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Keep inquiries, suggestions and autism here.
As I said I'm open to suggestions regarding the rules with the exception of the no vtubers rule which is still final and lolis which will always be allowed.
Idle posting in this thread is fine but try not to treat it as your own personal blogposting page.
Obvious shit stirring and vtuber autism will be meet with deletion.
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>>3 (OP) 
>no vtubers rule which is still final and lolis which will always be allowed.
Good stance. I also like having the yotsuba-b theme over the one /a/ had before even though it's a little boring.
When will the board be listed again?
no complaints here, rules look like they shall not restrict funposting.
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I saved this banner right before the previous BO nuked the board.
Replies: >>16
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>Obvious shit stirring and vtuber autism will be meet with deletion.
So, rulecucked jannies, then? A pity, I was hoping to use this board, too.
Replies: >>21 >>26
__cirno_and_shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_roke_taikodon__f0ca394740c588736f7c207badd9fe49.jpg (u)
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Where do you think we are?
here we go again
__yakumo_yukari_and_saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_drawn_by_yamanakaume__a50378c148149d52ff6954f529742793.jpg (u)
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So then I said to him, "We never left!"
Replies: >>27
OP was saved from last BO's attempt. It's possible that this time may be different.
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never fucking mind
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Welp, abandon ship. Again.
Why was /a/ shoah'd? Did Sturgeon give another board to Dolphin?
>>3 (OP) 
Eh. Your rules are much better than the last one's, but your rules will be perfect by having only two rules.
Rule 1: global rules (for obvious reasons)
Rule 2: no vtubers, killed on sight
Plus, you'll save yourself lots of time since you likely have lots of boards to run. Anyways, really didn't want to chase the last bo out, must have been more inflammatory than I intended, but in the end I think you'll find a very happy board if you make the moderation as lax as humanly possibly (except in the case of vtubers because, like the eceleb orbiter of old, they should be killed on sight.)
Replies: >>36
Wouldn't that just be /b/ without vtubers?
Replies: >>37 >>38 >>53
Yes, it's just the usual retards crying and getting asshurt about muh rulecucking.
Replies: >>39
Yes. I'd rather have that than long strings of broken quotes. Retarded posts are fun to laugh at.
it's all fun and games until jannies start silencing anons.
I saw that.
Replies: >>42
Is sturg sure he didn't just hire the same BO from last time? Or dolphin?
Replies: >>45
HE_does_it_for_free.mp4 (u)
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It's the /vhs/ BO retard also
>>3 (OP) 
Can't you restore deleted threads or is that impossible also change the CSS.
Replies: >>54 >>60 >>65
It would. The rules are fine the way they are and don't need to be watered down.
>Can't you restore deleted threads 
That would be nice. I remember what I said on the old board and will eventually post it again but it's a pain in the ass. Some jschan glitches make it seem like the old posts are still somewhere around but that may just be my local cache.
>Can't you restore deleted threads
Not that I'm aware of.
>change the CSS
to which one?
Replies: >>61
>also change the CSS.
do not plague me with your retarded custom CSS until sturgeon updates to new jschan and fixes the bug that overwrites theme choices
Replies: >>69
Considering that it may be the best to just leave it the way it is. Nothing wrong with yotsuba-b anyway.
I hope /a/ flourishes.
I'd create a thread but I have no idea what to make it about. The old threads that got wiped by the nuke should be recreated.
Replies: >>105
>>3 (OP) 
If you pass the trial run and become actual BO, will you plan to recruit meidos?
Replies: >>85
If it becomes really active and I can't handle it by myself, then probably.
dont worry, the BO has been pretty much the only one making new threads ever since it came back up, but he will tire soon, and so will he tire of samefagging.
Replies: >>138
the samefagging is so embarrassing
Welp, it's about time. I guess moeshit will also invade this board like a billion other incarnation of /a/ before it.
Replies: >>177 >>221
ken.gif (u)
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make a manly anime thread for only the cool boys in town then.
S.S._FAT_GUY.jpg (u)
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BO needs to turn on the chess captcha apparently.
inb4 JAWN
Replies: >>180 >>182
Do you think that will work? Dolphin is the type to talk to himself, because he has no friends and no life. The nigger will still fight his way trying to figure out the captcha just so he can respond to himself.
Replies: >>181
> no vtubers rule
How has it come to this just exactly? Did vtubers do something to cause their hate on here? 

