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ITT we share the tales from our lives in the ethereal realm.
This week I've had a dramatical increase in the rate of long dreams I can remember after waking up. When usually they would come once every week or two, now I'm seeing them every single night.
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>>105700 (OP) 
I mostly dream of the things I'd like the most in life. Like having some clarity over the (non?)-relationship I have with my girlfriend (male). Or even simple things like sitting together with a group of friends and just talking to each other. Such simple things I can't have.

Yes I like to suck my own dick all day, how can ((( my fellow Anon ))) tell?
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break your neck
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Does Holo have human ears in her human form under her hair? Are they dummy ears or does she come with two pairs of ears?
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play this game
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Don't, it has trannies in it.
They say that your brain cannot make up faces of people in your dreams. I however had no idea of who the woman in my dreams was considering she was a small, west Asian woman. Anyway, she gave me a blowjob on my couch, but it was not to completion as we were almost caught. It felt nice, but I have no idea how it would actually feel considering the fact I am a wizard.
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you got sucked off from a tranny succubus from hell
>West Asian woman
So she was Middle Eastern or something like that?
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Churka or Eurasian.
>>105700 (OP) 
My friend's 14 year old sister sucked my dick under the table as I ate dinner at their house with them. I don't know how I wasn't caught but I don't need to because it was a dream.
Shit, I didn't know if that was the right word. I'm thinking South East Asian, but for whatever reason I though that was Korea and its surrounding countries. Now that I actually looked at a map, I am embarrassed. I may have conflated North and South Korea with Communist North and South Vietnam.
In this dream, I was travelling through a town I once lived in, where I would end phasing through dimensions. I reached a restaurant that was apparently owned and operated by nuns. After going in through the back entrance, I eventually made it in the front, where the maitre d’, a slovenly and casually dressed fat old man sitting on a chair while his nun friends sat and read, and I had a conversation. Today was the anniversary of the death of the last Jew, he told me. I asked him about who killed the last Jew, and it was "J.C. Colemidge", who was also the founder of the restaurant. I revealed to the maitre d’ that I was an interdimensional traveller, and told him how bad it sucked here, telling him that he was lucky he didn’t have “negroes and communist on the Supreme Court” and a “nigger for the 46th – no, 45th President, and a foolish old man as the 47th”. 

After this, I traveled back into my dimension, where after some wandering, I came across a black man working on the power lines. He warned me about falling trees, because he was working on cutting down some branches. I thanked him, and since I needed some money, I offered to help him out for an hour. He accepted, and we worked together. We had some adventures in work, like going back to his place where he and a white woman manager were talking about what to do with a new hire. Then we had to fix his chainsaw by accessing a hidden brick door and oiling it up. After that, we went back to work. All through this, several days had passed, as I had watched the sun rise and fall through all of this. 

Funnily enough, the dream changed dimensions and we were now bank robbers in the year 1900. We took our money and ran, hiding from the cops and posses looking for us, before we jumped onto our riverboat the Cotton Nigger and sailed away. Soon after, we made our way into our real dimension, where we caught up with my dream girlfriend and took her with us into the basement of a church.  We discovered a trio of serpent women, all sisters, that blocked our path. They were hostile and intent on not letting us path. So we had to play their game and fight them in a boss battle. We had to follow the rules, however, and first defeat the one weak to fire. The “lead” sister told us the lore behind it, which I believe was Norse in origin, and then we fought. The serpents floated in the air, and I found the one aligned with fire and cast a spell to defeat her. Once she was defeated, the lead sister explained we had to fight the one aligned with water (or ice), and defeat her.  After giving us the lore, we defeated the water-aligned one. The lead sister was impressed, and now we had to fight her. The dream ended before we could fight her, however.
I just had a fucking plane scene dream. 
>be in the plane as an observer, who nobody noticed for some reason
>I was whooping and hollering with excitement as CIA and Bane had their bants
>The whole scene plays out as normal, with me just excitedly watching
>Finally, as CIA is BTFO and Bane captures Dr. Pavel, he turns to me and says, "The fire rises, brother", before patting my shoulder and letting me hang on to the rope.
>tfw dream about your life taking a better direction
>wake up

Guck I am so weak willed. I'm not even dreaming about being a millionaire or anything. I literally dream that my life had direction and that I am happy.
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>dream of a better timeline where my past mistakes never happened 
>loved ones who were lost are still around like they always were
>I wake up and reality sets in
It's enough to crush me for the entire day, like withdrawing from a drug.

I know this feeling all too well... You're still alive though, so not too late I guess?
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>You're still alive though, so not too late I guess?

Definitely, but time is running out. I'm over 30 and have lived in fear far too long.
dreamt i had a gf again
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Was playing Minecraft parkour maps.
>>105700 (OP) 
Lately I've been having plenty of dreams related to Super Mario Bros X (best videogame of all time btw) and Umineko No Naku Koro Ni.
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>Super Mario Bros X
That game was the shit, I should replay it sometime.
>dreaming of tranny neko
You're certifiably 100% gay, sir.
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I dreamt that I was parking my car in the parking lot and bullies from highschool started harassing me with knifes.
It was fucked and I woke up at 3am
dreams are vastly superior to real life.
10000x more interesting and adventurous. 
every moment not spent dreaming is a wasted moment. wake space is dead space.
I have a reoccurring dream theme of being accepted back into a school environment, in spite of my old age, and feeling extremely relieved because of it.
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Imagine wanting to go back to a brainwashing facility
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Beats the fuck out of being a wageslave/NEET/anything outside of being in school (not uni).
I've had the same recurring dream I can't even remember how many times now. I want to go back.
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