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SINCE THERE'S NO REAL /m/ ON THE WEBRING plw/mecha/ is dead as fuck, BRING IT ON!

This year is looking bright for mecha.
>Getter Robo Arc
>Muv-Luv Alternative
>Eva 3.0 + 1.0

What is your favorite MS in Gundam? and why is it the Zudah?
Replies: >>34 >>215 >>251
>>28 (OP) 
Is gundam something I could appreciate as an adult living in his mother's basement, or do I need to be a youth living in one of his mother's bedrooms?
Replies: >>44 >>46
Nah Gundam series is pretty good, I recommend you watch Iron Blooded Orphans it's pretty good.
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Disregard that anon, IBO is terrible.
If you have even a remote interest in anime Gundam can't be skipped, it's one of the most influential works in the medium.

The first series (079) had a small budget and was made in the late 70s, so expect a lot of QUALITY animation, but at the same time a really engrossing plot with some amazing character (especially the protagonist and his rival). It's a war drama about child soldiers, so expect tragedy.
079 has 3 compilation movies but opinions on them are mixed, especially because the 2nd movie cut some of the best parts in the series, I recommend for this reason the series. The 3rd movie is good though, so you may want to watch it after finishing the series. 

Zeta and ZZ are direct sequels, making the original triology with an exyremely higher budget (especially Zeta). Zeta has a depressingly dark tone to the point that ZZ's first half was made a full comedy to contrast Zeta's soul-crushing ending.

The series end with Char's Counterattack, a movie that was supposed to be a series. Its plot is rushed, but everything about the protagonists is still amazing and it gives closure to the original continuity.

These are all well worth watching and everyone will agree on that (opinions are split on ZZ, some love it some hate it but you really should try it, the second half is great). After this point Gundam was passed around many directors who all gave their unique spins on it to various degrees of success.
Some of the most popular are

>0080 War in the Pocket
A fantastic short OVA that takes place 1 year after the original series, it features a smaller scope focusing on a random kid and a couple of low-ranking soldiers and terrorists. You won't see hamburgers in the same way ever again.

>0083 : Stardust memory
Prequel to Zeta, the plot is a fucking mess because of a stupid love triangle that bogs down the OVA. Nevertheless, it has extremely high production values and forthis it may be worth your time depending on your opinion.

>08th MS Team
Very popular in the States, it's about a random unit during the first series events. Very good smaller scale OVA. Basically mecha Vietnam war.

>G Gundam
For the 15th aniversary Imagawa made an over-the-top tourneyfag shonen series. It's the firt Alternate Universe series, and still one of the craziest. Super cheesy but in the best way possible, stereotypes everywhere (there's literally a mexican Gundam with a sombrero and all, search Tequila Gundam). If you dig super robo don't skip this.

The fujoshi's Gundam. It's often retarded and full of stocks, but it's got fujobaits and gay undertones. 

>After War X
Something cool came out after Wing at least. Post-apocalyptic Gundam featuring a normal human instead of a newtype, it's a breath of fresh air in the franchise. It was pretty fucking good but fatigue from having a Gundam series every fucking year made it flop hard, to the point it was cut short at 39 eps instead of the usual 50.

>Turn A
Tomino, director of the classic triology, came back to do an unusual series celebrated by fans. Featuring unique and beautiful visuals, helped by Syd Mead's mechanical design, it takes place in a strange setting, with a slow but well done character-driven story and one of the best rivals ever. There are themes of info manipulation too, it's a really interesting series.

>Seed and Seed Destiny
For the love of God skip them.
They're like bad reboots that get worse and worse as they go on.
Destiny may well be the worst mainline Gundam series.
For whatever reason they were very popular in Japan.

Set in our times, it's a series that takes inspiration from the middle-eastern war to have a cool conflict in the middle of deserts and shit. The protagonist is literally a religious extremist for Gundam. Fujo undertones but not too much. The second half throws the great setting out of the window and moves the series to space. Still, it's one of the better series in the sea of shit that is post 2000 Gundam.
It also has a movie that introduces ayylmaos, opinions on it vary. At least Setsuna gets to finally become a Gundam.

>Build Fighters
The first of the sub-series that keeps getting shitty sequels. It's one of those things that have no right to be as good as they are. Shonen tourney series about fucking gunplas (model kits) but it's so charming, hype and fun that you WILL love it. A love letter to Gundam and its fans, it has some really memorable moments, an amazing soundtrack and great animations used in fantastic battles.
None of the sequels managed to catch its magic.

