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Last night I locked eyes with a sleep paralysis demon but it was a sleep paralysis demon within a dream so I'm not sure if it's proper to call it a sleep paralysis demon and not just a nightmare.  She had long black hair, pale white skin, black eyes with orange centers, oversized hands ending in bloody claws, and inhumanly wide open mouth with no lips, just her skin turning into sharp teeth.  She was cute.
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take a pic next time
>>1027 (OP) 
Did you try and fug her?
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sniff her feet
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I was paralyzed.  I couldn't move.  In the dream I was in a large attic with my family and some of them had just fallen down off the rafters we were on.  I layed on my stomach with my head hanging over the edge and watched as the fell. They were about to hit the floor of the attic room that had rugs on it, but instead the rugs gave way as if there was no floor beneath them and they we floating in space.  My family disappeared beneath them and the demon girl emerged from the rugs and sat there staring at me causing me to feel a deep sense of fear and impending danger.  I couldn't move anything but my eyelids which I struggled to keep open, because I felt that if I blinked she would cease to exist and it would all be a dream.  Then I woke up without closing my eyes in the dream.
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Bro you gotta tray and fuck her now.
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Lucid dreaming is hard and unlikely.
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Did you wake up with an erection and/or 3vidence of nocturnal emmisions?
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For once, no.
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Why are you talking like a nigger?
Any update on the sleep paralysis demon?
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No.  Like I said, it was a sleep paralysis within a dream, so not a proper sleep paralysis demon.  It's most likely a one off thing.  Never had recurring dreams.  I had a similar case years ago with death standing beside my bed, except that one was worse, because I was only partially paralyzed in the dream.  I would fight against it, and struggling immensely to heave myself out of the bed. I would finally tumble out of the bed, moving through death's black cloak intentionally to dispell him.  Then I would wake up lying in my bed extremely lethargic and not feeling like getting up as I sometimes do. Except death was still beside my bed, and my lethargy towards getting up was soon realized to be some compelling force preventing me from getting up.  So I would fight against it until I moved through death and woke up.  Except I wasn't actually awake, again.  And this repeated six or seven times before I finally woke up.
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Damn that sounds fucking scary. I never had sleep paralysis so i couldn't understand. What are you thinking of doing now?
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>Damn that sounds fucking scary.
After the third or fourth loop I became fully conscious of what was going on, but was still unable to wake up.  I didn't really feel fear anymore after that point, but instead a strong annoyance at being unable to forcibly wake myself up as was normally possible, and usually accidental, in lucid dreams.  But the cute demon more recently made me feel intense fear.
>What are you thinking of doing now?
The same thing I do every night, Pinky. Thinking of an interesting sexual scenario that appeals to me, passing out with a boner, and praying to the sex and dream gods that something sexy will happen in my dreams and that I'll remember it the next morning and forevemore.
>I never had sleep paralysis so i couldn't understand.
I've never had "real" sleep paralysis either. I was only ever paralyzed within the dream. I hear sleep paralysis is when you wake up from a nightmare due shock or maybe just in the middle of dream in general, but can't move your body at all due to brain fuckery still causing you to be in REM while fully conscious. This causes you to dream while in the conscious paralyzed state which means you'll be essentially hallucinating for a while and unable to move while fully conscious. This is where people's "sleep paralysis demons" come from. They'll often hallucinate/dream something else is in the room with them just standing there or somewhere nearby, especially since sleep paralysis, I believe, is often caused by a nightmare. You know that forboding feeling you get from the darkness at night, like something is lurking just out of sight in the shadows? In your cracked open closet, behind your shower curtain, and somewhere nearby as you walk up to your front door? And you often close or open that closet, pull back that shower curtain, hasten your pace to enter the house, or turn on a light as ways to quell or escape that creeping sense of doom? Now imagine instead you're lying on your bed on your side, facing that cracked open closet, totally unable to move, and you can see clearly and lucidly something horrific and indescribable sitting there, staring back at you, emanating that sense of impending doom so strongly that you think at any moment it will pounce and you will die. In the vast majority of cases, sleep paralysis lasts only seconds, but in some cases it can last several minutes. In such a state of irrepressible horror, several minutes can feel like an eternity. And even when you can move and the creature fades, the doom feeling will remain, and you may question whether fading out of your ability see really means the demon is gone.
