a resurgence of pagan classical ideas and aesthetics.
I, for one, would never try to convert Christians. One cannot "convert" another to paganism - either the blood and intelligence are already there and one is simply awakening to the ways of one's ancestors, or not. Unlike Christians, I have no desire to be in the company of idiots and mulattoes.
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daily reminder that the dumbest niggers on earth still live as hunter/gatherers
not only that, but the dumbest animals on earth or also hunter/gatherers
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here's a picture of a moron hunting a fish with a stick and a chimp hunting ants the same way
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I mean, are you really surprised? Of course this thread was a shill thread.
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here's a gorilla gathering some food.
amazing and superior use of intelligence compared with developing and using agricultural technologies
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>imagine not understanding that hunter-gatherers had to use their intelligence to literally not starve
The average brain size in cubic centimeters has steadily decreased since the Agricultural Revolution. Big brains require lots of high-quality food, the kind you can only get from hunting and gathering.
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imagine some guy who presumes to be highly intelligent got his naked ass dropped in a jungle with no tools or equipment and slowly starves to death because he's too dumb to use the resources all around him to feed, clothe and shelter himself, while at the same moment, filthy niggers are resting in their hammocks with their wives and kids after hunting and gathering for the day which took them a total of 30 minutes of effort
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me have big brains
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Because most people are unintelligent animals. Christianity was a slave revolt spurred on by the jews who just had their land ransacked by romans.
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This claim is nonsensical for several reasons.
First, what leads you to believe that the people in your pictures are "dumb"? I'll grant that the niggers living in first-world countries are dumb, even relative to the surrounding population, but I guarantee those same street niggers would be considered just as dumb if they were dropped on North Sentinel Island. Your next reply will likely contain an IQ distribution map, but besides the fact that IQ tests are Jewish propaganda and not reflective of real intelligence, hunter-gatherers make up such a small proportion of the population of any given country that country-wide intelligence metrics are unlikely to have any relation to the intelligence of modern hunter-gatherers.
Second, your assertion that people "still" live as hunter-gatherers reeks of linear evolutionary theory. The idea that humanity has progressed through ascending levels of advancement reflected by modes of subsistence and technological development can be traced back to Thomas Hobbes, who sure wrote a great deal about how unintelligent and primitive hunter-gatherers were for someone who never travelled more than a few hundred miles from England in his entire life. Moreover, many people who live as hunter-gatherers today have not always lived that way; numerous modern hunter-gatherers practiced agriculture at some point in the last millenium and have chosen to go back.
Third, I see no great intelligence in today's social and technological "developments" that have made it only a few centuries and are already causing massive environmental destruction and subjugation of people all around the globe. To take it even further back, not even agriculture itself can be considered sustainable - the Great Plains used to be rich and fertile, and the Middle East was once lush and forested, but the "Cradle of Civilization" was ecologically ruined by the very agriculture it depended on. Belittle the technologies of hunter-gatherers as much as you like, but therein lies true intelligence, foreward thinking, and intent for eternal sustainability, not just for a few centuries until the non-renewable resources run out.
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Hitler dubs check'd.
>by the jews who just had their land ransacked by romans.
Then the survivors made their way to Kievan Rus, an established Viking Aryan civilization, and they changed their name from Judeans to Khazarians and then proceeded to harass, steal, deceive and make war on the native inhabitants.

Some things never change.
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your views on intelligence and evolution are simplistic and full of projection.
primitives acquired their 'intelligence' through trail and error over generations. 
a tribe grows, schisms form, there's a war, the losers have to leave and go elsewhere. they come across a new bush they've never seen before which has colored berries. one person sniffs them, tastes it, it seems fine, he eats more berries while the others are more reluctant to try. hours later he dies. now they know to avoid that bush for food. rinse and repeat for everything else around them.
knowledge about plants, animals, tools, hunting/gathering skills, medicinal herbs, etc. gets passes on through language. sometimes for one reason or another that knowledge gets lost. this is why some people "go back" from agriculture as you put it. the regression was not a choice, they simply lost the knowledge they once had.
it's clear from the pictures you attach to your posts that you're a sentimentalist and a romanticist about the past. you probably also think kaczynski was a cool guy instead of a clueless loser and a closet tranny
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>full of projection
Where? Is that just a buzzword you're using to make your point seem more correct? 

Otherwise, I think that the problem isn't that civilization makes people more intelligent; as numerous studies show, there has been a decrease in brain size ever since the Agricultural Revolution. Rather, as economies of scale form and the peasant/serf/slave classes arise to do all the farming, it frees up certain numbers of people, who otherwise would have been busy hunting and gathering, to put their intelligence to use elsewhere. They then specialize in certain fields and go from there: which is where we see the rise of the craftsman, the artisan, the merchant, the priests, the nobles, administrators, scribes, and so on.
Well, I'm convinced, and the fact that people subconsciously imagine a nightmarish dystopian future rather than anything remotely hopeful probably also leads credit to your points, IE they can't put their finger on it but they feel humanity in general chose a terrible, seemingly irreversible path sometime ago. Sick but don't know why, in essence.
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>samefagging this hard
Replies: >>106001
No, different anon. Just because you think people who post old pictures are "closet trannies" doesn't mean everyone else is as retarded as you.
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t. samefag
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Very true. It's always entertaining to see how Christians are completely incapable of understanding the arguments pagans put out and instead immediately resort to massively butthurt ad-homs, rent-free obsession over Varg (which most pagans don't even follow, look up Survive the Jive for a far superior understanding of paganism), hatred of "snowniggers" and love for shitskins, and citing verses that only proves the pagans' points. 
Hell, we've got the poster here crying about "samefags", because he knows that he can't actually argue his points and so he intends to crash the conversation with no survivorsh so that he can claim he "won" and feel good about himself.
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>it's not possible to change proxies to do this
Replies: >>106009
the shills are working in overdrive mode today
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What you're describing as the nature of intelligence is exactly what I have in mind, though. Hunter-gatherers (an economic description) are intelligent in that all members of the tribe must be smart enough to extract subsistence from an undomesticated environment, and defend themselves from threats in that same environment; pagans (a metaphysical description) are "intelligent" in that they explicitly promote improvement in all fields (social, economic, spiritual) across generations by recognizing and honoring the best of what their ancestors learned and achieved. A tribe is really a synchronic description, but what I refer to here is a diachronic lineage, the tribe in time as a developing model of the mind, trying new things, adapting to changing environments, improving through both genetics and memetics.
Also Kaczynski was a fag.
It's clear from the lack of pictures you attach to your posts that you don't understand the importance of aesthetics, nor memetics. You are having an argument on the internet; I am helping awaken my kin not necessarily you to their ancestral memories.
>Also Kaczynski was a fag.
Literally, or in the metaphorical sense? Either way, I see no harm in sending bombs to high ranking individuals of the current hierarchy, considering that they started it by sending a great deal more bombs than any of us could ever even dream too wherever their paymasters told them too. 
My big question is this, though; they already turned the Middle East into a desert, and they'll continue to do so wherever they step foot, so wot do?
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>wall of text with the word kazynski in it
stopped reading there
Replies: >>106015
>Literally, or in the metaphorical sense?
Supposedly, because he was mindbroken by the MKUltra experiments he went through, he had thoughts of wanting to become a tranny. Granted, he made the better choice in going off into the wild.
>be so ADHD-ridden and illiterate he can't even read a single paragraph and a couple of sentences
>sage = butthurt
You're funny, little buddy. Keep posting.
>i-i'm not mad
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imagine typing all that out
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>all members of the tribe must be smart enough to extract subsistence from an undomesticated environment
they just need to be smart enough to understand language. that's the point you either keep missing or ignoring.
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I was just being dismissive, not making a claim about his sexuality. If you'd like specifics about an internet stranger's beliefs, then I have no qualms with his attacks on the powers that be, but I wouldn't look to him as some sort of ideological role model. He was right to criticize the industrial revolution, but the root causes of the problems he describes go far further back than that. In addition, he fails to place himself within the larger current of his own ancestral lineage, so his beliefs are stuck on the surface level of "politics" without reaching down into the depths of "metaphysics", or "spirituality".
This is the same problem I have with something like "anarcho-primitivism" - mere secular "primitivism" divorced from ancestral wisdom and tradition won't get you anywhere, in the grand scheme of things. Kaczynski would have been better off if he'd run away to the wilds and quietly started a family there; it would have been far more effective than mailing bombs as an evolutionary dead end.
As for wot do, that's the best option I can give - go innawoods, start a family, homeschool your kids. Any larger-scale attempts at organization have always been met with unmatchable force from the powers that be. What good is starting a "tribe" of like-minded individuals if you're going to be Waco'd by the feds before you can even achieve grandchildren? Even the second world war can be viewed this way - Hitler made a noble attempt at a resurgence of the European spirit, but the Jews and their puppets organized an even greater force and shut it all down. Organization above the level of the family unit is bound to end in failure so long as the powers that be hold as much power as they do, so the best you can do is quietly help the birthrates. With any luck, impending scarcity of vital resources and climate change will yield a collapse within our lifetimes, and you'll still be fit and fed on your permaculture homestead.
Replies: >>106028
>You are having an argument on the internet
more projection
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the earth is only 6000 years old
so we at least know he has a fetish for gingers which he rationalizes as "aesthetics" and "memetics" 
Replies: >>106030
Lovely, what a hopeful post. I have been working to make enough dosh to purchase land out in the sticks  and learn to sustain myself in about the purest way I can think of to live. I suppose worrying about encroachment is ultimately fruitless, I would be powerless to stop them either way.
Peter Parker ITT
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Believe it or not, finding food in the wild while burning fewer calories than you obtain requires more individual independence and intelligence than "Hey little Timmy, go grab a loaf of bread off aisle 6!" Being able to spot edible plants that grow in random distributions (not in neat, orderly rows), navigate wild forests (not clearings and unobstructed paths), and outsmart other wild, undomesticated animals in order to kill and eat them (as opposed to slaughtering neotenous, domesticated livestock) is a completely different mode of living that requires each person to be significantly smarter than the guy standing in a field picking a single type of plant down a neat line year after year. Note that I never said every person in an agricultural society is dumber than their hunter-gatherer ancestors, just that agriculture enables stupid people to live and reproduce who would not have survived otherwise.
I'm making up for the gyaru manga screenshots I had to post to illustrate my point in another thread, it will balance out eventually. Have another.
Replies: >>106039
Go back to cuckchan faggot and stay there.
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>tribal leader overpowers mighty beasts, eats the hearts of his enemies, and honors his ancestors, he is truly the strongest and smartest and most noble
>hears of evil but puny shaman who forces animals to act against nature and traps their wild spirit in cages and demands plants to grow at his whim
>shaman allows the weak to live by wrapping the injured in cloths designed to trap blessed spirits and applies strange alchemy instead of only allowing smart and stronk peoples to live
>shaman steals the wimminz by offering bribes of his ill-founded bounty and spreads his filthy lineage
>corrupts the spirit by passing his evil dogma through magic scrolls, instead of teaching the natural way of powerful song and dance since it is the only way to properly summon the ancestors for their wisdom
>decide to show shaman his place as a sniveling, stupid coward
>shaman's magic too strong, he is covered in shiny barriers and can throw fire
>decide the land is cursed and retreat from the damned place
you are just reasoning in endless circles while avoiding my main point because you can't refute it.
generations of native peoples of a given territory learn by trial and error what's edible and what isn't along with all their other knowledge, then that knowledge gets passed on through language to the next generation.
if a population remains in a stable environment for a given period of time it gets easier and easier to sustain itself as long as they're not overbreeding. they don't need to figure out where to go and what to do in a dynamic, changing environment. they just do what's always worked in the past until it doesn't work anymore. then they again learn what works by trial and error. 
people who are virtuoso musicians have less brain activity playing mozart during a brain scan than someone trying to play a simple tune on the same instrument for the first time.
like i said, your understanding of intelligence is simplistic and fueled by your romanticism.
you have obviously never lived the lifestyle of which you write about because you'd already know how easy it is for a primitive tribe to sustain itself when they already know their surroundings (the knowledge they acquired by trial and error).
take a hunter/gatherer from the wild and drop them in new york city without any assistance and they wouldn't know what to do. taking a new yorker and dropping them into the wild would produce the same outcome. it wouldn't matter what their IQ or acquired knowledge was because in a different environment, both would be useless.
intelligence comes mostly from experience, not from genetics and you don't need much intelligence to survive which is why dumb tribal niggers can live in an environment which you would die in simply because they have knowledge you don't.
Replies: >>106040 >>106089
hell to piggyback on your point drop a savage from his favored environment to any totally new locale and watch him struggle and starve, since all of the plants and animals are different and he won't even know what is safe to eat, let alone deal with new weather patterns.
Vs ban all drugs and hookers and all fun things so that you can live for the sake of living but lie to yourself and say you're cucking (hate using this 'word' but you retards don't speak logic so I hafta) life to be rewarded in the afterlife.

