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Dragon Ball both the original and Z and Pokemon were a big part of my childhood. Watching Dragon Ball reruns and some of the movies was all did at one point, and playing Pokemon Red while watching the anime was really fun. Bulma and Misty were my first faps too. I've have been rewatching the first season of Pokemon and it's pretty comfy. It holds up pretty well. I also used to watch a lot of Heidi and Digimon. I need to re-watch Heidi though since I haven't watched it since I was a kid.
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pretty much the same, as well as yu-gi-oh!, lupin the third, captain tsubasa, cardcaptor sakura, kodocha, hamtaro, the rose of versailles, beyblade and whatever other shit they'd have on tv at the time
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Transformers armada, with it's attrocious slovak dub, I think so.e pokeymans, but that's it. U mostly watched Shrek or some classic cartoons from my country.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo was my fucking jam back in the day.
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I never watched the anime but i grew up with the gbc game. It's a pretty comfy RPG and i recommend it.
i need to rewatch it. I remember liking it a lot.
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I don't think yu gi oh holds that well today, I used to love it as a kid but I rewatched it recently and it was less interesting than I remembered. 
>but i grew up with the gbc game. It's a pretty comfy RPG and i recommend it.
patrician taste, the gba games were also top
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