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Ah fuck, I already post that image in this thread.  There should be somthing to check for and prevent that automatically.
Man I keep trying to sleep with sexy thoughts and hope for a sex dream but i only ever get weird dreams. 

Might as well make this a sleep paralysis and dream thread then. I never had sleep paraysis but ive had one horrific weird sexual dream. 

>Be me
>Be dreaming
>In concrete maze
>Running and hiding
>Weird shadows and rock skin creatures hunt me
>Dead end in dream
>Concrete Tentacle emerges from ground
>Tentacle head opens
>Fleshy hole
>God save me
>Get bj from tentacle
>Barely cum and dream is over
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>>1027 (OP) 
>Get ran over by truck
>Isekai'd into a robot
>Still the same world
>Later it had some shit about exoskeletons taking over peoples bodies or some shit
>In a concrete maze with really high ceiling for some reason.
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>>Isekai'd into a robot
>>Still the same world
That's not isekai, that's just reincarnation.
Sounds fun.
>Might as well make this a sleep paralysis and dream thread then.
Why not?  Here's another dream of mine.

>In hospital
>Things are creepy Silent Hill style
>Hospital is nothing but tons of long hallways
>Shaking happens
>Things start crashing around me
>Giant tentacles/tendrils ripping things apart
>Now in partially destroyed more open area
>Start climbing around wreckage and dodging tentacles Tomb Raider style
>Get hit by one
>Fall do my death
<Wake up
<Go back to sleep
>Events of dream repeat
>This time I get out of the wrecked area alive and climb into a long unbroken hallway with a light at the end of the tunnel
>Run like hell
>Get out of the hospital as it collapses behind me
>Hop onto the back of a truck with some allies
>Two of them are dressed in those form fitting Gantz power suits and they hand me one
>Driver takes off as some unknown monstrosity bursts out of the hospital after us
>Probably a shoggoth
>Some people are shooting at it with Gantz X-guns to no avail
>Don't ever look back at it because it's too horrifying
>Driver stops at a cliff, the creature catches up, and we all die
<Wake up
<Go back to sleep
>Events all repeat again from the start, like a videogame where I died before reaching a new checkpoint
>This time I tell the driver to go over the cliff
>He does so and we begin plummeting to our deaths
>But not really, instead we managed to fly through the air far enough to run into a tractor beam from an alien space ship
>We wake up in a gigantic shower room, our truck is gone
>Some unknown acidic liquid rains down melting everyone's clothes, except for the three of us wearing Gantz suits
>Giant alien in a hazmat suit, the same giants from Gantz, enters
>He's wielding some sort of advanced electric prodding stick and attempts to herd us
>But we're not having any of that shit and the three of us in suits attack him
>We take him down somehow and I grab his super taser
>Advanced alien tech makes it so it automatically changes size to fit the user's hand
>Several more alien giants come it and we beat, explode, and electrocute them
>We and the naked people escape into the back of a pet store
>Among the various strange alien pets, we release three giant rabbits, each with four eyes
>We mount the rabbits and ride out of the store into the street
>We ride through a fairly normal looking, but incredibly gigantic, suburban neighborhood
>We reach a point where it abruptly terminates into a vast ocean
>We dismount our rabbit and use the Gantz suits to super jump as far as possible over the ocean
>I'm in the lead, flying at a million miles an hour over a seemingly endless and uniformly calm ocean
>Over the edge of the horizon a small artificial island appears
>It's ornate and gaudy
>Standing on its center is a giant version of the golden Thousand Armed Bhudda from Gantz
>I know implicitly that it's the alien leader
>I take out my solid black Gantz sword and raise it high vertically above my head, screaming a battlecry
>I'm flying directly at the Thousand Armed Bhudda at incredible speed
<Wake up
<Can't go back to sleep
(41KB, 480x608)
Had another lewd dream, though it didn't start that way.
