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Is it worth watching? I heard mixed things about it plus I was spoiled the ending a time ago.
>>648 (OP) 
>is it worth watching?
Sure, it's a pretty fun series, just don't set your expectations too high.
>>648 (OP) 
I'm not huge into anime myself but I really like the space setting and I just went along and started watching it since I've heard about it so much. I put it off to the side for some reason but it's not bad imo. It would be a 10/10 (or close to it) for me if they wore flight/space suits of some kind.
>>648 (OP) 
Probably one of the most influential anime of the early aughts that lead to anime gaining mainstream popularity in the west along with studio ghibli films of that era. It's good.
>>648 (OP) 
It's good albeit very episodic so a lot of it is more or less unconnected from what I guess would be the main storyline. It's also, one of the few animus where the English dup actually isn't god awful.
I heard its popularity overseas eclipsed its popularity at home by a pretty wide margin. That is to say, most Japanese anime fans would probably look to other shows as an example of a highly influential 90s anime.
>>648 (OP) 
Very boring and full of "diverse" characters (ie. trannies, niggers, faggots). Only episode 20 and the three last ones are good.
>>648 (OP) 
It's absolutely worth it. But all the people saying the dub is good are just nostalgia blind.
Not really, there's a couple good episodes near the end and that's it. It's the most overrated anime behind Evangelion.
Replies: >>1075
Its shit unless you have shit taste, its basically just episodic tripe about random escapades by largely depressed people in space
Replies: >>954 >>1075
i relate to depressed characters
Replies: >>955
that's fine, but the work provides no answers to that, it'll probably just worsen your depression because its theme is nihilism
Replies: >>956
yeah i dont think i need to feel worse about myself more than i already do
i wonder if any anime tackles these topics from an optimistic pov
Replies: >>957
>Welcome to the NHK
MC is a depressed hikkimori NEET, it was made by an actual NEET, it doesn't provide all the (right) answers, but its something more positive while understanding the roughness of such a life
Its morbid and brutal considering how prevalent death is in it, but there's some hopeful things in it and that's appreciable (don't read the manga though, its just despair circle-jerking, the anime director changed it to be better than that shitheap)
>Hajime no Ippo
MC is a dude who was getting bullied at school, completely friendless, extremely unhappy and dissatisfied in his life, had no self-confidence and didn't know what his future held, seemingly talentless, but, well, you'll see.
Well, its complicated. I wouldn't say its "hopeful" per se unless you really understand the ending, but its more of a warning, and there is some good in it and some actually good people worth a damn who do right by the MC and give some hopeful themes based on their actions, those are the ones who make the anime worth watching; plus people say the Rebuild movies make it more hopeful, but I wouldn't know about those
>Gurren Lagann
You'll see, just watch it; its something special.
I remember watching it for the first time my college freshman year, its one of those exceptionally few anime that have a strong chance to change your life make sure you use the old fansubs for it though, I got em if you need em. Its not an easy journey mind you, but its an incredible one.
>Great Teacher Onizuka
Specifically there's several episodes (and a small arc towards the end) which concern a suicidal nerdy dude, but just watch the whole damn thing, its great I personally recommend the dub for it though,  I thought Blum was a better fit for Onizuka than Takagi (he voices Okoyasu in Jojo for reference), even if a lot of the minor character voices are hilarious in the dub. 
>One Piece
Unfortunately it takes a long fucking time to really get to the part that I'm thinking of. Though pretty much all of the characters have some tragic things to deal with, though even with that in mind I'd hesitate before calling it about "depression" except for a specific part of it. Its just an all around great work though and worth watching until the part I'm thinking of.
>Rising of The Shield Hero
Its rage and anger against the world mixed with depression rather than just pure depression; it handles it well with a right answer.
Isekai where the MC's only power is that he can respawn from death, he's powerless so he gets killed over and over again, you can imagine what that does to a motherfucker.
Replies: >>958 >>1052
thank you anon, i will be sure to check these out. will probably start with welcome to the NHK
thankss again!
spike dies
Replies: >>1074
Opinion fucking discarded. Subaru can go suck a nigger dick, Felix helped ruin an entire generation of men, and the moment the kaijus started being a thing is the moment a part of me curled up and died inside from the fucking abysmal pacing. Even Reinhard, the best character, couldn't save it.
>b-b-but Reinhard is le oh-pee power fantasy faec!!!!111!!!1!1
Being a cracked out knight who could hold his own against Saitama doesn't get rid of the fact that he's a genuinely great character, and I wish the series was about him and his becoming more and more absolutely punished. Overlord is still the superior isekai, anyway, but this isn't the thread for that.
Replies: >>1072
Are you having a breakdown anon? There wasn't anything about rezero in his post.
As an anime newfag, it seemed okay. I like the loli, and obviously the animation was stellar. But I really couldn't be arsed to particularly care about any of the characters, especially how all their arcs felt completely starved for breathing room. You think that Fei would finally have a chance to finally stop being a conceited bitch all the time, and then the show fucking ends.
Replies: >>1076 >>1078 >>1190
falling over =/= death
Replies: >>1077
The space drawings are nice of ships and things but it is boring. Makes me watch Firefly and or Serentity to see what it should have been. Joss is good at that, taking something that flopped and making it better. He should have done it more often, like what he did with that shitty btvs movie. He enhances things. Not anime but you get it. 

Evangelion isn't boring though. It's actually good and most pepole would watch it and like parts of it while cowboy's in outer space most can't get behind as a theme because it reeks of 'the wrong side won' in regards to the American Civil war, of which is why Joss never finished Firefly. Being a terrorist or a racist, there were only two options there for such a theme. Joss implied the Chinese were the new Feds/yanks and no main characters are Chinks ergo racism route he went, southern accents and all. Cowboy shitbop I did not get through enough to say it was terrorist drama option but prolly was.
>I really couldn't be arsed to particularly care about any of the characters
I agree, I couldn't really form a connection with most if not all of them, save for maybe Spike. I think the issue was that it was too short, had it been several seasons maybe they would've developed more but that's all speculation. The animation was indeed very good though.
Replies: >>1190 >>1243
Lying to yourself =/= truth
Replies: >>1192
Everyone in that show besides the loli and the dog were horrible people.
Replies: >>1190
Just remembered why I could not into Gundam.
Just because credits roll doesn't mean that a true story is necessarily over. I figured it was just him poetically having killed himself by killing that other guy he fought the epic battle with as they were some sort of kindred spirits, from the same foxholl, something like that? He wanted to die and killed smoeone else that wanted to die ergo he felt dead inside and fell over. 

You cannot refute this.
Replies: >>1196
I mean, by ep 1 Spike nearly dies from getting choked out despite being so 'badass'. Like he wanted to die.
Replies: >>1196
Spike is an idealist, like those german romantics. Being unable to be with the woman he loves, he commits suicide at the end.
Replies: >>1199 >>1244
>idealists commit suicide
What are you talking about retard, Spike is closer to a nihilist than anything. All that he considered left to him in the world was revenge and saw no meaning left in his life besides that.
Replies: >>1243
Yeah I agree. He even rejects the love his friends have for him at the end when they tell him not to die.
>The animation was indeed very good though.
The sound track also permanently sticks with me.
Spike deserves everything bad happened to him. He stole his best friends gf. A traitor.
Replies: >>1245
Vicious on the other hand, he rid the world from many criminals. He is the good guy of the story
>>648 (OP) 
Outlaw Star is better in every way.
Replies: >>1398
I only watched 1 episode of Outlaw Star but I'll agree with you
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