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>MC gets super powers and so on, it's generic isekai
>gets a catgirl slave by killing bandits, she's horny, they kiss 
<gets cockblocked 
>goes out, finds bandits' friends while wearing stolen bandit armor and weapons
<MC acts like a retard, ignores the "I'm going to rape your girl" implication
<gets cockblocked again and now the girl has been kidnapped 
>luckily she's with another girl who is going to help her escape by kissing her and distracting the guards
<kissing another girl makes the slave hornier than the MC ever could, ruining the plan, now they're both getting groped and about to be raped 
>MC crashes in and saves the day, now they're both literally fighting over who gets his dick first 
<MC does nothing despite acting like horny 24/7 
>MC gets a third girl, jerks off onto an evil god and turns her into the 4th 
>now the four are fighting for the D
<he chooses to remove the power from the goddess to make her as weak as the others(?)
<wastes time and gets cockblocked
>things are fine for days but he still doesn't even touch the girls, has touched one's tits once
<makes a slime that ravages all four girls in all holes 
>goes to the demon world
<his girls have to wear skimpy outfits and all the demons keep staring at their asses while the MC is fine with it
>big bad is actually a good guy as usual and also a girl
>literally pushes MC down begging to be impregnated, also kisses MC 
<mc pushes her off 
>has to do a ritual to bring demon's friend 
<which involves all girls doing a big lesbian orgy while he watches 
>masturbates one girl 
<then gets cockblocked
Why are almost all nip authors cucks? Every time there's a girl the conflict is just "look, she's going to get gang raped haha". If it's isekai the MC acts stupid while the girl gets groped and jumps in at the last second, if it's just a comfy romance story the story abruptly gets interrupted for the "the girl is going to get raped" arc, if it's a more action focused story at least there's usually more variation in how someone's girl is getting molested/raped by random men. Even when western stories have girls she's usually just at the risk of getting killed, is that a cultural thing or something?
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It's a contradiction. Those kinds of wish-fulfillment novels/shows are made generally for young people. Excessive pandering, excessive lewd undertones and generally HOT things? They all sell like hotcakes. But part of your target demographic is underage, so the editor goes "oh holy FUCK this may sell BUT" and as long as it's not hentai there can't be anything lewd or serious. Why? Because haremshit = hot AND ALSO sells (less chance of serious commitment and attempts to resolve harem situations) AND because crossing THE LINE is a big no-no.

It's a business model and it works and it sells. If it works, don't fix it. It's like copying WoW, in a sense.
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I understand the cock blocking and the MC not actually fucking anyone in most stories, the part where all the girls get fucked in all holes by a slime before he has even touched them is what confuses me. 
If you want more lewd just have the MC do it and get cockblocked, if you don't want to cross the line why have some nigger do it instead?
How is this different from western genre fiction? Here, you are confronted with an endless variety of cultural projections onto a wide variety of other cultural projections: The Europeans come from cultures where men are expected to marry women; these are powerful cultural norms which reach far beyond the cultures of Europe and the western world. These expectations may make for more sophisticated fiction. You can make a long list of some of western literary masterpieces such as Alexandre Dumas, Emile Zola, Romain Rolland, Countess Maria Sibylle Szilárd and Jorge Luis Borges. While we’re still examining these literary works, the notion of ethnic identity is totally absent. The protagonist of a Greek tragedy is always a Greek man and the protagonist of a French novel is always a French man. Even when the protagonist does not identify as one ethnicity, he is usually an educated middle-class citizen of a Western society.
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>How is this different from western genre fiction? 
The author doesn't pretend the women aren't shit while cucking the MC. Pic related.
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>The author doesn't pretend the women aren't shit while cucking the MC
What the fuck are you talking about?
My response to that would be that while trash, they are still human beings. Just because the author doesn't necessarily like that fact doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. So I read on to see what "she" had to say.

She says:

Some people absolutely hate their vaginas. They can't stand the sight of their own body parts. They look at their vaginas with disgust. They have often thought of amputating it. But on the other hand, some women find their vaginas disgusting as well. And their reasons for hating their vaginas are not as different from what men hate their penises for. They are the same reasons.

Now let me go ahead and be clear. I do not agree with her. She does not understand the concept of the connotation that every human penis has. As a male, I do not believe that the mere concept of a penis (or any genitals for that matter) is disgusting. It may look disgusting, but it's not. Human genitals, in fact, are beautiful. In fact, they have been created by God and for a very special purpose. We each have one. Many people, when they first discover this, develop a fascination with the parts, many of which are highly sensitive. Some develop a fetish for them, for reasons ranging from a certain flavor of manhood to sexual healing. And many feel that they are the most masculine of the body parts because they were the first part of the human body to start to develop in our creator's image.
Most people have genital sensitivity, both their own, and for the other partner they are partnered with. As you know, this is extremely important for intimacy and connection. It is one of the most intimate parts of the human body. If you have intimacy problems in your relationship, a fear of intimacy is often the issue, because you aren't getting aroused enough. And if you feel compelled to do sex in your relationship but you don't get aroused or experience orgasm, then you are missing out on a wonderful relationship that has so many other incredible aspects.

So my bottom line is that a woman who has a bad experience with her own vagina can still enjoy a man's penis. However, it takes a lot of practice and discipline to become a good cuckold partner. It's much easier to enjoy something you are in control of. The woman in the above story took control over her own vagina and her own sexual pleasure. She was able to come to a satisfying and loving relationship with her boyfriend (the cuckold) on her own.
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