Pretty much that's about it, there is Unicorn but it's cancer that shits on the original triology. Obviously my opinion aren't definitive, but they are pretty common in the fanbase except for X, sometimes it feels I'm the only one who watched it.
You can't skip the original stuff, but the rest is all up to you. There's something for everybody in Gundam, I hope I was of any help.
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It's true that I don't have alot of experience with Gundam but could you tell me why IBO sucked ?
Replies: >>48
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Mostly compared to other gundam series
>bad animation
>Okada wanted to fuck one of the seyuu bad she made him a gary stu and killed the main cast for him
>characters were bland
>MUH BAEL but Bael jobs hard
Actually I don't think IBO suck that bad because it has some clearly positive aspects about it, like the mech design (which is amazing), the OST and that slick as fuck OP, the chara design in general and I really liked the setting (most Gundams feel samey in that aspect). I said it's terrible because most people I talked to seemed to hate it, so maybe I exaggerated a little bit. I personally think it is really wasted potential as it had some great concepts ( like the Gundam slowly killing its user) but it had an uneven pacing and surprisingly low budget animation for most of the series. I just wanted it to be so much more man.
I'm just so used to shitflinging in other anime boards that I took immediatly a too aggressive stance holy shit.
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Is anyone here watching Back Arrow?
I think it's pretty charmy so far and could turn out great, can't really say for sure of course since only one episode has aired.
>Getter Robo Arc
When will it come out and also where should I begin with this series.
Replies: >>76
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In July and you only need to read the mango "Getter Robo Go".
If you wanna get a taste for animated Getter Robo however, you should watch Getter Robo Armageddon.
Friendly reminder that the only thing Zeon did wrong was shoot a space colony at Jaburo and miss.
>>28 (OP) 
What is the giant robot starter pack?
Replies: >>218
Someone will post an ancient /m/ guide shortly but off the top of my head
>Mobile Suit Gundam UC trilogy (0079/Zeta/ZZ)
>Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team
>The Big O
>Mobile Fighter G Gundam
>The King of Braves GaoGaiGar
>Armored Trooper VOTOMS
>Probably one of the Mazinger series
>Oldestfag bonus: Tetsujin 15-go
Replies: >>219 >>237 >>263
>New Getter Robo
>Shin Getter Robo Armageddon
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It's Tetsujin 28, anon. And I'd say to watch the 2004 remake because it's one of the best mecha series around, no joke.
Also 0080 Gundam is one of the best series in the franchise and it's only 6 episodes, no reason to skip it.
Absolutely add Macross, it was one of the biggest game changers for the whole industry, along with the movie.
Maybe Patlabor for a SOL take on the genre.
Still, a solid list to get what mecha is all about.
Watch Macross.
Don't watch macross, its boring as fuck, instead watch the superior robotech.  but only the macross part

You think this is a joke but I'm being serious, also the macross movie just looks good, its  entirely composed of assholes and isn't even in 80's action cartoon english.
Replies: >>241
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>superior to anything
Replies: >>244
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I know its hard to believe especially seeing how all the original works by those dudes are shit, but really give it a chance.  

>tetsujin 28
>not gigantor
We're you ever a child?  Does this look like a man with a weak member?
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>>28 (OP) 
I'm watching Gasaraki right now and I'm enjoying it right now, the mechs look fucking cool, the story is quite intresting and the visuals are amazing.
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You forgot to mention Gun x Sword that show is pretty good, the mech design are neat, the character are intressting to follow and the OST is amazing.
When I first watched it I thought it will follow an episodic format, but it turns out that every character that the cast meets are important to the story they looked unimportant for me, and I love the fact that the OP changes each character reveal
Replies: >>338
>00 Set in our times, it's a series that takes inspiration from the middle-eastern war
I liked the first season, it's a pretty good depiction of international politics. 
Until the part when the whole Gundam squad had an all-out battle in space.
Christina's death made me stopped watching it.
Not even Tieria in drag can convince me to continue watching it.
The premise of second season was silly anyway: why would a whole world unite just because they share a common crippled enemy? One of the unions could have destroyed Celestial Being entirely by continuing the offensive right after Exia gets wrecked. Once that's done, the 3 unions can just blow each other's asses again in space.

Any mecha anime with a main cast of cute girls?
Replies: >>590
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03_desert_rose.mp3 (u)
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Been meaning to watch Overman King Gainer, but should I go through Xabungle first? I think I've heard it's a spiritual successor of sorts to the latter, so I'm wondering if it might be better suited to watch afterward.

Great taste anon.
I thought that Bael jobbing was kind of the point. The idea that it was a trump card was just the childish fantasy of a broken man who couldn't understand others.
Not that I'll defend that show any further, especially the second season. The pacing was the only thing more retarded than the characters.
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Cross Ange should fit that description.
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