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What have you been watching?
I've been re-watching Fist of the North Star and DBZ.
I grew up with Hokuto no Ken and is still one of my favorites. DBZ is pretty fun too.
I'm also planning on watching 79' MSG and Sailor Moon.
What are some good anime that aired on these two decades? I know there's a lot of good stuff but I've barely scratched the surface.
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Should I watch Weiss Kreuz? I can remember how it was being shilled to death on forums back in the day but I've never actually seen it.
>>4 (OP) 
>DBZ is pretty fun too. I'm also planning on watching 79' MSG and Sailor Moon.
I've watched so much Dragon Ball as a kid that I can only love it. When there's a DBZ movie on TV I'm most likely going to watch it. It seems people are pretty pissed off with current Dragonball but I don't care to that degree either. It's just fun stuff that always goes.
Never got into Sailor Moon but Moonlight Densetsu is a great song.
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>>4 (OP) 
I started Outlaw Star a bit ago and have been slowly going through it. I don't know why but there's something comfy about this type of show that you don't get today. The Toonami bump that has this show featured helped a lot too I suppose.
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I watched dbz and enjoyed i up to the first tournament wherein the ref refused to call it for the old man like eight times just so goku would win. lost interest after that. I still need to watch evangelion.
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Obvious one, but Akira. No matter how many times I watch it, the latter third of amazes me every single time. It's so fucking immersive, you can really feel how Tetsuo becoming angrier and angrier. It's like a orgasm of violence. If you somehow haven't seen it yet, don't let yourself be turned off by its popularity and watch it.
Almost forgot about Outlaw Star. It doesn't particularly stand out but it's a very good scifi anime.
>>4 (OP) 
>re-watching fist of the north star
Watching it when I was younger it really blew me away and even now I admire the show, especially its tone, but man is it repetitive; like holy shit was it that cool that I didn't notice back then?  Just the same animations and the same dudes dying for like half of every episode.
I tried outlaw star once and it didn't grab me but I've been meaning to try it again. I've been looking for something else to watch so this may as well be it.
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I just watched Key the Metal Idol on mostly random whim.
Creepy cute robot girl tries to become a real human before her battery runs out by making 30k friends/becoming an idol at the cryptic behest of her dying grandfather. I expected this would be another Nuku Nuku, mostly because of the cover art, but ended up with something a lot less actiony. My big takeaway was the jarring moments of violence, lulled into by that seeming lack of action at first, and the sort of 'shit happens, oh well' sort of mentality the characters seem to have, or at least the lack of dwelling on the deaths albeit usually because there's something still pressing going on or the scene just progresses to something different, as the story moves forward while I'm still recoiling at the blood and guts. It isn't excessive gore, I'm just a faggot I guess and I didn't know what I was getting into. While death happens semi-frequently and isn't really built on for the most part, there's a twist to that death formula, that i'm still angry about, down the line that puts you into one of those thinking moods, but overall the themes were kind of blah and not as deep as other 90s shit, even the main thing of Key's quest which is the whole 'humanity' thing just felt a little shallow when it resolves. I'll just say it was 'different'. Show answers most questions it raises although it didn't really do it well, but that pacing issue isn't apparent until basically the end though. There's some scant few tits, but it's overshadowed by staring at D's man ass for 50 episodes.
I'll probably watch it again at some point, was pretty good.
I have been watching the original mobile suit gundam. It's good. Is every mecha anime forced to have an "I don't want to get in the mech" episode?
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I got halfway through it and wasn't capable of finishing it because I got so bored. I don't understand why anybody likes it.
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I felt like that many times when I was watching it but still sat through it. In the end it was worth it. But sure, at times eva can be unpleasant in a numerous ways.
I finished it but didn't think much of it, it's certainly not the masterpiece that people keep talking about but hey the mechs are pretty cool.
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that's 99% of anime under the sun dude, I just like looking at the pictures
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Yeah, I thought the artstyle and the mechas were awesome. If it took itself way less seriously It would have been a fun show.
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>If it took itself way less seriously It would have been a fun show.
It wouldn't even have to. But it certainly doesn't make it easier for the show to shine, sometimes it just cannot live up its own ambitions when there are fuckups that were caused by lack of budget/time/Anno's special relationship to endings.
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The Eva talk here reminded me about Gunbuster, so I watched it for the first time.
It was cheesy, but fun. Cute girls, tits, space radiation syndrome, and pure californium nuclear warheads for 5/6 parts before I notice a pattern in Anno's stuff where the money runs out, things get all fucky animation-wise, and the ending is retarded. No blood to speak of. Other interesting observations include Gunbuster being on screen for all of about 3 minutes total despite being the title, and next to nothing being revealed about the enemy alien things, but given the tone and run time, in contrast to Eva, it didn't grate on me. With the way things flew by I found myself thinking on and appreciating the elevator and Kaworu in 01's hand scenes for some reason.
I liked Gunbuster a lot actually, but don't see much point in watching it again.
This one did.
I think the only ones that don't are shit like VOTOMS, but that's because the protagonist is a professional (autistic) soldier and not a scared kid. Haven't finished it yet but Domon from Mobile Fighter G Gundam seems like a contender for "gets in the robot" status.
Anno is the same kind of hack as Kojimbo, the good shit in his work is usually done by other people. I think /a/ssholes more or less agree the only good parts of Eva were the mecha/Angel designs, some of the fights and the OP, which was actually forced on Anno by Gainax execs. The OP Anno wanted was Kum, susser Tod.
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Is the Bubblegum Crisis series and its spin-offs any good?
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Bubblegum_Crisis_-_Asu_e_Touchdown_(Touchdown_to_Tomorrow).mp4 (u)
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Haven't watched it yet but if it's only half as good as its soundtrack it's worth it.
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I have watched all but two of them, To protect and serve and Parasite Dolls. I have enjoyed them enough. As >>104 the sound track of the first  OVAs are surprisingly good. 
Although its clear the director has a favorite girl, he even managed to sneak her into to be the hero in the TOKYO 2040 series at the last moment. I like to think as he was storyboarding it everyone just rolled their eyes and went with it because it was almost over.
I really should just finish up A.D.P. and Parasite dolls, they have been sitting on my hard drive for a while now. 
As it turns out the studio has also done some really nice hentai as well.
Most from the 80s and 90s in my opinion animes aren't anything amazing like some hype them up to be. I can understand why some enjoy Gundam, Galactic Heroes, Evangelion, Dragonball and SEL, but animes such as DBZ, Sailor Moon, etc are overrated.
Replies: >>149 >>162
You could say that about every period of time because there are always some masterpieces that everyone remembers among lots of mediocre stuff. Gaussian distribution I guess. Of course everything was much more expensive to produce. Digital offers endless possibilities for little cost, and that often leads to laziness. It has creeped into everything, often making even highly anticipated series underwhelm. That's of course not limited to anime but also true of, for example, music production.

