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Do anons like Death Note?
I've been watching the 2006 live action films. It reminded me how much I like the anime and manga.
Do you feel the same or do you think is overrated?
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I watched the anime like over 10 years ago, I thought it was amazing at the time. Thinking back to it I think I'd still call it amazing by today's standards but just "good" by the standards of then. The drawings and animations were great all around, the plot was original and fun and the ending was satisfying. I dunno about the rest of the material related to it because I only watched that.

Pic unrelated.
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I never watched all of it or read the entire mango, but I liked the parts I saw. 
I wouldn't say it's overrated. It never got as fellated as something like bleach or naruto and it was better than average by virtue of having a real plot.
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Kara No Kyoukai is significantly better.
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It was good until L died.
>the ending was satisfying
I disagree, but I'll do agree that watching Kira got what he finally deserved was satisfying.
Kira should've been busted by L, instead of that faggot that I've already forgot the name of. I also hate how they didn't explain the Shikigami realm at fucking all.
DN is great, a modern sherlock holmes. The endless milking is pathetic and the authors's other works are terrible. I don't like the colored version that much. I remember skipping school just to finish it. I couldn't concentrate at school at all because I was constantly going over the plot in my head. 4k anime later, it's still one of the best. Discussed to death though. Nothing original is left.

You can't quote a single line from your shitty fate rip-off. If you don't want to talk DN and just want to make generalizing statements how X is better than Y go ahead. Fanbase warmongering gets you attention I guess.
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I was not trying to warmonger. It has been a while since I last read Death Note and I can well understand its appeal. I get your point about it being similar to Sherlock Holmes though though what fascinated me was more the philosophical and moral questions surrounding re what should be done with that kind of power. Having said this, it just did not resonate with me on a personal level in the same way that other series have. Personally, I would recommend: Case Files of Lord El Melloi, Joker Game, 39 Days, Another, Monster, Gankutsuou and Gantz. 

>You can't quote a single line from your shitty fate rip-off
As the novel series predates the Fate/ series, your point is somewhat erroneous. Myself I like the 'case notes/anthology' structure of the series, how the series continued to surprise in each film, the intimate nature of the storytelling as well as the quality of the animation. 

My favourite film in the series is Paradox Spiral which is based on an apartment complex that from my recollection was designed in such a way that was designed (through some kind of Reality Marble or equivalent) to deliberately unsettle its residents and drive them to insanity. Said residents being in reality just puppets forced to repeatedly live out their last days in an endless cycle of life and death to fuel the magics of a ruthless magician. As a fan of supernatural mystery, I found this concept fascinating and how it was explored.
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>I have nothing to contribute yet I must open my mouth
You know what I do when I don't know something about a subject? I don't open my mouth. 
Wow. You made a surface level observation yet you attributed it to the entire franchise. Make your own thread about your shitty fate rip-off. Again. Either go read Death Note and contribute some novel insight or fuck off.
>>588 (OP) 
I would have liked it more if the second half didn't exist and they let Light win instead.
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>let Light win instead.
Faggot, based L should've won.
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Death Note is massively overrated and not nearly as cleaver as it thinks it is. Especially once L dies. Then it get really stupid. Bad storytelling.
No, Light should have won.
I watched the 2015 TV Mini series, and it's fucking bonkers. In a good way. Its version of light makes his anime and manga counterpart look sane and rational by comparison. Would recommend giving it a shot if you can find it.
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