>Deaming that I'm Deku from My Hero Academia
>Just became full time professional hero
>Work with a team composed of former classmates (from the anime, not real life)
>Having trouble taking down something that looks like Godzilla, but has flashy green, white, and blue colors
>Right arm is totally fucked up
>Finally take it down
>Work's over, so my coworkers and I are suddenly in casual clothes and going to the arcade
>Hero work is hard, but it's worth it because we make tons of cash that we can dump into HER game
>I can't remember who SHE was, but the game was some unholy combination between an arcade machine and gachashit
>Get to the arcade
>It's been shut down
>The machines are shown for sale
>Out of our combined price range
>Leave depressed
>At this point we're no longer characters from MHA, but just regular dudes
>We hangout someplace and decide to play Pokemon on a single DS instead, don't know how
>Upper screen of the DS becomes the focus of the dream
>Going up a ladder onto the top of bookshelf
>Say something along the lines of "These old pokemon games are great but moving on the bookshelves fucking sucks"
>Game is glitching and lagging out bad as I move across the book shelves
>Reach the goal, some magic black book sitting on one the of the shelves
>Grab it and hop down
>Game is now the regular dream and no longer flat pokemon shit
>There's three punks in the library right where I hopped down
>They start hassling me trying to get the book from me
>Successfully play keep away for a few moments
>One of them pulls out a book and starts chanting shit
>Starts shooting magic explosions at me
>Run the fuck out of there
>Go through a door into a hallway
>But the floors, walls, and ceiling are all covered in light green plastic tarps and there's guys in hazmat suits
>They're after me, and the book too, and the tarps and hazmats suits were part of some plan to trap me in the library room that they didn't execute fast enough
>Keep fucking running
>Through the door at the end of the hallway
>Pass through the same room where the rest of the guys are still playing on the DS
<Mystery zone where I don't remember what the fuck happened before the lewd part
>There's two cartoon women before me, western style but good art, lying down on their backs, sunbathing
>On the right, and slightly lower inside what appears to be the edge of some sort of very large but empty bathtub or jacuzzi, is a skinny one
>She's naked, she has short black hair, and I don't pay much attention to her
>On the left is stocky chick with big tits, a round nose, green eyes, and orange frizzy ?triangular? hair
>She might have also had gold stud earrings and semi-circle glasses without top rims, but I'm fuzzy on those parts
>She's wearing a very simple pink one-piece swimsuit, similar in coverage to a sukumizu
>I grab it by the bottom front and pull it high and tight, digging it into her pussy
>She gets irritated as I gradually slide it to the side until her cunt is revealed
>This irritation vanishes as soon as I expose her pussy
>It's slightly open, but her pussy lips are pristine, no roast beef
>I say "WONDERFUL! They even drew underneath the swimsuit! Bless these artists!" in rapturous delight
>As I'm saying this, she's suddenly naked, and the girls are fingering eachother while still lying down
>They bring eachother to orgasm, and the plump one begins squirting violently
>She falls over into the tub and ends up in a pile driver position
>I say "I have the POUND that now!"
>I quickly attempt grab her legs and fuck her
>But I fail and my dick misses
>I reposition her on her side and try again
>Success, I begin slamming away until I creampie her and wake up
Good dream. I swear I've seen that cartoon girl before.
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>I have the
have to*
How does one induce lewd dream?
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Dunno. I just try looking at cartoon porn before bed and think lewd thoughts as I pass out. Still rarely have lewd dreams. Though if you have a lucid dream and can hold onto it for more than a few moments, you can reshape the reality of the dream to your whims. I used to do this on occasion, but it's exceedingly rare for me these days.
>Lucid dreaming is hard and unlikely.
You're just too lazy to practice.
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You're right.
If we talking about lewd dreams then ill tell mine.
>Be dreaming 
>Be still in bed
> I'm positioned on my side and I see a girl there.
>long straight black hair, crystal white face, plump lips, soft small eyes.
>She takes my clothes off and starts to blow me off as she still sits on the floor with my hip thrusted out to let her get better suction.
>goes on for a few seconds when every alarm bell in my body screams and I am scared in a dream.
>Try hard to wake myself up while she keeps sucking.
<Please don't be ghost bitch blowing me and gonna kill me in my sleep.
>wake up like normal.
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