It'll work due to their negro brains.
Why? What happened?
Vtubers are not anime, simple as that.
They would overtake any board, especially an /a/ with a shitposting allowance. There are just too many of them and too much of their content. Besides that, it's literally just worshiping women at this point.
Replies: >>186 >>190
>Besides that, it's literally just worshiping women at this point.
It's not anime. It's just e-celeb attention whoring with a veneer of anime as a mask and vidya as content. If anything, it belongs more on /jp/ focused boards (or heaven forbid, a variant of /soc/; I pray the webring never gets one of those), though that doesn't even touch the fact that there's a push for western vtuber productions too.
>They would overtake any board, especially an /a/ with a shitposting allowance.
Also remember how autistic anti-vtubers would get in the board application thread. If vtuber discussion was allowed, both sides would be a huge plague.
Replies: >>191
Why are you here, stay on smug and go be an attention whore on there.
For the same reason we don't have threads about retarded e-celebs on /v/.
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>I guess moeshit will also invade this board
What's wrong with moe anime?
Well you see anon some of us don't have fucking vaginas.
Replies: >>197 >>201
[Arukoru]_Kara_No_Kyoukai_5_-_Mujun_Rasen_(The_Garden_of_Sinners_Chapter_5_-_Paradox_Paradigm)-0001.jpg (u)
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That isn't a vaild response.
I'll ask again. What's wrong with moe anime?
Replies: >>198 >>202
I've said what needs to be said
Moe is like asmr; is rarely works when its intentional and is generally just annoying "look at me aren't I something" media.  

No, nobody gives a shit about you obnoxious girl with nothing to offer.
Nothing is wrong with Moe animes, just the usual spergy that occurs on imageboards.

Hating Moe is indeed a sign of having a vagina.
Maybe he's too young or he doesn't know shit about anime. But probably he just wants a higher pph and loves 10 year old memes.
my view on this is still the same as this anon's >>157
You guys have 6 billion boards for the same shit.
Is it just me or was zzzchan down earlier today?
Nice to see that /a/ fags finally grew a spine regarding this vtuber bullshit (aka thinly veiled 3dpd). I hope this board flourishes.
>I guess moeshit will also invade this board like a billion other incarnation of /a/ before it.
You sound like some ANN boomer who hasn't watched a single anime since Toonami originally shut down. At least the people crying about harems and isekai are keeping up with trends.
>filenames for most posts on this board are ClipboardImage
This board smells of samefagging...
Replies: >>236 >>238
what ?
You DO realize you can paste files from your clipboard on imageboards, anon? Someone with dishonest intentions would probably use the checkbox that strips them.
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As a way to increase activity around here and brining life to the board, I was thinking we could have weekly Saturday night anime streams starting next week. What do you anons think? What animes should we watch first?
Last edited by billmurray
Replies: >>247 >>250 >>255
Supposedly loleron is considering doing short streams on Saturday because of the volume of shit taste anime the /animu/ggers have to go through this season. Kimee is also streaming seasonal shit when he feels like it, so I think we're kind of at capacity for anime streams. If you do decide to stream you should make it a backlog stream to stand out, so get suggestions from the 80s thread. Or this shit:
>Dirty Pair
>Mad Bull 34
>Hokuto no Ken
>MD Geist
>Gunm OVA
All of these are high quality MANime which need to be shared.
Replies: >>248 >>255
>Kimee is also streaming seasonal shit when he feels like it, so I think we're kind of at capacity for anime streams
none of them advertise so it's ok
Replies: >>249
Well there's also the /loli/ stream on Sundays, and while I haven't checked janny /a/ in months the /yuri/ stream was a thing not too long ago. Nobody will stop you if you plop some files on a server and add them to a cytube playlist but a good chunk of your potential audience might just say "I'm already spending too much time watching Chinese cartoons with strangers" and ignore you. If you wanted to watch that shit anyway then that's no problem, but something to keep in mind.
If you do could you please make it a bit early I can't even catch the /vhs/ stream because of my time zone.
Replies: >>256
My two cents: you should do OVA/movie streams. 247 is right, along with the other streams I really don't have much more time to spend watching anime per week, but a 2 hour movie stream you can make that work, and the problem about streaming entire shows is that if you miss a night or two you need to either catch up on your own, which you may not have the time for or not get the plot anymore.
How about at 4pm PST on sundays?
Replies: >>257
Good enough, it's still a bit too late for me but I'll try my best.
Sorry if I caused you trouble.
nigga_stole_my_screencap.png (u)
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Board owner, I request that you change the layout of the board. It's drap and disgusting.
Replies: >>356
to what?
BO, please change the board's description.
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