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Why there aren't much alternative or even just historical and even less war themed anime or mangos. There are few. I mean nearly everything feels the same in modern animus. Nearly every season there is an isekai trash, yuri anime and some other unintresting trash. 
Why they cannot be a more darker war themed story with a more gritty artstyle? Or maybe an adaptation of a western story like southern victory and stuff like that?
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>Why there aren't much alternative or even just historical and even less war themed
>Why they cannot be a more darker war themed 
Ignoring the contradiction of your questions, it is at least in part because anime exists as a byproduct of a treaty Japan signed with America to allow America to greenlight all Japanese media which effectively gave total control of Japanese media to jews and anime today is still a byproduct of such a disastrous agreement. That said, antebellum South anime is something that I would watch.
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>and even less war themed
I've meant it that there is even less war themed then historical themed ones.
>>480 (OP) 
>no longer you wa shock
>expecting me to explain and post to anons here why anime is such an escape from REALITY

saging on principle as braap posting is the type of thing that should get an entire board deleted
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Why? I mean I get the whole escape from reality thing, I do the same. But wouldn't it be fine atleast sonetimes have something more darker?
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>war themed
What does this even mean? large-scale conflict? Because it's more interesting to follow the conflict and development of individuals. If you mean war as in, realistic, modern, conflict, then that's due to the fact that anime is useless if it doesn't display something that can't be achieved in real life. People want retarded hairdos, colorful shit, neat impossible action scenes. Also because most anime end after 11 episodes, and really who cares what side wins some larger than life battle?

>more darker
Because you can't air that on television. It's why One Piece is censored, it's why KHR can't have a 5 year old implied drunk even if it's necessary to showcase a parent figure being a bad influence or a character whose entire concept doesn't work if you take away his characteristic of smoking. Anime will never be more dark because it's too expensive and unprofitable to make anything more than genre-fiction. You can't even properly put into words what it is you actually want from anime, how do you even know what it is?

>nearly everything feels the same
That's because it is. You're not supposed to watch nearly everything.
>why aren't there any historical 
Because if you want history, you read a book. Educational anime is boring because it was made to be boring. Or it's a dramatized, propagandized piece of garbage. Anime would be hilariously inefficient in teaching and you'd end up reading subtitles on a screen to begin with, so you might as-well skip the pretense and pick a book. It's also because anyone that needs to be made aware of history through an anime would be a preschooler so the themes you'd be able to handle wouldn't be dark enough to satisfy your fancy.
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>>480 (OP) 
You can classify mecha anime as alternative history anime, most of them are gritty war themed anime but with cool looking mechs. 
If you want something that's not mecha and war themed then go watch "Saga Of Tanya The Evil" it's pretty fun to watch.
>That's because it is. You're not supposed to watch nearly everything.
This sounds like a reddit tier excuse
And it isn't even good. Just like entirity of your post
But I've also meant manga.
>Or it's a dramatized, propagandized piece of garbage.
t. I've only seen british historical telenovelas.
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>t. I've only seen british historical telenovelas.
.. and, what can I say, I loved it.
But then again, I love historically based telenovelas.
My top three include La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South) - which I know this isn't even a drama.
but I love it.
It's better than soap operas.
There is much to like.
I like the characters and they're not all stereotypes.
The episode two, episode three of this telenovela takes place during my Mexico time frame (a year after Joana's death).
I've started to watch it and it's alright.
It does have some romantic scenes but it's a good and clean show and makes me feel good for about 5 minutes.
I can't wait for more.
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It's good that you enjoy them, but in my countrynwe only get german, nordic, turkish or Indian telenovellas. None of them are good.
Replies: >>543
Your country doesn't have internet?
>none of them are good
I doubt it.
Replies: >>549
>This sounds like a reddit tier excuse
But isn't consumption one of the redditor virtues?
Replies: >>549
No it has.
As you think. If reading or watching is that.
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