>implying birds can't walk forwards 
>implying they're not better at walking than people 
>implying people cannot walk backwards
>implying intelligent design 
Bad bait....I hope. Or are there really 50+ year old closeted gay christfaggot feminist republicans unironically posting here after prayer and nose-to-the-grindstone hours?
Replies: >>106089 >>106173
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>the brain shrunk due to....diets?
Half of all babies just went ahead and died, if not more, during infancy. We let the bad genes live, that's the issue actually. Also with culture you keep the dumb humans alive through teaching them far too much, so reading is an issue, ironically, due to libraries passing ingenious ideas down to sheeple for ages, causing people to live longer and have babies when only the best used to do it on their own steam, their own ideas. This also leads to not being able to think for oneself of course. 

No less than half of all babies need to die to quell bad genes. We're devolving.  A victim of 'our own' success. Altruism is thus overrated. Imagine if the geniuses didn't tell anyone their ideas and if libraries didn't exist... We'd be in loincloths but for how long? Until we ALL BECAME GENIUSES rather than mooch of their success. Alternatively we get more animistic/efficent and end up actually being able to survive outside of a village, like a real animal rather than an ever devolving abomination with no natural habitat.
Replies: >>106061
>>105918 (OP) 
Too many have Jesus tulpas.
Except it don't work out that way. There'd still be an intelligence distribution with 50% below average and top 10% that would far outshine and outperform everyone else and would feel the same contempt as you do for the lower 90%.
Replies: >>106094
>intelligence comes mostly from experience, not from genetics and 
Intelligence, or rather the potential for intelligence, is generally genetic, but with a good education or experience that intelligence can be nurtured further, so arguably it's both nature and nurture. 
>you don't need much intelligence to survive which is why dumb tribal niggers can live in an environment which you would die in simply because they have knowledge you don't.
And to counter: there isn't much intelligence a farmer needs to survive, either. Even Africans and the Melanesians of New Guinea can do it. The increase in intelligence would come through having to creatively solve problems, especially in relation to the environment. The more hostile the environment, the more intelligence is forced to develop. Europeans needed intelligence to grow and store food for the harsh winters; the Egyptians had to time and manage the flooding of the Nile to maximize crop productivity; and the Chinks had to do the same with the Yangtze, plus drain the swamps in the same river valley. 
Pastoralists have to also be considered, being a mix of both hunter-gatherers and farmers. After all, one of the largest empires in the world was founded by the Mongols, who were pastoral horse nomads. 
>Or are there really 50+ year old closeted gay christfaggot feminist republicans unironically posting here after prayer and nose-to-the-grindstone hours?
Even worse, imageboard retards who LARP as trad-Christians for political brownie points and because they're identityless, fatherless idiots and seek it in a wholly foreign Jewish religion.
Replies: >>106103
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And even if you took the new elite 10% geniuses and moved them to a new territory or space habitat, they'd immediately form a new intelligence distribution scale between each other with another elite 10% forming out of that and so on.
You can't escape elitism and you'll almost always be among the losers in any given group.
That's just how nature werks, folks.
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stay mad and keep projecting lmao
>>105918 (OP) 
Why should they?
Replies: >>106173
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This kills the pagan.
Replies: >>106152
Yep. There's the Christ-like asshurt. Enjoy their tears, brethren, and rejoice in the glories of your folk and your gods, who still live on.
Replies: >>106163
>christians were a medieval analog of wealthy furries
Good argument.
>your gods, who still live on.
one of the most hollow statements i've read in 2022.
[Hide] (528.3KB, 1024x756) Reverse
I used to not mind the conflict between Abrahamism and paganism as I'm (not necessarily) perennialist but the state of the religion & its worshipers, learning about what the Catholic church did to Rome and Europe in greater detail, the Crusades which killed more Europeans than Saracens, jewish mythos, degenerative and poor arguments from imageboard Christians such as in this thread, most new age Christians not even going to church and just roleplaying on the internet, so on, cemented enough into me that that way of life isn't worth preserving.  I don't hate Christians just for being Christian and won't dismiss any ruminations and insights whatever monks and saints gained from meditation but at least for layman doctrine and what it instills into people I loathe it.
Replies: >>106174 >>106180
>its jewish
>it neuters people
>the folk religion festivals are kewl asf and in sync with nature
>theres no camaraderie among christians
>going backwards
What even is "going backwards"? Only niggers I see protesting novel technologies are christians. 
>god sent we to murder you so its justified
Makes perfect sense.
>Vs ban all drugs and hookers
I don't condone these things but yeah, according to christianity, you shouldn't even have sex if not for procreation.
You are getting closer and closer to realizing that c*tholicism is not Christianity. Don't be fooled, and never let anyone try to tell you otherwise. c*tholics and pr*testants are not Christian and never will be.
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>everyone who doesn't validate my pagan larp is a christian
Replies: >>106181 >>106400
>according to christianity, you shouldn't even have sex if not for procreation.
You shouldn't have sex their either, it's still sin, just on the level that lay followers are expected to wallow in
There's a reason holy men are supposed to be celibate
Replies: >>106185
We don't care about shitskins or jews.
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this shill thread is still going?
Replies: >>106183
What mental gymnastucs do you do to justify being Christian while being European?
Replies: >>106187
>holy men are supposed to be celibate
this is a flawed, non-aryan idea from the orient.
there is no spiritual celibacy tradition in pre-chr*stian aryan culture and even most chr*stian denominations frown upon it
You simply follow Orthodox Christianity, specifically the version that is preached only by old monks. Not that a westernoid would even know of that though
Replies: >>106189
Aaaaaaaaand he's a shitskin. Niggers sure do love this religion, don't they?
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>((( orthodox )))
imagine simping to a cryptokike who's a servile fsb agent for a literal kike
Replies: >>106190
Leave it to the westernoid to think that Russia = Orthodoxy. Stay dumb
Replies: >>106193
[Hide] (68.2KB, 1244x560) Reverse
what mental gymnastics do you do to justify shitting up this place with your nonsense?
[Hide] (25.6KB, 474x372) Reverse
oh, so you meant the full kike mode version?
Ultimately, the fundamental problem with Christianity is that it has no real answer for niggers. They love it because they think that they can just kneel once a week and be forgiven or whatever, so the church is full of niggers. No sane white man would touch that shit; and even pro-white Christian movements are visibly an uphill battle from beginning to end.
the pagan spirit is valid because it has historical legitimacy in aryan culture but to just revive it wholesale is cringe and desperate. 
the most valuable information about its beliefs and practices has been lost and even what's left should be considered suspect and called into question. the people who practiced it are no longer alive to validate anything attributed to their beliefs and practices.
the main thing is to divorce aryan identity and culture away from the jewish parasitic mind virus which has no intrinsic compatibility with aryan spirit, traditions or values.
if people want to larp as druids wearing robes and shit it's at least a step towards deprogramming and swapping out meaningless ritual which as least don't have a jewish flavor and identity. future generations can evolve the neo-pagan bullshit into something suitable once we reestablish our power and dominance across our ancestral homelands.
Replies: >>106242
[Hide] (2MB, 320x240, 02:23)
Replies: >>106233
Would be nice to have an AI god to listen to my complaints every day
>>105918 (OP) 
>he fell for the LARPaganism 4chan meme
Read this article before participating in non-traditionalist psy-ops like LARPaganism.
>"the most valuable information has been lost"
>"neo-pagan bullshit"
The pagan spirit != historical accounts of pagan practices
Christianity might need an authoritative corpus of text to work from, but if you truly believe in the pagan spirit (and not just the pagan equivalent of Christian LARP for the sake of political goals) you would know we have plenty to go by.
Paganism doesn't mean slapping together a bunch of random pre-Christian shit and hoping it sticks. Every myth, every image, every festival has a specific meaning and follows a specific underlying structure as expressed by a given cultural group (Slavs, Germanics, etc.)
Read The Secret of the She-Bear.
Replies: >>106247 >>106248
[Hide] (31KB, 467x451) Reverse
>luke smith
Replies: >>106250 >>106261
[Hide] (31KB, 467x451) Reverse
>Read The Secret of the She-Bear.
Replies: >>106250
fun fact: slavs are germanics
[Hide] (118.6KB, 451x450) Reverse
>late 4chan meme
Replies: >>106252
[Hide] (31KB, 467x451) Reverse
>still thinks anime is current and relevant
Replies: >>106253
[Hide] (102.8KB, 1144x1430) Reverse
You know what is current and relevant? 4chan. Why don't you go and stay there?
Replies: >>106254
[Hide] (31KB, 467x451) Reverse
>posts this on a board moderated by /s4s/ trannies posting bury pink gril
Replies: >>106255 >>106256
[Hide] (6.2MB, 393x480) Reverse
>>posts this on a board moderated by /s4s/ trannies posting bury pink gril
Who, you?
>moderated by /s4s/ trannies
[Hide] (46.7KB, 533x400) Reverse
>literally who
>article was posted 3 days ago
Luke, is that you?

>"The most direct cultural link between modern man and antiquity is the orthodox Christian Church."
>can't even into the most basic of Varg's theories
>"we Christians can sit down with an Orthodox Priest or grow up in a Orthodox household and have a direct, personal contact with a tradition"
Yeah I'll bet an Orthodox Priest had a nice personal contact with your tradition
>"Most pagans are not “based” like Varg anyway (he lives a minimalist and traditional lifestyle in rural France with an ever-growing family). Most “pagans” are leftists who like “paganism” because they hate God and nature and morality and imagine that pagans were demented sexual perverts like they are."
Admitting Varg is based and has many white children, has to turn to criticizing any random idiot who has used the term "pagan" in the last century (hint: most of the time it just means non-Christian)

>"Christians, however, do believe in pagan gods. Christians have always admitted the reality of spiritual beings, including the demonic."
>"Pagans are dumb because they don't believe in invisible men in the sky! But muh Ordodoggzy is baste because we DO believe in invisible men in the sky, even yours!"

