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which one is more profittable job in the anime industry (also less saturated) 
between illustration, animator, writer/scriptwriter thing or programmer?

i was educated in animation and was always feeling that the production is abit too very hard but i could be wronk
Do animes need a writer? Don't they just follow the manga? Which would make the mangaka the writer.
Programmer for what?
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in the east ( japan, korea and other nations where companies usually outsource to) animators make shit pay working insane hours . you say you were trained in animation -- did you ever research what conditions were like in the industry? i suggest you start now. recently japanese studios have taken to twitter to look for talents from abroad; this is, from what i understand, a trend brought on by a shortage of talent in the industry. skilled animators have always been in short supply in the anime industry and it's a supply which might dwindle due to current practices (involving the training of inbetweeners and the feasibility of living off the wages you get from animation for long enough to ascend from rookie to decent).

no, it's not very profitable unless you're godlike, no it sure as hell isn't easy work, but i suppose if your portfolio is good enough they'll let you work for them.
It's a different format, you'll always have to arrange it for that. But ideally it stays close to the manga, yes.
The pay will stay shit eternally because there are many people who want to work to make animes even if the work condition is terrible.
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