I don't know if DBZ is overrated. When I first saw it, it was something else. But I was a little boy when I was watching it, I don't know if I would like it as much if I would watch it for the first time now. I didn't ever get into the generation of shounen that came after. Never watched much of Sailor Moon either because 10 year old me thought it was gay as fuck. It's technically part of my backlog, but not one that is likely to be resolved very soon. You could say I haven't paid attention to it in over 20 years.
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Sometimes the writing is a bit repetitive but it's funny as fuck.
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DBZ is ok, but it's not as good as Dragon Ball. What DBZ suffers from are entire episodes being dedicated to fillers and there's are too many episodes for each fight and the lack of focus on marital arts rather than laser beams and spirit energy n shit. Most of the characters from DB used to be admirable and favorites of mine, but then for some reason Toriyama decided to turn them into useless wimps who contribute nothing other than sucking off Goku and vegeta's dick just to say how strong they are compared to them.
Replies: >>171 >>651
No, not everything is gold, in fact there is a lot of bullshit and stuff that is just straight up bad but thats what you get when a studio could just throw something on a shelf and have it sell. 

>When you want to meet Lina but know she would ruin everything you love.
Replies: >>233
>but then for some reason Toriyama decided to turn them into useless wimps who contribute nothing other than sucking off Goku and vegeta's dick just to say how strong they are compared to them.
That might of been because Shounen Jump rushed some of his ideas and time to work on the story, due to the tight schedule they set for mangas authors, so it's possible that he didn't have enough time to make DBZ as story and character rich as the OG.
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>roastie/nigger derivative of tfw
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Didn't DBZ Kai resumed the whole anime pretty well? Although I haven't seen it in several years. I don't mind watching the original anyways. I grew up with it.
>>4 (OP) 
Just finished watching Air Gear. It was pretty cool and I can well understand why it is popular. The last part felt somehow incomplete though I am guessing that was partly intentional. The open ended nature being intended to leave the audience wondering what new heights the MC is likely to soar to. It is something I would really recommend in terms of plot though at times it can be repetitive, falling into the 'challenge of the week' format.
Initial D

Started watching it couple days ago, all these years i thought it would be boring for someone like me who doesn't care about cars, but i got super into it right away.
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