Let's take a look around...
>uses Arch Linux
>uses vim, "less of a text editor and more of a lifestyle"
Wew, no wonder you're such a faggot

Get fucked, Luke
Replies: >>106261 >>106285
[Hide] (817.9KB, 1000x621) Reverse
On a less related note, does anyone have the original version of this image? I want to make an edit with jewtube tech faggots.
Replies: >>106265
pagaynism is a meme, Christianity is based. As I've read somewhere, "Odin won.........to the other demons in hell at blackjack"
[Hide] (97.6KB, 1130x430) Reverse
It's from The Human Centipede, couldn't find that exact shot but here's another from the same scene that might have meme potential
[Hide] (361.3KB, 2327x1309) Reverse
[Hide] (89.4KB, 898x437) Reverse
[Hide] (95.3KB, 1140x500) Reverse
[Hide] (139.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (42.7KB, 980x228) Reverse
>C-Christianity is b-based
Replies: >>106274
This is as dumb as saying all anime is bad because some of the people who watch it are trannies
Replies: >>106278 >>106280
[Hide] (12.2KB, 474x248) Reverse
>christianity is based because uh...reasons
Replies: >>106297
[Hide] (38.9KB, 474x584) Reverse
[Hide] (20.2KB, 474x280) Reverse
[Hide] (13.6KB, 474x266) Reverse
>all anime is bad
I fiind it funny that Luke is basically saying, "We're more pagan than you pagans!", like that isn't a massive self-own.
[Hide] (361.3KB, 2327x1309) Reverse
yeah, this is much more based than the gods of our ancestors
Hey Luke, your entire ideology has been exposed >>105992
[Hide] (303.8KB, 1000x840) Reverse
Christianity is based because it's literally about God sending his only Son to die for humanity's sins and then get resurrected (historical fact witnessed by thousands and recorder by some people).
And what about your false LARPagan gods that only exist in your nigger heads? Have they done anything based for you? You guys are so fucking gay and retarded it's unreal. The big black cock is so high up your asses that it's affecting your brains' blood flow.
[Hide] (115.9KB, 957x1300) Reverse
>historical fact witnessed by thousands
source: my jewish butthole
[Hide] (135.7KB, 885x808) Reverse
>Christianity is based
on the subservient worship of the Jewish god and his Jewish son. Why would you ask anti-semites to worship the God of the Jews? 
>And what about your false LARPagan gods that only exist in your nigger heads?
Let's reverse that: what about your false God that only lives in your shabbos goyim heads?
>Have they done anything based for you? 
Actually yes, they have. When I pray for healing, it comes. When I pray for blessings, it comes. When I pray for protection, it comes. The Gods are real, friend, whether you want to admit that or not.
>The big black cock is so high up your asses that it's affecting your brains' blood flow.
Now that's what I call projection. Why are you so obsessed with nigger penises? Only abnormal minds think abou that.
[Hide] (309KB, 1280x729) Reverse
True stuff. Jews are something completely different and they have been trying to fuck up Christians and the power structures of our institutions for centuries. They even did stuff like giving away reference bibles with certain parts about them a bit more vague. 

God is real, smite the kikes and tree worshipping paggangs.
Christian asceticism and anti-natalism are are intelligent and moral people ending their bloodlines because the world is a bad mean place and will only because shittier because they didn't produce any offspring.
[Hide] (198.9KB, 1024x904) Reverse
I'm so glad that we, based pagans, are not alone :DDDDD
>You guys are so fucking gay and retarded it's unreal. The big black cock is so high up your asses that it's affecting your brains' blood flow.
Funny, because last I checked when pushed in a corner, you'd rather have nigger christians marry other christians than white athiests. So, if anyone has a black cock up his ass, its you
[Hide] (283.6KB, 1436x1652) Reverse
>worshipping stones and trees
[Hide] (153.5KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>worshipping a dead kike on a stick
Replies: >>106316
[Hide] (119.1KB, 850x478) Reverse
that poorly constructed, illogical and meaningless pilpul printed on your image along with your avatar's vacant stare beautifully expresses kikestianity's effect on the human mind
You got some things here wrong bud
Replies: >>106318
[Hide] (103.2KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
John 4:22
[Hide] (3.6KB, 573x148) Reverse
Simon Peter says to them: "Let Mary go out from our midst, for women are not worthy of life!" Jesus says: "See, I will draw her so as to make her male so that she also may become a living spirit like you males. For every woman who has become male will enter the Kingdom of heaven."
Really? Christians waged wars against each other, but not the muslims, for a thousand years. They never even retook their holy land. Their southern crusades were a token effort compared to the Northern crusades against the 'pagans' that is, the non-spiritual jews nya~
Christianity has always preferred the 'christian' nigger to the 'pagan' Aryan philosopher.
Replies: >>106347
Hi /voxxe/ cultist. Do you care to explain what you people are about, or will you just point me to that long explanatory post you made somewhere?
Replies: >>106494
Smh these niggas don't even know about the nymphs and elementals lmao
[Hide] (65.5KB, 474x592) Reverse
Replies: >>106444
shut the fuck up fagatha
I know right. Imagine worshipping the the things that keep you alive. That would be really dumb. Way dumber than worshipping a jewish sky fairy
Replies: >>106515
[Hide] (16.7KB, 362x298) Reverse
Read the posts by this op. https://archive.ph/cWJNk
This is what I am all about. I am not an athiest. I am not against the idea of a god or gods, just against the idea of someone trying to violently force people to follow a god that they do not subscribe to. And I maintain that if there is a god or gods that they are either apathetic to the human condition or are unable to change the human condition, at which point why call them gods?
I have no idea what that is.
>bro your so dum u dont even worship rocks
Replies: >>106549 >>106578
[Hide] (379.1KB, 1324x1871) Reverse
>worshipping nature is way dumber than worshipping some jewish sky fairy!
[Hide] (268.6KB, 1376x1692) Reverse
I want to worship every inch of Yuma-chan's body.
[Hide] (362.2KB, 2215x1791) Reverse
She's mine, you can't have her.
Replies: >>106616 >>106617
It's just a drawing
I wonder what the goddess of lolis would be?
Fucking retarded
Replies: >>106619
[Hide] (260.3KB, 498x278) Reverse
>Christianity is totally RACIAL I SWEAR
Then why are your ranks filled to the brim with mulattoes and latinos? Christianity never gave a shit about race until Hitler came along. The best thing you can do besides that is point out the teutonic knights who didn't do shit and licked the kings boots.
Replies: >>106729 >>106739
>the teutonic knights actually cared about the white race
prove it, bitch. they didn't even fight the muslims. they were too busy being a bunch of bitches for the jews while crusading white people
Replies: >>106739
Ah yes, reminds me of how your god ""prophesized"" the great fire of rome when it was just a bunch of filthy fucking kikes who started it all
[Hide] (880.1KB, 720x720) Reverse
I can never tell what anti-christian faggots' problem even is. Other than their double digit IQ of course. 
>Christianity never gave a shit about race until Hitler came along
Correct, so? What's your point? There isn't any religion about race, dumbass. You and OP may disagree but you're equally braindead. 
And you're an even bigger dumbass than the others. What you faggotroids don't get is that religion is a tool that's used for controlling the braindead masses. How you use it is the only thing that matters. You can either use it to keep degeneracy at bay and inspire greatness or you can use it to turn everyone a submissive cuck. It's up to you. 

All you retards focusing on muh bible completely miss the entire fucking point of Christianity: Control the braindead masses so that they stop acting like monkeys. Give them something to fight for and unite against an enemy. You write the bible according entirely on what your purpose is. 

If you want to turn Christianity into a pro-white natsoc religion, you literally can, and that's the whole fucking point. Religion isn't history, there's no such thing as being sincere and truthful here. Religion is only about controlling the lemmings. You're supposed to change it to fit your needs.
also, there's a good fucking reason why within Christianity there is so much contradiction among believers. 
It's because it's as I said. The entire point of this religion is to shape it up to fit your own ideologies and needs.
If you want to worship the jews, then you can tell that Jesus was a jew and that they're the chosen people. 

If you want to kill the kikes and genocide the muslims, you can say that Jesus told us to kill all the jews and slay God's enemies. 

Replies: >>106744
Old religions were neutered, leaving behind remnants of their pagan faith only a few believers held onto. It takes time to have a collective switch from the derelict icons of current Christianity as Europoors release themselves from the vices of pleasure and material distractions that never crested a spiritual base to latch onto or replace Christianity.
[Hide] (386.8KB, 763x900) Reverse
>You can either use it to keep degeneracy at bay and inspire greatness or you can use it to turn everyone a submissive cuck. It's up to you. 
You mean it's up to jew?
>Correct, so? What's your point? There isn't any religion about race, dumbass. You and OP may disagree but you're equally braindead. 
That's a blatant falsehood. Scientology is an inherently racist religion. Ancestor worship is also arguably racist as well.
>All you retards focusing on muh bible completely miss the entire fucking point of Christianity: Control the braindead masses so that they stop acting like monkeys.
And what does that make you?
>Give them something to fight for and unite against an enemy. 
Against what enemy? Themselves?
>You're supposed to change it to fit your needs.
You mean change it to fit the jews needs? The boremann documents proved that Hitler wanted christianity to fade out of existence, even if it took along time for it to happen. He wanted science to be the prevailing world view. 
>also, there's a good fucking reason why within Christianity there is so much contradiction among believers.
And that's because of D&C kikery. Kikes take the old testament literally and that's exactly why they don't believe in Yeshua Ben Yosef, because he failed at doing what he said he was going to do. He failed at conquering the world.
[Hide] (764.5KB, 638x849) Reverse
>Religion isn't history, there's no such thing as being sincere and truthful here. Religion is only about controlling the lemmings. You're supposed to change it to fit your needs.
History isn't 'history', faggot. Why would you not apply anything you've said to prosaic history also?
Like, you are specifically right about religion, but that's because your point is a pointlessly contextualized rendition of a general point about language/communication.
[Hide] (495.5KB, 1681x2802) Reverse
Replies: >>106772
[Hide] (4.6MB, 2428x2980) Reverse
I had left the thread in the belief that the best of the discussion had passed, but I was wrong - the desert cult was saving its best for last.
Here we see the nature of Christianity laid bare, just as I described it. From my very first post in this thread I alluded to the fact that proselytic religion can only take hold in post-agricultural populations where there are "braindead masses" to control. The viewpoint described in this post is exactly that of the Jew throughout history - "religion" has never been a sincere belief to be shared, but an all-encompassing rhetorical tool. Christianity exists for this type of parasite simply as an authority to appeal to: "Don't do that, that's a sin!", "Act this way, as Jesus taught!", "Give us your money, your land, your wife, your children, forfeit all rights in the name of the Church!"
If my point up until now has been unclear, or distracted by secondary discussions of intelligence and foraging lifestyles, let me make it one last time:
To worship one's ancestors is to exist in the natural state, and to worship a universal god preached by foreigners is to deny one's own blood, which will remain pagan unto death. When a social paradigm encourages selection of what is best from the members of the group (such as small (<150) bands of hunter-gatherers), then the intelligence and aptitude required for drawing out ancestral wisdom via maieutics (the basis of pagan belief) will be possessed by each member of the tribe. When a social paradigm encourages the existence of an underclass, a peasantry, the "braindead masses" who produce subsistence for the whole society and must be mobilized from above because they lack the inner spirit to function independently, then "religion" like Christianity will thrive as a tool for controlling these masses, and authentic spiritual practice will be the exclusive domain of the elite.
The post I am replying to is factually correct - I would simply rather live in a homogenous group where each member possess the spiritual preponderance necessary to understand and live out our common mythos, rather than live out some power fantasy of controlling soulless masses with some desert cult. This is what separates the native European from the Jew.
Replies: >>106757
[Hide] (94.1KB, 897x1200) Reverse
/dunk/ thread. This is going to be the same back-and-forth as the previous one for 200+ replies. What do you get out of this?
>The post I am replying to is factually correct - I would simply rather live in a homogenous group where each member possess the spiritual preponderance necessary to understand and live out our common mythos, rather than live out some power fantasy of controlling soulless masses with some desert cult. This is what separates the native European from the Jew.
When you come to accept the fact that what you want is literally an impossible utopia, you'll understand why using religion and shaping it up to appeal to our beliefs is the best option
Replies: >>106764
>When you come to accept the fact that what you want is literally an impossible utopia,
Funny, because christians also tried desperately to enact their exact version of a utopia in the form of a crusade. Which is unsurprising because christianity is proto communism.
Replies: >>106766 >>106767
one man's impossible utopia is another man's achievable vision, as they say.
Christianity in it’s essence will always be communism, devolving the spirit and mind of man until there is nothing left but obedient slaves. Ephesians 6:5 – “Slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ.”

