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I'm watching Haré+Guu and some Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Bretty comfy.
hmmm feets :)
>Vinland Saga
>Non Non Biyori S3
>Okaa-san online
>City Hunter
>Overlord II
>Lucky Star
NNB has just started and City Hunter is pretty much endless. Almost at the end of everything else. I haven't really started the new season yet, haven't had much time to look into it yet. But at least I finished all the leftovers from last season by now.
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Nice, there's a Azur Lane SOL now.
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Cardcaptor Sakura
Replies: >>272
>Cardcaptor Sakura
Damn this one has been in my backlog since I was 10 years old.
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Finished watching GitS: Stand Alone Complex season 2.
Started watching Season 3 and it's garbage. I've already watched the 1995 movie and I'll watch Innocence later today.
Is there really no more good Ghost in the Shell goodness out there? I tried reading the manga, got to the 8th chapter and got sick of it.
Is there anything resembling GitS to watch instead? I'm not even into anime that much, but this got me hooked.
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Sorry, nothing else really scratches the itch of transumanist philosophy with military cyberpunk like the movie and SAC do. The third season was made by kikeflix so of course it's shit. If you're willing to dig into manga and OVAs some of Masamune's other works might interest you, other than the first they're more focused on action though.
>Black Magic M-66
>Dominion Tank Police
If you're more interested in the 3deep5u side I can't really think of anything other than Lain. Kaiba also kind of counts even if it's almost completely different.
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Thanks for the recommendations.
Tried watching Appleseed series a while back on youtube, not my thing, not quite there. The other two look like a run-of-the-mill quirky action anime to my filthy gaijin eyes. Lain was too much for me, I watched the whole thing, but it's all a blur of conflicting concepts and unreliable storytellers. Kaiba looks like Neverhood, but I hate it already. 
It's not so much the police action that I'm looking for as is low fantasy or futuristic, down-to-earth setting with a hint of philosophy. It's the exploration of different ideas that I'm looking for the most. I can't read worth shit, even if it's a good book, it'll take me over a month to get through a 200 page novel. So my best bet is, to my own surprise, fucking anime. Most of hollyjew productions are run of the mill as well, same old predictable scenarios and act structure.

Maybe just some soldier drama will do the trick, I liked the tired characters of Black Lagoon and bounced around Jormungand.
Is Girl's Last Tour any good? I'm willing to ignore the art style if it's quality content otherwise.
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I just can't help watching the stupid rape healer show.
Replies: >>282 >>283
I can definitely tell that this show is ass, but it does fill it the revenge story niche that shield hero kinda fucked up on.
wait they made an anime out of that mango? I thought it wasn't even over
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>Is Girl's Last Tour any good?
Nigger please. TKmiz is quite possibly the prophet of our generation. The point of the sketchy potato art style is to make the slow descent into soul-crushing despair hit harder instead of being brushed off as edgy shit. Try it.
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I've been wanting to get into Kamen Rider for a while. How should I approach it? Which era and series are good to start?
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Anybody have any good, perfectly legal and only slightly magnetic links?
Well the only Kamen Rider I watch was Kamen Rider Hibiki, although I didn't finish it it was one the greatest live action show I ever watched.
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>>232 (OP) 
Still rewatching the atmospheric mecha isekai from my childhood, Vision Of Escaflowne. I haven't seen it in years but it seems to be just as good as I remember it to be.
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I've been re-watching One Punch Man. I'm also finishing for the first time the first season of One Piece. I don't know If I want to watch all almost 1000 episodes though. I guess I'll continue watching until I get bored.
Replies: >>314 >>318
The first season for One Piece was pretty good but later on it turns into shit so don't bother.
Replies: >>362
>One Piece
Read the manga, the anime gradually goes to shit after ~120 episodes.
Replies: >>362
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This was really good. I'm glad I watched it recently.
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I'm watching Helsing Ultimate. it started promising but by the third and fourth episode it dropped the ball and became Naruto/DBZ/every shonen tropes ever. A bit disappointing. Pics related I want to FUCK Seras Victoria
Replies: >>340 >>341
Pretty mainstream anime. But back when I was a 12 year old kid listening to heavy metal it was the greatest thing ever so it deserves at least some credit.
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Spoiler File
(532.8KB, 664x900)
The OP of the original was fucking great.
>I want to FUCK Seras
Me too, anon. Me too.
Replies: >>358
Is Emperor Dornkike an illuminati kike or is he doing the right thing?
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>>232 (OP) 
The manliest anime about school girls ever conceived.
Replies: >>524
thats one fucking disgusting Seras
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Going to start watching Diamond is Unbreakable. Took a break after finishing Stardust Crusaders but now I'm in the mood for more Jojo again.

