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Anime related of course.
Recently I came upon this dub of Ghost Stories. It's pretty great. Are there any more anime dubs similar to this? The only other one that comes to mind is Bible Black.
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>He just found out about ghost stories
How old are you?
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Palatable_to_the_western_world.mp4 (u)
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>>89 (OP) 
I_dont_like_this_post_it_makes_me_sad__24371f3.mp4 (u)
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People born in 2003 are old enough to post on here.
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CODE_GEASS_not_all_men_are_born_equal.webm (u)
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I fell off anime for a while near the 2000s.
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That happened to me too a few years later because I was play World Of Warcraft which threatens to make you a normalfag. Well and because the only people I've ever met who liked anime were these stupid wannabe punk girls you'd call feminists nowadays, that made me kinda insecure about anime as a 14 year old.
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>2nd webm
Is this OST made by the same people who made Attack On Titan OST ?
And what's the source of 3rd webm ?
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Belgistan.webm (u)
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3rd is from Gasaraki.
Maze_Bakunetsu_Jikuu_Junk_Boy.webm (u)
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Bad_Friends_60fps.webm (u)
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[MuraMuraSubs]_Fumikiri_Jikan_-_05_[640p].webm (u)
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Dragon_Ball_Z_-_Chala_Head_Chala_(opening_Latino)_Full_HD_1080p.mp4 (u)
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Cha-La_Head-Cha-La_-_1989E.mp4 (u)
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Chala_Head_Chala'_(German).mp4 (u)
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Digimon_Adventure_01_-_Opening_Latino_(720p).mp4 (u)
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I never liked the jap dub of DBZ. So I always watch it along with other old animes in Spanish. I think some of them are pretty good dubs. At the same time there are animes like Fist of the North Star where I always prefer to watch it in Japanese.
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Soldier.mp4 (u)
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Over the years I've seen bits and pieces of many DBZ dubs and they all kind of work. The funny thing with DBZ/DBS is that I can watch an episode in Japanese without subs and I don't feel like I didn't understand something afterwards. It speaks (shouts) for itself. As to be expected the english dub sounds dumb as fuck.
When it comes to OPs I always prefer the Japanese ones. Kageyama is great in general.
Abtal_el_Digital1(Digimon_Adventure)Opening_Arabic_ابطال_الديجيتال-F2pw97R4160.mkv (u)
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>Not posting the superior arabic version
Trash taste and also Spacetoon is 10 times better then that shit toonami they only aired shit like naruto while Spacetoon had superior anime like Last Exile, Samurai 7 and Gankutsuou.
Galaxy_Boy_Troop.jpg (u)
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>2nd webm
Reminds me of Galaxy Boy Troop.
13db469f204f508113fa53ae531d59dcaf83c707ffb837730519f128a148f492.mp4 (u)
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Rocket_launch.webm (u)
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8c604e40c431065bc7f7924.webm (u)
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Relaxing_anime_girls_(You_will_never_know_the_name_of_this_song).webm (u)
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Kemono_F•R•I•E•N•D•S.webm (u)
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I come to you in great need of help.  Several years ago, this webm was posted a lot around 8chan, and I was frustrated I didn't know the source to the music because it sounded quite nice.  After a bit of searching, I found it on Soundcloud - it was actually a very short sample from a longer track, but someone had extended it into a track about 2-3 minutes long.  I swore I bookmarked it, but I just checked my bookmarks and it's not there anymore.

Webm 2 is unrelated.
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Gohan_whistle_Song.mp4 (u)
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wouldn't worry about it, it's a cocktease shit harem, what you're seeing there is the bonus fanservice episode where all characters decide to break character and do that. the rest is really boring.
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Oh, ok.
Still around? 4 chan isnt complete garbage yet, i took the webm through one of the gif board archives and found the source 

The part youre looking for starts at 2:40.

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