The fatalism of the weak willed shall establish itself surprisingly when it can pose as a religion. Weakness will become holy, suffering becomes a sacrament, filth becomes holy scripture, and life becomes less valuable. But should be seen as evil? Whatever springs from weakness.. In that sense christianity is the most atrocious and odious disease to ever plaque humanity. But the Pain it has caused should not to be devalued. Obstacles cause pain, and only through overcoming obstacles can we advance our power. The stronger should become master to the weaker.

Nietzsche’s Will to Power is understood to be, the subconscious, and natural desire of all living organisms to advance themselves, compete with one another, and make themselves stronger and more powerful. It’s why the very concept of competition exists in the first place.

Schopenhauer also believed, as do many today, that the will to survive is the ultimate drive of all organic beings. For Nietzsche however, the will to survive is simply the lowest level of the all encompassing will to power. “If an organism is threatened it will defend itself, but only because it’s death will end its power. If a being is not threatened, it will seek to develop, to advance, to grow, to gain power. This is not greed, this is growth. This is reality.” By making us all “equal in the eyes of God” Christianity, and it’s twin Communism/Marxism, seek to enslave the human race by denying these very healthy, simple and natural truths. “The existence of life itself, is merely a special case of the Will to Power.”

Christianity however is nothing but “ a hybrid image of decay conjured up out of emptiness, contradiction, and vain imaging in which all the instincts of decadence all the cowardice and weariness of the soul find their sanction.”

Communism and Christianity both seek to remove all forms of healthy competition with enforced “equality” (really slavery) to force our civilisations to grow stagnant and weak, so we can be more easily controlled and ruled by the jews. Communism especially pushes the whole “everyone’s a winner” attitude to try to discourage competition and growth, it is a profound mark against life.

Everything that is profound loves a mask, and Christianity has many masks.. Judaism, Islam, all of the denominations of Christianity are the same ultimately, the Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Catholics, Wicca too, even Buddhism is the same…. so many different masks but they are all the same, and all have the same agenda. To remove true spiritual knowledge and enslave the masses. One of the ways it holds up this mask is by ensuring its “spiritual concepts” are misunderstood by those who practice it, and it making people think it’s “not for them to understand”. “Nobody has seen the face of God” and so on and so forth. This is why the bible was kept in Latin for most of the middle ages, as the only people who could read Latin (or read at all) at that time were Christian priests. The bible is the greatest sin against the human spirit, and is nothing more than a foul black magick working against the entire human race.

Christianity is against life and goes against human nature and basic instincts. Morals go along with instincts except, christian morals… Christianity cheapens and denies reality – “ the will to nothingness is made holy. “ Christians call pity a virtue “but in every superior moral system it is seen as a weakness.” “Pitty thwarts the whole law of evolution, which is the law of natural selection. The christian concepts break down basic human morals, the human spirit and mind.

The christians are accustomed to lying, early priests in the Roman Empire were even given specific orders to lie and make things up, to make Christianity look more appealing to outsiders. Not to mention all of the Christian religious holidays are stolen and corrupted from earlier Pagan holidays. You can see this from characters such as the Easter Bunny at easter, and Santa Claus at Christmas – obviously neither of these characters have anything whatsoever to do with Christianity, they were stolen and appropriated to make converting pagans easier. Pagan churches in England and Scandinavia were even converted into Christian ones, and the very fact this is never mentioned is a huge lie, a lie by omission.

“A principle of christian love is being well paid in the end.” The well known bible quote “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of needle, than it is for a rich man to enter heaven” is not practiced by the Catholic Church, the oldest and original Christian church. The Vatican is one of the wealthiest and most influential organisations on the planet, with priests and bishops who live there typically having enormous mansions and being very wealthy, while their followers in places like South America (who often give what little they have to the Vatican) are dirt poor and have nothing. So much for “Christian charity”. Not only are Christians liars and thieves, they’re also massive hypocrites.

Nietzsche said: “Sexuality, the lust to rule, pleasure in appearance and deception, great and joyful gratitude for life and its typical states-these are of the essence of the pagan cults and have a good conscience on their side.- Unnaturalness (already in Greek antiquity) fights against the pagan, as morality, as dialectic.” Christians are frequently taught that their own bodies, even that the very concept of sexuality itself is evil or “wrong” somehow (sinful), and so they live in constant fear of their own sexual desires. Communism also instils fear and hatred of sexuality in its subjects, by using government bureaucracy in place of the Christian priesthood to cause problems for young couples, deny them marriage certificates and so on, for as in medieval Christian countries, sex without marriage was banned (and one actually needed permission from the government in the Soviet Union to get married). The Soviet Union had a great deal more in common with medieval repressive theocracies than most people realise, with Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and other Soviet government officials (who were 95% jews) even being depicted as Christian saints – complete with shining halos and all, in Russian propaganda images.

“From time immemorial we have ascribed the value of an action, a character, an existence, to the intention the purpose for the sake of which one has acted or lived: this age-old idiosyncrasy finally takes a dangerous turn-provided, that is, that the absence of intention and purpose in events comes more and more to the forefront of consciousness. Thus there seems to be in preparation a universal devaluation: “Nothing has any meaning”- this melancholy sentence means “All meaning lies in intention, and if intention is altogether lacking, then meaning is altogether lacking too.” In accordance with this valuation, one was constrained to transfer the value of life to a “life after death,”or to the progressive development of ideas or of mankind or of the people or beyond mankind; but with that one had arrived at a progressus in infinitum of purposes: one was at last constrained to make a place for one- self in the “world process” (perhaps with the dysdaemonistic·· perspective that it was a process into nothingness).”

Thusly, here we can see another thing the Marxists/Communists push, is the idea that there is no such thing as universal truth, only the consensus created by society’s collective beliefs. What this means is, without any universal truth for people to look up to, the jews are free to make up whatever lies they wish, and convince society that what they say is “true”. Thus, because to them there is no universal truth, this new lie they invented becomes the truth, because it’s what society now believes, regardless of whether it’s actually true or not.

“What I relate is the history of the next two centuries. I describe what is coming, what can no longer come differently: the advent of nihilism… For some time now, our whole European culture has been moving towards a catastrophe, with a tortured tension that is growing from decade to decade: restlessly, violently, headlong like a river that wants to reach the end, that no longer reflects, that is afraid to reflect.”

“Christianity remains to this day the greatest misfortune of humanity”. Cruelty towards oneself, a hatred of non believers with the will to persecute, hatred of the intellect, pride, courage, freedom, hatred of all the senses and of joy in general is what one is taught in the bible. “God” would rather see you mutilate yourself then find pleasure in even its smallest form. You are taught to suffer in misery and pain and poverty in this life, so you can be rewarded in the afterlife. Suffer for what? Because “God” was bored, and it amuses him? Epicurus said: “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then, Whence Cometh Evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” In all reality to disobey “God” is to disobey the priests who set forth this law originally (the jews).”It has served us well, this myth of Christ” -Pope Leo X.

Christians live for their own deaths, hoping that by not enjoying the pleasures life has to offer they’ll be granted the reward of not being burned in a lake of boiling fire for all eternity. Satan means truth in Sanskrit, but means enemy in Hebrew (and Sanskrit is far, far older than Hebrew). Why would the jews consider truth to be their enemy? Because knowledge is power and enlightenment will cause revolt, the renunciation of false opinions will be a reunification of life.
Replies: >>106768 >>106778
[Hide] (147.9KB, 745x814) Reverse
>Ephesians 6:5 – “Slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ.”
Normally I wouldn't reply to a post like this but it's important to note this particular part of the bible was rewritten by jews who wanted to justify their slave trade. It actually reads, and I'm paraphrasing "Be obedient to God as a slave is to his master, doing things immediately and without questioning." The next few passages were also rewritten to further justify the jewish slave trade. Basically the jews rewrote the scripture so that you would obey them as if they were almighty God which is how they see themselves.
Replies: >>106772 >>106777
[Hide] (130.6KB, 900x900) Reverse
It's hilarious how willing christians are to admit how christianity subverted foreign cultures when judaism is subversive by its very nature and yet somehow, christianity isn't a sect of judaism. Christianity has and always will be a second class version of judaism.
[Hide] (45.7KB, 435x490) Reverse
>Be obedient to God as a slave is to his master, doing things immediately and without questioning
In other words, you're nothing but a mindless drone spouting jewish trash. >>106749 this codex of laws is proof of what side of the line you are really on. People are catching on to your tricks. In this era where thought crimes are mostly a thing of the past, people are waking up to your shit. Christianity and it's unending want for universalism wants nothing but for people to be act exactly the same. Hopelessly predictable and obedient to a doctrine that is open to the public. Making it easy as fucking cake to manipulate you to do whatever the hell the jew wants
Oh, so that's all you have to say after getting your proverbial ass kicked?
[Hide] (328.5KB, 424x412) Reverse
tl;dr stay mad
I'll keep following the Lord's guide while telling niggers to fuck off back to africa and encouraging competition.
Replies: >>106781 >>106783
[Hide] (412.6KB, 654x477) Reverse
Oh but t-they can stay if they're based christians amirite guy?
>Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie
>synagogue of SATAN!
You cling on to those three words almost as hard as your dead kike on a cross. As if he were somehow naming and singling out the jew as evil LOL. When all paul meant by this passage was to keep gentiles from pretending to be jewish.
Replies: >>106787
[Hide] (138.4KB, 320x240, 00:03)
Mark stop replying to this shit thread and go back to BLACKED.moe.
Explaining to christians their own religion is like trying to teaching a retarded kid that you can't get a square peg through a round hole. They just don't get it.
Replies: >>106789
[Hide] (168.4KB, 653x701) Reverse
No. No niggers in my country.
Evil is evil, doesn't matter the race or religion, and if jews are evil (which they usually are) then they need to be dealt with.
Replies: >>106790
<"all goyim are animals"
Ok Mark, whatever you say
[Hide] (606.1KB, 800x600) Reverse
Oy vey, the goyim can't go back to their own faiths! They must be enslaved to us and our God!
Replies: >>106877 >>106879
[Hide] (3.3MB, 2544x2916) Reverse
It's over for Christoids.
[Hide] (155.7KB, 800x600) Reverse
Oy vey, the goyim can't worship Chr*st, it's like anudda shoah! Quick, get them to worship fucking eachother in the ass and having sex with trees for a god of thunder who crossdresses!!!!!
Replies: >>106883 >>106890
[Hide] (17.3KB, 424x531) Reverse
>The Christian is immunized against all dangers: one may call it a faggot, murderer, liar, normalfag, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a jew-worshiper and you will be astonished at how it recoils, how injured he is, how suddenly he shrinks back and screeches: "I've been found out."
Replies: >>106885
[Hide] (117.6KB, 960x540) Reverse
YFW you find out Jesus wasn't descended from jews.
Replies: >>106892
[Hide] (8.9MB, 03:53)
[Hide] (285.7KB, 1922x2159) Reverse
The bible teaches us:
-turn the other cheek and let jews rob us blind
-sanctifies self mutilation 
-teaches you how to subvert other nations  
-that jews are gods chosen people
-to cut foreskins off of enemies dicks and display them as war trophies
-teaches you to cannibalize your enemies
[Hide] (1.2MB, 498x373) Reverse
Ah yes the christian cope. You people are the biggest schizos on earth. First you'll say the Christ wasn't Jewish he was HEBREW (never mind that these 2 words are interchangeable). Then you'll say that jews killed christ and that Jews that we know today sprouted up hundreds of years after Jesus Christs death. If christians in the 50s and 60s took a step back and reexamined themselves, they could have easily threw themselves in the loony bin.
Replies: >>106894
>lies you have to tell yourself to hide from the truth
Replies: >>106896
[Hide] (34.4KB, 399x399) Reverse
What's the matter? Did I hit the nail on the head?
Replies: >>106897
it's amazing how triggered you are by Jesus Christ.
Replies: >>106902
[Hide] (84.1KB, 1060x758) Reverse
The dumbest thing about the ((( scriptures ))) are how poorly written, vague, incomplete and self-contradictory they are. Even the average high school student could write a more coherent and cohesive essay than the ((( Bible ))) in its entirety.
And all its 'mysterio' language which is simply vague and evasive jewish pilpul. Just read it yourself. You can never get a straight, clear answer about anything. It's always couched in mysterious, riddle-like symbolism that simply goes round and round in illogical circles which lead nowhere. The bottom line to the confused reader in all this is: "lol just have faith, bro because god told me so...listen and believe."
And of course if you dare to question or deny their obvious con game, you'll be stoned to death, burned at the stake or, at best, ostracized from your society and left to die alone.
Replies: >>106901
The truths and understanding in the Bible are hidden from unbelievers. You will never be able to understand what is contained within because your heart is impure.
>stoned to death, burned at the stake or, at best, ostracized from your society and left to die alone.
Triggered? We're laughing at you for being so easily fooled by Jewish fairytales, while at the same time coping by saying Yeshua bar Yusef wuz ackshually a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan.
Replies: >>106905
>The truths and understanding in the Bible are hidden from unbelievers.
That's not biblical.
Replies: >>106909
>Jewish fairytales
There is more evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ than for Plato.
Replies: >>106911 >>106931
>The truths and understanding in the Bible are hidden from unbelievers
<you need to suspend your logic and disbelief to understand these words
The bible offers a thought exercise of interpretations to one's own morality at best.
[Hide] (84.1KB, 1060x758) Reverse
>o-only those who j-join our s-secrit club will u-understand the m-meaning
Replies: >>106910
>But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. - Corinthians 2:14