Finally finished season 1. I will continue out of pure curiosity. If I get bored I'll check the manga out.
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Currently rewatching Demon Tits, this one just never gets old.
>>232 (OP) 
Wait, Kirby? The butchered international/US release or the OG jap release? Did anyone ever sub the unedited release?
A new season has started and I'm watching, or at this point rather evaluating these shows:
>Godzilla SP
>Kyuukyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG
>Blue Reflection
>Super Cub
>Megalo Box II
>Sentouin Hakenshimasu
>Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui
>Mars Red
Already kind of dropped Hige wo Soru because if he isn't going to fuck her I don't see the point.
Replies: >>491
>Godzilla SP
Going to watch it right now
>Megalo Box 2
Looks much better then the first one, really excited to see what happened to Joe.
Replies: >>492
>Going to watch it right now
The CG looks too much like CG but so far it seems worth watching nonetheless.
>>Megalo Box 2
>Looks much better then the first one, really excited to see what happened to Joe.
Absolutely. The first one was good already but this season has the potential to take it to the next level.
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>>232 (OP) 
Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun. Interesting enough so far. Anybody could recommend other decent "overcoming yourself"-tier titles?
Replies: >>515
I didn't like the show because it was a bit too relatable for me, except for the MC dumping of "gamer words" I wasn't that pathetic
Replies: >>516
What shows with the same kind of stroyline you did like?
Replies: >>517
Well that was the only show that I watched with that kind of storyline, I heard some good thinks about Rent a girlfriend.
I'm watching that too
I've been watching Hunter X hunter even though I'm not a big fan of shoushit. I was expecting it to be a massive borefest that normalfags and nostalgiafags both overhyped, but in the end I'm personally enjoying it so far than I did watching One Piece or Fairy Tail. I've gotten up to Episode 41 and things are looking more promising than the Hunter Exam and Heaven Arena arcs.
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Pretty Cure: Rainbow Follicles
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Came back to Pokemon to see Pikachu winning the Ashbowl
Replies: >>989
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Joke's on anybody who expected a different outcome.
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Watched Oshi no Ko tonight
First ep's like 80 mins long so a plan a picnic. Supposedly you're expected to go in blind
Replies: >>1061
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『ウマ娘 プリティーダービー ROAD TO THE TOP』

第1話 「夢のはじまり」
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Which one do I watch first?
Oshi No Ko (must watch)
Yuri Is My Job!
I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World
My Love Story with Yamada-Kun at LV999
Otaku Elf
The Dangers in My Heart
My Home Hero
Magical Girl Destroyer
Mashle: Magic and Muscles
Dead Mount Death Play
Kizuna No Allele
Heavenly Delusion
Skip and Loafer
Insomniacs After School
Hell's Paradise
My One-Hit Kill Sister
The Legendary Hero is Dead!
Who is the girl in these screenshots?
Replies: >>1064
Javelin I think
I watched Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu (including the Taiwan special), also known as Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club. Here are my thoughts:

The title of this anime accurately describes the content. There's minimal 'filler' material in here – the screentime is nearly always focused on cycling in some way. I appreciate anime that consistently stick to their theme, unlike so many other highschool anime which devolve into formulaic episodes unrelated to the show's main selling point. Minami Kamakura Jitensha-bu could be described as formulaic as well, in the sense that the storyboard is what you'd expect for a show about novice cyclists, but at least you won't have to suffer through a culture-festival episode or a typical beach episode. I was apprehensive about the highschool setting but thankfully there's barely any classroom screentime in this. As you might expect, various landmarks in the Kamakura region are featured throughout the cycling activities. It does sometimes feel like a thinly veiled tourism advertisement, albeit not overly so and my enjoyment was never impeded by this.

I liked the brief live-action segments that play at the end of each episode. They mostly consist of various cycling-related conversations in a bike shop. These live-action segments are both informative and cute and I enjoyed them, especially because they seemed endearingly loosely scripted. This anime is fairly educational for cycling – although I already knew much of what is explained regarding bicycles, it was still entertaining to see things rehashed. This show does a good job of teaching the viewer about cycling while still being entertaining. This could serve as a kids' show. There's minimal sexualization, and the character interaction is very simplistic and straightforward such that a child could understand it easily. This anime's characters are quite tropey and there's barely any character development.

Minami Kamakura Jitensha-bu comes up short in the production-value department – it could pass as being 15 years older than its actual production year. The character designs are retro, and CG is sometimes used to animate the cycling scenes. The landscape and setting do sometimes look nice though. I found the voice acting mediocre and was also disappointed by the crummy low-budget soundtrack.
I'm watching Demon Slayer because Nezuko is sexy.
I like the concept of a professional group that hunts creatures of the night. Though it's very obvious that this story is going to fall prey to power scaling bullshit, very fast.
Currently watching through Video AI girl because I am lonely. 
**I fucking hate when looking it up I keep getting AI shit resultrs
Replies: >>1507
Didn't she get upadted to DVD? Hahal
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I got done watching Boogiepop Phantom. It was good. Might give the other boogiepop stuff a watch.
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Watching Rurouni Kenshin. Enjoying it so far despite the fillers episodes.
My only gripe with it is reading the manga and seeing alot of changes from it. 
Like one episode where it's just the boy in the mansion instead of his father who stopped being a samurai and became a merchant. Sucks I didn't get to see Kenshin just break a man's spirit but whatever.
I already know about the 2023 remake of it but looking at it I feel like it's missing something. 
Still it did get me interested in learning about various sword things like fencing again.
Sucks learning about the creator being arrested for possessing CP, I know separating art from the artist but holy fuck I wasn't prepared learn about that, I just wanted to find out more about his artwork
Hopefully I don't end up with katana autism and end up getting shot outside a hotel by cops when I'm done with this.
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