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I cried when I watched Spirited Away
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Why? What about Grave of the Fireflies?
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>>714 (OP) 
If you cried after watching Spirited Away, you'll certainly cry after watching Howl's Moving Castle.
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I dunno, it just touched something inside, I think it was the main theme arrangement on piano coupled with the simple artstyle, it made me miss my childhood or something like that
>What about Grave of the Fireflies?
Wasn't there when streamnigger streamed it
>Howl's Moving Castle.
When's streamnigger streaming that?
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Fine. I'll stream Grave of the Fireflies and Howl's Moving Castle just for you. Just tell me when you can. I want to see your reaction.
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You like cry? I cried too during made in abyss, the you know what scene. I cried the hardest when I reached the ending in planetarian, the visual novel one not the shitty anime. Old fullmetal alchemist during greed death I also shed tear from ed's scream, really though the new one brotherhood isn't anywhere near as brutal as the first anime. Too bad the old anime has garbage sequel movie with disgusting 3dcg and the ending is a lot worse. Can't recall all of them but anime and visual novels can be really fucken good sometimes.
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I didn't cry when reading Pun Pun but It still fucked my shit up.
>>714 (OP) 
I've never watched while watching an anime. Or anything to be honest.
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Uhh ,later today?
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You aren't even human anymore.
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I mean I nearly cried while watching ATLA in the part of the basingse stories about Iroh.
Alright. I'll stream it in 1 hour and 10 minutes. (11:20am PDT - at
If you don't show up, I'll pee in your mouth.
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Actually I just got the worst headache,  can we do it tomorrow instead?
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How about next friday, same time? Can't tomorrow.
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Tomorrow at 11am PST, right nigger?
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>>714 (OP) 
Chihiro / Sen needs her cunny smashed.
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