>He who is of God hears God's words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God - John 8:47

Replies: >>106912 >>106922
Yes exactly. Also you are damned for eternity. Sorry buddy.
[Hide] (27.9KB, 473x300) Reverse
>i-if someone actually existed in h-history, then e-everything written about them a-after they d-die is t-true
Replies: >>106914
It also says in the bible that people (if not exposed to judaism) will act according to gods will. And If these 2 things are the case, then why write it down at all? Why the endless wars over interpretation?
Replies: >>106915 >>106920
Atheists and Paganegroids in this thread need to have a talk with old Orthodox monks
Now that you've agreed Jesus existed, you've already ceded ground. Shall I continue?
Replies: >>106923
Post verse where it says this.
Replies: >>106917
 14 When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or perhaps excuse them 16 on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.
Replies: >>106921 >>106924
>Why the endless wars over interpretation?
This works in the jews favor 2 fold. First, it culls people from the herd and keeps them from growing too large (the larger the populace the harder to control they are). Second, it goes in the jews favor with usury for war assets.
When people without knowledge of the scripture follow the teaching of scripture, it validates that God has written His law within the heart of man. However, the conscience can be defiled and therefore the scripture is necessary. It can be seared, so as to cease being pricked by wrong behavior (1 Timothy 4:2).

To the pure, all things are pure; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind and their conscience are defiled. - Titus 1:15

It is also necessary for the scripture to be written so a non-Christian cannot say "It’s not fair for God to judge me for disobeying a standard that I knew nothing about! I’ve done the best that I could with what I knew."
Replies: >>106928
>y-you will only understand i-if you're "of g-god" (whatever that is supposed to mean lol)
<t-that's why i u-understand the b-bible and y-you don't
This post clearly displays the ((( Bible's ))) psychological appeal to the special snowflake sjw type of neurotic leftist.
christcucks truly are honorary jews in every sense of the word
Replies: >>106942
There is no ground to cede. It was common for jewish sects and rabbis of that era to claim to be the messiah which was and is a jewish prophecy of jewish scripture. It was also common to execute them all as heretics or for sedition against Roman power and authority. Even the bible admits that the crime of your favorite rabbit was sedition and he was executed for that. If that actually happened to an actual person it speaks nothing of someone's divinity or any of the jewish pilpul gobbledy-gook which follow. In fact, most of the early christian sects and writings were debates over whether or not Yeshua ben Yosef was divine or simply a prophet or teacher. The muslims believed he was a prophet and they believe in their magic holy book and its god just as much as you do and would happily be willing to kill or die defending ever word of it.
Shall I continue?
You do realize that "gentile" is just a more polite word for "goyim", right?
It's like calling someone black instead of a nigger even though there is no functional difference in meaning or intent.
Replies: >>106925 >>106929
Yeah I do. As I've said, christianity is 2nd class judaism.
[Hide] (95.5KB, 1483x832) Reverse
Replies: >>106930 >>106944
However in the Christian religion it specifically states that there is zero difference between jews and gentiles in the eyes of God. This is one of the main reasons jews hate Jesus because his coming grafted the gentiles into the covenant.
Replies: >>106931 >>106938
>great thinker can't into free will
Replies: >>106935
Don't you mean Socrates? Plato did exist, but Socrates' existence is debated because of 
>Jews are the chosen race of God ever since Abraham
>But ackshually there's no real difference between the two in God's eyes!
Replies: >>106933
because only his pupils wrote about him.
[Hide] (252.9KB, 1622x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (601.6KB, 3318x1659) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5KB, 544x56) Reverse
(36) Jesus said: Be not anxious from morning to evening and from evening to morning about what you shall put on.
Piffle. Even Jesus said he came to preach to the jews in Matthew 15:22-26, which is extraordinary when considering how many prophets the jews murdered through the old testament, and in comparison to that how little was tolerated from the surrounding gentiles the jews were ordered to massacre by that same god. 
In short, I participate in christianity as a societal necessity and to glean what fragmented truths from it I can, but let's not kid ourselves in believing the whole religion is anything more than ill disguised jew worship.
Replies: >>106939 >>106963
The short answer is that yes, God can prevent evil. The Bible says God restrains the evil in the world. It also says that God will throw Satan and his followers into the fiery pit in the end, therefore according to the Christian religion God is capable of destroying evil. Why does God allow evil to exist at this time? Perhaps that is beyond our human understanding. The Bible says the mystery of iniquity will not be fully revealed until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Jews are separate from gentiles in the way that birch is separate from cedar, but according to the Christian religion both jews and gentiles are the same to God if both are believers in Jesus Christ.
Replies: >>106945 >>106948
One of the perks of being a Christian is knowing that insufferable individuals like this one will burn for eternity.
Shit flow-chart, you get stuck in a loop if you respond "yes" to "Could God have created a universe with free-will but without evil ?"
Replies: >>106946
I'm of the opinion that God is not responsible for man's made horrors. Doesn't mean he's evil. He is just not going to pamper us like newborns.
Asking for free-will and the removal of evil is asking for an oxymoron. Also Greek gods have been called gods for less.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 500x284) Reverse
>Shit flow-chart, you get stuck in a loop if you respond "yes" to "Could God have created a universe with free-will but without evil ?"
>he doesn't know what a paradox is
Replies: >>106946 >>106947
meant for >>106943
okay genius, explain to us what a universe with free will but without evil would be like.
Replies: >>106952
It sounds like to me he's doing it to test us...
Replies: >>106954
>Then why didn't he?
All the answers given as options are false. The right one is: "Because he felt like it".
Replies: >>106951
Then why call him god?
Replies: >>106954
Since you know god, I think you would know :^)
[Hide] (224KB, 1280x720, 00:01)
>you're burning in hell for disagreeing with me!
Wew, sounds like you're a little cul-chapped, buddy.
Replies: >>106954
Well even as a Christian, this isn't really a sufficient answer because one could ask "Why does he need to test us? Why does he need to punish us for evil?" and other similar questions. But you are right that part of why God allows evil is to test us.

He is God because he is the Creator of all things, and is the Most High God above all other gods (little 'g'). Yes, the Bible says there are other gods (elohim). If God can do whatever because he felt like it (ie. creating the world/universe and even creating satan) isn't that exactly what makes him God?

Good luck down there in the fiery pits ol' chap.
Replies: >>106956
Then whence cometh evil?
Replies: >>106960
You cannot have Good without Evil.
Replies: >>106968
[Hide] (52.2KB, 612x548) Reverse
[Hide] (6.4KB, 474x315) Reverse
>The second and third centuries saw a sharp divorce of Christianity from its early roots.
>Fourth- and fifth-century Christianity experienced pressure from the government of the Roman Empire
>various forms of Christianity interacted in a complex fashion
>Many variations in this era defy neat categorizations
>Gnostic Christianity, which placed importance on the wisdom of Jesus saving humanity, and described Jesus as a human who became divine through knowledge.
>Major figures of the second century who were later declared by the developing proto-orthodoxy to be heretics were Marcion, Valentinius, and Montanus
>Justin Martyr saw himself as continuing in the “Jewish” belief of a temporary messianic kingdom prior to the eternal state.
>Christian communities came to adopt some Jewish practices while rejecting others. Only Marcion proposed rejection of all Jewish practice, but he was excommunicated in Rome c. 144 and declared heretical by the growing ((( proto-Orthodoxy ))).
>early Christianity in Rome had a wide variety of competing Christian sects.
>early Christianity was fragmented, with various competing interpretations, only one of them eventually coming to dominate.
>They had different interpretations of Scripture, particularly different Christology—questions about the divinity of Jesus and salvation from the consequences of sin—and the nature of the Trinity.
>Gnosticism – second to fourth centuries – reliance on revealed knowledge from an unknowable God, a distinct divinity from the Demiurge who created and oversees the material world. 
>Marcionism – second century – the God of Jesus was a different God from the God of the Old Testament.
>Montanism – second century – a pentecostal movement initiated by Montanus and his female disciples, featuring prophetic continuing revelations from the Holy Spirit.
>Adoptionism – second century – Jesus was not born the Son of God, but was adopted at his baptism, resurrection or ascension.
>Docetism – second to third century – Jesus was pure spirit and his physical form an illusion.
>Sabellianism – third century – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three modes of the one God and not the three separate persons of the Trinity.
>Arianism – third to fourth century – Jesus, while not merely mortal, was not eternally divine and was of some lesser status than God the Father
>glean what fragmented truths from it I can
imagine choosing cuckoldry over the wisdom borne of personal experience
Replies: >>106966
I prefer to learn from another man touching the electric fence before I touch it, if possible.
Replies: >>106971
Then why didn't he?
Replies: >>106972 >>106976
yes, the crypto-sadism of christcucks is well-documented from many sources.
thanks for verifying your psychopathy yet again for all to see
Replies: >>106974
>fragments of jewish pilpul will guide me better than my own common sense
Replies: >>106973
Because he is not all powerful.
In this society? Yes.
Replies: >>106989
Many anons in this thread ask why evil exists, and when God promises to remove evil permanently, you complain that Christians are psychopaths. This is why you can't have nice things (e.g. entry into heaven).
Replies: >>106975 >>106990
>God promises to remove the "evil" (people with "heretical" opinions) he created to begin with
lol, dare i say lmao even
Replies: >>106980
Why didn't He what?
Aww boo hoo you weren't born to be one of the ones that makes it into heaven.. aww soooo sad! He made you just to burn! A-bloo-bloo maybe if you repented of your sin and asked for forgiveness you wouldn't have to burn?? Oh you don't want to cuck yourself to ol' Jeesy Weezy? Well too bad you don't get in! Guess you should have believed. It isn't that hard you know.

God created man with free will. You wouldn't be a free independent being if you didn't have a choice to decide. If he created you and controlled you like a puppet, only capable of doing whatever God forced you to do, then you wouldn't be free would you? You want to be evil and not be punished for it, is that right? Good cannot exist without evil. One has the ability to choose between good and evil. Why must evil be bad? Well it wouldn't be "evil" if it wasn't, would it? You fail basic logic.
>give man the potential to disagree with him
>then punish man anyway for disagreeing with him
What did god mean by this?
>hi everyone i want to commit evil and not be punished for it
[Hide] (428.1KB, 589x465) Reverse
To test us.
[Hide] (38.8KB, 553x162) Reverse
God doesn't want mind controlled nigger cattle.
Sometimes I think of it this way: If I were an immortal being capable of creating a "videogame" that had characters in it that were fully conscious and independent of my control, able to freely make their own choices and even able to develop their own technology and display their own creativity, it would involve creating characters that were allowed to dislike me. They could hate me and even work to deceive the characters that saw the signs of my existence in the creation itself. I would allow it all, but in the end it would get boring to allow this to go on forever, eventually I would want to spend time with my created characters. I would want to reveal myself to them and not leave them alone forever. However the characters in their original state might be frightened by an infinitely powerful being. Perhaps if they came to live with me in my house they would be jealous of my power and abilities. Not everyone would want to come stay with me, maybe even MOST of the characters would not like me or my creation. Again, they are independent beings free to live in my creation, but they are not forced to like me. They are welcome to choose to live their life however they want. Their life was a gift after all, it's not like they had to exist at all. And they can choose to rape and kill and cheat in their one life and do whatever they want. Obviously I haven't stopped them. But in the end only a select few would want to or be able to handle being in my presence. They would have to love me, and be humble. Those that want to be the supreme being would be forever salty because well they just aren't. In order to protect the ones that love me I would have to put all the other ones somewhere.

Anyway you see where this is going.
lol this soyciety coddles its members and rewards and supports its dysgenic majority that would have died off at any other point in history. you have no real difficulties in life to deal with compared with humans of the past, yet you whine and whimper the most.
even the idiots of the past had more courage to cultivate a diversity of free thought and spiritual practices than a cowardly cuck like you who relies on others to spoonfeed him jewish pilpul on how to think and what to do.
suicide would be the best option in a case like yours. not even trolling.
Replies: >>106991
You disingenuous kike, you replied to an anon saying that the idea of being "of God" is incredibly vague, saying that you know that insufferable individuals like him are burning in going to burn in hell. That's the sadism (it's not even crypto, since it's quite obvious) that anon is talking about.

There is a difference between wanting to see legitimately evil people burn in Hell, and wanting to see someone who disagrees with you burn.
Replies: >>106992 >>106994
You're excited, take a break.
It is not my place to judge whether someone gets into heaven or hell, only there is solace in knowing that with God's perfect judgement those who belong in hell will go there. That individual has been slithering and name calling throughout the thread, and yes I am grateful that certain unpleasant, unkind, ungrateful and evil people will go to hell.
Replies: >>106995 >>106998
[Hide] (3MB, 1500x9002) Reverse
That's nothing little Gnosticism can't explain!
Replies: >>107181
It is not about disagreeing with me, it is disagreeing with the Creator of all things. I trust the Creator's judgement. I can't damn anyone to hell.
yeah a real kindhearted person.
Replies: >>106998
there is no hell and evil is rewarded in this world. 
religion is a cope for the defeated to feel morally superior and comfort themselves believing that a different world awaits them and justice will be dealt out to the winners who knew how to play the game and profit at others' expense which is what all creatures do, not only humans
Replies: >>106996
[Hide] (1.3MB, 274x360, 00:31)
>there is no hell
You haven't died yet. Good luck.
>evil is rewarded in this world
The Bible doesn't deny this.
>religion is a cope for the defeated to feel morally superior and comfort themselves believing that a different world awaits them and justice will be dealt out to the winners who knew how to play the game
Why do you think we are here? What do you think existence is? You really think stuff like vid related just happens by chance? You really think there isn't any meaning to why we are here, or why we have challenges throughout our lives? That the difficulties we face don't ratchet up to match our personal growth? You are spiritually blind to the nature of this realm.
Replies: >>106999 >>107001
>That individual has been slithering and name calling throughout the thread
Oh no... Name calling? On /b/? And he hasn't said anything which wasn't true, either.
>I am grateful that certain unpleasant, unkind, ungrateful and evil people will go to hell.
Being "not nice" isn't enough to go to hell, especially when they offend your sensibilities or else there would be plenty of Christians who would go, too. 
>it is disagreeing with the Creator of all things
And therein lies the issue, after all, whether the God of the Bible is the one true god or not.  
Calling you what you are is just honesty.
Replies: >>107004
[Hide] (7.9MB, 1280x720, 02:16)
>You haven't died yet
You sure?
>i am a special snowflake even though humans are 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of the lifeforms on this earth that also battle each other in a zero sum game where morality doesn't apply
there are 100 trillion ants tearing each other limb from limb every day for hundreds of millions of years to dominate a small patch of dirt so that their "queen" can lay eggs, many of which are eaten by other animals before hatching.

tell me about this "meaning" of life christcucks like to speak of
I am a Christian, not a "christcuck," or a psychopath or a kike. Those are all things you have chosen to call me.
>Being "not nice" isn't enough to go to hell, especially when they offend your sensibilities or else there would be plenty of Christians who would go, too. 
It is not my place to judge who goes to hell. I said that I am grateful that those who deserve to go to hell, will.
>plenty of Christians who would go, too. 
Plenty of "Christians" *will* go to hell, potentially myself included though my experiences lead me to believe I am saved.
>And he hasn't said anything which wasn't true, either.
I'm not a kike. I'm a white man of Western European descent. That is at minimum one thing he said that isn't true. That means there is also at least one thing you said that isn't true.
Perhaps G*d wants to runs this simulation like that because I believe this world is created because G*d wants to (self-)reflect.
Replies: >>107006
you know in my experience only actual jews type "G*d"... Christians just say "God." Are you a jew?
Replies: >>107008
[Hide] (73.5KB, 474x474) Reverse
>i-it's a test of f-faith
Replies: >>107009
W-Will you study Zohar with me?
Replies: >>107010
I don't believe in dinosaurs. Another deception. No "test of faith" when it's just another psyop.

Replies: >>107015
You might want to work on your stutter first.
[Hide] (309KB, 500x1090) Reverse
Replies: >>107016
>because god is too dumb and impotent to create giant lizards
<h-here, just this blog, bro
Replies: >>107017 >>107018
[Hide] (30.7KB, 480x300) Reverse
Replies: >>107138
>I'm not interested in learning whether I've been lied to about something as basic as whether dinosaurs existed
>kikes lied about the existence of a supernatural man to fool people into a false religion to enslave their minds but would never lie about giant lizards and the earth being billions of years old
[Hide] (105.9KB, 470x960) Reverse
>>105918 (OP) 
[Hide] (244.6KB, 1920x496) Reverse
[Hide] (192.8KB, 1211x823) Reverse
[Hide] (494.8KB, 1360x2104) Reverse
[Hide] (25KB, 1120x300) Reverse
>imageboard Christians support faggotry, cross-dressing, and racemixing
But I thought le ebil LARPagans were all of those?? It couldn't possibly be massive projection from the losers in a slave mindset!
scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel there. anyone could have typed those posts. post some better ones if you want to convince anyone. i've seen much better anti-Christian memes.
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1534x1442) Reverse
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1305x2000) Reverse
I don't care what /pol/ says. I would 100% breed a qt japanese girl if she was loyal wife, regardless of religion.
But are hapas superior to whites?
oops i meant to reply to you not him
[Hide] (21.7KB, 474x266) Reverse
steam the rice, pay the price
Only because she's H O N O R A R Y.
Chase the sushi, lose your dignity 
Steam the rice, pay the price
Eat the sashimi, make your kids ugly 
Trust in 3D, disappointment I foresee
Replies: >>107042
>Eat the sashimi, make your kids ugly 
The rhythm is all fucked in that sentenced, should've ended with "ugury" instead.
>spend centuries aggressively wiping all differing religions from public conscious and knowledge 
>essentially turn religion into a two-party system; either you absolutely believe and side with the christian church, or you have no religion
<turn around and wonder why so many people have turned to godless science worship and nihilistic hedonism in the face of declining belief in christianity
Replies: >>107063
this is so warped it's hard to imagine you think you can pass this off on anyone
You just posted a russian+black image/post in almost every recent thread in the overboard. Why should you be taken seriously?
Replies: >>107091
I don't think it's necessarily that anon (>107054), but it is fucking gay.
Replies: >>107096
>give nigger the potential to become a respectful member of society
>nigger chooses to do drugs and rob elder couples instead
stoopid hwite people racist n shiet
newfag is new
Replies: >>107099
>Everyone who disagrees with me is a samefag!
Prove he's a samefag or fuck off.
Replies: >>107144
Atheism would not exist to the numbers or to the effect it would today without the theistic vacuum that Abrahamic religion wrought on it's warpath. Atheism and Christianity are bedmates.
Replies: >>107118 >>107121
[Hide] (14MB, 848x480, 06:23)
> warpath
God I wish that were true
Already did.
Christianity condones slavery, there is nothing wrong with sacrificing criminals to a god (or gods) that would have been executed anyway, and ancient rome was more sanitary than christians in the dark ages.
When the fuck is Israel gonna get their divine punishment S&G style? I can assure you one hundred percent that the shit that jews get up to is well within that range.
The ADL needs to better train their staff to know the difference between newfag and samefag
Yeah, and I'm sure that Hitler (who subscribed to Nietzsche, a well known hater of christianity and based national socialism off of his beliefs) was christian am I right? Hitler lied about not tolerating anyone who attacks christianity to be allowed into the movenent from the very beginning, hitlers table talks disavows christianity. So, it just goes to show one the very few ""christians"" who actually had the balls to go to war with jewish power wasn't even christian at all, and was merely forced to retool the ideology, in some cases rejecting passages outright. No (You) for you I'm afraid. You and all other christians are nothing more than stooges for the jews
Replies: >>107158 >>107478
>a well known hater of christianity
wrong, he thought it best for the majority of people who would never rise about their slave morality, but it wouldn't apply to the ubermensch who would follow his own moral code
>based national socialism off of his beliefs
no, they simply (through his sister who was a party member) twisted his writings to fit their ideology, not the other way around
>no, they simply (through his sister who was a party member) twisted his writings to fit their ideology, not the other way around
>wrong, he thought it best for the majority of people who would never rise about their slave morality, but it wouldn't apply to the ubermensch who would follow his own moral code
Prove it.
pure schizophrenia
Replies: >>107186
t. Yaldabaoth worshipper
[Hide] (4.6MB, 320x222, 01:36)
Non Christians still seething. Why?
Replies: >>107191 >>107201
Matthew 7:7-11:
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Wish for a lambo and post a time stamp.
Replies: >>107192
But why the seething? Here’s your time stamp I will ask for a Porsche.
Replies: >>107195
One of my less pleasant chores when I was young was to read the Bible
from one end to the other.  Reading the Bible straight through is at
least 70 percent discipline, like learning Latin.  But the good parts
are, of course, simply amazing.  God is an extremely uneven writer, but
when He's good, nobody can touch Him.
		-- John Gardner, NYT Book Review, Jan 1983
[Hide] (79KB, 1280x720) Reverse
You people have the mentality of a 5 year old. Seriously, how fucking dumb are you to actually believe this shit lol?
Replies: >>107196 >>107358
Because while I have not received a Porsche I have received many of the things I have asked for. Not always in the time frame I want of course, but over the years I am able to look back and see that my prayers have been answered.
Replies: >>107197
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x361, 00:15)
>he wasn't actually given anything, he just went and bought them
Replies: >>107202
>wrong, he thought it best for the majority of people who would never rise about their slave morality, but it wouldn't apply to the ubermensch who would follow his own moral code
He explicitly made very clear his position on Christianity. He despised it, especially the Church, for forcing the slave morality upon the people in the first place and for being hypocrites. However, he did respect Christ himself for having his own morality and following through with it, and being the only true Christian. To quote Nietzsche himself,  "In truth, there was only one Christian and he died on the cross."
>no, they simply (through his sister who was a party member) twisted his writings to fit their ideology, not the other way around
Their ideology was about trying to create the Ubermensch through a mass action. Which admittedly is ironic given Nietzsche's severe individualism. 
>he thinks we're seething
We're just laffin @ u for being honorary Jews.
I don't usually ask for material items. More like asking for people not to die, asking not to become homeless, asking to quit addictions... stuff like that. However I have asked for some material things which I thought I would never receive and I did receive those too.
Replies: >>107968
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1036x1037) Reverse
Replies: >>107306 >>107316
[Hide] (13KB, 245x255) Reverse
>One of the perks of being a Christian is knowing that insufferable individuals like this one will burn for eternity.
Doesn't scripture say your supposed to love your enemies and that you shouldn't rejoice at enemies who have fallen? Where's the love?
[Hide] (37.1KB, 474x326) Reverse
y-you mean, chr*stians are actually hypocritical psychopaths?

>non Christian
you wouldn't understand

you really need to work on that stutter
Replies: >>107309 >>107314
It was never alleged psychopathy that was the issue, it's the lack of psychopathy that judaized christianity now teaches them (turn the other cheek, all blood is the same, that nigger over there is your brother in christ, etc. etc.) that's at issue. This is why paganism is the way forward, because atheism is for gay hippies who, like christians, think we're all brothers and sisters, and nu-christianity (which is absolutely the prevalent form in america) is for pacifist boomers who don't want to mow their own lawns.
Replies: >>107310
>o-only people who a-agree with me are c-christian
agnosticism is the way forward because it's the only honest position yet still allows space for meaningful ritual for hopeless tree huggers like you
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720, 00:07)
>you wouldn't understand
Right, because anyone who doesn't know my specific interpretation of communism wouldn't get it.
Replies: >>107316 >>107325
the earth is flat
Replies: >>107319
[Hide] (41.3KB, 460x460) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 368x368) Reverse
Wrong. The earth is donut-shaped. The sky is blue because we are simply looking at the other side of the ocean.
just create your own religion but instead of a book it's just a piece of paper that reads "kill all non-whites and faggots".
It's essentially what half this thread wants.
Sauce for song?
Replies: >>107326
I wish I knew.
[Hide] (157.7KB, 1100x1565) Reverse
I came here just to remind you christians that if I went up to you in real life and slapped you across the face, you'd have to turn the other cheek so I could slap the other side also. If I stole from you in front of your face, you'd have to offer the shirt off your back. Otherwise you wouldn't be following scripture and would be sinning. Ah christians, the biggest cucks on earth.
probably because they were taught this shit as 5 year olds
"turn the other cheek" means to socially shame people rather than respond to the violence directly, since using an open or back hand to slap someone is a class issue and delivering the second slap would be acknowledging the chiristian as an equal.
Christianity is just the consolidation of soft power as the primary method of culture war by the literal King of the Jews.
[Hide] (23.6KB, 432x480) Reverse
The arguments made in this thread by Christians make me agree with the pagans more than the posts made by them arguing against Christianity.
Replies: >>107376 >>107381
>by X make me agree with the Y more than the posts made by them arguing against X
many such cases
[Hide] (29.6KB, 465x480) Reverse
I had a folder of more of these.
Replies: >>107407
Post more. I like them.
Replies: >>107969
If that's the case, then where was the stoning of the sodomites? Oh that's right, they were put into camps to eventually be exiled. Too many things simply don't add up.
[Hide] (135.6KB, 1050x550) Reverse
[Hide] (239.5KB, 1200x780) Reverse
[Hide] (50.5KB, 474x349) Reverse
[Hide] (29.5KB, 474x285) Reverse
the jews would never lie to us about anything, would they guys?
[Hide] (24KB, 474x266) Reverse
[Hide] (38.8KB, 474x375) Reverse
[Hide] (42.8KB, 474x314) Reverse
Here's some Japanese Americans at their internment camp to prevent subversive activities, sabotage and aiding the enemy.
I wonder how many were gassed, turned to lampshades and soap or killed by masturbation machines?
[Hide] (180KB, 434x259) Reverse
I guess I would let a sin or two slip.
No worries, I can apologize to the lord later.
Replies: >>107454
>I can apologize to the lord later
That's quite the assumption.
>not engaging in pilpul to find a way around the scripture and the doctrine like some Jews do
Hitler may have been the product of his grandmother being raped by a Rothschild.
Replies: >>107568
[Hide] (379.2KB, 1380x511) Reverse
This post is the absolute peak of atheist intelligence lol
>in antiquity
Not a fedora, but where is he getting this fact?  Does he understand that "antiquity" is a broad and unclearly-defined time period and not a specific place or culture?

If sentence one is blatantly pulled out of the guy's ass, then what good is the post?
Replies: >>107514
If he listed a direct source it wouldn’t be good enough for you anyway.
Replies: >>107537 >>108271
<just listen and believe
Which has been proven to be propaganda
>do not diametrically oppose an evil doer.
Hmmm... that seems awfully convienient for this international clique of ethnically jewish people.
Replies: >>107572
Not to mention completely contradictory. In one breath the tanahk will say this, and in another it will say to stone the sodomites and cut a womans hand off for grabbing a mans balls
[Hide] (65.8KB, 1200x800) Reverse
The earliest and most complete record of Jewish methods can be found in almost any home in 
America, right under the noses of the non-Jews, who have actually been taught to worship the 
very parasites that are eating them alive. In the Old Testament, we can read the story of a typical Jewish operation in any nation they invade. Jews almost always come to a new nation as hapless "refugees", or prisoners and 
slaves (having had "difficulties" with their previous hosts). So it was in ancient Egypt. A Jew named Joseph was out tending sheep. His brothers were at first going to kill him for his "coat-of-many-colors" and threw him into a pit. (Genesis, 37) But then some Midianjte slave traders happened along and we learn in verses 26 and 27 that these Jews decided it was wasteful just to kill their brother, when they could SELL him for a profit. So his own Jewish brothers sold Joseph as a slave for twenty pieces of silver, and Joseph wound up an Egyptian slave.

In Genesis 39:6, we find Joseph doing such a good job of running an Egyptian household as a 
slave that the master makes him the "overseer." In verse 6, the Jewish slave has become so 
indispensable to the Egyptian master that Joseph is made the boss of the entire Egyptian 
household. But Joseph gets in difficulty with the Egyptian's wife. She claims he tried to rape her. Joseph claims, innocently, that she tried to rape him. (Gen. 39: 12) Joseph is tossed into prison, where he repeats the pattern: he becomes so invaluable to the 
prison administration with his clever business suggestions that he becomes boss of the 
prison!! (Gen. 39:22) In this choice spot, he becomes a confidant of Pharaoh's butler, who is in jail. Joseph cleverly 
interprets dreams for him.
Pharaoh later reinstates his butler, and has a dream he can't interpret. The butler suggests 
Joseph. Pharaoh has Joseph brought before him, and tells Joseph about seven fat beeves, 
and seven thin ones. The wily Jew tells Pharaoh this means Egypt will have seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. (For centuries, in the Nile valley, there were huge floods and then periods of drought, so that "lean years" were absolutely certain to follow "fat" years, and vice versa.) But young Pharaoh is so impressed with Joseph that he asks Joseph what to do about it. The clever Hebrew replies that Pharaoh must find a man smart enough to gather up huge stores of Egyptian grain during the next seven years. "Surprisingly" enough, Pharaoh picks Joseph as that man, and, in Chapter 41, verse 30 of Genesis, Pharaoh turns all Egypt over to his new Jewish "friend." Joseph becomes the "Bernard Baruch" of Egypt, with Pharaoh ordering, 
"Without thee no man shall lift up his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt." Joseph duly gathers up and stores the grain produced by Egyptian labor, in vast amounts.
When Egypt is drought-stricken, and the Egyptians are starving for food, Joseph begins to sell their own grain back to the Egyptians. (Gen. 41:56)

The same rotten Jews who sold Joseph into slavery now come over from Canaan to buy some 
Egyptian grain. Joseph, who is selling the grain to the Egyptians, gives grain to his fellow Jews. In fact, he gives the Jews a double order of grain on their second trip, and Egyptian gold in the bags to boot! (Gen. 44:1) Then he kicks all the Egyptians out of his office, and tells his Jewish brothers to bring all the Jews over to live free off Egyptian grain. (Gen. 45: 1, 10, 11) Meanwhile, Joseph is selling back their own grain to the Egyptian farmers who produced it. 
The king is tickled to death, as the treasury bulges. So Joseph tells the king his brothers and 
families are on the way, and the king promises Joseph that the Jews will live on "the fat of the 
land". (Gen. 45:18) From the money being paid by the Egyptian farmers to buy their own grain back, Joseph gives all the Jews wagons, equipment, furniture, and doles out 300 pieces of Egyptian silver to all these Jews! (Gen. 45:16, 22) Next, Genesis 46 describes how a whole ARMY of Jews moves into Egypt, with who "begat" who and all the children and "children's' children," etc. Joseph tells his fellow Jews to lie to the king that they are not shepherds (which he knows might aggravate the king). Instead, the 
Jews all get free Egyptian cattle and land, the best in Egypt. Gen. 46:34) Not one of these Jews 
has done a lick of work to produce the wealth they are grabbing. (A familiar parasitic pattern) Genesis 47, verse 14 reveals that Joseph, Egypt's Jewish boss, has "gathered. up all the money" of the Egyptians, selling them grain. As a result, in verse 15, we discover that the "money of Egypt fails !" A depression? The starving Egyptians plead with Joseph to let them have a little grain because their money is all gone. Joseph tells them, in typical hockshop, Jewish style, that they still have their cattle! So the Jew takes the Egyptian farmers' cattle! (Gen. 47:16) The next year, the starving Egyptians again beg for grain. But the Jewish keeper of the granaries (filled by Egyptian work) tells them that they will have to give up their land, too! To 
survive, the people have to give this Jew their land in the name of the Pharaoh (verse 20). Joseph then puts them all into "concentration areas" - cities, taking them off their own land! 
(Verse 21) When the Egyptians are finally reduced to utter despair, starving, without their 
money, without their land and without their cattle, Joseph puts them back on their own land as 
SHARE-CROPPERS, at 2O% profit! (Verse 24)
Understandably, since Joseph is running the affairs of the Egyptians, the Egyptians are poor, working like slaves and hungry. But, meanwhile, the hordes of Jews he has brought in are getting "rich and fat" (verse 27)  living off the "fat of the land" - WITHOUT WORK! Sound familiar?
[Hide] (21.9KB, 428x271) Reverse
>don't usually ask for material items. More like asking for people not to die, asking not to become homeless, asking to quit addictions... stuff like that. However I have asked for some material things which I thought I would never receive and I did receive those too.
You see, this is exactly what people are talking about when they say that christianity devalues human life. If you work for a living and bought the items that you received, then you fucking earned those items. They were not given to you. And if your a neet, then your parents earned it and gave it out of the love for you. I'm so fucking tired of this group think moral garbage. You do what you think is right to the best of your judgement, not what others say is right.
Replies: >>107973 >>108012
I had a folder.

>Doesn't scripture say your supposed to love your enemies and that you shouldn't rejoice at enemies who have fallen? Where's the love?

Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division. For from now on five in one house will be divided: three against two, and two against three. Father will be divided against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law

Luke 12:51-53
>if your a neet, then your parents earned it and gave it
if you work for an employer and you bought those items, then your employer bought them for you
stop trying to act like wageslaving isn't a vaccine tier admission of total inability to fend for yourself and total submission to a third party to provide for you
Replies: >>107976
>if you work for an employer and you bought those items, then your employer bought them for you
No he did not. I earn a paycheck, it is not given to me. If that was the case, then I wouldn't even have to show up for work. 
>stop trying to act like wageslaving isn't a vaccine tier admission of total inability to fend for yourself 
Oh really? You can fend for yourself? And what exactly happens when your parents die retard? Are you going to immediately bury your own grave next to them?
>and total submission to a third party to provide for you
That's some double think if I've ever heard it. If anything, the third party is you mom and dad, not my employer. I can leave my job any time I want, you however can't just up and leave your parents house without the financial support of your parents, unless you want to become a bum of course. At which point, you're hardly clinging to life, not exactly what I'd call "fending for oneself".
Replies: >>107978 >>107986
>And what exactly happens when your parents die retard?
he gets the inheritance, duh
Replies: >>107979
>he gets the inheritance, duh
And just how long is that inheritance going to last you? And don't give me that rich crap, if anyone here was actually rich, I highly doubt they'd be posting on some dead alt imageboard
<money must come a socially obligated authority giving it to you, no exceptions
this is your mind on wages
Replies: >>107987
[Hide] (72.1KB, 446x1000) Reverse
Earning your income solely on daily wages is indeed slavery, as the Romans had thought. That's why their payment system was based along contract work.
Replies: >>107989
Yeah, if you're a total marxist. Having literally everybody do contract work is unfeasible and simply wouldn't work
>>105918 (OP) 
because hapas are superior to wh*tes?
[Hide] (1.2MB, 334x251) Reverse
>christians getting btfo 
>starts derailing the thread
[Hide] (136.5KB, 465x519) Reverse
>You do what you think is right to the best of your judgement, not what others say is right
What if I think what God mandates is right?
Well, I'd say that you're a filthy kike who needs to be dealt with
Dispute it christkike >>107937
Hmmm... that sounds awfully a lot like what jews did to russia. Maybe put 2 and 2 together and realize that semites of today, are exactly the same semites as depicted in the bible
[Hide] (672.7KB, 915x817) Reverse
[Hide] (21.1KB, 797x165) Reverse
[Hide] (103.4KB, 540x771) Reverse
Average larpagans
Replies: >>108250 >>108278
Literally everybody who isn't a jew/christian is a pagan according to the bible. Nice try though
[Hide] (1.7MB, 738x1883) Reverse
[Hide] (171.5KB, 1170x1468) Reverse
[Hide] (222.6KB, 854x1280) Reverse
[Hide] (116.5KB, 1154x688) Reverse
[Hide] (309KB, 1280x729) Reverse
>Yes goy, Christianity is indeed kiked!! Pray to stones and cow shit now!!
Replies: >>108278
Replies: >>108260 >>108278
[Hide] (3.2MB, 424x498) Reverse
If the Father begat the Son, he that was begotten had a beginning of existence: and from this it is evident, that there was a time when the Son was not. - Arius
[Hide] (738.8KB, 640x640) Reverse
You're digging your own grave now lol.
According to the "christian" belief god created everything. God also created two totally different afterlives for these people when they die, heaven and hell. Heaven is for the people who do as he says, and hell for those who refuse to comply.

This, then, is a stockholm syndrome situation: Either do as god says or suffer the consequences.

Christians, wanting to avoid hell and garner a place in heaven, abide by god's demands, which include Admit you are a sinner. Believe In Jesus Christ as Lord

Follow the commandments of Jesus: 1) Love God with your whole heart, 2)Love your fellowmen like you love yourself.

So far then, we have an agent, god, who has set up a hostage situation (impending, everlasting hell) and the conditions by which one can escape (love god, believe in Jesus Christ, etc.).

Now, faced by someone promising to do them harm if they didn't do as they say, most people would at least regard such a person as the enemy. Christians, however, embrace this "person": god. They praise and adore him, and even worship this entity who has promised them eternal suffering if they don't do as he says. They bow their heads in thanks, praising him for giving them a way out of the trap he has set for them. They even defend his honor and greatness: none greater or more good, or more loving than this god. Never mind that he admittedly created evil, threatens, is jealous and possessive, misogynistic, and very controlling. This entity, so we are told, is the highest form of righteousness. Not that I'm quarreling with any of this, only that this is exactly how hostages turn from a logical hatred of their captor to having "empathy and positive feelings towards their captor, sometimes to the point of defending them": stockholm syndrome
Replies: >>108411
anything having even the slightest relationship with jews must be rejected out of hand.
this is how you reject cuckstianity on easy mode
The butthurt comment was better than a source.  Thanks.
[Hide] (737.9KB, 2000x1144) Reverse
[Hide] (233.9KB, 781x694) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 843x882) Reverse
[Hide] (221.9KB, 1000x967) Reverse
[Hide] (237.8KB, 905x787) Reverse
imagine believing in something that sprang from the jewish mind
I'm still not seeing any of you kikes disputing it >>107937
ITT autismos spamming  competing TL;DR shit memes no one will ever read
Replies: >>108285
Are you not entertained?
the human population has grown too large for religion to be meaningful anymore.
small, secret cults based on custom criteria is the way to go.
create your own paradise within this sea of shit called life
I will never have any peace of mind until I see every synagogue, mosque, and church razed to the ground. The synagogues being razed first
I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; yes, Father, for such was your gracious will.” (Matthew 11:25–26)
Replies: >>108379
[Hide] (178.1KB, 640x666) Reverse
You'll get yours death cult worshipper.
>using public shame as a weapon
If god was so wise, then why would he apply this to a people that it never had hope to be applied to? Jews do not give a shit about your "public shaming". Jews are still here despite 2000 years of christianity. Your new testament doesn't work and it is full of lies.
[Hide] (157.4KB, 440x440) Reverse
I just agree with his teachings, bro, and follow his word.
Is that simple.
Replies: >>108432 >>108478
[Hide] (23.9KB, 180x189) Reverse
And now you put the liquid jew onto the table. You truly are repulsive and beyond saving lol
Replies: >>108443
[Hide] (88.1KB, 320x180) Reverse
Here, have some water.
Stay hydrated, brother.
Replies: >>108456
[Hide] (424.3KB, 600x812) Reverse
If I wanted water, I'd get it myself. You're just offering it because it says in the scripture to offer water and food to your enemies. Allowing semites to tread all over you. To tell you the truth, I'd rather die of dehydration than take water from you
Replies: >>108474
[Hide] (87.4KB, 480x270) Reverse
Sorry you feel that way.
Have a nice day, brother.
Replies: >>108600
Does that include turning the other (ass)cheek?
theres that disgusting fake politeness  that all christniggers seem to possess
why can't you call him a nigger and a faggot like a normal human being?
Replies: >>108628 >>108631
I dunno man, seems like what he said was more effective than calling your faggot bitch ass nigger, why should he stop
Replies: >>108643
Because the fake-politeness gets your goat, as the other faggot said. Granted, that's something all "polite" individuals do, instead of being simple, blunt and honest.
Replies: >>108643
But it's a sin to tell a lie.
[Hide] (130.1KB, 314x365) Reverse
Its a sin to lie in the New Testament. The Old Testament is full of lying. In fact, These 2 books are pretty much polar opposites. The reason being is because the new testament was created for the gentiles and the old testament for the kikes. The New Testament is a book full of lies designed specifically for jews to take advantage of christians
Replies: >>108654
I'm not lying. I hope anon has a nice day.
post an example where it says it is ok to lie in the old testament
Replies: >>108658 >>108674
Already did >>107937 there are many many more lies that jews in the bible say to the gentiles, but I frankly don't have time to uncover them. I've got to get back to work, I'll give you see a proper response in about 4 hours
James 2:25, Joshua 2:1–16, Genesis 27:35, to name a few more.
Replies: >>108679
None of those instances are examples of the Old Testament condoning lying.
Replies: >>108683
To me this post reads like jewish craftwork to taint the Bible and turn others away from the Christian faith. Your post reads like it was written by an angry jew, not a white.
>simping for Egyptians (nonwhites/niggers)
If you replace every instance with jew/hebrew with white you get the same story of white conquest we’ve seen all over the world. Whites tax their own too, you know. It’s as if you would claim that every king that overtaxed his subjects was secretly a jew.
Replies: >>108709
II Kings 10:18-31: Jehu deceives the prophets of Baal by pretending to be a Baal worshiper and summoning all the prophets. He then has his men kill all of them, tear down the temple, and demolish the statue of Baal. God commended him in this instance and did not admonish him for his deception.
1 Sam 16:1-13: God tells Samuel how to mislead Saul and say he's going to make a sacrifice and omit his going to anoint a new king.
II Chron 18:18-22: God asks for someone to entice Ahab to war, then gives permission to a deceiving spirit to deceive Ahab's prophets
Judges 4:18-22: Jael promises safety and rest to Sisera, then murders him, thus receiving the glory for the victory.
All of them condone lying. Context matters. Rehab (a whore) hid jewish spies and lied to the authorities about mislead them about their whereabouts. Yet, according to scripture that was a righteous thing to do (James 2:25).
Replies: >>108684
Right exactly context matters. No instances involve lying to commit evil, only committing deception against enemies to defeat them. You want Christianity to be cucked so you can shit on it, but in instances where it is not cucked, you complain about deception.
Replies: >>108685
[Hide] (283KB, 603x686) Reverse
But what happened to loving your enemies, giving them your food and drink, and having pity on enemies who have fallen? The NT and OT contradict each other and it's obvious why
Replies: >>108689 >>108693
New Testament:
26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers treated the false prophets in the same way. 27 But to those of you who will listen, I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you
Old Testament:
I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you; and all the families of the earth will be blessed through you.”
There is no contradiction. There is a time for everything. In some instances it is best to heap kindness upon one’s enemies, sometimes one must deceive them. Sometimes one must turn the other cheek, sometimes God defeats them. Sometimes you have to serve your enemy, sometimes you have to let them kill you. You see one rule and assume it must apply in all situations when there is always context and detail to the situation. If one were to try to aid a homeless man but he continuously robs you, you are not to go full retard and just let him rob you forever. You seem determined to hate on the Bible and are willing to perpetually twist the scripture to suit that end instead of looking at it with humility and clear eyes to see if there is truth in it. I was once an atheist. The God of the Bible changed my life profoundly for the better. Is that Jewish deception?
[Hide] (83KB, 720x719) Reverse
>New testament

But as for these enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and slaughter them in my presence.
Luke 19:27

the New testament has plenty of passages calling for violence
Replies: >>108696 >>108706
[Hide] (28.3KB, 474x267) Reverse
>There is n-no contradiction between the old testament and new testament 
Point at this faggot and laugh
Replies: >>108698
No one said that either the NT or OT were peaceful. Not at one point does it say in the OT that you should love your enemies. That is obviously a contradiction
Replies: >>108699
When you break out the stuttering while arguing against the Bible I immediately assume you are a shill. I have experienced identical behavior across numerous websites, it is always a dead giveaway.
Replies: >>108702
If the OT said everything in the NT the NT would be redundant and unnecessary.
Replies: >>108702
[Hide] (53.8KB, 221x207) Reverse
>When you break out the stuttering while arguing against the Bible I immediately assume you are a shill. I have experienced identical behavior across numerous websites, it is always a dead giveaway.
You're the one stuttering and fumbling against my arguments lol. You're the one shilling a kike on a stick, not me.
Ah yes, more pilpul. So you're saying that god is not all knowing? Yet more contradictions.
Replies: >>108705
>But as for these enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and slaughter them in my presence.
No where in the nt does it say you should deceive your enemies. Nice try though.
That's from an Ink Spots song, not the Bible.
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (36.1KB, 630x630) Reverse
>If you replace every instance with jew/hebrew with white you get the same story of white conquest we’ve seen all over the world.
>Whites tax their own too, you know. It’s as if you would claim that every king that overtaxed his subjects was secretly a jew.
There is a difference between over taxation and literally stealing everything from a people to the point of a currency failing. There is also a difference between a group of foreigners who have effectively subverted an administrative body and an administrative body that is organic and actually originating there. But you knew that didn't you kike?
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